Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to know a neutral named Stephanie Greene. She goes by @Sushilulutwitch on Twitter, and is known to be very personable with all sides. Even though her opinions clash with some of our members, she’s gotten along well with GamerGate. As you can imagine, the anti’s have rejected her. She doesn’t fit their narrative, so her outreach has to be rebuffed. What you may not know, is ABC also rejected her attempts at clarification.

You see, a video of her’s was used in the infamous Nightline segment from last month. But instead of being honest about their presentation, Nightline producers used it as a tool to portray GamerGate and its supporters negatively. Even though the video was put up in a completely different context, Nightline ignored that, and played to their pre-constructed narrative. This is literally everything we’ve been fighting against the last six months.Misrepresented

Here’s some commentary from the article she posted on all this earlier today:

I spoke with their representative on the phone after these emails. They first asked why I felt their piece was so widely rejected and was wondering what they could do to fix it.  After explaining the issues with the portrayal of men and women who game, their definition of harassment, and how the piece looked more like a hit piece against Gamergate, I was informed that the “story” was too hard to “spin” to fit their ideals. They asked me to try to make solutions for women gamers only and made it very clear all they wanted were “female victims of the video game industry” because it was an easier story to market. I was shocked; they asked for my opinion on the piece and for more information, agreed that these issues should be addressed, and yet when I expressed my disapproval they focused only on women and what could and could not sell. The final message I got from ABC was:



There you have it, solutions to help deter online harassment is too “in the weeds” for ABC. I provided countless screen shots of both men and women addressing the issues with harassment and calling for change per her request. The people of the gaming community are not enough for ABC to show the truth. Gamers are too small of a market to help but plenty big enough to badger and humiliate to make a quick buck.

When Stephanie went to tell her story over on GamerGhazi, here’s what she found:

Same old story…they ban you for anything that deviates from the Kool Aid Cult. Whereas GamerGate cherishes ideological diversity, our opponents hate it. If neutrals hang around long enough, they come to learn that. Keep fighting, people. Our enemies can’t keep from exposing their true nature.

  1. Wow…. The thing that angers me most about this – Is that these people have no idea what “common decency” is – and most gamers do, yet the media props up these people who can’t even treat a neutral person with respect – Yet somehow this ‘isn’t about censorship’ even though these people act like they are from some sort of Social Justice Theocracy where they are arbiters of all that is good and holy ™.

    1. You know many of them don’t know what common decency is? They failed to take common sense at character creation. Most gamers put at least one point into it.

  2. Just to reply to stephanie’s email:
    I don’t think there will be ever an effective way to counter harassment. If there is a way to communicate there is a way to harass. the only way i can think of is to complete cut any communication.

    1. Yeah, I don’t really see a way to stop harassment online either… if you’re a brain dead fish. Everything online has some sort of block or mute option, so if someone is bothering you to the point you can’t deal with that person, just block him. Contrary to what SJWs would lead you to believe, a couple of harsh words before you manage to block someone isn’t gonna get you traumatized.

  3. One of the things GG needs is a naysmith — someone to help prod and poke at our ideas, stress testing them for viability. In the days of the Roman empire, they would throw parades for victorious generals, and he would ride in a chariot down the street. But in the chariot there would be a common person, or an old man, who would quietly remind the general how fleeting earthly glory can be. ‘Sic transit gloria mundi’.

    I’m not afraid of being questioned, and I don’t think Ralph is either. Stephanie Greene should keep poking us, because we never get better just sitting on our asses admiring our achievements 🙂

  4. Another example how in this day and age not only can you be corrupt, but openly so. Props to Stephenie for contacting ABC Nightline and exposing them.

  5. I think a signal override is needed. Back in the late 80s, some chucklehead wearing a Max Headroom mask overrode the WGN microwave signal to the sears tower and broadcast a recorded message. It failed, but it was tried again 2 hours later on the local pbs station. It was one of only 3 channel overrides in tv history.

    The only way to slap the fuckers of this world awake is to broadcast over popular signals. The people won’t know what’s going on because they listen to people who sells news because it profitable, but because we want the truth. What a bunch of crap.

  6. These SJWs are really reminding me of something. This is gonna be a long one, bit I would like it if people contributed with what I can improve here.

    1984(+31) Soc Jus

    Doublethink is the act of ordinary people simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.
    (ex: A man can be sexist against women. Woman can’t be sexist against men because men are the previleged class.)
    ->2 + 2 = 5
    (ex: Women are oppressed and man are the oppressor, even when there is no evidence.)

    A thoughtcrime is an occurrence or instance of controversial or socially unacceptable thoughts.
    (ex: Stifling the speech or presence of people with different beliefs, even in cases where those beliefs are not relevant, such as uninviting speakers at colleges or Adam Baldwin from Supernova.)

    Newspeak (…) tool to limit freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, and peace. Any form of thought alternative to the party’s construct is classified as “thoughtcrime”.
    (ex: Politically correct speech and trigger warnings, censoring words like “rape” that while unpleasant have a clear purpose in conveying ideas.)

    Ministry of Truth (…) Its purpose is to rewrite history to change the facts to fit Party doctrine for propaganda effect.
    (ex: Colleges encouraging students to edit wikipedia articles to make them more “feminist friendly”.)

    The Ministry of Love serves as Oceania’s interior ministry. It enforces loyalty to Big Brother through fear, buttressed through a massive apparatus of security and repression, as well as systematic brainwashing.
    (ex: Media keeping people in fear, false rape statistics, wage gap myth, colleges spreading social justice as the undeniable truth.)

  7. They only way Nightline COULD spin pro-GamerGate is to portray Ghazi as lying professional victims who make every attempt to censor discussion, and constantly make other women feel like shit. But that wouldn’t be neutral enough.

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