It’s no secret that I have heat with some people over on 8chan. The person who runs /v/ is a shithead who put my links on archive, and we all know about the baphomet stuff. But the story tonight actually mostly involves someone who was always fair to me, and that’s the person who ran /gamergate/, @theBladeee. Recently he became got kinda burned out and wanted to quit. Tonight he finally did. The board is in flames, but it doesn’t really matter. The replacement is already picking up steam.

First off, like I said, I have nothing against Bladeee. I hate the people he’s friends with, but I don’t let that sort of thing color my opinion of someone. If you’re fair to me then I’m fair to you. He always upheld his side of that bargain. So I hated to see him get so fed up and quit the cause, but we’ve seen it happen before. This march has been grueling in a lot of ways. I feel his pain. I could never walk away, but I understand the other side of it. So, happy trails.

Now, another person also quit tonight, and I won’t be sad at all to see him go. I told everyone months ago that he wan’t a team player. I’m glad I was finally proven right:

So, where’s the new board, you ask? People seem to have chosen /gg/, which is actually the old board (hilariously enough). So, go there for your GamerGate 8chan fix. If this board owner quits, then we’ll just move on once again. Also, we always have KotakuInAction, this site, Usher’s site, as well as many others. Image board meltdowns really aren’t that big of a deal, but my site kind of serves as a history of the cause, as well as a signpost. So I figures I would out an alert.

I’m just going to continue to keep my head down, focus on the happenings, and expose SJW hypocrisy along the way. This is just one more entry in the drama files. I have another story I’m going to publish before morning. It’s about college campuses and the “trigger warning” culture. It’s a commentary on a piece I read this past weekend. Look for it by sunrise (EST).

As always, I welcome your comments below (especially on this one haha).


UPDATE: Interview with Bladeee: