The entire internet has been laughing at Mass Effect: Andromeda over the last couple days. It would take three articles to properly chronicle all the mistakes we’ve seen with the animation in this game, so just watch the latest PewDiePie video instead.

As you can see, the game looks completely whack, which is sad given the prestige associated with the Mass Effect series. The first two are a couple of my favorite games ever, and I liked the third one as well (except for the mind-numbingly stupid ending that we should all pretend never happened). But Andromeda looks like cancer. I kinda wanna play it now just to laugh my ass off. I’m not paying for it, though, so we’ll see if it gets pirated anytime soon.

How did the facial animations end up so ass, though? Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that an inexperienced cosplayer was chosen to be the “Lead Facial Animator” on this project. While so does have some background in art, there’s zilch on her résumé when it comes to, ya know, making video games.

Oh, I bet she’s very experienced indeed. I have an idea how she landed this gig.



Although, maybe we aren’t giving BioWare and Electronic Arts enough credit. Perhaps there’s a method to the madness here…


UPDATE: From her animator demo reel…”I Hate Men.”

Apparently, she hates making good games as well.

Here’s the link to the full video


UPDATE: You can read a lot more about this subject in this post.

      1. The Blinded ghost above also had her eyes gouged out. It was part of the ritual in the original Fatal Frame game.

        FYI, although not actually based on a true story, the Himuro mansion which the game takes place in is real.

  1. Just watchm, this will become Gamergate Pt 2. Evil misogynistic men attacking a woman in the gaming industry.

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    1. I know you guys are allergic to reason but here you go:

      On a project like this, there easily could be 10-15 lead animators.

      Lead animators are not in charge of the look, direction, approval, or any decisions about the direction of the animation. They don’t have any control over what is approved for final and what is not. That’s the job of the supervisor, director, etc.

      I posit that singling out a lone person and blaming them for the entirety of the animation on this project is at best, misguided,​ at worst, uncalled for slander.
      The language and ugly gif used to describe her is in poor taste and is pretty terrible to do to a person in general.

      1. I find, someone who finds it funny to write “I hate men” in her project, deserves alot of slander.

        1. Hey, but didn’t you notice how that was the title of a project she had worked on and not an actual statement she made?

          1. So a male animator who just “worked on” a project titled “I hate women” would be given a free pass? How about a “I hate minorities” contract? Think the Kotaku crowd would let that pass?

            No… she doesn’t get a freebie on this.

          2. So, she animates a 10 second clip with audio from a movie she had nothing to do with, that had the words “I hate men” spoken in jest…..and now she deserves to be publicly humiliated and slandered?

            Your butt is so hurt I think I can smell it from here!

          3. You’re clearly ultra butt-hurt over this article, given all the biased white-knighting and mangining rubbish you’ve spewed all throughout this comments section. Anyway, it’s given me a good laugh, let’s ignore that for now.

            How about addressing his point if the genders were reversed? It would be interesting to see what your take of it is. I expect the usual “women cannot be sexist” or “non-whites cannot be racist” SJW-feminist tripe.

            Come on, surprise me.

          4. If a male had animated this, I would be saying the same thing. My argument has nothing to do with gender.

          5. Agreed, it’s not solely her fault. But either way, person with zero animation experience should not be lead animator. This implies that similar thing might have happened with other animators as well, management is at fault here.

          6. No, no it’s not all about Her, it’s about Her AND the ones who employed her, since she ruined totally valuable game franchise, amateurs should never be given a job for any famous, high rating, high budget game franchise in the first place.
            P.S. Lead Animator is the one that supervises the animators, she has a idea, a vision, she instructs lesser workers…

            “A Lead Animator is the “Animator in Chief” in charge of an animation
            project for a film studio, a television studio, or a game development
            studio. ”

            “Whether done by hand or on a computer, it needs a team of talented Animators, led by a Lead Animator.”
            “Whether you’re working on an animated film, a Saturday morning cartoon
            show, or a virtual-reality video game, it’s your job as the Lead
            Animator to function simultaneously as an Animator, a Supervisor, and a Project manager.”

            “From an animation perspective, you’re typically in charge of animating
            your project’s main character. That means doing all the typical
            animation tasks, such as drawing the character, plotting his or her
            movements, and developing a final three-dimensional rendering using 3D
            animation software.”

            “While you’re doing that, however, you also have to make sure the project is progressing smoothly as the Animation Director
            ’s right-hand man. That means managing budgets, enforcing deadlines,
            and supervising, mentoring, and training employees, including 2D Animators, 3D Animators, 3D Modelers, and Character Riggers, among others.

            Basically, you’re the team captain at an animation studio: Your job is to create and motivate!”


          7. A long time? See her “resume”? She graduated on 2013. That’s not a long time. Lol

          8. She’s amateur at gaming animation…
            She is animator, sure, but there is a big gap imo between crtoon animator and game character animator, since gaming animation is similar to movie animator on CGI, which depicts real life more than cartoon animator where expressions are silly and unrealistic, exaggerated expression so to say, like in anime, to easier show emotional status of the character, but it does not work in gaming nor CGI animations, it’s a different field where you must know how actual human physical muscles work, the anatomy of human in order to create logical and appropriate expressions at particular moment…

          9. You don’t make any sense. How does some questionable animation “ruin a franchise”? Don’t be so dramatic. Also, I fail to see how a person being hired in spite of a (alleged) lack of experience or skills is somehow their fault. Seems to me the person that hired them in the first place is the one who you should be pissed off with. That’s not to say that in this case everyone isn’t largely going off assumptions rather than facts and should probably just chill the fuck out, but what do I know? You guys seem more interested in being outraged rather than the thing causing the outrage itself.

          10. Over time you learn to detect people like this. They tend to move jobs every 18 months or so. Long enough to affect a project, short enough that they never have to take responsibility for any failures. Blagging your way through an interview knowing you won’t be found out for a while meantime you’re being paid. I can smell them a mile away.

            The fact is that Bioware let go (or rather EA forced out) all the talent and their airheaded execs made a bunch of diversity hires. The end result is a game that’s unintentionally hilarious but in many other respects is shit.

            £50 I paid for it.

          11. What the fuck are you even talking about lmao. Please read before you start posting stupid shit

          12. if you go in a restaurant and your food comes bad you blame it on the main chef, not the dishwasher guy

          13. Hooooly shit, GamesGoodMeGood. You’re not even trying anymore. This is honestly the shittiest, trolliest bait I’ve ever seen in my life. What a waste of human life for a 14 year old like you to sit there and try to make people mad online but lying a bunch, knowing it’ll piss some people off. I really, really do hope that you recover from this horrible phase you’re going through. Most people do once they finish middle school, so you should be there in a few years! Have hope!

          14. Mm, you have no proof that she was the one who butchered the facial animation. There was an entire TEAM of animators. We should be criticizing them all, including her. Not JUST her. I’m sure you can see why criticizing JUST her is stupid and problematic

          15. Over-reaction? Over-reaction?? Men are humiliated and shown as buffoons in every commercial there is catering to women’s products, as the hapless useless father in sitcom after sitcom, fostering the courts to award custody to women in 95% of the “family [destroying] court” system because everyone absorbs the subconsious message that fathers are incompetent boobs like Homer Simpson, this also affect the ability of males to get jobs because they face the sort of low-end politically correct females who populate Human Resources departments and who were also raised on a diet of hating men, so more women are hired for the office, for teaching, and for fields like that! Men just can’t be trusted with these jobs! Maybe it’s about time we started insisting on diversity and the end of bigotry where it really matters.

          16. Lmao just shut the fuck up man. Either this is hilariously bad bait, or you’re actually a fucking idiot. Regardless, get out.

          17. no the work she did on me is y shes getting slammed she is not at the aaa lvl but had the job

          18. She deserves to be publicly humiliated because she’s terrible at her job – the man hating stuff just makes it funnier.

          19. Her only demo with lip sync the rest are silent. LEAD Animator for a game that is based around talking. There’s a reason why most experienced gamers that have seen talking animations before feel uneasy watching this because we have more experience with talking animations then she does. To the untrained I it looks okay. This is on part with like Playstation 2 games.

            She seems more in a position to be a regular animator. Usually animators in LEAD positions have previous experience with other projects, that demo real is just from school projects.

          20. Don’t be ridiculous. Men say awful stuff about women all the time, and they DO get a free pass. They get away with it by saying, “take a joke,” or, “don’t be so sensitive.” Or lately, “stop being such an SJW.” But God forbid someone says, “I hate men.” Then you special snowflakes go crying home to mommy like you need your naptime. Honestly, you’re hilarious.

          21. If you actually took your head out of your backside, you’ll realize that the mainstream media completely villfies men who say awful stuff about women. Guys lose their jobs, their incomes, their reputations, etc.

            But when SJWs/feminists say and advocate for awful stuff about men, which happens virtually 24/7, the same media glorifies it. Examples, the KillAllMen and MasculinitySoFragile hashtags. Not to mention the countless articles in mainstream news media written by feminists that belittle men.

            Doesn’t bother me of course, I’m just pointing out the double standards to you.

          22. Guys lose their jobs? Look at our President, dude. You’re not pointing out anything based in reality. And if it didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t be posting all this talk and trolling these forums. #KillAllMen? Yeah, that’s pretty messed up. But #MasculinitySoFragile? Dude, if you can’t laugh at that one, you’re pretty fragile indeed. You need to get over the idea that “SJWs/feminists” are some kind of monolith.

            “SJWs” aren’t even a real thing — I’m from New York, and I’ve never met one. Hell, in New York, liberals just argue with each other! Sanders and Hillary supporters want to tear out each other’s throats. Nobody agrees on anything. Certainly not that we should kill all men, or whatever. Also, I watch tons of news, and nobody talks sh*t about men on a regular basis, unless they’re talking sh*t specifically about DJT, or some of the other jerk-offs around him.

            If you convince yourself that men are being oppressed, obviously you can hunt down crap on the internet of all places to support your theory. But for those of us actually living in the real world, these kinds of rants are just sad and self-deluded. “Doesn’t bother me,” you say? Yeah right. You ain’t fooling anyone, kid.

          23. You cannot seriously being using the POTUS as a counterfactual to the egg shells the common man has to walk on in his professional life.
            The normal rules never apply to the extraordinarily wealthy, but even so, the POTUS has not gotten away with anything, it you have been paying attention.
            Trump is by far the most consistently, thoroughly villified public figure in our age. Tell me how he is your example of a man saying controversial things without consequences?
            It is common for men in the media to have to publicly apologize for some innocuous remark taken the wrong way about an individual woman (which is ALWAYS generalised to being somehow about all women).
            Recently Eddie Maguire was dragged through the mud for harmless banter about a co-host, who regularly makes the same kind of comments about others. We live in an age where insulting or criticising a single woman, based on her characteristics, is a crime against womankind.
            Have you seriously not noticed this?
            What about Netflix changing their ratings system over the negativity Amy Schumer’s latest abomination received?
            It’s all mysoginistic trolls! That’s the age we live in. Any criticism of a professional female is reduced by default to being about all women everywhere.

            It is absolutely stifling and it is not something that could ever occur to a woman criticising men – EVEN WHEN her criticism is literally addressing all men.
            We can’t even criticize an individual woman specifically without having to prepare for the inevitable backlash of accusations of mysoginy.

            I refuse to believe you have never experienced or witnessed this double standard in your life or in what media you consume.

          24. Didn’t your PM fill government seats based on dick vagina ratio instead of ya know….EXPERIENCE?!

            Seems like this is an on going problem in Canada.

          25. Holy shit Games, every time you post something, it just shows off more and more how illiterate you are, and I’m honestly laughing my ass off. You’re so bad at trolling that you’re making people laugh instead of getting angry.

          26. Sorry Samurai, but you REALLY don’t understand how this works. If a male animator named a project “I hate women” or “I hate minorities” because it reflects the main character, and not the animator himself, no one would give a shit. Not the people everyone here is so desperately trying to label as SJWs, not Kotaku, no one.

            She doesn’t NEED a freebie on this, because she did nothing wrong. For you to imply that she hates men simply because there was an animation made about a character who DOES, is beyond stupid.

          27. in every project she has made u can find the i hate men quote, its not just this

        2. Do you not know what slander means? Because nobody deserves to be slandered. It’s inherently undeserved.

        3. She made an animation about a character who says she hates men. There’s a world of difference there.

          1. Oh look, another white knight who took a break from a year long hiatus to comment here! Hey Ralph! Your uptick in traffic must be raking in the dough with all these new and dormant accounts!

          2. I guess I haven’t posted anything on an article linked to “disqus” in a while. I don’t know why that’s relevant, but whatever…

          3. because it’s amazing how all of you pussies came out of the woodwork on the same day, on the same article.

          4. I don’t need a safe space, but sorry to tell oyu, oyur game is up. We know how you flood message boards with concern trolling posts, and try to sway opinion, didn’t work in gamergate, didn’t work for trump, isn’t working now. Guess you pussies will have to come up with some new tactics, or kill yourself, that’ my preference.

          5. I’m not trying to sway anything. I understand the people who hang on this site are unlikely to listen to any sort of reason. This is obviously some kind of gamergate echo chamber. But I saw a link to this blog post on my FB feed. I read it and I shared my opinion because I saw a lot of dumb shit being posted in the comments. If you want to listen to what I’m saying or not is entirely up to you.

          6. Yes, yes, you cunts have the market cornered on reason, we all know what backwards neanderthals we are. Actually, I’m all for reason, like I said, I’m not expecting it from an account that has been dormant for a year’s first ever english post, so do you people like buy up old accounts, or is there hacking involved?

          7. I don’t even know who “you cunts” are supposed to be. Last time I checked I was just one person. 😛 I also don’t think you’re a neanderthal. I’m sure we could have a reasonable discussion if you just calmed down a little.

            I’m also kinda fascinated how it’s so strange to you that a person can’t use his “disqus” account for a year. There are loads of ways of talking on the internet. A lot of sites are connected to facebook, for example. And maybe I’ve just gotten less interested in having debates/shit flinging fights with random people on the internet lately.

            At this point this discussion is just for my own entertainment though. And I really do have better things to do…

          8. Again, what’s strange to me is it’s not used for over a year, and neither are almost any of the other ones that post on non related topics, and in your case a completely different character set/language, but all the sudden they find their way here to set us all straight using the same fail tactics that lost the left a few elections across a couple countries recently.

          9. Do you not understand the concept of association and agreeing to produce the animation knowing full well what the character is about?

            Oh silly me. I guess guilt by association is only allowed when leftists, SJWs and feminists claim it on another person.

          10. Yeah. Because if I make a movie about serial killers that must mean I endorse serial killers. Or if I make a movie about an airplane pilot that must mean I’m an airplane pilot myself. Or about dragons and fairies… etc. But keep calling everyone you disagree with a “white knight SJW” and I’m sure you’ll feel good about yourself for not having to listen to rational arguments. 🙂

          11. “I guess guilt by association is only allowed when leftists, SJWs, and feminists claim it on another person.”
            What hilariously bad bait. Get a fucking grip, man lmao

          12. I don’t have an opinion on this thread; I just wanted to chime in to say that you have the most metal name of all time. Carry on.

          13. who wouldn’t the “men” like you on this site. A bunch of snivelling babies who couldn’t even talk to a woman I’m guessing.

        4. A woman jokes “I hate men” and deserves everything she gets.

          A man brags he can grab any woman “by the p*ssy” and he deserves to be President.

          *cue Monty Hall music* Welcome to America, folks!

          1. The man in question very clearly said They let you do it

            Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in
            case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to
            beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I
            don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do

            Bush: Whatever you want.

            Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.

          2. That you, Tillerson?

            Seriously, if you believe that, I’ve got an island off the coast of Gibraltar to sell you.

          3. Believe what? The New York Times is bullshitting now? This transcript was all over the internet, and nobody thought to notice what he said about them letting him do it because he’s a star. (and a millionaire for the last several decades to boot). For all those who go around privilege shaming, here’s an example of actual privilege – wealth.
            Women don’t mind his boorishness as much because he’s wealthy, I invite you to imagine what if a hobo were to do the same thing to them. Anyway, this isn’t about Trump so I don’t want to further sidetrack.
            And no, I’m me, not Tillerson, whoever that is.

          4. You seriously think because Trump brags that they “let him do it,” that they actually did? I’d venture they’re way more afraid of his lawyers, than they are into his tiny orange hands (or his checkbook). Hell, if Trump grabbed my nuts, I probably wouldn’t do anything about it, but I still sure as hell wouldn’t have “let him.”

            Also, Rex Tillerson is the Secretary of State. It’s too bad, because I totally wanted to ask you what’s really going on with Russia.

          5. Well, how are you going to prove these allegations then? Because that way lies the end of ‘innocent till proven guilty’ and I don’t think that’s a good legal precedent to set.

            Also, Rex Tillerson is the Secretary of State. It’s too bad, because I
            totally wanted to ask you what’s really going on with Russia

            Didn’t know, I’m not a US citizen nor do I live there.

          6. Trump neither said that he actually did it nor did he say that he would do it. He was bragging about being rich and famous and women liking rich and famous men no matter how much of an asshole they are. And he admitted that he made a mistake and is not perfect and appologized.

          7. A woman jokes “I hate men” and deserves everything she gets.

            That’s strange. Because what’s actually happening is men getting vilified, fired from their jobs, losing their income and reputation if they even make a joke about a woman.

            Feminists and SJWs on the other hand get to write misandrist articles in the biggest news media like The Guardian, BuzzFeed, etc., make jokes about men and completely get away with it.

            I think you remove your head from your rectum. Either that or you need to refrain from your bias.

          8. Unless you can provide cold hard numbers showing comparative cases of men being fired and women not being fired, you’re the only one with his head up his behind.

            Reality check: Women DO get fired for talking smack, even in journalism, and I’ve read plenty about it — you can, too, if you actually care to look for facts that don’t support your confirmation bias.

          9. You’re butthurt over THAT? Hahahahaha.

            Wait, maybe I didn’t make my point loud enough.


            You do know there are still all kinds of organizations they don’t let women into, right? So why should I care if they don’t want my white male ass at their party? Get over it, dude.

          10. Asks for ‘cold hard data’. Claims ‘butthurt’ when presented with an example. Kek.

          11. Wait, maybe I didn’t make my point loud enough

            You did. You already made it loud and clear to everyone that you’re deluded and biased white-knighting cuck who is clearly triggered by this article.


          12. I haven’t actually defended anybody. Isn’t that a prerequisite for a white-knight? Keep at it, though. Maybe you’ll land a punch. In the words of DJT: “Sad.”

        5. She didn’t write “I hate men” in her project, can you show me where that was? All I see is her naming an animation that because it’s tied to the main character in it. Oh, but CLEARLY that reflects her personal views.

          1. “She didn’t write ‘I hate men’ in her project…”

            “All I see is her naming an animation that…”

            Weapons grade retarded.

          1. I wouldn’t animate a guy ranting about women, and open my reel with the title of it being “I hate women”.. It’s hard enough already to find work.. Well, it was before I gave up. There’s no work in animation. It’s a hobbyist’s dream xD

      2. Lead animators are not in charge of the look, direction, approval, or any decisions about the direction of the animation.

        Then who is in charge of animation if not the animators?

        1. Animators animate, but the movements they animate are typically plotted out in a layout/animatic/storyboard. The animators animate what is asked of them, and the supervisor then looks over their work and directs them to either better match the animatic/storyboard or to change something that isn’t working, or to relay specific direction from anyone higher up to the animator.

          It’s up to the animator to best match the mood, feeling, technique, and poses set out by the animation director.

          1. Mmm, not exactly like that.
            Leads ARE responsible of the final quality. That’s why they get fired, from time to time.
            Anyway, maybe she wasn’t happy with the final quality, but sometimes management will just say “it’s ok, we’ve to put it on the shelves.
            I know for sure that time constraints and the software you’re working on can destroy the most skilled animator in the world.
            I think you should focus more on the kind of attacks she’s receiving, that are not fair and based solely on her sex and on the fact of being seductive.
            That’s horrible.

            The fact here is that a company like BIOWARE, producing MASS EFFECT, put someone not exactly as skilled as he/she should be to work on such a piece of software.
            I smell management cutting costs, here, and BAD management in general.

          2. So, in other words the entire team is just broadly incompetent and utterly lacking in any sort of professional care in their work. Seriously, how could ANYONE, in house, look at this shit and think it was okay to release? Maybe they are trying to normalize Down Syndrome…

          3. Anyway, I’m with you.

            This girl, even if she was unfit for her role (thing that I suspect but I can’t prove), is in this shitstorm cause she’s an attractive woman.

          4. Nope…Lead Animator does the same thing as animators, supervises, manages everything at animation studio, animates by him/herself, especially is responsible for lead or other main characters, and is only lesser to Art Director to whom Lead Animator is a right hand…RIGHT HAND…basically Art Director can skip the green light giving cause Lead Animator is almost on equal terms and position as Director who is not actually part of the animation in direct contact, Art Director is not doing anyway, where Lead Animator is doing everything.
            No idea where you are getting your ideas from, but you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you haven’t checked any source to backup your claims, basically you didn’t made sure before you wrote what you wrote with confidence.

          5. She was in no place experience wise from her resume or talent wise from her reel to even be a lead. How did she even get that title?

          6. that’s exactly what’s being made fun of here. the animations are foolish and innapropriate tone-wise. the supervisor probably let it slip since she worked for free/peanuts.

          7. Yeah I’ve been in a lot of lead positions.. it means you’re doing the most complicated or detailed stuff. You’re still under as much scrutiny as anybody else on the team, and those above you will always tell you exactly how they want it, and what to change. Plus you work alongside all the other leads..
            It’s a bit weird that this chick was picked to be the fallguy for this (what a sexist term! ‘Fallgirl’ then?)

            But the fact that she is not experienced enough for her job has nothing to do with what happened to the game, though it is true. That reel looks like she’s fresh out of college – See my reel for comparison, knowing that I could never get the job she had.

            But yeah, blaming her for this fuckup, is like blaming somebody’s mechanic for their bad driving.

        2. Sorry to pick your bubble man but this is a QA fail. Some video game designer fucked it up and let this bug slip. You just have zero idea about how a video game company works and attack random people who had nothing to do with this.

          Also why don’t you attack as much when the person who fucks up a game is a man?

      3. While Ralph might not know the in’s and out’s of game design hierarchy, you’re willfully missing the point here. She was in no way qualified for the position she held. This speaks volumes about the culture in place.

        She either got the position because of someone she knew (think the Mighty No. 9 fiasco) or because… she had a vagina and “we need to hire more vaginas because the game journo’s said so, regardless of talent, experience or adequate education”. Hence the allusion to GamerGate.

        When any industry puts non-meritous criteria in their hiring practice above, well, merit, it results in an inferior product and pissed off consumers. It’s just the media is so good at redirecting outrage into channels that aren’t helpful, usually by DARVOing.

        She is a cosplayer and a “geek girl” with a ridiculous resume (if that was a resume, frankly it was so childish I don’t know what to think).

        If they’re filing their ranks with people like her, then we have to look at WHY they’re doing that and address the problem, because hiring underqualified/unqualified people for MAJOR projects, probably because of ideology, is a SERIOUS issue that impacts not only the hobby, but the culture of the company that produced the game.

        It was made very abundantly clear during GamerGate that the goal of the SJWs, feminists and corrupt journos is to destroy gaming as we know it – which would just simply destroy gaming because their inability to create (or consume for that matter) would lead to a collapse of consumer interest.

        TL;DR – this girl might not be the source of the cancer, but she is absolutley a symptom.

        1. Exactly. Vancouver is full of talented animators and EA is a large enough company to bring in foreign workers with a 10x better talent and resumes than her.

          1. I would literally kill for a job working for EA. I didn’t even goto school for animating.

        2. That’s frankly untrue. She HAS experience. Even the uninformed, unintelligent person who wrote this article had to link to her demo reel because it’d be stupid not to. She’s an animator. The fact that people are implying she only got the job because she’s a girl and a cosplayer is, quite clearly, stupid. Not to mention that it just comes off as hilariously problematic. She got the job because she’s an animator, and they needed an animator. It’s that simple.

          1. Not at all, 18 years ago when I first started working in IT our department head hired a hot girl with fake tits. She was clueless, and was eventually laid off 18 months later after learning very little. The rest of us ended up doing her job for her, but she was damn good for morale. Hot chicks certainly can get hired for jobs simply because they are hot. It happens.

          2. Except every job she had was brief and it appeared that she was fired from them. But keep riding that clit of hers white knight McGee. And you just used the word “problematic” on THIS site unironically, so you’re CLEARLY an SJW and can fuck right off; literally no one cares what your poisonous ideology thinks.

          3. You really owe a lot of people apologies here. Sure, you can be aggressive about your beliefs for all you want, but that does not give you carte blanche to just open floodgates of ad hominem attacks to people that don’t agree with you. How much better *are* you compared to Dina Abou Karam when you pull this sort of crap on others? You’re doing what you alleged she did, and that’s very unbecoming. You can still make it up with an apology to Sombra.

          4. Are you one of the fags from Polygon or Kotaku who came here to cry on behalf of milady? Because that’s what you sound like. I don’t own anyone DICK – it’s the internet and I am entitled to my opinion.

          5. If you only knew how big it was you would be shitting yourself to make room for it beta.

          6. Well, my power bottom friend, if there’s one, immutable penile fact throughout history it’s that if you care about size enough to go out and brag about it to strangers, then it’s really fucking small. Good luck with that.

          7. lmao just admit it, you were completely blown out by the hilarity of my jibe. It’s OK to laugh. 😉

          8. Yeah, you are entitled to your opinion. Totally giving you that.

            The flip side is, I’m entitled to mine too.

            Was it even worth wasting time telling me “I have a keyboard and I can type the most inflammatory things I want” when you also expect that people just meekly say “okay” and go away?

            One thing I do know though – your opinion sure isn’t the popular one outside of this little circle. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure Trump will have your back by now.

            By the way, how was Charlottesville? Bet that dusty white triangular hat gave you a ball of a time.

          9. Are you suggesting that your unqualified personal attacks from 5 months ago should have been left alone? (even your response to that was a personal attack, which leaves no doubt as to you as a nasty person)

            Irony, irony.

          10. Or learn to be a better person even on the Internet, mister ironic. (even if you did good in the past, you’re certainly not a “Do-good” person when you attack people)

          11. “Learn to be a better person”? Fuck off you moral busy body. Who are you to lecture me on what my opinion or presentation of it is? Mind your own business and try joining into a topic when it’s relevant and not dead for months. This is some grade A autism you’re presenting. Again, I reiterate, get a fucking life.

          12. Should I be the one doing it, or should you, the one with absolutely no class, be doing the go-away? It’s disrespect you show to people that causes people to disrespect you, causing you to get even more aggressive, and then you realize you’re feeding the vicious cycle for absolutely nothing. What for?

            I’m kind enough to leave you this one advice – you are not the god of anyone. I can’t tell you what to do, but I won’t do your bidding either. So very kindly vanish.

          13. “Except every job she had was brief and it appeared that she was fired from them.”

            It’s called “Contract work” you asshat -.-

          14. You can’t get sex through the internet, and she’s not going to ship you chicken tendies…

          15. Yes because women only get hired because they are qualified and never because of their looks. You probably thinks waitresses like you too when you go to a restaurant. Wow.

          1. 1. Her demo reel is pretty decent
            2. “I hate men” is the title of one of many of her animation shorts; albeit a poor/misleading transition from where it is placed
            3. Lead animators do not control the direction a project takes and there are multiple on a project
            4. Linking to a FB post as proof she was fired from each job? Ehh…

          2. white knight she’s a thot. you won’t get laid by defending a thot. now man up!

          3. Her demo reel features no realistic facial animations – they are all hyper exaggerated cartoon characters!

          4. While she was on the way out she boasted about how they were letting her go and to not buy the game. The developers realized at the last minute what she was doing. I’m amazed they haven’t gone after her financially for everything she did.

          5. The Community Manager for Mighty No. 9 was a MAJOR SJW/radical feminist/trans-obsessed whack job who got her job because her boyfriend was on the development staff. She had no prior experience and hadn’t played any of the Mega Man games or knew anything about the franchise, despite original claims (she would go on to out herself while bragging). She went on to go on a crusade on the very expensive “donators forum” purging anyone who complained about the injection of SJW ideology into the game as well as any criticism of her behavior or the delays the game was experiencing. She denied people access to something they paid for and laughed about it. Basically in the end she gate-keeped all the negative feedback about the games shit direction and the end result was a product that was terrible. Fortunately the internet went on a crusade and taught people how to charge back their kickstarter donations.

            TL;DR – she was a huge SJW and her ideology got in the way of the game being developed and she basically denied people what they paid for. True SJW cancer.

          6. No, I just report facts they way they happened. My favorite part of it all is when people refuse to believe said facts, because their ideology won’t permit them too – it just means I’m just that more right.

          7. Are you retarded? How does leaving a job equal to being fired and lead to you knowing why she was fired if she in fact was? This is just making you look more ridiculous…….

          8. You do know farm machines run over and kill little animals when they harvest the food you eat right?Think about that next time you suck down a salad.


            Well, FUCK my ass and call me SALLY! NEWS TO ME!

          10. Nepotism, by definition works. But it is, also by definition, supposed to be forbidden as it creates a self-defeating culture and is grossly unfair.

        3. you my friend have never and will never find a woman to let you see let alone touch her vagina. LOSER

          1. did you just assume his/her/their/ex gender?

            also you can pay for for sexual intercourses

          2. I’m gay, cunt, so that’s not really a problem I have. Now scurry on back to your hug box over on Polygon or Kotaku or where ever it is you crawled from.

          3. I was married to a cunt like you for 10 years, now the only problem I face on a regular basis is choosing what nationality I want to fuck next. Not having a wife, well my bank account is such that I could have a one inch dick and still get down! It’s funny how people like you always assume others can’t get laid, and it’s the simple fact you obsess with that being an insult by virtue of it being insulting to you that we KNOW you’re a hapless little nobody. You call yourself ‘sexy’, use someone else’s photo, and you still can’t get followers!! You are the epitome of social media failtards!

        4. So apparently having one employee who may or may not have been qualified – a judgement which is solely down to those in charge of hiring/firing, not another self righteous misogynist on the internet – is reason for bugs in a game (Bugs which are far more likely to have been caused by the change of engine, but whatever). This feels far more like a desperate attack on someone simply because you dislike that women are getting jobs in the tech/games industry.

          But then everything you just wrote sounds the delusions of someone in a deep state of schizophrenia “corrupt journos to destroy gaming as we know it”, what are they also in cahoots with the Illuminati to create some sort of “new world order”.

          The only sympton of cancer around here is you and those alike, who intentionally spread toxic attitudes and thoughts, undermining any hope of sensible, rational discussions.

          1. I’m sure the “Lead Facial Animator for Mass Effect: Andromeda” had little to nothing to do with facial animations for Mass Effect: Andromeda being cancer.

          2. ermahgurd he’s a misogynist! he criticized a woman and made a bukake/blowjob joke, so, misogyny. unpucker buttercup. And I love your passive little “they get to decide who is qualified” non-argument. They get to decide who they HIRE – if the industry was based purely around merit there wouldn’t be such things as “diversity initiatives” and quotas you regressive retard.

            You want sensible, reasonable discussion? OK – the developers behind MA: Andromeda are fucking cancer. They rushed out a broken, ugly piece of shit and once again forced it down the throats of gormless, half wit console peasants who were fed a steady trickle of PR from “game jounos’ on the doll of the corporate sponsors and people, realizing there’s no profit in continuing to attack the developers or the “games press” target the most egregious examples of Social Justice and Feminists influence on our hobby – untalented, unqualified “female devs” whose CV consists of “very experienced” and “cosplayer”.

        5. Actually no. She was lead on the aliens. Bioware outsourced human faces and facial animation to another studio.

          They won’t fix the ugly faces but they are going to fix the bad animation from the first couple hours of the game which sucks because they need to fix way more but this isn’t CDPR who’s still patching Witcher 3 this is ea and bioware.

          So no in short this lady had nothing to do with the problem. In fact the aliens look absolutely amazing and that’s what she worked on.

          Either way it does not matter one bit if the animation is bad because the story is horrible and so is all the dialog. It’s not a RPG because you can only be nice which means unlike CMDR Shepherd, Ryder is not a character defined by the player. It’s a character that’s defined 100% by bioware and it’s awful

      4. There is no excuse for this lack of quality.
        Going past this single person, the whole animation team seems to be composed by a bunch of amateurs. “Scrubs”, leads animators and their supervisors (if any actually existed).
        This sort of work simply shouldn’t make the cut, forget on a AAA title, even as a small indie work it would be garbage.
        It shows how much they actually “care” for what they put out, I’m guessing the story will be worse than the ME3s ending.
        This is a “standard” now, one not to repeat.

      5. “Duties
        While animators are cast to specific characters with attention to personality and specific ability, the lead animator is typically assigned the hero character of the game, or one of the central playable figures. In addition to the lead animator’s responsibility to deliver on his or her own art assignments, this person also has creative input on the development of the game during pre-production and will monitor junior staff through the execution of animation for additional characters and creatures. Within the workflow and deadlines established by the animation director, the lead animator checks in regularly with the department staff to ensure that milestones are met, to advise on technique, and to offer critique of work for revision. The lead is the first step up the chain of command, and as such will vet a number of questions and concerns; this includes identifying efficiency roadblocks in the animation production process, troubleshooting technical issues, dealing with personnel conflicts, and approving basic requests within the department.
        On a regular basis, the lead animator will meet with the animation director, lead designers, and lead programmers to discuss completion of assets and their delivery through the pipeline. There, the lead presents finished work and sequences in progress to hear feedback and report to the other animators. This person is the primary liaison between his or her department’s staff and the larger studio. As such, the lead must be fluent in programmer lingo and have a thorough knowledge of the interdependencies of each segment of the studio.”

        1. Where in this list of duties does it say that the Lead Animator has final say on anything? Being the right hand of the Art Director means that that is who the Art Director goes through, doesn’t mean the Lead gets to skip the director and make final decisions. Every shot would need to be approved by a director. Which could mean that better animations were handed in and submitted by all of the animators but were rejected until we got the animation that is in the game currently. So maybe all of this hatred should be aimed at someone that makes final decisions like the Director but then again that would mean we couldn’t hate this young woman who is just trying to have a career

          1. Where do you think your impressive 2 comments both on this article history makes us think you’re anything other than a troll?

          2. yup non attacking post, that is trying to bring up actual points to the argument. Must be a troll right?

          3. Look at the odds. You are actually saying that all the new and dormant for a year accounts that suddenly appear on a niche blog with an average comment count of like 20 are all totally legit?

          4. Nope actually not what I am saying at all. I am saying look at the post itself instead of looking for ways to attack the poster of the comment. Why does my history matter. I can’t come to a site and start participating? According to your logic I cannot do anything but troll for what, a couple months before I can actually type a comment that isn’t just trolling? Only people who frequent this site all time can participate in your echo chamber?

          5. It’s just odd that a person’s first posts are all critical, calling people idiots like the others you see on this thread, and all created right as a controversy about something so stupid, yet so dear to SJWs hearts pops up. I mean, I wouldn’t make a bet if events had to line up like that, so if I take most of these comments as the joke they are, chances are I’m not missing much overall.

          6. I don’t know what comments you read of mine, but i have not called anyone an idiot or called anyone anything at all. I have not attacked anyone at all, fortunately I would rather have a discussion about things but so far, I have come here to point out that this batch of hatred is misplaced, and then I have had to defend that I even have a point of view at all because I don’t frequent a site and comment regularly. But now my opinion doesn’t matter because other people are calling people you agree with idiots. Yup easy to tell that facts and reality seem to be not wanted here. So I will gladly not come back to this site or this conversation, because all I have been told here is that if your not agreeing with the article or regulars than your opinion is a joke. All the best and I hope you find a way to grow and better yourself within your echo chamber of hatred.

          7. Yeah, sorry for misjudging, but when it’s not like there aren’t about 10 trolls just here trolling. don’t get all butthurt about it.

          8. typical is a misogynistic pig who should go and drink some bleach and do us all a favor, just ignore that troll.

          9. LoL! When did I say anything about hating her? Hm? I don’t even know her or have any clue as to her character so saying I hate her is monumentally stupid. Criticizing her yes. And in a great deal of morons vocabulary criticism is synonymous with hate. But I hate to tell you, it just isn’t so.

      6. Cant imagine why you’re getting so much crap for your opinions with opening lines sayign how stupid everyone else is all the time.

      7. Agreed, while the people working on the animations might not be good enough at their job (or good at all for that matter) to work on a AAA release for a massively popular franchise such as Mass Effect, it’s really not their fault. The blame should be directed at the tool(s) in management at Bioware who hired the mediocre animators and then gave it ok, and said it’s good and polished enough for it to be in the release.

        If I worked at management at EA and we spent 40 million fucking dollars on this game, which was the cost of ME3 (I firmly believe that this game costs more though), and the result was these hilariously bad animations and ugly characters, then i’d be extremely pissed. 40.000.000 dollars, and that’s most likely not counting everything they spend on promotion, which probably is just as much, if not more if they follow the general marketing trend for movies and games. 🙁

        While I’m the last person to defend male tear racists and the general SJW shenanigans that haunts the current iteration of Bioware, watching the whole short film the girl made, takes the “i hate men” way out of context. The clip is just to short and explains nothing really, the middle aged woman could just be a jaded housewife who actually hates men. Then again, calling the short film she made “I hate men”, is just as misandric as it gets, and if a man made a similar animated short film with the title – “I hate women”, he wouldn’t be working at Bioware, that’s for sure. So yes, it goes both ways, you cant both eat and keep the cookie at the same time.

      8. Yes because when you get poisoned who do you blame? The underling who just packed the meat or the lead packer who is supposed to quality insure it all you won’t die?

        ME is ruined!

        1. Well, that depends. Assuming the meat packer is where the problem arose(maybe he didn’t wash his hands that day), then I blame both. The meat packer created the problem, and the “lead” meat packer let it slip past and onto my plate. They are BOTH responsible.

          Thanks for including the phrase “lead meatpacker” though. You do know she was the “Lead Animator” in charge of “Facial Animations”, one of the most resoundingly mocked aspects of the lacklustre animation, right?

      9. Of course, I bet if we did more research she is just one example. I bet others on the team have a lack of experience as well and clearly the game’s animations are clearly lacking.

      10. Then what job does the “Lead” have? Is it just a fancy title that Bioware uses to boost the esteem of it’s employees? Perhaps it’s my old military mind working here, but the term “Lead” implies authority, responsibility and a “go-to” person for answer when things go wrong.

        I do agree w/ you that it is foolish to single out a sole individual, because the blame goes all the way to the top, or damn close. The blame goes to those, way above her pay grade who said “release the game” despite the flaws. Her supervision, if they were worth a shit, would’ve called her to the carpet and said “FIX THIS”.

      11. What a fucking farce. This comment isn’t even worthy of a response. gtfo of your high horse. You know DAMN well this woman was in NO way qualified to be anything more than a subway sandwich animator…

      12. so basically you agree with an incompetent boss , because the team is 10-15 and “Lead animators are not in charge of the look, direction, approval, or any decisions about the direction of the animation”

      13. 15 lead facial animators would imply there is a team of 50 individuals working on facial animation alone.

        That’s hardly a reasonable assumption.

      14. I think people just want a REAL explanation as to why it looks like crap, and they gave us none when we asked. so people are jumping to concussions but just because she was not solely responsible for the animations doesn’t mean she should have been in the team. Maybe if they hired some people with real experience they would have had a better team to make a much better product.

      15. This shows more bias of the devs, and not the reason, but part of the systemic issue. This isn’t an indie dev team that is working with the best they can, but fully funded multi-million dollar investment, that even if you’re on board with the cause of SJW is actually a failure for them and if you’re NOT on SJW side then just looks like travesty.

        It’s just showing the bias, is all. The first demo on her compilation was “I HATE MEN”.

        It feels like they were like “say no more” and hired her. Not like there is a lack of animators out there, it’s usually the lead animator of the group that has to be the most qualified, and I can only assume it went down hill, that demo from 2013, posted above, compared to Pixar (which is what it should be compared to this is in the same price range, not an indie game, AAA title) is campy over dramatic, and at least she got the lip sync write on the first demo, the rest are silent…

      16. ” there easily could be 10-15 lead animators.” Lol no, you have no clue what you are talking about. There are just not that many team leads for just animation.
        She identified herself as the “Lead Facial Animator”… that is some pretty big shoes to fill for someone with so little experience. I personally know loads of people that are way more qualified that can’t get a job right now.
        Bioware messed up and the ignored their weakest link for some reason when they shipped this title.

      17. Way to completely miss the point. So if they hired 14 others with her “skill set” would that have been any different? You dumb cunt.

    2. No, it’s criticism. If you, or her, can’t take criticism like adults. then gtfo of the internet.

      1. It’s not. Cause there are other lead animators and people OVER them.
        You want someone to blame?

        Search for facial animation director on MA:Andromeda.
        Then blame him/her.

    3. Ethan is a liberal! hes supposed to be pro feminist yet he does this, he is clearly trying to bang some ugly jealous sow. lolz that hypocritical cuck.

      1. Oh, you’re so on the ball. A new account trolling just broke the story of the year to all of us simps who’ve been here forever, thanks for woking me, now piss off.

    4. I didn’t know that pointing out someone who didn’t do their job who happened to be a woman meant it was misogyny, does that mean every woman boss I had who have me a critical review hates men?

        1. oh right, it must be my inherent sexist mind not allowing me to see the truth.
          I must work on being more progressive

      1. No it’s not but when someone writes shit like “Oh, I bet she’s very experienced indeed. I have an idea how she landed this gig” which is insinuating that she got their by sleeping with people, then that IS being misogynistic. Cos a man that is crap at something is just crap but a woman who is crap at something is apparently a slut. ~eyeroll~

    5. We should righteously attack anybody who has no merit.
      If we had to care mightily that they are female, then we are back to inequality again.

    6. You don’t want it turned into a “misogynistic” accusation but at the same time Ethan Ralph see’s fit to saying stuff like “”Oh, I bet she’s very experienced indeed. I have an idea how she landed this gig”. If it was a man you’d just say he’s crap, but a woman who is crap at something is automatically a slut? If you don’t want people to accuse you of being misogynistic then don’t be misogynistic, it’s not rocket science.

      1. I actually think she got the job through a “diversity” and “gender quota” hire despite being unqualified. Because after all, this SJW-feminist horse-shit of an ideology has infested and dominated the entire mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics, workplace and entertainment media.

        It’s still just as bad as if she sucked someone off to get the job.

        1. She may have got the job through a gender quota (I have no idea) BUT that is not what Ethan is insinuating. He is clearly saying he thinks she got the job by sleeping with people. And when you say shit like that then that is being a misogynistic arsehole.

        2. I think she got the job because she is a pretty girl. This is very common in gaming, because it is an industry run by men, mainly nerdy men, with very little experience with women, one way to keep them around is with job offers, free items and free trips places.

    7. Ah yes, it’s definitely not problematic at all to imply that a female got a job there through sexual favors. DEFINITELY not misogynistic. I get that you want to be edgy, hip, and cool, but don’t act like an asshole when the situation clearly goes against how you describe it.

    8. I see no reason why her gender and appearance need to be brought into this. The fact that she’s inexperienced and clearly does a poor job should be enough. Even so, I’m enjoying Andromeda immensely.

    9. if she gets doxed or death threats or anything like that, then yeah perhaps it will be, seeing as the article writer is pretty much insinuating she got the job because she’s a young, attractive female cosplayer. If the only shit she gets is because of the bad animation and some of the other people on the team also gets mocked too then probably not

    10. It just might, since you know, this woman never even worked on the team, and now you have articles insinuating that she sucked some dudes off for the job that she never had. This article is a steaming pile of shit.

    11. the same people that are defending this chick were the ones attacking Colin Moriarty last week. Amazing how suddenly it’s internet harassment and a witch hunt…

    12. What does this have to do with gamergate, it just looks like gamers are complaining. There is nothing here that gamergate would care about. They might care now because they are getting bashed by journalists here. So yeah, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy

    13. Judging by how much of a travesty this game is turning out to be, it almost makes you wonder if it was done on purpose just so SJWs have an excuse to start another war on gamers.

      1. Nope. Not even close. You’re proabably not even a girl. You’re probably some creepy guy who lives vicariously through some internet celebrity.

    14. Make a difference between attacking someone because she’s a women and attacking someone because she/he is incompetent!

      I have no problem with women being in any job IF they are qualified for it! But in recent time we see a lot of people hired because they belong to a race and/or gender and not because of they’r skill.
      She might be of not be the lead animator, she might or not be incompetent (she isn’t the only animator, the timeframe might be just bad… we are talking about EA) BUT… the fact that a lot of people
      think that she was hired because of her gender might profe that there really is a problem… and it’s not misoginism, is political correctness!

    15. Nooooooo, cum-hole. Just a fucking tard who starts a shit fire with no evidence and blinders on either side.

      And let’s not forget it’s fucking tard friends. It’s really not news-worthy, but I’m grateful, all the same, for the excuse to piss in your mouths.

      Remember! Aim your members towards one another as you cum at the same time! (I heard you’re trying to find a way to procreate without the presence of a vagina… might be a good place to start)

    16. I would call it misogynistic men attacking woman in the gaming industry, but that’d be giving the poor idiots too much credit. This is just a classic fail, and only goes to show how much these fanboys don’t know about animation projects or gaming to begin with.

    17. With good reason, when the author’s first theory about why a supposedly unqualified woman was given the job is that she screwed her way into it, and then subsequently tried to tie the facial quality to Down’s Syndrome? Seriously? You don’t have to be a lefty SJW to find that juvenile and offensive.

      He could have simply criticized the animation, goodness knows lots of people are. He could’ve even questioned the woman in question’s experience level for such a job. But no, he had to take it a step further and become EXACTLY the kind of guy that gives the gamer community a bad name. Congrats.

    18. So you’re agreeing with someone completely unqualified to be hired for a
      major project based on her political views and gender and think
      criticising that is “misogynistic”? Have you thought that maybe you are
      the problem here, not the straw men you are evocating?

  2. Video game experience isn’t a show stopper. A lack of facial animation experience is the real killer. There are likely a good number of people at Pixar and Dreamworks who’ve done gaming work but would far better suited to the task.

    The real mystery is why this got through to being published. Surely playtesters were raising the alarm all along, becoming increasingly frantic as deadline loomed.

    1. nobody gives a shit about a playtester’s opinion on aesthetics, that isn’t the point of their job. ever.

      1. It’s an animation exercise: someone gives you a phrase from a movie, you animate lip-sync.

        That’s it.

  3. Presumably, it’s far funnier when you don’t have any interest in the series (my interest, upon finding out about this series, was forestalled by BioWare’s progressive MO). Every time I see that face, it makes me smile inside at BioWare.

    A smile of caustic derision.

  4. Her choice of “I hate men” is very telling, but at the end of the day I don’t blame her. I blame the complete and utter lack of oversight from EA on this. Was there nobody checking her work for the YEARS it took to make this?

    1. No, it isn’t very ‘telling’.

      it’s an excerpt from a movie. That might be the whole point – to be in there as a joke, or to portray a character that says something like that, and you can see that with the character. She has that beehive haircut, that typical expression on her face as well as a stereotypical accent.

      If a male animator takes some excerpt from a movie of a guy saying “I hate women”, are you going to say “oh, that’s very telling”, or “oh common it’s part of an animation reel what’s wrong with it ?”

      Maybe she does hate men or something like that, but to assume SJW because of that animation reel is incredibly stupid. It’s taking things out of context for no reason.

    2. If there’s one thing you *don’t* want from EA it’s “oversight”. Their “oversight” is a big part of the problem.

  5. $1000 says that any day now EA will say they wanted to make a game without the unrealistic beauty standards of the patriarchy. Likely excuse.

      1. So, it’s the thirsty male boss fault or her?
        Maybe she hasn’t slept with the boss, maybe, but anyway got hired ’cause the boss thought she was easy?
        I think that people that hires other just to fuck them are the problem.
        They are damaging their own company and team cause they are pussythirsty.


      2. Nah. Hot girls don’t have to put out to get hired or promoted. The thirst is real, especially in nerd industries.

  6. She must think she’s being treated this way because she’s a woman.
    No, you’re being treated this way because you sucked at your one job you were paid to do and you happened to be a women.

    1.’re telling me that if the animator had been a man people here would be pointing out how the guy’s experience was only in cosplay and looking good. The author would put up his model profile as well as making crude references to the imagined sexual acts he needed to do to get the job?

      There was no real critique of the work other than to call it shit and there was plenty of words spent on how she was not qualified because she was a pretty woman who was a cosplayer.

      This treatment is crap no matter the sex/gender of the person receiving it. Be unhappy about the work discuss how you perceive it to be bad… but crapping on people because you think that they must have only got the job with Thier looks is Bullshit.

      It’s ridiculous to assume that she did not have relevant experience in her field. If you need to blame someone for the poor quality of the game look to the producers and the directors.. but leave off “calling out” someone for being a woman. It’s stupid.

      1. ^That didn’t take long.
        I found one. You chose my post out of all of them to reply to.
        You must be coming right from the source of a possible “pity me, everyone” post.
        You know that work is crap.
        Go sit your a** down, tool.

      2. but crapping on people because you think that they must have only got the job with Thier looks is Bullshit.

        Not heard of diversity and gender quota hires have you?

        This is what it looks like when having a vagina between your legs is more important than the qualifications of your skill level.

        Don’t let me stop you from cucking away though.

      3. Can you find any examples of men who got hired into Lead positions on AAA projects with no experience other than cosplay and being attractive?

        No. You can’t.

      4. If the animator had been a man, there wouldn’t be anywhere near the number of people defending him. Video game journos wouldn’t be publishing articles in his defense. He would be mocked, clowned and memed in far more brutal fashion. The ONLY reason that low-T nu-males are defending that chick is because she IS a chick. Also, in the back of their feeble ass minds, they’re hoping that maybe, just maybe she will notice their White Knighting.

    2. First, you’re making the assumption that she is solely responsible for all of the animation. Which is ridiculous considering the fact that she is not a lone animator on this project.

      Also, all your claims on her being in charge is equally ridiculous. A lead animator is not responsible for the direction, the approval process, or any creative input really. That’s the supervisor, animation director, and project director’s job.

      So yeah, this attack on her is absolutely uncalled for and she really doesn’t deserve all these inflammatory comments on her personal character.

      1. Okay, she didn’t do all the animation. Fine, but she was Lead. She oversaw them and seemed to be incompetent to point out the horrible animation she gave the okay to. Hahah you morons have no case even when you really try. Run along now.
        Don’t hurt your brain.

        1. Leads don’t oversee anything.

          A project like this would easily have upwards of 10-15 leads, who are responsible for none of the direction or approval process.

          You’re mistaking the title “lead animator”. The supervisor and animation directors are who you geniuses should march your pitchforks to.

          1. Okay, she still did the horroble facial animations. Why can’t you just admit she did a poor job on them and shouldn’t have been on a project this big as a lead in any sense of want to try to spin it? The proof is there. Anything you say aside from that now is just blind ignorant outrage.

          2. You have no idea what the title “lead animator” actually entails. It’s not her job to approve or direct anyone. Leads are there to help ensure the team meets their quota goals and answers to the supervisor. It’s the supervisor whor approves both her and her team’s animation, and the director does final approval.

            Considering hundreds of animators probably worked on this, don’t you think singling out one person and holding her Soley responsible, attacking her character, (and saying shit like you know what you’re talking about) is just an eensy bit reactionary and idiotic?

          3. I’ve been an animator for 11 years.
            I’ve been lead on multiple projects. I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

          4. Lead still means that she had an oversight on something i.e. her team meeting the quota which, was either not met, or met with horrible quality

          5. If it was met with horrible quality, she is not solely at fault. Like I outlined in comments above, lapse in quality can be caused by a number of reasons. We have no idea exactly what part of this game she animated. For all we know, she didn’t animate a single one of the screenshots presented here. We just don’t know enough about the project from the inside to make this accusation.

            At this point, I feel like it’s grasping at straws trying to justify the attack on her character in this post.

          6. We as potential Customer don’t give damm who was the animator behind. Who is the lead, who is the manager, CEO, Director, President etc. We pay for the final product & if your final product is defective then sorry we will ask our money back or we will criticize the work or give em Down ratings. Men/ Woman doesn’t matter.

          7. Yes! Perfect, then we can stop singling out a person who was just there doing her job and had nothing to do with the creative/approval side of this project. Like all other animators on this project, male or female.

          8. so then just maybe all of this hatred and bullshit should be aimed at the producer of the final product (EA) or even a director who actually has say on how things actually look. Instead of picking on this Lead animator who could of easily handed in better work just to get it turned down by a director who instead preferred the product that has been supplied. Why is it when EA fucks up which is literally almost every game now, we look deeper into the company to find out who fucked it up, when the true problem is the company itself that is most likely rushing these things out and undercutting everything to keep budgets down. If people want something to blame look at this culture of putting out the cheapest piece of crap you can make and sell it for premium prices.

          9. So, you, too, would put “Very experienced” on your profile as she did there?

          10. Knowing the Bioware Montreal studio personally, it’s totally possible she got her position because of her looks and not her qualifications. I’m not joking.

      2. And you prove you have no clue what you are talking about. And because I do not expect you to take my word for it I brought soruces:
        “The lead animator at a game development studio is a mentor to the junior staff who guides and tutors the artists in evolving and developing their talent. This person is also the right hand of the animation director in supervising the staff toward completion of animation assets in a timely, efficient manner.
        While animators are cast to specific characters with attention to personality and specific ability, the lead animator is typically assigned the hero character of the game, or one of the central playable figures. In addition to the lead animator’s responsibility to deliver on his or her own art assignments, this person also has creative input on the development of the game during pre-production and will monitor junior staff through the execution of animation for additional characters and creatures. Within the workflow and deadlines established by the animation director, the lead animator checks in regularly with the department staff to ensure that milestones are met, to advise on technique, and to offer critique of work for revision. The lead is the first step up the chain of command, and as such will vet a number of questions and concerns; this includes identifying efficiency roadblocks in the animation production process, troubleshooting technical issues, dealing with personnel conflicts, and approving basic requests within the department.
        On a regular basis, the lead animator will meet with the animation director, lead designers, and lead programmers to discuss completion of assets and their delivery through the pipeline. There, the lead presents finished work and sequences in progress to hear feedback and report to the other animators. This person is the primary liaison between his or her department’s staff and the larger studio. As such, the lead must be fluent in programmer lingo and have a thorough knowledge of the interdependencies of each segment of the studio.”

        I await your copout of “mansplaining” with bated breath.

      3. Do you think that, given her obvious lack of skills, she is justified in being in a lead position on the team for one of the highest acclaimed series in the west? I agree with you that she is not to blame for it all, but let’s not kid ourselves here if this doesn’t indicate a trend amongst the people onboard the team – a trend well backed by what we have seen so far in this project that had a 40 million budget.

        I would blame EA first and foremost for putting together such an incompetent team to churn out Mass Effect games at a low cost (in salaries, at least) because they know retards everywhere will buy whatever shit they put on the table thanks to how rabidly starved the Biodrones are for another awkward space gay sex simulator.

    3. People are backing her up cause she’s a woman. If a man was in her place no one would ve backed that guy up.Why?

  7. So a progressive talentless hire will likely cost EA millions. When will companies learn – SJWs are bad for business.

    1. Don’t worry, some Jewish-owned bank will lend them even more millions for them to make a even shittier SWJ cuck fest of a game in the near future.

    1. No, insinuating she got the job through sexual favours and posting an article comparing her to a disgusting gif is what makes you a misogynist.

      1. Feebsicle, all you’ve done is sit here and cry about a gif and argue the definition of “lead animator”

        You realize the leader is responsible for their followers, yes?

        “But I’ve done lead animation and I’ve been fine!” Okay, cool, so then your animators did a good job, or you just fucking suck at yours – it’s really only one of the two options. The fact is, the LEAD ANIMATOR is, in fact, responsible for the ANIMATIONS. Not only do you animate, but you oversee the rest of the animators. That is fact. That’s literally the job description. Anything less is wrong.

    2. No, no. Her work is crap, her animator reel is crap, her leading animation in a high budget production was total crap. But the ones who hired her are the ones responsible for this mess, the same ones who, after 5 years of development, didn’t stop to consider that her animation work was crap.

  8. I hate men, AFTER YOU JUST SHIT ON HER FOR BEING A WOMAN. I don’t think you understand what a fucking idiot you sound like.

    This gal has YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in animation. What is your standard? How is it HER FAULT when it is a GROUP effort? She was the only one who made decisions and animated? Do you understand how video games get made?

    Honestly? I don’t care if the animation is good or not. I’m going to play the game, I haven’t watch the derpy stuff (although if you look for derpy shit, you can find it in any game or show or movie if thats what you are looking for) — HERE IS THE PROBLEM.

    You are taking a video game in which you are upset about the animation, finding the lead animator, look at her personal life, and then start shitting on her and making sexual comments.

    “weehhh, this isnt misogyny” YES IT IS. If you want to call her out, call her the fuck out. But the fact you are shaming her as a woman is EXACTLY the problem. You’re not analyzing anything, critiquing, or causing discussion. You just saw a pretty girl was in charge and decided that she has no experience and that she got there by being a slut.

    Now go have fun with a big circle jerk with other man children.

    1. Are really going to womansplaining? How dare you. The question should be do you understand how games are made? Or how a lead should be picked.

      Have fun with those feminist rants with the rest of the unhappy ugly feminist nutjobs. Remember Feminism is Cancer Triggypuff 2.0.

    2. This gal has YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in animation

      And if what we see of the game is the result, then it begs the question who exactly vetted her self proclaimed experience and how she got the job.

    3. Lol, you’re easily triggered aren’t you. She’s not just a facial animator, she’s the lead, she’s responsible for making sure that everything will looks right at the end. If it ended up bad then it’s 100% her fault as a lead fucking animator.

      She’s also a very attractive women that’s really bad at her job, one can make an educated opinion that maybe she didn’t get to where she is now just for being good at her job. And one CAN MAKE A FUCKING JOKE ABOUT IT. So yeah.

      PS: I hear she hates men too, you girls should be pals.

      1. I like CUNTsplaining, but mine’s better: Mansplaining will be unnecessary without so much MISSunderstanding.

    4. Agree. This is why we gamers are detested as a subculture. The voice of the few savages make us all look bad.

      1. You’re so enlightened, guy with 8 comments. You might want to modernize your talking points, a few savages making us look bad is so like 8 years ago.

          1. No, you really should establish an account to go trolling, either way, the traffic will only help ralph, so way to fail at life.

    1. It really doesn’t.

      1) there were more animators on this project than just her. She was literally only animating faces. The walks, everything else, she had nothing to do with.

      2) you all are misunderstanding what the title “lead animator” means. Leads are not in charge of the look, the direction, the approval process, or anything this article and comments are claiming she is responsible for. Leads are there to assist and support their team to get the work done in the time they have to do it. Leads report to supervisors, who report to animation directors, etc and THEY are the ones who do all the decision making. Not the facial animation lead.

      3) posting this, blaming the animation on entirely one person, and then saying derogatory things about said person is not only wrong, but it is pitiful, cowardly, ridiculous, and bullshit. Totally unnecessary.

      And here I thought one of Ralph’s taglines was “anti-bullshit”. Seems like you’re all full of it.

      1. Actually it explains it very well. If the LEAD animator is a hack, with no experience, what can you expect of the other animators? As you said, the lead is supposed to assist and support everyone else. What kind of assistance could someone like her give?
        I’m not blaming all the problems on her. I’m blaming it on the entire company and the people that thought it was a good idea to hire incompetent brats into these positions.

        1. Look. I’ve been in the animation industry long enough to know that a failure in a project is just not the sole responsibility of a single person, nor is it an indication of their skill level.

          If the incompetence came from higher up, it could have easily been a director or producer’s fault for specifically driving the project this way. Animation problems can also be easily caused by programming or other rendering/world building issues.

          All I’m saying is that it’s completely unfair to gang up and publically ridicule a single person for this like this post. For all we know, she is a good animator who got stuck On a shitty project.

          1. Yo. You’ve been talking circles with folks here for a bit now. Without some sort of a break down in the specifics of this work field I don’t think you’re going to be able to sway many minds.

            Could you perhaps make a post elucidating on the structure of an animation project of this size and scope? A map of exactly where she is in the grand scheme of things might go a long way to helping others understand how much power she genuinely possessed in the creation of these characters.

            For what it’s worth, I don’t blame her for this. Bioware has been circling the gutter for awhile now. While the circumstances of her being hired may well be suspect, we have nothing but empty speculation to go on. I propose, instead, that whatever issues she may or may not have caused for the end result of this product, she wasn’t doing anything Bioware didn’t expect her to do.

          2. The circumstances of her being hired are not at all suspect. She has like 4-ish years in the animation industry, and enough experience to be a lead. That should say something in of itself.

            But yes, you make a good point, and I will make a comment and try as best I can to explain where she is in the grand scheme of the making of this game.

          3. Those years aren’t relevant in the grand scheme of things. I’ve looked at a lot of the material that this woman has produced and they’re suited for children’s cartoons at best. The quality of what she is capable of creating is not on par with the quality of what is expected from a AAA video game developer that is bringing a well known franchise to a new generation of machinery. She may have put in the time, but the talent is lacking.

            Furthermore, if things are as you say and her job boiled down to management rather than direct creation of the material, then her years in animation are genuinely meaningless. It would come down to how many years in project management she possesses, and how her personal disposition affected what she reported to her bosses and what she demanded of her subordinates.

            My guess is that she doesn’t possess management experience, especially for a project of this scope. That would make her hire even more damning.

          4. She doesn’t need to have management experience to be a lead animator. Lead animators are not in management positions.

            All projects hire seniors, mid-level, and juniors. Of those, seniors get picked to be leads. All of these animators, including the leads are over seen by supervisors, who are overseen by directors.

          5. Go back to your safe space, you lesbo*cuckistani, if you cannot handle critique on the Internet.

          6. >For all we know, she is a good animator
            What have you been smoking? She has NO real experience, how the fuck could she be “good”. At best you could say maybe she’s decent, or maybe not awful. From what I’m seeing this is her first gig at a professional company, so where exactly could she have gathered any skill?

            As I said before, I’m not blaming everything on her. But someone like her being in that position is indicative of how incompetent the rest of the higher ups are.

            You yourself said that a lead is supposed to assist and support their team in their work. Well, when she has no previous experience, how exactly was she supposed to accomplish those tasks? Sure, she doesn’t get to approve things, but she still has a role to accomplish in making sure animators do their job, wouldn’t you agree? Or are you saying the lead position is irrelevant, that they don’t do anything, and have no responsibility?
            I would definitely say that the higher ups are the ones that should be blamed the most, as she was not supposed to be in that position in the first place, but once she was hired, she absolutely also shares part of the responsibility for whatever happened in her team.

            > it could have easily been a director or producer’s fault for specifically driving the project this way
            This isn’t a case of bad art direction. You can’t say the producer/director asked for bad facial animations. This is a case of bad work, done by people with little (if any) skill/experience, and bad quality control.

        2. She has years of experience and a degree. This article *accidentally* left that out. Maybe if they’d cite her actual resume on LinkedIn, rather than a hobby page, you’d know that.

      2. Did you come here to bitch about this article and the guy that wrote it because your fee fees got hurt?

  9. I love seeing articles that bring out brand new Disqus accounts to trash them. Say hello to @codyriordan:disqus and @lawlessmonk:disqus, who both joined today! I wonder who they really are. Special shout out to @disqus_hvLdCoMLMr:disqus, who loves to point out “fragile masculinity,” yet rants for multiple paragraphs about who gives a fuck!

      1. Don’t act like this is the first time. ME3 was one of the first consumer rages the gaming rags blamed on us for being entitled. Then DA2 and DA3, the list goes on and on.

  10. A lot of people here are making assumptions based on a complete misunderstanding of the process of animating. Another comment suggested I try to explain it so here I go. I will try my best to show the structure of a typical animation pipeline.

    So at the very top, you have your producers, story directors, animation directors, and such. In a typical studio, there is usually just two-three people who hold these positions, and they get the final say in how the whole thing looks.

    Then you have supervisors. In a typical studio, you might have 2-6 supervisors, depending on the scale of the game. Sometimes more. Supervisors approve work from the animators and lead animators, and act as a liason for direction coming straight from the bigwigs. They approve first passes of animation, and any additional passes that go on to the director for more approval.

    Then you have the animators, who come in four flavours:
    Leads – this is where Allie was. On a project like this, there could easily be 10, 15, even 20 lead animators. Leads are responsible for helping the team meet their daily/weekly quota goals, help junior animators learn, and do just as much animation work as any other animator. They have no authority to approve any work done by the animators, or direct their work. They basically help out as best they can, and even THEN the final product could very easily not match their actual skill sets, depending on what was asked of them from higher up.

    Seniors – usually also help in lead-type duties, and many lead and senior animators switch back and forth between lead and senior. Seniors typically have 5+ years of experience, but if they are good, they rise in ranks fast. Seeing as Allie only had about 4 years experience animation, I would assume this means she is pretty dam good at her job.

    Mid-level – just as it sounds. mid level animators animate!

    Junior level – fresh outta school newbies who do the bulk of the work that nobody else wants to do.

    Now, none of the people above have ANYTHING TO DO with how the game characters are designed, how they look or ANYTHING. They are also not responsible for glitches, poor rendering, etc. It is very possible that programming can mess up certain animations or cycles, and/or limitations in the rigging of the characters (which is also not the responsibility of the animator).

    To single out and suggest that a SINGLE person is at all responsible for the final result of this product, ESPECIALLY seeing as her status is relatively non-existant on the chain-of-command here, is incredibly foolish and not based on any reality.

    Basically all I’m seeing here is a gut reaction and ridiculously pointless pitchforks.

    1. Thank you for this information.

      If I might ask then, what do you suspect the cause for the dramatic difference in the visual quality of the male characters and female characters in the game is? Likewise, why would a company with so much time and effort spent on this franchise suddenly have a very lopsided and out of character departure in the fidelity of their animation quality? Have you seen this sort of thing before?

      1. Not being a part of the project myself, I couldn’t tell you with 100% certainty. It is very possible it was due to time limitations. Perhaps they got half the animation done really well, but ran out of time to meet quality for the rest of it. It happens a lot, more than I’d like, but deadlines are deadlines, and who knows what schedules were made in the process of making this game. There are a TON of things that could explain lapse of quality in a project.

        I most definitely have seen this thing before. A long time gamer myself, I often laugh heartily about some of the animation that gets approved for games. I see it all the time.

        Also, another thing I’d like to point out, out of all the animators who worked on this…how do we know that the screenshots in question were even animated by Allie? It’s hard to say. Maybe she animated the male character’s faces? We just don’t know.

    2. I’ve been working for a AAA game company for the last 6.5 years. While you have most of the roles correct there, the lead part that you keep harping on is not.( At least from my experience)

      Where I work, the supervisors come under the leads. The supervisors(who do little animation) are the ones that make sure quotas, milestones, and deadlines are met. The leads are the final approval of quality before they move down the pipe. They also present things to the art directors and producers.

      Yes there are anywhere between 10-15 leads but they are leads for different departments.
      Lead Environmental Design, Lead Programmer, Lead In-game Animator, Lead Cutscene Animator, Lead Camera Artist, Lead Facial Animator, ect…

      My point is, if this were my studio, the lead facial animator would be the one to get all the shit. All studios probably have their own chain of command so who knows how theirs works? Unless you actually talk to someone there and find out who is to blame, you can’t really point fingers but to me it seems like she is solely responsible for the tragedy that is the facial animation of this game.

      It’s sad to see facial and body animation has taken a back seat to other elements that make these games “next-gen.” Some company even have it procedurally generated from the script, which makes me really sad, I stopped playing Horizon: Zero Dawn because the cutscene facial and body animation was so painful to watch(I started skipping each one and just followed the waypoints to kill things). The story wasn’t really groundbreaking anyway but the game was fun to play and I hope ME:A is at least that.

      Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of saying she got the job for her looks. While it is not unheard of, assuming it is not very nice.

      1. Ah. I do admit different studios do it slightly different from time to time. I’m just relaying what has been my experience so far in the past decade.

  11. All fair points and I agree, but I do think alluding that she’s a slut and got the job by fucking around is a bit tasteless, not every hot girl is Zoe Quinn (tho she wasn’t hot but you get my point).

  12. If you look at her twitter it’s focused on cosplay. Not one recent tweet about the major game she worked on coming out in 4 days. Considering how awful EA Bioware is I can’t say I’m surprised.

    1. I mean, maybe she has a professional and a personal account, right? Or, and NDA, Or doesn’t like to talk about work?

      That’s not anything to go on imo.

  13. Classic shitstorm on Andromeda reddit already. Libtards coming to the rescue of this ‘poor lady’.

    1. Why are the alt-righters so obsessed with “insulting” nicknames? First it was libtard, then snowflake, then cuck. They are petulant little children. The worst part is that not a single one is creative enough to ever come up with different name. They all just use the same ones over and over. I mean, come on, just call me a snowcuck or something.

        1. How shocking the Anti-SJW and Anti-Triggered crowd is doing just what they claim SJW’s do, getting offended by things that aren’t there. Sad.

          1. I’m not offended, I think you’re a lame joke. Hijacking some foreign account to go troll an unknown blog, I mean, I guess that would make you feel strong if you were a fedora wearing, white knighting pussy.

      1. They are petulant little children

        Whining about gender politics in games
        Whining about race politics in games
        Whining about female characters showing too much skin in games
        Whining about the patriarchy
        Whining about offensive dialouge in games
        Whining about myths such as the wage gap
        Whining about president Donald Trump
        Whining about Halloween costumes

        Looks like your lot are the petulant little children

        1. Notice 2 comments more recent than a year, and all the older ones are in a different character set/language. Totes a legit account.

      2. Why are the ctrl-leftists so obsessed with “insulting” nicknames? First it was pissbaby, then racist, then nazi. They are petulant little children. The worst part is that not a single one is creative enough to ever come up with different name. They all just use the same ones over and over. I mean, come on, just call me a snowcuck or something.

  14. I agree that we probably shouldn’t be singling out Ms. Leost. This isn’t a ‘one person fucked it up’ situation.

    The entire animation staff for ME:A has driven the train off the cliff. Flog the whole lot of them.

  15. And now the faggots in the PewDiePie video are jumping on my ass for asking how it was affiliated with SJWs. Thanks for the video link, Ralph.

  16. Okay the “I hate men” quote from her demo is ridiculously out of context. it’s clear she was letting you know the name she gave her animation in which some chick was complaining that “men don’t age” and she was jealous of that fact and hated men for it.

    1. Fair point. This article is really aimed at showing just how shit they’ve become, though I think that’s fairly well known at this point.

      Still, they can’t be roasted enough for this incompetence.

  17. The game was developed for 5 years and she is part of the team for only 1 year and two months.
    No way the work on facial animations started just 1 year ago and was done by just one person.
    She cant be responsible for this mess.

    1. She’s the idiot we know about. How many other idiots did they cycle through?

      It’s like the termite you find in your kitchen. That’s not the only termite you got.

    2. She is the scapegoat. Or you know, the person that Bioware hired to throw under the bus if anything bad were to happen.

    3. There is footage of an alpha build from 2014 that wasn’t anything like the final game.

      It means that when they decided to put focus on facial animations, probably in 2015 or 2016 they hired her due to her “experience” and she gave us the spastic, dead-eyed animations.

  18. the assari took a step back after 600+ years (as long as she’s a good teammate all is good, but i will miss liara’s variant of not really babyfaced assari smart and pleasing on the eye) welp here’s hoping the mc was made in the character editor and you can change it cause i want my character to look good, not average.

    as for the animator, sorry ralph, but that’s the name of the animation clip (standard rule is title = line from the dialogue you are sampling, Though she chose the dialogue and that’s a pretty douchey thing) pls don’t blame the modelers (ok whoever was responsible might be blameworthy but who knows what the finalised concept art looked like) for the ugly assari modelers get the asset artwork to work from then make it according to those ‘blueprints’ (proper poly flow is love, proper poly flow is life)

  19. Ethan Ralph? you mean the liberal who is supposed to be in favor of women working positions dominated by men in the past regardless of whether or not they have as much experience? lmfao he was in jail recently was he not?, so much for credibility, that hypocrite. we are supposed to take this cuck at his word? hes still just a fame chasing asshole willing to go as low as to talk badly about someone who had committed suicide and then talk just as insensitively to their family. that fat scum. Marrgaret Maclennan still wont f**k you.. lolz

  20. If the problems with this game were limited to facial animations, I might think the hiring here was relevant. But the same kind of sloppy disregard for quality can be found everywhere in this game– from writing to AI. Hell, the *non* facial animations have actually received more mockery than the facial animations.

    I’m joining in some pile-on when so many of your own arguments are playing your readers for chumps. That thing with the ‘I hate men’ blurb… that’s just an insult to your readers’ intelligence.

  21. Game is cancer due to animations? You, writer, are a complete moron… You’d rather have perfect looking animations but a crap game than this? Think, man.

    1. Yes, heaven forbid a game not look and be animated worse than it’s 10 year old prequel on last gen hardware.

      How about YOU think?

      1. If you think this game looks worse than ME1, you are an idiot. I’m also guessing you haven’t played it yet, because this shit online is blown way out of proportion based off of still shots. There’s a few moments it’s noticeable in game, but not nearly as many as people are pretending.

          1. Witcher 3 sure is 10 years old on last gen hardware, isn’t it? News to me. And oh man, a 5 minute clip showing a couple glitches, which have always happened, and comparing it to one of the best looking games ever made. Let me know when a funny looking smile distracts you from playing a game. I’ll take the extremely good gameplay that ME3 has over something like LA Noire that looks fantastic but is boring as hell.

          2. Well, thank you for showing you never looked at the video. Have fun burning your money.

            Now if you’ll excuse me, my face is tired.

          3. Have fun burning my money on a game that is great outside of facial expressions but great gameplay? Okay, I will while you put way too much stock into graphics and ignore everything else.

  22. Mass Effect aside, if you ACTUALLY watch her full reel, “I Hate Men” is the title of the scene she’s animating. Also, as soon as you say “looks like cancer” you lose credibility. This is my first time on this site, and holy shit, have you actually ever heard yourself speak?

        1. So, would you find the arguments against her having merit if she was a man and her last name was bioware? I can explain that fully, but I’m giving you the benefit, don’t disappoint me.

  23. What else do you expect? Bioware has put out crap for a while. Hell, I rank them below Ubisoft at this point.

  24. First comment: “this will become Gamergate Pt 2. Evil misogynistic men attacking a woman in the gaming industry.”

    “We would say the same thing if it were a male animator!”

    Oh yeah? Would you right articles insinuating that he performed sexual favors to land the role? No.

    I love how this article uses a model mayhem page to try to show that she doesn’t have the skills to perform her job. Using something applicable like her very thorough linked in page would be preposterous!

    Nevermind the fact that she wouldn’t be the only lead animator or that there are plenty of quality assurances in place that should have caught this. Let’s raise our pitchforks and cry out that the gaming industry is no place for women.

    You are disgusting.
    This article is trash.

    1. M8 you are literally the stereotype of an SJW cunt

      How does it feel to have no personality and act just like everybody else in your movement? How does it feel to have no individuality?

      How do you expect to be taken seriously like that?

      1. That’s actually really funny because I’d be the first person to say “the animators totally dropped the ball”.

        You wanna criticize the game, you wanna criticize her ability? Go right ahead. But do that, don’t say she sucks because she’s a woman, a cosplayer, or a model. Don’t imply that she sucked dick to get a position.

        Frankly, I couldn’t care less whether you like my picture or what I have to say. That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. But when people start attacking someone based on their gender and not on their merit, like this article does, that’s the entire problem.

        1. Except when their gender got them a position their merit doesn’t deserve… If you can’t figure that out, how are you going to make a proper sandwich?

          1. For the record, I’m usually the person the SWJs are pissed at. So this is a whole new experience! But since we’re all gonna stereotype anyway, why don’t you come out of your parents basement every once in awhile and get an idea of ways really going on in the world instead of reading about it on the internet? Get some fresh air, see the sun!

          2. “Let’s raise our pitchforks and cry out that the gaming industry is no place for women.”

            We are anonymous people on the Internet therefore we can only judge on what is said. So by that logic, I’m not really stereotyping you because that line of yours I quoted is precisely what SJWs/feminists like to spew.

            Get some fresh air, see the sun? I think you’re the one who needs that given you actually believe the line I quoted.

    2. 1 Comment 0 Votes

      At least make more posts with your accounts over a space of time to look less artificial before you go jumping in to defend your damsel in distress.

      Let’s raise our pitchforks and cry out that the gaming industry is no place for women.

      What a load of utter horse shit.

      No-one has a problem with women in the gaming industry.

      The problem people have is the Pussy Pass card that gives women favouritism over men in workplace hiring. Or in this case, even unqualified women.

      Not to mention how video games must be censored and butchered in order to cater to and not offend some female SJW Tumblrtard.

      Don’t let me stop you from crying patriarchy though.

    3. Animation in this game is shit. She is a lead animator. Any questions?
      Also, nobody can be “skilled” in anything having only year or two of experience, be it game design, programming or brick laying.

    4. You can perform sexual favors, old and broke as you are, I wouldn’t toss you out of bed for eating crackers.

    5. How many male lead animators can you point to who have absolutely no relevant experience, but are extremely good-looking and have social media accounts dedicated to showing off their sexy cosplay?

      Oh, that’s right. Zero. Because a man with a resume like that wouldn’t get a second look.

      1. That’s a very good question! The answer is: no one knows! Because no one is looking for that kinda stuff to railroad a dive in a shitty internet article. Again, she has a resume on LinkedIn. She has a profile related to her hobbies and past times. Kinda like you have gamer profiles or your troll page on disqus. But no one would try to play those off as your resume.

  25. She changed her shit on twitter lol no longer says lead facial animator for mass effect andromeda but she didn’t change that on her twitch lololololol

  26. That ‘I hate men’ thing is taken clean out of context. It’s just a scene from an old movie she animated!

      1. And leftists give the same excuse, only about the right. It’s almost as if we’ve all been just as bad as each other all this time…

        1. Well, TBH as an anarchist/libertarian, it breaks down the system, increasing the odds in my favor for an all out civil war or collapse of the government, and eventually, should we increase it enough, all my goals may actually become realistic.

          So long story short: whatever foments discontent is good for me.

          1. Sounds a bit awkward. Most of my friends and family have different political views. But I’m sure we’ll put all that love and companionships stuff aside to kill each other over meaningless internet drama.

          2. It’s not internet drama, it’s a culture war. Look at the trump thing, look at the whiners in the streets protesting every little thing. Society is only 72 hours from breakdown at any one point. The odds are infinitesimally small, but every little bit builds pressure.

          3. I won’t pretend world events don’t concern me, but it sounds like you’re rooting for a lot of people to die. In the very unlikely event that everything dramatically collapses all at once, what makes you think you’ll do any better than the rest of us?

      1. Don’t pretend. The character she was animating was hardly sympathetic. If the full context of that video didn’t discredit the writer’s argument, he wouldn’t have cut away after the ‘I hate men’ heading. He intentionally and falsely portrayed it in a way that made it seem the animator herself hated men.
        You should hold journalists to a higher standard than this – regardless of ideology.

  27. The Bioware that made Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 2 can’t be responsible for Inquisition and Andromeda. Bioware that we knew and loved is gone. Hopefully Andromeda kill the ME franchise and Bioware along with it. Let this be a lesson to EA and all other big companies in the video game industry, if you’re more worried about pandering for feminists and SJW than making a good game you will pay the price.

  28. Oh boy, here come the “She is stronk independent wymynz and you fragile misogynists can’t handle that cuz ur threatened by her” outrage pieces.

  29. “While so does have some background in art, there’s zilch on her résumé when it comes to, ya know, making video games.”

    Is “so” a typo, or one of those stupid Politically Correct choose your own pronoun things?

  30. Hahaha, this is so stupid. The game isn’t even out yet. That’s pretty much the same as me criticizing your article while you’re still drafting it. Props on writing an inflammatory, misogynistic article that may generate enough controversy that you can get that fancy new fedora you’ve been eyeing up or – GASP! – maybe even move out of your mom’s basement. This article is garbage and the people you’ve incited to follow you are idiots. But I guess there’s no money in articles about stuff like how Aloy from Horizon is one of the strongest, non-sexualized characters in a video game in years, is there? Stick to picking the dorito crumbs out of your neckbeard, I can find more intelligent opinions from 5th graders.

    1. The game has less than 4 days to come out and a dev already confirmed that the day one patch won’t fix the animation. What you saw on EA’s Access is exactly what you’ll get, so your excuse about the game not being out yet doesn’t apply here.

    1. Downgrading graphics for console mouth-breathers is becoming common practice.

      Most notably THE WITCHER 3 did a massive downgrading of graphics from the first demo footage to the finished product.

      Granted, it still looks wonderful but it was a bucket of ice wather thrown on PC gamers when the reality became known.

  31. Hey, I understand you’re upset by this and all, but that last part is taken out of context. “I hate men” was the title of the a short animation she did directly after. It seems a bit hypocritical to say she got the job via corruption while purposefully using something out of context in the same article. I understand you linked the full video directly below, but you and I both know the odds of someone clicking the full thing when you already put the out of context video directly above it.
    Andromeda doesn’t have good animation, but don’t spread propaganda because of it, please.

    1. It seems a bit hypocritical to say she got the job via corruption while
      purposefully using something out of context in the same article.

      I don’t think she got the job via corruption. I actually think she got it through a “diversity” / “gender quota” hire. You know, the stuff that’s completely infesting and dominating the mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics and entertainment media.

      Hey, I understand you’re upset by this and all, but that last part is taken out of context. “I hate men” was the title of the a short animation she did directly after.

      But yet, there’s still association and agreeing to produce the animation knowing full well what the character is about.

  32. Sounds like she got this job the same way Chelsea van Valkenburg got sterling reviews for her interactive Tumblr blog “game.”

  33. I’ve worked in the VFX industry as an animator. The Art Director approves things. This is not at all important.

    Take a chill pill.

  34. That last bit is misleading. It’s just name for one of short scenes, with those words pronounced by shitty 3-d model. God only knows why she went with that particular phrase, but it’s not like it’s randomly put there.

  35. Bioware has been sub par for years now, they just happened to have built up some goodwill amongst the fans, that seems to have come to an end.

  36. Funny how the SJWs that defend her conveniently ignore the fact that she wrote “I hate men” in her video.

  37. Pathetic – did anyone here slagging her off actually know those that hired her? Were you her supervisor or art director? Do you know what her skill set is NO – you’ve taken a look at some college work that’s years old and bugger all to do with what her skill set nowadays is likely to be and gone off on a misguided rant.

    Yeah – there may be glitches – all games suffer errors in animation – games are complex. EVERY game has had glitches. If you go to places like Siggraph and GDC you’ll frequently see blooper reels of 3D animation where its gone spectacular wrong. It happens – get over it. All the errors you see like the ones you’re laughing over aren’t down to the animation but errors in code – animation wouldn’t be exported with issues like that. An over decades in the industry I’ve seen shedloads of f**kups.
    This is even more true today when procedural animation (eye movement/hair/clothing physics etc) is overlaid on hand animation.

    Do you honestly think that somebody is just given work to do and can do it in a substandard way without supervision and sign off?

    FFS grow up you pathetic wannabees – none of you have anywhere near the skill and dedication it takes to work on one of these games yet you’ll spout off as if you know what you’re talking about – and you know nothing.

  38. Well that explains why the game costs 40 million to make, it gets expensive to hire escorts to do shitty animation.

    Now watch all the male coworkers come in her defence, because reasons =D

  39. Wow, can’t believe this article…..

    The images chosen and the way it’s worded is 100% made to slant the argument in his favor. And the images supporting it are terrible, and clearly not relevant to the point.

    Working in animation, and being able to vouch for the fact that the companies that she worked in are true if you check LinkedIn, it’s very evident that she does indeed have animation experience. Also, to agree with other on this, regardless of her position as lead animator, it was not solely her responsibility for the games final outcome, that’s why you have an animation team, headed by a director (who ultimately would be approving things, and thus could’ve rejected any poor animation).

    My guess would be that EA just didn’t give too much care into what their product looked like, since they knew it would sell well regarldless. And unfortunately a lot of the time the people with money like to also make art calls, which can bring down the artistic vision set forth by the team.

    I know that a lot of people tend to read these things and bad game reviews and such just to get riled up, I’m guilty of it too, but this person can hardly be called a journalist if they didn’t bother to take the time to fully research, and post an article with bias misinformation just to get a reaction from people.

  40. While I’ll share pretty much anything making fun of Andromeda at this point, I’d like to note that this article pisses me off almost as much as the shit game itself. I feel like there’s a heavy amount of sexism underscoring what would otherwise be legitimate concerns as to the animator’s experience in game development. And ultimately, it’s not just her fault. It’s BioWare’s as a whole for thinking they are so infallible that they can get away with not applying the obviously necessary amount of quality control.
    Not only is it BioWare’s fault, it’s the gaming public’s fault, too. Why would BioWare care to rectify the obvious flaws in their game if they know damn well it’s still going to sell like crack and win some superfluous end-of-the-year award bullshit? There’s no incentive to give a damn about development anymore, and that’s because a sizable portion of the Gaming public allowed this to happen. Only thing to do now is to mercilessly mock it until BioWare realizes they goofed royally. Oh well, guess you couldn’t help by throw this lady to the autistic wolves like the scapegoat you’ve made her out to be.

    1. This asshole doesn’t work for them anymore as of abouta month ago.

      But no doubt he still had plenty of time to spread his SJW stank all over their slate of games.

      1. I know, that’s just ridiculous. We knew about Heir’s callous arrogance for years, and the studio kept him on. One month before the game comes out and they let him go, just so when the comments come in, their flacks can say “Manveer Who? Doesn’t work HERE”.

  41. I ate two full bags of popcorn reading this comments section. Top notch idiocy by 90% of the people involved. Forget viewing political message boards, THIS is where the REAL entertainment is.

  42. Am I not seeing something everyone else is.. 5+ years of animation experience, a career that points to a well sustained knowledge of games and the industry… I was able to obtain a Games Technical Director position with the same amount of time in the industry.. and blaming a while games issues on one person is pathetic.. everything is quality controlled and there is always more then one animator.. in a game like ME it’s probably heavily outsourced to and may never have been seen by the Lead Animator if that was controlled by a different department.

    Games development failure is rarely the reasult of one person.. everything you see in the game would have had to have been approved by multiple levels of directors, leads and likely EA directors before any of it went out of the studio into public eyes.. you seriously can’t blame one person for this.. your painting a target on her for the more pathetic vocal minority of the internet to unfairly attack!

  43. Makes sense that someone as edgy as you would write such a shitty, stupid, uninformed article. Get a fucking grip lmfao

  44. She was in no position to even be at EA at all. Let alone the title of Lead Animator as she describes herself.

    Her resume is shit
    Her demo reel is worse shit

    There are a ton of talented animators in Vancouver. And EA is a large enough company to bring in talented people from outside Canada. It is a fact she got this because she was an attractive girl. She either had sex with someone there or someone there who got her on the team wants to have sex with her.

    Either way she didn’t deserve to be there.

  45. Well, why don’t you blame HR then, or like actual decision makers on the project, like producers and production management? Cause it the end, it should of been them identifying the problem in the pipeline (actual capturing, cleaning, tool chain problems in the tech, etc) and fixing it. Another legitimate question you should have is, how and why did QA passed this into the public build. The answer could differ from release version or/and Day 1 Patch got all of those issues fixed (and internet feels itself stupid once again) to issues are still standing out and Bio Ware actually dropped the ball here. I would be quite interested to read postmortem if there would be any in any case.

  46. Before I saw this news, I just speculated that bioware had trouble adapting to frostbyte after using Unreal for all the previous games. But this… man. wow.

    This is some the most catastrophically horrible company management and hiring I’ve ever seen.

  47. Holy shit, there are people who take this guy seriously?? First off according to EA and bioware she doesn’t even work for them. And second off you’re attacking someone’s lively hood based on a game you haven’t even played yet you gods damn goofball. Stfu, what an embarrassment…

  48. this is her fb, and it says in 2016 she was working in another company … how is that possible? wasnt this game 6 years in the making?? was her involvement in the game, a last minute thing? and i heard she did some softcore porn, like modeling nudes and such.. jesus christ…. these people probably killed this franchise… all of the staff were new…..

  49. I go out for a few hours and I come back to a shit load of new comments defending this bitch

    What is this? Attack of the sock puppets?

  50. ME was just bareable ME2 was less interesting, really after ME Bioware has not made a decent game… DA:O on the PC was also just barely okay but bit by bit they have become crap….

  51. I’ve seen better 8 bit animation. That demo makes me think I could be a lead CGI animator.

  52. Apparently you can’t write an article without suggesting that a woman got a nice job otherwise than sucking a dick? Is it some unfulfilled fantasy of yours, a woman sucking your dick to get a job writting shitty articles? BioWare Montreal never did any games before, their main job was assisting BioWare Edmonton when necessary. Andromeda was their first standalone project. Besides, you clearly have zero fucking idea how working in video games industry looks like. Even if she was a lead, it means nothing. She isn’t the only one responsible for shitty animations – the entire fucking facial animation team is. If she was the sole reason that animations were awful – which is IMPOSSIBLE – she would have been immediately demoted or fired. There were at least 10 people working on animations, you really think one chick making bad decision would suddenly make 10-15 good animators go “oh we have to fuck it up then”? No. It’s idiotic to even think so. Either the entire team was unexperienced – which is possible since BW Montreal NEVER DID STANDALONE PROJECTS, or people with higher ranks, or EA themselves cut the finances on facial animations leaving them without financial support to do motion capture or proper animations. Either way, it’s not one person’s fault, as much as your sad sexist ass would like to believe that a pretty girl can’t do a good job. BioWare stated that she’s an ex employee, did you even bother to double check your shitty facts? She could have left during Andromeda’s development and if you think that somebody having certain job stated on their twitter account is a completely undeniable proof, then your “journalism” skills need some work.

    1. Not to mention you twisted information about her “I hate men project”. Right, what an evil feminist. She made a project about character hating men, never stating she hates men herself. What kind of a dipshit you have to be to twist information like this, also without any knowledge about industry, to make your mysogynistic statement about how THIS AWFUL SJW RUINED ANDROMEDA

    1. Of course they’re saying that.

      They thought everyone would love the facial animations, and when no one did and they found out that a cosplayer was the lead, they decided to do damage control by claiming she isn’t really.

  53. EA games….? I rest my case your honor.

    I am surprised they didn’t try and charge her with underage sexual predatory issues.

  54. Implying she got the job by giving sexual favors was off putting and out of line. However, the rest of the article was good and funny. Sadly, BW hires based on agenda more than anything and that is why their games will continue to go downhill. The animations aren’t enough to make me not want to play, I’m hoping mods will fix most of the issues I have (fugly models). But I hate how tome people will reach the conclusion of “hiring women = bad product” when the true lesson is “hiring based on everything else but talent = bad product”

    There probably were very talented women who applied for the job but didn’t get it because she already filled the quota.

    1. Bioware already came out with a statement and I am pretty sure this woman didn’t even work on the facial animation team at all. This article is a steaming pile of garbage.

      1. Except you can clearly see in the screenshots that the girl wrote that she is the Lead facial animator for ME:A. Which means she lied if Bioware is telling the truth. That isn’t the fault the writer of this article but the fault of the person who is lying about their job.

        1. Maybe the IQ heavyweight who wrote this article could have actually done some BASIC RESEARCH, beyond this girl’s twitter page, you know, like a normal person. It is the writers job to show some integrity and make sure what he is writing isn’t pure bullshit. This dumbass obviously has nothing better to write about, and all of the idiots who fell for this crap have nothing better to read about.

    2. How about “hiring 24 year olds as a team lead”? Who the fuck does that? I was still learning to code in a corporate environment at that age. Shit, I was “application support” then, troubleshooting someone else’s code, because it takes about a year for a fresh-out-of-college just to learn the software’s business reqs, the corporate org chart, the culture.

  55. What a joke of an article. Good research, that girl doesn’t even work there. I’ll make sure to never come to this site again.

  56. I didn’t/won’t buy this game because of manveer heir and his bullsh*t, not to mention all the other SJW idiots destroying a once great developer. That said, this girl is NOT the reason the facial animations are crap. She is the low man on the totem when it comes to deciding what tech to use, when the deadlines are set, and what is acceptable. Besides, an animator is only as good as the character rigs and models they have to work with. Some of the character models in Andromeda look inferior to the original ME trilogy.

  57. How dare you write this about my close friend, you just judge her based upon nothing. People in the industry, like myself do not appreciate when we spend years of our hard work on projects to have this kind of ungrateful backlash. You assume that all animators must be dudes and ugly ladies, thanks.

    1. Her resume was shit
      Her demo reel was worse shit.
      She didn’t deserve to be there, there are plenty of farm more talented animators in the vancouver area.

  58. I LOVE reading articles by nerds who have no idea how actual development works. They get all butt hurt and start blaming people, like a bunch of backwards Social Justice Warriors. You guys are looking to be victims so bad, it’s hilarious.

  59. I’m wondering who’s in charge of quality control at Bioware. No matter how substandard the character animation was, there should’ve been someone to say “fix this”.

    1. Yes. His was a fair and balanced coverage.
      Especially this:

      Oh, I bet she’s very experienced indeed. I have an idea how she landed this gig.

      or this

      UPDATE: From her animator demo reel…”I Hate Men.”

      Apparently, she hates making good games as well.

    2. Person I’m replying to: *Creates strawman situation where the “good” person is presented as a calm, rational individual while portraying their opponent as an imbecile*

      Me: Make a real argument.

      1. Make a real argument? Why? I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. Even, if I did I would only be wasting my time. This is the internet friend, nobody changes their mind over the internet. Especially, not trolls.

  60. So like I am not a Lib Tard Cuck, but whats the point of the Article. Its true she might not be an amazing animator, but that reel is from 2014 so who knows. Why attack her? and be cunty to her? Its not her fault. Let me tell you its usually the Animation Director or however they generate those animations ingame. I get it liberals have become super annoying but why be such cunts. Non of this is real, its the internet. Also Konami Make Goemon Games

  61. I can honestly say that I have attempted to read through all the comments on here all I see is Blah Blah Blah double standards. Misogynist and feminist ideals butting heads. You people(and I use that term loosely) are worse than the idiots that run amok on tumblr.

  62. All of this talk about that chick being picked on. Is she really getting all this “abuse” or is it all blow out of proportion and used diversionary tactic by Bioware and the gaming press? What better way to deflect attention way from the fact that Bioware cranked out a substandard product, than to play the “muh harrassment”, “muh sexism” card? I wouldn’t be surprised if the worst of the abuse didn’t come from Bioware themselves.

  63. What’s funny is SHE said she was lead facial animator herself for the game on her profile. Bioware is saying she wasn’t. She’s a liar.

    1. More like when they saw how people reacted to them letting someone with no real experience be their lead facial animator after the animations were finally seen by the public, they tried to save face by claiming she is lying and isn’t really the lead.

      It’s damage control, pure and simple.

  64. Hey, fucktard. How’s it fuckering today? Pretty damn hard by look of it. Get your brain jammed in the pencil sharpener again? You know the doctors say you can loose so much blood from your grey matter at one time without causing lasting damage.

    Too late, looks like.

    I certainly hope you weren’t personally offended by the widdle animation video. Or at the very least, I hope you don’t think it was directed at you. Because… well… you know… ‘Men’ and all.

  65. There are worse things like Arno being a fucking skeleton in Assassins Creed, plus all the damned bugs in every new installment yet people don’t get this mad. She is a professional artists and animator, the title is misleading. She is just a really bad artist at doing her job. Calm your tits guys.

  66. Ralph, time to move out of your parent’s basement, son. Get some sunshine and interact with real human beings.

  67. Ethan Ralph has to be the biggest piece of shit on the internet and anyone who believes the trash he writes is just as bad. I would like to know where he got this information that Allie is a lead animator? I work at EA and I know Allie and she is not even close to being the lead facial animator on Mass Effect. She is a junior animator who’s just breaking into the industry and actually an amazing artist and will no doubt someday be a lead abimator but that is still years away. I have no idea why Ethan would randomly choose her to tear apart for no reason. Is it because she’s an attractive woman working in video games? If so, then my first statement is 100% valid. Or is it jealousy that all he’s doing is spewing garbage on the internet while she’s actually working in the industry that he obviously adores and wants to be apart of. It’s ridiculous and I’m embarrassed for him and everyone who believes that he knows what he’s talking about.

      1. She IS a Animator at EA, but NOT involved in the development of Mass Effect. So why is she lying? You´re just as stupid as most the people here when you take informations from a Blogger(!) for granted and join the defamation, instead of – at least trying – to bring into question what obviously come in handy a bit too easy for some people…

        1. You can read, can’t you? LEAD FACIAL ANIMATOR FOR MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA, I’ll repeat it for you, LEAD FACIAL ANIMATOR FOR MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA, stop excusing wrong actions in women just because they are women, it’s sexist.

          1. I don´t care about gender, I care about the stupidness here… As I answered – a consequence of reading btw – she´s working at the EA Labs and not at the Andromeda team’s office in Montreal! This “news blog” is harassment as it insinuate the shitty facial animations in Mass Effet:A. as a result of this one persons fault. That´s simply not true…
            Just to assume I would care about the gender… That´s so ridiculous it would never have occurred to me. So maybe that´s an “special US”-problem or everything-is-black-white-worldview (Trump?^^). God, you´re so stupid over there… I just found this blog coming from an german pc-games news site, where I am glad this topic is discussed WAY more differentiated. Not to justifiy the shitty animations, which are shit, but at least NO ONE cares about the sex. lol. I don´t get it. WHY is that your point?!?

          2. I have to correct/add – it´s of course wrong to generalize, as stupidness neither stops on borders nor affiliation of any kind

          3. Fortunately there is plenty of evidence to know that statement from BioWare is bullshit indeed.

  68. wow, there are 433 comments and almost all of them are just a big circlejerk of people with too much time. if u guys wanna hurl insults and build strawmen, at least go for politicians or big business people, those kinda people actually have a great deal of influence over other peoples lives. that a model who claimed to be more talented than she turned out to be got hired to make a game affects no one here in the slightest.

  69. What the fuck is wrong with this post and the god damn waste of a human that wrote it ? You are not a gamer you are a piece of filth. At least have the decency and apologize, or do the damn research and get the right person. You are one of the worst so called “gamer” i have seen to date about gaming you pathetic little turd.Even if she was who you lie to be have the decency and write a professional article. People like you should not be allowed to internet you damn troll.

    1. Absolutely nothing. He provided proof of her claim that she was the lead facial animator, and showed some of her prior work and came to the conclusion that she is not experienced or qualified enough for this role, and that Bioware’s decision to put her in it led to the terrible quality of the product.

  70. Who is that asshole in the video?
    He sounds like a giant duchy toddler.
    How does he not get pounced in his stupid duchy face every single time he opens his mouth?

    JFC on a stick!


    Ex convict Man so stupid that he committed a criminal offense and got caught has the bare faced cheek to attack a woman based on her gender, insinuates that she had sex to land the gig.

    You must really love the inside of a courtroom, you flatheaded, illogical, shovel faced, shit-for-brains, cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon!

  72. This animation is fucked, but you should really be blaming the people in charge, who would have told her (and all the other lead animators), to do it that way, and would have been the ones who cleared it.
    This article is almost as fucked as the game lol.
    Working in animation is the same as working in games, it’s only outsiders who don’t know the technology who think there’s a difference.. the only difference is the level of detail; something that’s rapidly changing.
    That animation would not be acceptable in film or tv, so why would you think that it’s her background in a different corner of the industry that’s caused her to do all this stuff, which she was probably only responsible for a small part of, while she would have been doing exactly as instructed by directors & producers, who have never played a computer game in their life?

      1. A PR statement that is full of corporate newspeak, does not deny the woman was part of the team, and that is intended to deviate attention from the steamy hunk of crap the game actually is.

        BTW, her name comes up in the game’s credits, tough luck.

  73. I do not care if this is true or not, regardless of it, I Blame the responsible(s) for having hired the team and the people responsible for overseeing the team’s work/progress, not just her, a game like this takes years to be created and they had plenty of time to see if something was wrong.

  74. It cracks me up that the he/she life long failure “I hate life” poisonous never will be phlegm wad goober doofus nobody wants in their life failures are so offended by you insinuating she gave helmet to land that job.

    Oh my dear said life long never will be anything of value to society but fun to look down upon “confused” about penis/vagina goofball clowns…. please… by all means please continue to show us how privileged we truly are…. to not be one of you.

  75. Does someone have a working link to the demo reel? I would like to see her prior work for myself to form an objective opinion.

    BTW, i find it somewhat alarming that it got removed.

  76. Thanks for making it even harder to be a woman in the gaming industry, internet.

    It’s hard enough to get hired and taken seriously as a woman in this industry. There are MEN in similar positions who are SUPREMELY under-qualified, who do even WORSE work but because they are men no one blinks an eye. He’s just “learning” or “getting his bearings.” For every Allie, there are at least TEN male equivalents. But just because Allie’s a girl and GOD FORBID AN ATTRACTIVE ONE WHO OWNS IT, she’s getting shit for it. I’ve worked with so many horribly egotistical men who don’t even have a quarter of the skill that Allie has continue to climb the ranks.

    So go ahead and make up stories to make yourselves feel better about your shitty lives. It’s REALLY going to do WONDERS for you in the long run. *eye roll*

      1. The image you linked about her up top doesn’t prove your point in the slightest.

        The second image, okay, so you’re being an asshole to GUY. Good for you guys for being equal opportunity assholes!

        Now let’s keep up harassing people regardless of their gender! That’ll show ’em how to make better games!!!!!!!

        1. You said Ralph was “making up stories”. He said that she was the Lead Facial Animator for ME:A. The first picture CLEARLY shows her HERSELF claiming to be the Lead Facial Animator.

          The second picture showcases an openly racist (male) Bioware employee that people have spoken out against for far longer, yet those criticisms received no attention from gaming journalism. The moment there was criticism against an employee who was female, all the journos were up in arms screaming misogyny and harassment.

          1. Posting the fact that SHE HERSELF SAID SHE WAS THE LEAD FACIAL ANIMATOR is proof that Ralph was not making up anything.

            He posted an article that essentially said “Lead facial animator for ME:A has no prior video game experience”, followed by his discontentment that this is the case. That image you dismissed is proof of that entire statement.
            1. It’s proof of the claim that she is Lead Facial Animator. She herself claims to be such, on both social media and her resume.
            2. It’s proof she has no prior video game animation experience, as evidenced by the lack of any listed video game animation work on her resume. Surely someone seeking a career in the video game industry would put their experience in that field in their resume, if not right at the forefront.

            There is no fabrication on Ralph’s part. What he wrote is entirely true, based on the evidence provided by the accused individual herself. If his article is factually incorrect, it is because the accused individual lied. Thus, your accusations of Ralph “making up stories” is basically calling Allie a liar. Which, base don the Bioware statement, might be the case.

            As for the Bioware statement:
            It says “former EA employee”. According to her resume, as of a few days ago her CURRENT JOB is at Electronic Arts. So either she was fired/quit within the last 4 days, or they’re talking about someone else. If she hasn’t been working at EA for longer than that, she ought to have updated both her social media and professional documents to represent that.

            Furthermore, they state that it’s “false” that the individual was a “lead member of the Mass Effect: Andromeda team. She claims to have been both of these things.
            So you decide: Is she lying, or is Bioware? Are they lying about being involved in the game? Being a lead member? Both? No matter how you shake it, one of them lied about something.

  77. Man, you gamergaters are a bunch of whiny little bitches. Nothing but trolling and playing the victim, “Waaahhhh, it’s not fair! She got a job cuz she’s a girl and I’m stuck here with a penis and no talent. Boo hoo!” Hey geniuses, if someone is getting hired merely for their looks instead of actual skill, how is that their fault? Maybe you should stop letting your blind, hilariously unnecessary rage dictate your thinking and foucs on the people who actually do the hiring? Or, I dunno, maybe find another cause to pursue that people actually care about…

  78. I’m really impressed that she got through with it. Bioware seems to not care about the interim results. And now the woman has to take all the blame? And who cares if she’s a cosplayer. Damn clickbait.

  79. Fuck these dumb fucking cunts. Hire someone with skill instead, REGARDLESS of gender. Fucking Bioware.

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