It’s no secret that I have heat with some people over on 8chan. The person who runs /v/ is a shithead who put my links on archive, and we all know about the baphomet stuff. But the story tonight actually mostly involves someone who was always fair to me, and that’s the person who ran /gamergate/, @theBladeee. Recently he became got kinda burned out and wanted to quit. Tonight he finally did. The board is in flames, but it doesn’t really matter. The replacement is already picking up steam.

First off, like I said, I have nothing against Bladeee. I hate the people he’s friends with, but I don’t let that sort of thing color my opinion of someone. If you’re fair to me then I’m fair to you. He always upheld his side of that bargain. So I hated to see him get so fed up and quit the cause, but we’ve seen it happen before. This march has been grueling in a lot of ways. I feel his pain. I could never walk away, but I understand the other side of it. So, happy trails.

Now, another person also quit tonight, and I won’t be sad at all to see him go. I told everyone months ago that he wan’t a team player. I’m glad I was finally proven right:

So, where’s the new board, you ask? People seem to have chosen /gg/, which is actually the old board (hilariously enough). So, go there for your GamerGate 8chan fix. If this board owner quits, then we’ll just move on once again. Also, we always have KotakuInAction, this site, Usher’s site, as well as many others. Image board meltdowns really aren’t that big of a deal, but my site kind of serves as a history of the cause, as well as a signpost. So I figures I would out an alert.

I’m just going to continue to keep my head down, focus on the happenings, and expose SJW hypocrisy along the way. This is just one more entry in the drama files. I have another story I’m going to publish before morning. It’s about college campuses and the “trigger warning” culture. It’s a commentary on a piece I read this past weekend. Look for it by sunrise (EST).

As always, I welcome your comments below (especially on this one haha).


UPDATE: Interview with Bladeee:

  1. Yeeeesh
    what fucks.
    Seriously though, why the drama? we all have a singular goal, spread awareness of SJW bs and mock the feckers, promote Ethics its not anything to get stressed over ;d except of course when they try to get your site taken down then there can be legit rage

    1. I honestly don’t know who owns /gg/ now. That was the one people picked, though. Personally, I thought the KiA backed board might have been better, or gg2. But that’s just me. Like I said I don’t know who controls /gg/. It looks OK as of now lol. But it’s obviously early.

      1. There’s also /gamergatehq/, but I can totally understand why you’re reluctant in promoting that one, considering the identities of the namefags openly flocking to it.

      1. I never went on those boards because they are too hard to decipher. but it sounds like someone is just looking for attention

    1. there’s a amazing stuff on the chans but you have to filter out a whole lot of crap to get to it.

    2. It’s like panning for gold in the LA sewers. I’m fond of /tg myself, but expect to wade through a LOT of shit to find the good stuff.

  2. So the new board owner seems okay for the time being. He’s being smart and not getting involved in e-celeb bullshit and isn’t running a Twitter account or anything.

    But seriously, fuck Bladeee. Fuck him for giving the board to the ayy team faggots.

    1. 1# There was an element within GG from start that believes in making any money from GG is evil; personally I don’t give a flick if he is aiming to be “GawkerLite” or not. Hell, maybe I’d even read “GawkerVanilla” if it wasn’t pure shit in addition to being yellow press.

      2# His (over)reactions (twitter or otherwise) were(are) prone hitting those who don’t mind or even don’t care, (ie there was shit close to: all of /v/ scum are plotting my doom cause one guy has beef with me~!) dragging some of the bystanders into the “fray”.

      3# From my impression: some get a kick from riling him up, most are “meh drama”, the rest don’t/are past care. I don’t think anyone actually hates him, some are simply assholes and he’s just a convenient thin-skinned target.

      Natural occurring E-celeb drama + 3rd party baiting leads to salty Ralph pronouncing jihad on anons, some anons accept the challenge, much shitflinging ensues, most GG scratches head while some spit on anons ’cause we’re used to it, sjw’s are laughing.

  3. Shit like this makes “GG” look fucking retarded and utterly undermines absolutely everyone even tangentially involved. Good job, cunts. *sigh*

  4. This is exactly the sort of bullshit that kept me away from the hashtag for so long. Years of lurking in online forums have given me a keen sense of detecting douchebaggery.

    Pity, though. I seem to recall reading about “Bladeee”‘s medical illness. If memory serves, at one point this person went into diabetic shock at one point and left the board vulnerable. In a more rational organization, that would have been a sign to transfer the administrative reigns to someone more physically and psychologically fit–this is the same individual who calls self-admitted mentally unbalanced individuals as friends after all, another warning sign. Or at least delegate administrative duties to other people with no personal agendas.

    Now that things have changed, and the trolls outed for the attention-seeking whores they are, perhaps the reluctant and the moderates can cast off our hesitations and step forward to fill in where the weak have fallen. This time the foundation will be made of more sterner stuff.

    Who am I kidding? Right now I’m seeing rats jump ship faster than a game of musical chairs. Except the boat they’re jumping away from isn’t the one that’s sinking.

    Keep on sailing, Ralph. Let’s move on and let those fuckers drown in their bullshit quagmire that they’ve made for themselves.

    1. Considering that you’re apparently the new pope of everything right and well in GG, can you educate me (using the following scale) on the difference between a moderate, a reluctant and a fellow circlejerker?

      Dismissing what good they may’ve done before and taking pot shots at someone after they’re already gone is triggering -my- sense of douchebaggery. Then again I’ve never passed of as a “moderate”

  5. Tis funny how once again the drama centres around the same people (thebladeee withstanding)

    I get burning out, and don’t fault people that need to “quit” but I do not get the burning of bridges people feel compelled to perform.
    It’s not *about* you! Nobody is the prom queen, nobody is the president, nobody is our lord god and saviour.
    Seems that not being granted special respect, privileges and authority is the major factor behind the tantrums, which shouldn’t matter to anyone ><
    We're here to to counter the SJW narrative and advocate for ethics. Not to run popularity contests.

    Also, respect due for the minimum of shots taken.
    Considering those involved I'd have expected way more of an epic rant :3

  6. I don’t believe the new /gg/ board owner, and you shouldn’t either. We have no garantee he’s any better than Blade or Drybones

    1. I don’t give a shit. My links are being filtered on the other board, and they have a 100+ post thread trashing me. Until this /gg/ is shown to be shit, I’m rolling with it. That’s my personal decision.

  7. Bladeee, if you are reading this consider it your reality check.

    You could have done the right thing, followed Lord Humungus’ advice and “Just Walk Away”. People like me, the little cogs in the big GG juggernaut, would have remembered you with respect for the hard work you did. You would have retained your dignity, and after a well deserved rest been welcome back with open arms.

    But you didnt did you?

    You acted like a petulant little panty wetter prima donna, threw a pissy fit and stamped your feet, then handed control of a GG board over to a pack of complete cunts knowing what they would do. On purpose, and with full awareness of what you were doing. You even had the inevitable Twatter chimp out session to go with your despicable childish baaaaw fit.

    If you are looking for sympathy and forgiveness, go find yourself a fucking Christian and get them to turn the other cheek.

    Fuck the fuck off, and dont fucking come back. Go play with your trolly mates and their pathetic fucking cunt clique club where you can give each other reach arounds in your circle jerk Twatterfest sessions between mommy bringing you your pop tart feasts.

    You, like the fucking scum you associate with and handed the board control to, are a fucking maggot, a mug, a nonce and a cunt.

    1. I had a hilarious discussion with his fans (with him passively tagged in) about bitcoin…

      first they swarmed me with insults, then one by one dropped off when I calmly asked for any facts whatsoever to back up their bullshit.

      they had nothing. they didn’t even try. just ‘bitcoin is a joke’. when I asked why, silence.

      they don’t even rise to the troll level. complete clowns with no idea what reality is.

      and some of them used some #SJW arguments… really embarrassing

        1. I’m one of his biggest defenders, even though he told me to stop reading his site after I gave him some shit on a garbage story:

          Basically it amounts to free speech and not throwing Ralph under the bus because he’s essentially a blogger with an agenda. We know that’s what he is, and he doesn’t pretend to be anything but, unlike the game journals covering games for their friends and shitting on gamers while supposedly covering the games industry for the benefit of consumers.

      1. I’ve been talking to Acid Man and AnonBO, just asking that they do their best to promote real discussion and discourse between the boards. I don’t expect any sort of merging for a little while, as people have grievances with each other’s boards.

        Both are having to deal with “your board is cancer, come to this better board” shills, and those are actively serving as a divider. They cause people to say “well I’m not going to your board because you guys keep saying this shit”.

        1. GGHQ is taking the owner of /v/’s position on my links, and seems to be more in favor of censorship overall. So I’m backing the other board at the moment. We’ll see how it turns out. Assuming they do stay separate for awhile, then yea there should still be dialogue between them, if possible.

        2. The GGHQ owner did say that I could share my links with a shortner, but he also has my name word filtered to an inaccurate epithet. So I’m not too inclined to be backing that clown.

          1. It looks like some others may be backing you up on the wordfilter thing. I think such a thing is very petty and is one of the things keeping the board apart.

          2. All it does is show you that they’re gonna try to continue to settle scores like Mark has been with /v/. Hopefully it changes. It’s still early, so maybe it will.

  8. I’ve visited the 8chan site, and looked around, and I’ve looked at the /GG/ board. Most enlightening. Sorry they had a big drama bomb, but it changes nothing for me. I don’t read or visit, “those sites,” just as before.
    I am not phased. I wish the new boss of /GG/ best of luck.


  9. Glad for the work Bladee did, but kicking over the chessboard on the way out is just lame. Should’ve quit long before if he was getting stressed, and without the childish attention-seeking.

  10. Awww, cute! Drybones get buttmad he can’t make money off this shit so his salt levels reached critical and he finally flamed out. Fantastic.

      1. I haven’t had a hot pocket in like 2 years. Diabetes. 🙁 I really like the cheeseburger things they came out with…

  11. I don’t imagine we’ll see too much real damage coming out of these guys. Even what Blade did was pretty much nothing. They’ve been with us this long, they’re not gonna give us the shaft. Just make a big fuss on the way out.

    As for which board to use, I’m putting my 2 cents on /gg/. It’s got the most activity as of now, might as well just collate all our resources into one. We’ve already seen what happens when shit goes ass up. Everyone migrates, no fuss, no muss. If /gg/ turns out shit, we can just do it again.

  12. Must be great feeling now for you Ralph proving right about that drybones faggot. Blade should have just took a break rather than quitting.

  13. …I’m so surprised. How long until the aGGros proclaim this a win for no reason?

    Of course, I’m like, 20 hours behind on this report.

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