It looks like my efforts have created some unintentional victims. That’s not unusual, I know, but it’s not the usual suspects. The “board owner” of 8chan’s /v/ (@MarkM447) has been triggered by some of the success we’ve achieved here. So, he took it upon himself to make sure all my links would now have to be archived. Apparently this is supposed to hurt the site? I’m not sure. I’m assuming he wants to bring my attention to something. If he wanted a shoutout on my blog, all he needed to do was ask!

For those of you who still don’t know who this guy is, here’s some background. He’s someone who’s been following me around for several months, always complaining. He’s followed and unfollowed me on Twitter so many times I’ve lost count…and then there was that New Year’s stream. There’s literally no pleasing the guy. For some reason, he’s decided that this time he’s going to be trying to cause problems for me. Well, I guess crazy stalkers are just another part of life.

“To be honest, I thought it might not even be worth addressing this”. It’s awfully petty. But I realized that sometimes, even the buzzing of flies gets annoying. So you gotta swat them down before they start up a stink.Anyway, you guys can go ahead and talk about it in the comments. I won’t censor you, promise ~_o. I’ll see you back here when I have some real news and commentary to post.


UPDATE: Master Milo weighs in…

  1. I don’t chan, and I don’t Reddit. But I do come here every day, soooooo… It would be nice if we could stop trying to tear each other down over perceived slights and genuine successes.

  2. I think it’s more about you being a clickbait site, like the ones most of gg dislike. But somehow, you’re supposed to get carte blanche because you support gamergate? also, it’s funny how you cry censorship when /v/ limits you to links. How come you didn’t call archive links censorship before, is it because now that it has happened to you that you reveal your hypocrital double standard? let’s be honest, you don’t give a fuck about free speech, you care about shekels because that’s the only thing links take away from you.

    1. “Clickbait” is a nebulous term that means almost nothing. Regardless, you don’t see any “list articles” on this site. I use tabloid style reporting and headlines, just like Milo. But I don’t see you all with sand in your vagina about his stuff. It’s a personal grudge you all have against me. Nothing more, nothing less. But, carry on, cause it is literally of zero consequence either way. I won’t stop doing what I do, and people who like it will not stop reading it. All you people have done is start drama.

      1. it’s funny how you jack off to milo, ralph. How about you talk how you VERIFIED THE DENTON POST? or how you pushed araf’s hitpiece with ended up being a complete fiasco? Even IA went out of his way to call him out on his bullshit, oh, but where is the update saying this? nowhere.

        And want to know the difference between you and milo? he does fucking research, unlike you that just picks up stuff u find in twitter, kia, 8chan and other places that allow gg discussion. Most of the shit you write about were already being discussed there, that’s how much of a digger you are.

        1. how about you drop this pointless argument and focus on what’s important, we’re making headway with gawker, you’ll lose focus

        2. I can never understand how people like you can spin everything they read to suit their ideological bent. Ralph didn’t verify the Denton post, he reported that Hotwheels did, then Hotwheels came out later to say he was lied to. Also, have you nevere noticed the difference between Ralph’s normal articles and the ones that say “EXCLUSIVE”? Or maybe you also missed some of Milo’s articles where he does no original research? Where are you from, exactly?

          1. Marburger is from his own ass. Him being here is his hopes of clickbaiting a Ralph Reader in to his site, if only to argue more…he drools on his own substandard pecker and jacks it to Ralph’s traffic numbers,,,,he wants us like a priest wants boycock spooging in his face like a farmer on a tomato plant during spraying season,,, so he plays th outraged angry avenger, taking on mean ol Ralph cause nobodee curr bout his shit board but his own incompetent lackeys,,,he in here, cuz nobodee curr….

          2. I don’t own a site. Maybe you should go back to your mother’s womb so I can punch it and spare’s humanity the pain of bearing with you.

            He ran with the story, he didn’t do any research, he’s another fucking listener and believer and ONLY AFTER PEOPLE DEBUNKED THAT SHIT he updated it and wrote another piece correcting the shit. If you want to take milo as an example, milo didn’t run with that shit but ralph did. Milo makes research more frequently than milo, I never said all he does is OC. A good example is shanley’s article, he had to contact weev, interview him, get evidence, verify it, and then write about it. Unlike ralph that only repeats like a parrot shit he hears somewhere else. Just look at this fucking piece, his featured comment is a fucking infograph with erroneous information written on it. Will he correct that shit? you know he wont.

          4. I don’t see anything wrong with anything you described. It’s weird that so many people have a problem with Ralph just for the sake of having a problem.

          5. so you don’t see anything wrong with running with a erroneous story for the sake of speed or agenda? then just correcting shit when it’s only convenient for him? topkek. That infograph has already been debunked, why don’t you call him out for pushing it?

          6. It’s not my fault Hotwheels confirmed it. Maybe you should go ask him why he fucked up. I was reporting on what he said. It wasn’t my claim, it was him and KoP claiming that.

          7. Ralph is running a website, he does whatever the fuck he wants with it and I decide whether or not to take it seriously. I come here because it fills me in without having to browse reddit and 8chan. The infographic was referring to drybones making tweets that suggest changing reddit links to voat links, which the mere suggestion is a conflict of interest. That’s it from me.

    2. Interesting take on the situation. Please do not confuse the word “interesting” with “factual”, “honest” or relevant. A person spaced out on bath salts and running in traffic is interesting on a boring day.
      That is about your speed here, just so you have perspective.

      But perhaps I am too mean here, perhaps you genuinely are too stupid to appreciate what Ralph has written. Let me help.

      Ralph is a pro-gamergate. He is all for Gamers and not for unethical journalists and ideologically driven, bigoted, agenda-based zealots.

      Much of the gamergate support is centred around gamers themselves. So…when he sees 8chans video game headman react negatively to him, he reports it.

      Does this mean he knows why the guy archived things or does it means he is happy, sad or indifferent? I don’t know, neither do you. He just reported it. That’s it.

      Now what is interesting is how you went from him reporting it, to be driven to make some mindless ramble. THAT is interesting.

      Anyhow, take your medicine and go play in traffic.


        Ralph cried censorship in twitter if you don’t know. Moron. “hurr censorship SJW style” screencaping a quote saying “ralph archives only”. Mark isn’t prohibiting ralph articles discussion, tell me how is that censorship? if you care that much about that shit you can go from the archive to the original page and give a click to this sucker.

        I can find any of the shit ralph has written elsewhere because almost none of his shit is original content. An example: his peter coffin shit could be found in /cow/ any time of the day, any shit he finds is taken from somewhere else. I don’t need ralph because I can do the walk, unlike lazy fucks that didn’t and think ralph is the one that researched it.

        He crying censorship because he’s archived is completely retarded, just like your post.

        1. >Original content
          So that’s the bar? Because it’s a pretty thin basis for complaint. What, nobody can aggregate anything?
          Or is this about somebody wanting credit?

          Anyway, I don’t even care. Nothing makes GG’s opponents happier than infighting so good job.

        2. There is a line one has to draw in the sand. It is the point where he or she realises he is speaking to someone beyond the grasp of critical thinking, and acknowledges that any further attempts at reasonable discussion with that person are ultimately doomed.

          It is like going to play a game of tennis, and finding that whilst you were equipped to play, and in full knowledge of the rules, your opponent is there with a plank of wood demanding you to throw your tennis balls at him slowly, so he can try to hit them over the tennis court’s fence.
          The amount of energy required to educate them on what tennis is, the mutual benefits to not hitting the balls off the court and over the fence, and then try to engage in a meaningful game with them, is not worth the investment

          That is where I am now with you, Marburg-chan.

          I suspect you likely get a lot of rubs on the head or ruffling of the hair, after such pronouncements, in real life, rather than people arguing or debating you.

          Thus it is with me. I hope you find the sense you were searching for in your mindless rambling. Good luck, my strange little friend.

        3. Where did those Zoe court dox come from? Or the Leigh Alexander tweets? Or the actual Guardian email? You’re just a liar, simple as that. Of course not all content originates with me. That’s how it works at any site that covers any kind of news or events.

          Fuck off back to IRC, where they might buy this trash. Or don’t. Keep looking like an idiot here, for all I care lol.

          1. the fucking tweets came from leigh, and it’s funny how you think somehow looking at tweets and publishing them on your blog is somehow of an acomplishment. specially when that shit was already seen on irc and 8chan.

            the zoe court dox didn’t come from you nigger. if you OC has (exclusive) on it, that article doesn’t: and nowherei n the article says u did it.

            The guardian is the only thing you ever did that was original content and you were leaked it, you didn’t do any work but recieve the mail and publish it. and if those 3 things are the only things u did after fucking 7 MONTHS, you really are begging being called a lazy piece of shit.

          2. Those Leigh tweets were never seen before I published them, except for the people who originally saw them when she tweeted. There you go lying again. The court dox came from me, they were an exclusive. I just didn’t tag it as an exclusive.

            Any more lies you want to tell, IRC fuckboy?

          3. u just got them mailed from a anon sauce, where is your original research on it? kek. If it wasn’t u it would have usher or someone else, get off your high horse.

            You have to be on a whole new level of idiocy to think article about tweets is something remarkable, specially when people from the irc archived all of her tweets even before you started being somehow relevant. Go get sucked by twitterfags faggot, those are the only ones that think you’re somehow worth respecting.

    3. The reference to censorship came from the person pointing out about Mark replacing mentions of kotaku in action on the wiki, and that is a form of censorship. Ralph never claimed the archiving of his articles was censorship (He only edits them to post updates anyway) I think the point is more along the lines of him pointing out how pointless and futile it is because he stands behind the work he does and discusses it openly with his critics.

      Whether or not you agree with the work being done here, calling it clickbait is pretty silly. The content of some of the articles is without doubt inflammatory but sometimes it needs to be in order to draw attention to what some anti gamers and SJW’s are doing to the industry we love.

      Get off your high horse and stop moral policing. If you don’t like Ralph’s work, don’t read it. One of the lessons of GG is that thought policing is wrong and that, evidently, is a lesson you’re yet to learn.

      1. except that so-called censorship in the wiki never happend, logan is a fucking moron. You can go check the changes in the wiki and see that never happened. Listen and believe too much?

        Under your logic, inflammatory shit is ok to draw attention, so gawker is also ok when they do it. It’s ok for the right cause! bullshit.

        Just look at ralph quoting the retard kia mod talking shit out of his ass, I bet he wont post the thread where he was already called out for his lack of research. Why? because ralph is a faggot that is unable to admit he’s full of shit.

  3. I don’t see why they don’t just post 1 archive and one direct link and let others decide whether to “pay you” or not.

    1. I’ve been doing that since September.

      Although more for “DDOS? Can’t stop the signal!” reasons.

  4. I thought Ralph was banned from /v/ and /gamergate/? Requiring the use of archive isn’t really big deal since it’s pretty widely used on many other websites.

  5. “But I realized that sometimes, even the buzzing of flies gets
    annoying. So you gotta swat them down before they start up a stink.”

    The arrogance, the pride, Ayy! Are you a Bond villain now?

    I’d say there’s a difference between taking a stand and deliberately provoking but I’m not a journalist… >.>

      1. Well, at least I know of this “Drybones” now. I had no idea who he was. Dude appears to be a total cuntflap, though.

    1. lol, well I give this guy props for graphic design on his site, but they almost never update with any real news – everything there is merely opinion pieces – and most of them written by someone else.

      I usually visit once a month or so, now I just won’t, lol – dude wants to complain, then he should get some real news.

    2. I understand some of his concerns. Your articles are often considered clickbaity and only speaking out against clickbait articles on the opposition’s side undermines our “ethics in journalism” standpoint. I disagree with what he did, it’s either a PR case or he’s being stupid.
      I like you, Ralph, and I love reading most of your articles. Keep up the great work! I disagree with the idea that you do clickbait:
      1) you write about the shit your audience cares about
      2) the way clickbait usually works is: have a title that does not inform people what it’s really about so that they have to click to know what it’s about. Your site is not clickbait, although the titles sometimes are you have an excerpt underneath so that people can figure out whether the article is what they are interested in.

  6. Mate it is completely unsurprising. This is a person who’s whole identity is tied around them being the “leader” of a discussion forum on a website. That is what gives them joy.

    These are the folks you’ll see around forums who whenever mod positions are advertised, they go insane. They’re basically the online version of hall monitors. But now they have this inflated sense of worth, coupled with people kissing their arse, and suddenly any form of perceived dissent is handled with oppression or censorship. It’s as predictable as a case of the shits after 12 beers and a curry.

    It’s especially funny because you can tell he would rather outright ban you but he’s super aware that the cause he’s hitched his wagon to would frown upon that, and would endanger his reign, so this is the best he can do.


  7. Fucking divisive bullshit. Thanks Mark. Thanks Bladeee. Way to cause strife in our movement when Gawker was primed for a knockout punch.

  8. This is irritating to see. We’re finally making headway after 7 fucking months of grinding, and then some assholes start flinging shit all over the place. Grow the fuck up and realize that not everyone in GamerGate is required to possess the same standards and/or opinions as you. If you think this site is clickbait, that’s fine, don’t visit it. But to outright blacklist Ralph’s site is a bitch move.

    1. Big surprise right? It’s assholes who think that they’re the centre of attention thus, it’s in everyone’s interest to do what they say. This is what makes leaderless groups so good, people can call an asshole exactly that an ignore him like they have syphilis.

  9. I don’t get it, what does Drybones, whose board your site isn’t word filtered, have to do with Mark?
    Not to mention the gamergate general on /v/, while fast, doesn’t really hold up as a ”gamergate community” on it’s own. Sounds like Mark is the one you want to blame.

  10. Ralph, why don’t you make your own board on 8chan? You could use it as a resource gathering place/general discussion/and backup if this site gets knocked down by someone’s schemes again.

  11. So much butthurt and drama for no reason. I would not classify Ralph as clickbait. Sure, some of the writing uses sensational language, but you’re going to find honest reporting and article content relevant to the headline, something that clickbait skimps on. One of the main qualities of clickbait is that it’s misleading or outright dishonest. Can’t say that about Ralph’s material.

  12. Your links work fine on /gamergate/, don’t whine and try to throw everything under the bus. Go to the fucking website and try posting a link yourself before bringing everybody down.
    Your reaction to this is just unsightly.

  13. There is room for everyone to contribute to GG. Ralph has his place and does it his way. I know sometimes personalities clash but it’s simple. If people in GG don’t care for the way Ralph operates, they don’t have to read it. The rest of us who find value in Ralph’s work will continue to read it. One thing we don’t need is GG turning on each other. Let everyone do their own thing, bury any hatchets (not in each other’s backs) and let’s move past the drama. We have bigger fish to fry gentlemen.

    1. Pretty much. Lots of us that don’t visit 4chan or 8chan regularly really rely on websites like this. And I think that also goes for much of the casual visibility for gamergate.

      If gamergate has any interest in spreading their message past 2 message boards, they would be supportive of stuff like this. It’s not for everybody, but what is?

      I still don’t get what the argument is even over honestly. If an update or a follow up piece wants to actually explain that part, that would be helpful.

      And I have to agree with Milo that reading anything like this is ultimately, just a disappointment and a waste of time.

  14. Not only is GG not about one person, it’s far bigger than GG.

    These same arguments were going on in the Kotaku comment section in 2010. These same arguments were going on in academia with Dr. Sommers in 1992.

    It’s not ever something that will be controlled by one person. It’s merely a collection of people that are upset about various things, and are trying to get visibility for their critiques.

  15. A forum which restricts what websites its users can link to comes across as unnecessarily authoritative if you ask me.

  16. Tis sad to see people behave like the SJW we’re fighting.
    I find it more offensive when “Ralph is just like Gawker, click bait” is invoked as an argument or justification.

    So what? If that is true, it STILL doesn’t justify the bullshit drama. Ralph is not gaming media. Ralph does not misrepresent himself or his site.

    Hell, sometimes I think Ralph definitely gets carried away, bluster, enthusiasm and (dare I say) ego getting the better of good sense 😛

    The people I constantly see drag him into drama are *always* worse, and *always* try to excuse their own behaviour “because Ralph” (there are no bad tactics, right? Sounds familiar)

    I wont be pushed to suggesting that drybones and his crew contribute nothing, they often do good. I just think they are convinced by their own moral superiority and behave like self righteous cunts ><
    If they'd dial it back and focus on what is important, I'd have nothin but respect for them.
    Instead, it's always with the pushing of internal edrama.
    I was critical of the beef between Ralph and LianaK (on both sides, though at least Liana has dropped the pretense of being explicitly proGG now, that was plain irritating) for the same reason.
    We got bigger fish to fry.

  17. I sit on #burgersandfries to laugh at those guys, so thanks for that hour of power last night.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and there’s no absolute power quite like an IRC channel Ops position, let me tell you.

  18. I don’t always agree with your tone, stance and conclusions, but despite professing to be a muckraker you already show a lot more integrity than many of the journalists at the center of the GamerGate controversy. You admit when you don’t have all the facts and you verify them where you can. That alone gets you my respect, and in this case, my support.

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