A short while ago, 8chan’s owner and chief administrator, “Hotwheels” Fredrick Brennan, was removed from Twitter under unknown circumstances. I’m not sure if this was a mass spam reporting, or if it was some trumped up charge. His personal Twitter still remains, although he hasn’t used it today. We’ll post more when we get it, but this is not new. Sometimes the SJWs try to get accounts banned on Twitter, as we’ve seen many times in the past. They have to resort to censorship to get the job done. That’s what they always fall back to. 

They don’t have the skills to win a debate in the public arena, without a lot of help. It takes a crooked media, censorship, and persecution against gamers. They frequently use all three in tandem, like last night. I know Hotwheels will likely be restored. Hell, even if they ban his personal account and kick him off Twitter altogether, they would never silence the man. 8chan isn’t going to fall. He’s got too much character and determination to let that happen. It’s something these SJW sickos simply can’t understand.


Just as I published this, he was restored to Twitter. So it looks to have been a mass spam report. Good to see him back. I took down the post for a second, cause it literally happened right when it went live lol. So here’s the updated version.


UPDATE: Here’s the rationale for the suspension from Hotwheels himself. It looks like it was the SJW lames who tried to turn him in for posting emails. You know, it’s funny that Leigh Alexander or Ben Kuchera (or Randi Harper, or Srhbutts) have never been booted off for this same thing:Selection_652Selection_653


    1. They preach of social justice and privilege but they are the first ones to silence and bully everyone who disagrees with them.

      Twitter needs to hand temporary bans out to people whose reports have been found to be false too often.

      1. I personally think that the reason Twitter doesn’t is because they are willing to receive all of the false alarms in the word just to make sure absolutely nothing is missed. It’s like saying everyone who gets arrested is guilty even though some may be innocent because you don’t even want one criminal getting away.

        1. That’s more or less how youtube used to treat copyright claims, they’re still pretty bad about it but after many years of abuse they seem to have cleaned up their act just a little bit. I think it was probably when they realized how many people were migrating to blip and other sites in response.

        2. Or it could be that bans are easy, investigating claims is not. Occam’s Razor, most people will take the ban if they think they might have deserved it, less work for the mod team.

    1. I’d rather not get into that, I wanna keep the twitter punch-ups bare knuckle not resort to the other side’s pussy tactics and make it kid gloves all around.

    2. I’d agree, but it’s kinda like talking to a troll – you say something, and they always reply – all this will do is start ban wars because these people don’t play nice, and are too stupid to realize they are getting flagged for actual violations of the rules.

  1. These Social Injustice Weasels need to get kicked off their high horses and get a taste of REAL justice. And I dare say that it’s LONG overdue.

  2. When I tell my followers to mass report SJW for spam, they chicken out and say “We shouldn’t be like them.” This is such a shill response. Look what SJW have done to Milo, Thunderf00t and Hotwheels. WATCH AND LEARN. WE DO TO THEM WHAT THEY DID AND WILL DO TO US.

      1. I see them on 8chan too. It’s like a bunch of sissies who enjoy women domination until the domination turns to:
        – cheating on the man
        – divorcing him, taking his children and house
        – makes up shit to get a restraining order on husband
        – husband paying her alimony while she doesn’t bother looking for a job and keeps shagging the person she cheated him over

        I’m sorry but I’m not a ball-less cuck. I will not take this shit lying down.

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