I’ve been asleep all day today (this part was written before the breaking news from earlier, thus the discrepancies). For some reason, I’ve been feeling extremely tired lately. I’m probably just being a lazy asshole, so that’s neither here, nor there. Before I jump into news hits, I wanted to talk about a post I saw on 8chan the other day. I put it up on Twitter, so a lot of you have probably already seen it. It’s still worth discussing, though, because I think it illustrates the importance of what we do in GamerGate, and the mission of my site in particular.

Here’s the tweet, with the image from the 8chan post included below:






I can’t prove that the post is true (by the way, if someone can find the link to the thread, post it in the comments). But what I can tell you, is that the post he’s talking about, did in fact go viral. It’s the biggest article I’ve ever had here on the site. It’s basically just a recap of another person’s column, but it still did bigger numbers than anything else in the site’s history. Why is that? One, it’s the title. Two, it’s me calling Anita Sarkeesian out very bluntly. Sometimes, it takes a harsh rebuke for it to stick in someone’s mind.

There’s certainly a place for laid back commentary. That’s just not what we do here. From the start, I’ve always wanted to go after the other side in the most frank way possible. There are other people to play the coddling game. I would rather throw some blows. Plus, I don’t believe there’s anything to be gained by soft-peddling my views, because the other side will never reciprocate. If I were to ever see some good faith efforts from them, I might reconsider. I don’t see that day ever coming, however. We’re in midst of a struggle for the soul of vidya, and only one side can prevail. They’ve told us this themselves. I want the winners to be us, not them. They get nasty? Good. So will TheRalphRetort.

Seeing a post like this one on 8chan, makes me think that I’ve been headed in the right direction. It can’t be confirmed, so I won’t get too carried away. But it rings true to me. I’m not foolish enough to think that I’ve converted a ton of SJWs. I would be very surprised if that were the case. Still, making the argument is the only way you will ever have a shot at conversion. Others can do that in a softball manner, and there’s is a place for that. My place, though, is with the hardball squad. That role will never change.