Minutes ago, the owner of 8chan, Fredrick “Hotwheels” Brennan, sat down for a debate on Huffington Post Live about GamerGate. Also there was Erik Kain of Forbes, and Brianna Wu of Crazyville. Eric Kain didn’t get to say much, but I liked what I heard. He pretty much dismissed all the bullshit the nutty host was saying, and stuck to his guns. But the guy who really shined, was Based Hotwheels himself. He made Brianna Wu look like an unhinged mental patient. Rarely have I witnessed such a one-sided destruction.

Brianna Wu spent most of her time trying to bully Hotwheels into closing down the site. It was actually astonishing, and even the host kinda tried to get her to back off. If that wasn’t bullying, then I don’t know what the fuck bullying is. Of course, her knowledge of actual law is laughable, as is the case with most of these SJWs. She took one semester of something back in college though, so she knows all about it. I shit you not, that’s what she said.

Throughout her appearances in the stream, she violently swayed back and forth, gesticulated like a insane person, and repeatedly tried to interrupt and bully Mr. Brennan. Oh, did I mention he’s in a wheelchair, thus the name Hotwheels? I’m no media expert, but it’s not usually a good look to try to bully a disabled person into giving up his business live on the air. Perhaps Ms. Wu, who appears to have forgotten to take her meds before this appearance, didn’t realize the optics of the situation.

Conversely, Brennan kept his composure throughout the segment. He was calm, witty, and very funny. Rather than let Troll Queen Wu bait him, he countered her with facts, and hilarious comebacks. If you were a neutral watching this show, Based Hotwheels had to look pretty damn good. Did I mention he was in a hostile house, with no allies? Yea, Kain was there, but he’s neutral, and barely got to talk anyway. The courage that the leader of 8chan showed was nothing short of inspiring.

Believe it or not, Brianna, 8chan’s not all about you – Based Hotwheels

So, while Wu looked like a prime candidate for a lobotomy, 8chan, Hotwheels, and GamerGate came out smelling like a rose. Yes, a lot of the same lies and misinformation was repeated. But, it was countered with grace, charm, and hilarity. This is the type of shit that can actually change some minds. And even if it doesn’t, it was still fantastic to see that charlatan Brianna Wu get absolutely destroyed.


UPDATE: I forgot to mention that she compared GamerGate to child pornography.

UPDATE 2: Here’s the segment, in case anyone wants to watch it.

UPDATE 3: Even more wretched behavior from Wu has come to light…

  1. She literally legally threatened him for actions of his users. Better go sue Mark Zuckerberg there Brianna!

    Also reminder that she has a game coming, she’s benefiting from all this coverage

  2. I like how she tried to imply that 8chan was responsible for how the information posted on the boards is used. That’s like saying you can sue Google Maps if someone finds your address on there and stalks you.

    1. But isn’t it illegal to post someone’s address if you don’t have authorization to? I know your address might be in the phone book, but you can have it removed… I have no idea if she did, but I can’t just look up someone by their name and state on Google and get their address (at least not with the people I know that I’ve tried, and yes, they’re my friends).

        1. OK, I did watch the whole video and Hotwheels made some clear points on legality; it’s actually kind of scary what’s allowed, but I’m not sure the legality of a (I’m paraphrasing) “the address of a public celebrity”… it seems if you put your address out there, it’s public, but if you don’t, then it shouldn’t be OK for anybody to post it even if you’re a celebrity. It sort of turns the whole “doxxing is evil” argument on its head.

          1. So far the only doxxing I could “verify” was Brianna Wu’s on 8chan, which was said by the 8channers there to be her public WHOIS info from one of her websites. I don’t know how to actually verify doxxes without seeing the information, so how do we verify whether this info was public or not?

          2. This is what drives me nuts. It is her fault if they found that info on the whois because you have to pay to make that private. Otherwise, the only way to verify if it was public is to google it.

          3. The more I look at the details of the Brianna Wu doxxing/death threats, the more it appears she did it to herself.

    1. “[Literally Who] is a friend of mine”

      I did not see that coming at all. Nope. I was totally blindsided by this.

    2. Wow the moment she spoke it pissed me off, Everyone in this video is completely ignorant and seem to ignore anything that isn’t from the journalists mouths. Miss Wu is acting like a complete monster.

      1. The host is an obnoxious tool. I dislike that man with a passion. I don’t care that he had GG supporters on. That’s motivated more by the momentary ratings boost the subject provides than it is about fair journalism, so folks really need to stop giving the dude a pass just for that reason. He’s still asking questions from a very ignorant frame of mind, and still self-servingly pushing the false narrative because it’s more…I dunno, newsworthy or some shit? Dude has no idea about the truth of the matter, and wouldn’t if it bit his dick off.

    3. You can hear Fredrick giggling in the background after the host starts fumbing over himself trying to apologize to BWu over the “it’s not all about you” comment. Love it. God damn it, Fredrick, you’re a pimp. XD

      1. That actually pissed me off. Not the laugh, but the pandering. Fuckin’ Brianna sits there for several minutes making thinly-veiled threats, and he has little to say about that. Hotwheels shuts the bitch down by reminding her that the world doesn’t revolve around her, and the fucking host was tripping all over himself to apologize. Dude made his bias’ abundantly clear right in that moment.

  3. Thought you might enjoy this. You can’t make this stuff up, folks…

    Feminism Priorities on Wikipedia: Pop Singers… Vagina… and Video games?

    WikiProject Feminism/Popular pages:

    1. Beyoncé
    2. Katy Perry
    ###3. Gamergate controversy###
    4. Madonna (entertainer)
    5. Abortion
    6. Female ejaculation
    7. Feminism
    8. Christina Aguilera
    9. Jane Fonda
    10. Female genital mutilation


    1. So two musicians one of which has said she isn’t a feminist…then Gamer Gate…

      EDIT: And they’re all above abortion and genital mutilation o_O

  4. Objectively none of this is wrong, but you seem to be forgetting who runs the asylum in question. All of Huffpo’s regular viewers were no doubt wringing their hands along with the script. Not too much neutrality there, I don’t think.

  5. Damn. Hotwheels is being based as fuck.

    “You can’t blame 8chan for harassment just like you can’t blame AT&T for obscene phone calls”.


  6. I never raged this much before, what a stupid bitch. The only thing that made me laugh was when she said that she called the (internet) police. I lol’d, the rest of what she said just made me nauseous.

  7. This might be a dangerous question because of the level of manipulation, but if the SJW side is insisting that journalistic integrity is just a cover for sexism, why don’t they just support it and give #GG nothing to “hide” behind?

  8. I can’t contain the amount of respect I have for hotwheels.

    My weak heart and bone problems pales in comparison.

    Keep being based.

  9. After 4chan bending over to the mainstream agenda, it’s interesting that they’re immediately launching an attack on 8chan. They really don’t want any discussion outside of their control.

    1. Always been the same with these fuckers, they hate any opposing views and even manage to convince themselves that if you disagree with anything it’s all because you hate women.

  10. Damn I really want to see those ‘mobility challenged’ insults when she was supposedly hacked. She had no problem belittling Camera Lady for having autism so I’d love to see how ‘real’ they look.

      1. I’m shocked that she didn’t claim that a GamerGater held a gun to her head and forced her to post that Tweet.

  11. Can anyone help me find where Brianna Wu admits to making fake “dudebro” pro-#GamerGate twitter acct(s) to troll with? Thank You in advance (✿◠‿◠)❤

  12. Her twitter is her actual biological mouth and was compromised on video. Probably the PATRIARCHY too control over her.

  13. I totally stumbled upon the Huffpost video reading about this Gamer Gate nonsense. I am unfamiliar with 8chat and did not know who any of the speakers were but listened for a while… man she came off just as this article describes. Hotwheels made a new fan!

  14. I just heard her on David Pakman say she was a heavy 8chan forum user before she got harassed (she said she “took a break” from it), and I’ve seen evidence that she harassed and doxxed herself… she’s the only one I’ve seen that evidence for, and I don’t think Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn were 8chan users. Is it just me or is this just more circumstantial evidence that she harassed herself? Was she actually a heavy 8chan user or is there no way to tell?

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