Throughout Twitter’s history, there have been countless trending hashtags, most of them having no notable impact whatsoever. Certain types of hashtags have even become something of a running gag for being nothing but worthless virtue signalling, like the “Pray For” hashtags that always Trend after the latest Muslim terror attack (Twitter will Censor trending hashtags critical of Islam). However, sometimes Twitter hashtags do prove to have a real impact, as well as staying power, and two such hashtags are #GamerGate and #BlackLivesMatter.

GamerGate has lasted for almost two years now. Initially a backlash against a corrupt, SJW-infested gaming press openly hostile towards their own readers, GG has been involved in various activities: Hitting corrupt outlets with mass email campaigns aimed at their advertisers to harm them economically, spreading awareness about corrupt journos and SJW Insanity, popularizing the use of tools like archive to deny SJW sites revenue, and supporting alternate sites like TechRaptor and the very site this article is hosted on, not to mention enabling new sites like Breitbart Tech to emerge. You can argue how effective GamerGate has been overall, but there’s no doubt it has had some impact.

BlackLivesMatter emerged 3 years ago, in response to the George Zimmerman acquittal. Insisting that the lives of black people in the US don’t count for much and later on turning their sights on police shootings of black people, BLM has supposedly set out to change this, first through hashtag activism, then by taking their cause to the streets, with demonstrations and protests. BLM has crashed rallies for presidential candidates, stopped traffic and even tried to sabotage Black Friday shopping. The group has become notorious enough to be addressed by president Obama himself.

One key difference between GG and BLM is that GamerGate has, apart from various meet-ups, stayed largely confined to the online sphere, whereas BlackLivesMatter has long ago become defined by what BLM supporters do in the streets, more than by what they post in the tag. And what BLM supporters do in real life borders on domestic terrorism: Unlike GamerGate, which at most will “dogpile” and “sea-lion” SJWs online, BlackLivesMatter has been complicit in murderous real-world violence.

Even leftist media outlets have for example admitted that Micah Johnson, the man who murdered 5 Dallas police officers, was linked to BLM. Not that this should surprise anyone – BLM has become notorious for extremely hateful rhetoric and even death threats aimed at the police. Small wonder then that supporters of the movement regularly celebrate cop killings. Beside cop killings, BLM has also been responsible for ruinous riots, assaults and even doxing. GamerGate by contrast has not even by its most hysterical critics been accused of being involved in mass shootings (Trolls are another story), and even far lesser charges against the consumer revolt have been debunked.

This shouldn’t really be that surprising, since BLM has from the beginning adopted an extremely aggressive, confrontational stance – making people so uncomfortable that they feel forced to address the issues BLM raise is a purposeful tactic of theirs, and they will not accept dissenting voices, for example people having the temerity to suggest that “All Lives Matter“. GamerGate on the other hand has always reserved aggressive confrontation for SJWs hell-bent on smearing the consumer revolt, not only treating Neutrals and bystanders respectfully, but sometimes even putting GG-neutral people like Erik Kain and TotalBiscuit on an unearned pedestal.

In light of this, the contrasting response to GamerGate and BlackLivesMatter can seem all the more baffling – the peaceful consumer revolt GamerGate has been smeared as everything from a misogynist harassment campaign to outright terrorists and Worse Than ISIS. In the case of BlackLivesMatter however, a group that actually HAS murderers and criminals in their ranks, coverage from the mainstream media has ranged from sympathetic to glowing. Facebook, Twitter and even Google all openly endorse the movement. This is despite BLM, in addition to many far greater sins, even being responsible for just the kind of online harassment of minorities that the media keeps falsely accusing GG of – like their recent intimidation campaign against transwoman Blaire White. Regardless, even US president Obama has publicly defended BlackLivesMatter thugs, while Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has proudly smeared GamerGate.

One could argue that the reason politicians and the media cut BLM so much slack is that racism and police brutality are such important issues, while a biased, corrupt gaming press isn’t. I’d certainly disagree on the latter point – journalists covering a multi-billion dollar industry being corrupt and dishonest is hardly a small issue, nor is the fact that SJWs are attempting to hijack the gaming industry and use games as a tool to basically indoctrinate children. Moreover, while police brutality is certainly a major issue, it does not exclusively, primarily or even disproportionately affect black people, if you also factor in the disproportionately high black crime rate (meaning that police are in turn disproportionately likely to come into contact with black criminals).

This is perhaps not that surprising when you consider just what kinds of people BlackLivesMatter have been portraying as martyrs and heroes, most recently Alton Sterling, a pedophile with a long criminal history (and keep in mind, Snopes is a site pretty much hijacked by SJWs). If police murdering innocent black people isn’t the kind of epidemic sweeping the nation that BLM claims it is, it’s predictable that they’ll be reaching so much that they’ll eventually insist depraved criminals Dindu Nuffin. This defense of proven criminals is especially unforgivable when you consider how BLM stubbornly refuses to address the issue of black on black crime, which accounts for more than 90% of innocent black lives ended by way of murder.

Meanwhile, GamerGate generally has had the facts on its side throughout its existence. It has certainly been proven that the Ethics scandal involving Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson and indie dev Zoe Quinn, which brought about the mass censorship and anti-gamer smears that in turn created the GamerGate backlash, was a real and significant ethical violation. Our original accusations about gaming “journalists” colluding were also vindicated relatively quickly.

The reason GamerGate gets slimed and BlackLivesMatter celebrated actually has nothing to do with the merits of our cases then, or even the way we behave. Instead, it’s all about ideological bias – with BlackLivesMatter taking advantage of the white guilt/anti-white racism affecting the heavily left-wing mainstream media and tech companies, as well as left-wing politicians like Obama and Trudeau. Meanwhile, GamerGate represents both media criticism and criticism of the social justice left, pissing off the left-wing Establishment in general and the mainstream media in particular. BLM actually does get plenty of negative coverage from right-wing outlets, many of which have been supportive of GamerGate. It’s just that the Left has such an iron-grip on the “respectable” media outlets that their version of events is generally dominant. And yes, this obviously applies to way more issues than just GG and BLM.

So in case you wonder why GamerGate never seems to get credit for all the good it does (like the money raised for charity), or why the threats against GamerGate meetups are barely reported, this is why. It’s the same reason why so many are making excuses or outright denying the thuggery and criminality of BlackLivesMatter. It’s also why worrying about PR was always such a fool’s errand – the smear campaigns against GamerGate had nothing to do with how we actually behaved, but with what we represented and the special interests we threatened. That’s why a bigoted, borderline-domestic terrorist group such as BlackLivesMatter currently has far better PR than a peaceful consumer revolt against corruption in the gaming media and pro-censorship SJW ideologues.