This has been the craziest weekend I’ve had as editor and owner of this site in quite some time. It reminded me of the halcyon days of GamerGate, in good ways and in bad. The same lames who attacked me back then attacked me this weekend. Actually, some of them attacked me even more vigorously over this latest episode. I wanted to do one final piece on it all, then move on.

There’s simply too much to talk about to let things go at what I’v already stated.

Kotaku, Polygon, CNET,  The Mary Sue (who were more fair than any of the others, oddly enough), Inquisitr, Heat Street’s Ian Miles Cheong (Lil’ Hitler), and MundaneMatt (Matt Jarbo) all attacked me over my viral post about Mass Effect: Andromeda. None of them focused on the obvious lies coming from either BioWare, or the female developer involved in the scandal. Without fail, they all came at me. I was called a “scumbag” by Kotaku, a “gigantic piece of donkey shit” by the shill MundaneMatt, and various other names by people who have had their claws out for me since 2014-2015.

Many of these losers seem to think I should apologize for having made a fellatio joke at the expense of the EA/BioWare employee in question. I understand this line of rhetoric from SJWs, but many people who are nominally against them also signed on. Why?

Because they’re really, really, stupid.

These same mongoloids keep falling into the same trap again and again. Even if you don’t agree withe me, even if you don’t like me, hell, even if you hate me…agreeing to the rules that your enemies setup is ignorant as hell. Do they ever apologize for the invective they spew against gamers or their ideological enemies? No, of course not. Do they show the slightest bit of regret for anything they’ve ever said or done? No, they do not. So, why would you feel the need to play by the rules of Kotaku and denounce a fellow traveler?

Oh, that’s right. We’re talking about mentally deficient folks here. I almost forgot.

These are the people they make common cause with when they do this, by the way…

(Brianna Wu is in the middle of an epically failing congressional campaign, so there’s silence on that front.)

(Randi Harper was knee-deep in a bucket of KFC, so she was unavailable for comment.)

(Cross is talking about Alison Rapp, who was justifiably fired from Nintendo.)

(He’s talking about Manveer Heir, a notorious anti-white activist who also worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda.)

What an encouraging message! We should really empower these kinds of people, so they can ruin our hobby with more efficiency!

By the way, I know this may come as a shock to some people: But if the game is good, it’s good. Alexandria works for Naughty Dog. They made The Last of Us, which is in my personal top five favorite games of all-time. I don’t care what your ideology is, as long as the end product is good. But if your politics makes the game suck, then you need to go.

It’s not a very difficult concept.

I don’t even identify as GamerGate any longer (lol, respect my pronouns). I could care less what some SJW gaming outlet says about it, or about me, for that matter. As long as they get the spelling of my name right, we’re good. But seeing so many people fall into the same traps they always did is sad. It’s not even sad, it’s fucking pathetic.

Tons of people agree with me (my original post on this matter has 146,000 hits as of now). They like my posts, they dislike the SJW bullshit. Matt’s own video has countless comments saying the same thing I am. So, it’s not like they won. I won, we won, sanity won. You’ll always have the dummies. Unfortunately, it takes many, many, beatings for some people to “get it.”

I’m just happy there are numerous people who know how to win. Don’t worry, though. I will teach the others.