It looks like my efforts have created some unintentional victims. That’s not unusual, I know, but it’s not the usual suspects. The “board owner” of 8chan’s /v/ (@MarkM447) has been triggered by some of the success we’ve achieved here. So, he took it upon himself to make sure all my links would now have to be archived. Apparently this is supposed to hurt the site? I’m not sure. I’m assuming he wants to bring my attention to something. If he wanted a shoutout on my blog, all he needed to do was ask!

For those of you who still don’t know who this guy is, here’s some background. He’s someone who’s been following me around for several months, always complaining. He’s followed and unfollowed me on Twitter so many times I’ve lost count…and then there was that New Year’s stream. There’s literally no pleasing the guy. For some reason, he’s decided that this time he’s going to be trying to cause problems for me. Well, I guess crazy stalkers are just another part of life.

“To be honest, I thought it might not even be worth addressing this”. It’s awfully petty. But I realized that sometimes, even the buzzing of flies gets annoying. So you gotta swat them down before they start up a stink.Anyway, you guys can go ahead and talk about it in the comments. I won’t censor you, promise ~_o. I’ll see you back here when I have some real news and commentary to post.


UPDATE: Master Milo weighs in…