I always wanted to used those words in the title of a column. If you’re a sick fuck like me, you might have recognized them already. That’s what O.J. Simpson said when he entered his plea in the 1994 double murder trial. I watched the hell out of that trial (even though I was 9-10), and was amazed at the skill of Johnnie Cochran. I knew O.J. was going to walk. I remember being the only one in school who called it, even among the adults. We watched it live, and I was right, of course. Johnnie saved his ass.

This weekend, some accusations have been made against me. I’ve resisted responding, but now that Randi Harper has decided to spread it, I feel like I have to address it here for the record. I’m not a man of Cochran’s caliber, but these weak accusations certainly don’t call for it. A trained ape could rebut this weak case.

Long story short, a troll named “Eclipso” said I paid him to swat Grace Lynn, a.k.a. Devi Ever back in January. As evidence, he provided a random bitcoin transaction, nothing further. If you know anything about bitcoin, you know that proves absolutely nothing. It could literally be anyone’s wallet. Here it is below:screenshot-twitter-com-2015-02-21-17-18-08






I’m not sure what that’s supposed to proof, other than ignorance on the part of anyone who believed or propagated such an obvious falsehood. Anti-GamerGate wouldn’t do that, would they?


As you can see, the other side is more than willing to spread this horseshit around. After Randi tweeted that, she went on to offer her help with my doxing matter. I don’t need it, but hitting someone with a bogus felony claim right before you offer help is not likely to elicit a positive response.

As for the people who doxed me, that would be /baphomet/. They don’t like that I reject what they do. I left them alone until they tried to bully me on Twitter. Straight to hell with that. I won’t be bullied by anyone, I don’t give a fuck who they are. They have links up on their board pointing to dox on my family, girlfriend, credit card info, etc. They link to Tor so apparently that makes it OK. I tend to be of the opinion that this is shaky legal theory, but I’m not an expert.Selection_999(427)

Actually I’ve been consistent publicly for the last two weeks: baphomet should be deleted.

What I will say, is that doxing has jack shit to do with free speech. Still, that’s not the part that concerns me. I don’t care about doxing. Spreading credit card info and Social Security numbers around, selling hacking services, linking to illegal activity on Tor…that shit puts all of 8chan in danger. I think the board should be deleted. It’s not my site, but I won’t be surprised if comes around and bites Hotwheels in the ass. I like him and have a ton of respect for him, that’s not gonna change. I just disagree with his policy here.

I know they will continue to come after me no matter what. That’s not the issue. I just think it’s a lot of risk for no reward. They don’t represent free speech in any way. They’re just some shitheads spreading people’s dox around, and worse.

All this is just my opinion. I don’t care if people agree with me. I came to speak my mind, and I always will. Randi and Butts are full of shit, and baphomet is a juvenile menace that endangers the entire 8chan project. I’m about to finish the McIntosh mentor piece, and watch the PPV. I’ll be back before 10. Thank you all for your continued support of the site. I resisted writing about this, but when Randi came out and accused me as well, I had to address it. Hopefully, there won’t be any news about me next week lol.

  1. when i first read about this there was no doubt in my mind that it was false. not for a second. ralph is very up front about who he is and what he stands for and one thing i’m absolutely sure of is that he doesn’t stand for this kind of bull shit.


    And yet they will keep saying that /baphomet/ is run by and fully supported by GamerGate.

  3. Don’t take it as an offense, but i don’t think that Ralph even had so much money that he could waste on a kid to call the police and talk shit. He has more useful things to do with cash, like living.

  4. “Do not post, request, or link to any content illegal in the
    United States of America. Do not create boards with the sole purpose of
    posting or spreading such content.” – 8chan Global Rule 1

    Is a tor link not considered a link?

  5. If you do a search on the first alleged transaction (the # with the green arrow) it pulls up an ‘account’ with 14 events none of which tie to the second. So yeah…

  6. hey, free ad space for blockchain and bitcoin.

    I won’t complain.

    and it’s innocent until proven guilty. you got nothing to fear. they’re just desperate

    1. Eh, sometimes the process can be punishment enough. Getting dragged through the courts, having to hire a lawyer… even if you win, it’s rough. And before you say ‘they have to file charges first’, I strongly remind you of the old adage about prosecutors being able to obtain an indictment against a ham sandwich if necessary. ‘Three felonies a day’ and all that.

      1. That’s when the delicious counter lawsuits and defamation of character suits kick in. Got to love that “deep pockets theory” as well. Baseless slander = you’re paying my legal fees, on top of penalties. Oh, you were tweeting from your place of employment and/or using their internet? I’ll sue them too!

        All hail ‘Murica, Land of Litigation. 😀

      1. what I mean is that it’s gonna piss of a lot of gamergaters who are not coming from the racist left.

        if you actually believe that blacks should be treated equally and not just get a free pass for murder because they aren’t really people, like the left does,

        then you’re gonna be upset about people who approve getting a murderer off the hook by calling police racist.

        all this lawyer did was to use racism and politically correctness to cloud people’s judgement.

        where that leads can be seen in Rotherham.

        1400 girls raped by Muslim immigrants over 17 years with help from the police and city gov because they were afraid of being called racist.

        1. The LAPD was very racist at the time, and Mark Fuhrman was a horrible witness.

          Once the tapes came out, he was screwed.

          Not many juries would believe what he said after “I haven’t used the word nigger for 10 years”, [defense rolls tape] “You can take one of these niggers, drag ’em into the alley and beat the shit out of them and kick them. You can see them twitch. It really relieves your tension”.

          Plus, after that he plead the Fifth on a lot of questions, including twice when asked if he had planted evidence.

          And he was convicted of perjury.

          1. it is insane to argue that it matters whether the cop was using the word nigger or disliked blacks.
            what matters is if OJ did it. and he did.

            how can people not distinguish between courtroom theater and justice?

            political correctness will destroy the western world one day.

          2. Again, STRAW MAN, no one is arguing about whether or not he did it. He was clearly culpable – he lost the civil suit for fucks sake.

            And then he committed a kidnapping in fucking Las Vegas, because he clearly doesn’t know about what the mob was known for, and now he’s rotting in prison, likely until he’ll die.

            Justice is served. I mean, look at Zimmerman – trash like him screw up eventually. If you can’t get them one way, you’ll get them another. All it takes is time.

          3. it is insane to argue that it matters whether the cop was using the word nigger or disliked blacks. what matters is if OJ did it. and he did.

            And it’s important to make sure that evidence is honest & not planted by crooked cops.

          4. but that’s not what they did.

            you’re just like one of these ‘I’m a veteran’ accounts that badmouth the military. you call yourself libertarian, but you’re talking like a leftist racist.

            just give it up. OJ is guilty. he’s still in jail. why? because the cops are racist?

            you need a pick-me-up 😉 then you’d troll less and get a life 😉

          5. So I’m not a libertarian… because I don’t trust a cop who talks about how relaxing it is to drag someone into an alley and “beat the shit out of them”?

          6. LMAO he plead the 5th on “did you plant evidence?” Holy shit. Instantly found guilty right there. What the fuck is wrong with the police? I mean really.

          7. The first time he said “no”, the second time (after the tapes were played) he said “I plead the Fifth”.

          8. wow, did he get cited for perjury? You can’t defend against that with the 5th – once you’ve lied, you’re supposed to be fucked.

        2. “racist left”…. is an oxymoron. You do know that conservatism is the root of racism, not liberalism.

          But it’s all a confusion of nomenclature – the anti-gamers aren’t liberals; they’re Progressives. They don’t care about consequences, they just want changes, short-term ones that will benefit themselves and their interests.

          The bulk of GamerGate supporters, as information gathered (thank you Sargon of Akkad) demosntrates are left-leaning libertarians, and not so much in the classically defined sense of the word, but in so much as they are opposed to Progressive Authoritarianism.

          It is IMPOSSIBLE to be “progressive” (which is a cloaked form of extremism) and not be authoritarian. Sane, non-fascist people, HATE authoritarianism. If they grew up in the “West” anyway. It is inimical to freedom.

          1. Hey! You know what you shouldn’t do? Quote random bits of out of context history at someone with a MASTERS in History. You are aware that the Democrats, like all things, changed over time right? They were originally the party of the “establishment”, which included slavery, for a multitude of reasons. The GOP, which started out anti-establishment and anti-slavery, became pro-big business and anti-regulation (a BAD idea as includes such stances as anti-union and pro-trust/monopoly/cartel) during the reconstruction when they realized that near unilateral control of a government with very little oversight gave them access to ALL sorts of money. You might want to read up a bit on the so-called “Gilded Era” before you start slinging around bullshit ANECDOTES.

          2. you strike me as someone desperate to be taken seriously.

            that’s why you chose Dr. House as your profile pic and that’s why you immediately inform us that you’ve got a masters in history.

            look, a lot of people have degrees nowadays. I do not think you’re old enough to have any, but once you are, sure, why not. study history.

            unfortunately I’ve actually spent 10 years in the liberal arts at a very good university and know that history is almost as politicized as gender studies.

            you don’t really learn anything except propaganda.

            the left has been fond of history since it came into existence, for the simple reason that they love to revise things so they fit into its dogma.

            thus revisionist history.

            read 1984 to see how that works eventually.

            I also suggest that you look up the definitions of various words and phrases you place into your posts. They do not mean what you think they mean.

            finally, it would be nice if you did not change topics or move goal posts during an argument.

            I used ‘racist left’. you tried to argue that this is not valid.
            you said:

            “racist left”…. is an oxymoron.

            I replied with the undeniable fact that the KKK was founded by Democrats. you cannot start re-defining conservative and liberal mid argument.
            the Democrats back then were and the Democrats now are still the party of big government.

            the left is fundamentally for big government. socialism and its perfected state, communism is the embodiment of ‘big government’.


            there is a racist left.

            I’m right, you’re wrong. Deal with it.

          3. Yet another SJW wanna be who thinks the fact I’m a fan of Hugh Laurie and his character House means something more than the fact I’m a fan of the show. Is your icon being some little smart phone bar code thing that no one uses supposed to make you edgy? I’m soooo impressed. All of us are. Oh, wait, what’s the opposite of that?

            “Oh, but you’re not a feminist!” you’ll protest. No, you’re the polar opposite, so much of an extreme that the horse shoe effect kicks in and you’re indistinguishable from your supposed opponents, but just as guilty.

            And yes, I drop my creds all over the place because I’m not eager to let some little pissant who thinks because he graduated high school (or JUST got his GED) that he’s qualified to regurgitate half-baked bullshit about history. The simple fact is – you know DICK about history and you’re just running at the mouth, vomiting up an opinion likely fed to you by your peers or your community. If you had even remotely developed any meaningful perspectives, you wouldn’t be repeating such easily disposable, stock claims. Context – that thing GamerGate has been trying to hammer home for months – do you even?

            “10 years in liberal arts” – what the fuck are you doing for 10 years in “liberal arts” and what “liberal arts”, specifically, you do know that’s an umbrella term, right? And history is only politicized at the shallow, interdisciplinary level. When you actually care about history and you have the chops to get peer-reviewed by the old guard and not get eviscerate for being some gender studies bitch like so many “academics” are today, there’s nothing “political” about it. You describe the events of the past based on the evidence. A historian might argue that something or someone (or a group of someones) had a particular impact at a moment in history, but at the end of the day your argument is only as good as the evidence you can bring to support it. I spend my entire master’s education ripping apart “works” by people with PhD’s who should, frankly, have never been granted them.

            The problem with academia is the lean towards authoritarianism being pushed by the progressive agenda – students don’t question teacher OR the information they’re presented… which is stupid. There’s always more than one perspective and furthermore, students are paying for their education, quite handsomely, and are entitled to push back and argue as much as they like; it’s what I did.

            “The undeniable fact that democrats started the KKK”. Yes, and the GOP started the McCarthy Red Scare which put numerous people in jail and ruined their lives, all for political gain. Is there a point? Again, I’ve ALREADY BEATEN YOU on this point – the Democratic party that existed in the 1800’s is NOT the same as the Democratic party that exists in the modern day. If you honestly don’t grasp that things change over time then your 10 year stint studying the “liberal arts” was one hell of a waste of money. You are literally comparing apples to oranges.

            I never tried redefining “liberal and conservative” – I pointed out that the positions of the two parties have REVERSED since their founding – something which is UNDENIABLE historical fact. Unless you’re some podunk trash in the South, then reality doesn’t matter since butthurt from the civil war = denial of history anyway.

            And you just changed arguments! How does liberal and conservative equate to for or against big government? that’s a completely separate matter! And if you HONESTLY don’t believe the GOP is pro-big government… ummm… G.W. Bush? The GOP does LITERALLY nothing else except try and dismantle oversight and regulation while cutting taxes for the wealthy. NOTHING ELSE. They are the party of the OLIGARCHS and are SHAMELESS about it. Jesus Christ we have the fucking Speaker, Darth Turtle himself, ON RECORDING liking the Koch Brothers boots and promising a government shut down if they can’t get them what they want. How is that serving anyone’s interest except those at the top? Big Government or Big Business, it does nothing but fuck everyone else mate.

            The Democrats are solely focused on the governments role in providing as many services to as many people as possible. Are they tax happy? yep. Are they hypersensitive and obsessed with political correctness? yep. Neither is particularly good, but I’ll take them over a bunch of elderly cunts who think a handful of billionaires “got them elected” instead of the MILLIONS of “common folk” who voted for them.

            Blah, Blah, Blah – you ramble on about communism and socialism and big government (go get more tinfoil and I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean). Again, not what we were talking about and they’re not connected.

            You try and change the argument for like, the FOURTH time – we were never debating whether or not there is or isn’t a racist left, in fact, that’s not ever a debate. Racism permeates EVERYTHING.

            The original issue at hand is your claiming the Democrats are bad because they “invented the KKK” – you broad stroked something and you generalized, and I took your ignorant ass to task for it because you’re equating the way a political party behaved over century ago, in a society that was RADICALLY different, with how an organization that bears the same name behaves today and what it’s goals are. You can’t beat this position, because it’s a COMMON SENSE position, so you try to argue a million and one other positions, which are also nonsense.

            So, just to clarify: You Lose.

        3. I think the issue is that they were Pakistani immigrants, more so than Muslim. Believe me, if your sole justification for rape and child molestation is your religion, then there’s something profoundly wrong going on. These people came from a culture where this was permissible, or at the very least looked away from. The fact that people didn’t want to do anything for fear of being labeled “racist” is more of an indictment against British society for being too pussified by the radical progressive extremists (aka feminists).

          This is the danger of radical, nonsensical social attitude – the influence political figures and careerists to turn blind eyes to awful shit. Also, as a matter of course you can’t be “racist” against a religion (that would just be intolerance, albeit justified imo).

    1. STRAW MAN!

      Ralph didn’t make the argument that OJ wasn’t guilty, he simply stated the fact that he got off and that he knew he was going to get off. Not being found guilty of a crime doesn’t make you innocent of said crime – guilty people go free all the time, and sadly innocent people get punished. But it’s better that 100 guilty men go free than a single innocent man spend a day in prison etc etc.

      OJ got off for 3 reasons – Cochran’s fantastic courtroom skill, the racial tension lingering since Rodney King (he was high on PCP, how the fuck was that excessive force?! have you ever tried to subdue someone on PCP? They don’t feel pain!), and the fact that it was a OJ-motherfucking-Simpson. The cops rolled up in his house and just DEFILED the evidence and crime scene because a) there was so much of it and b) he’s a celebrity so it was all “ooh this is cool!”. That entire police department should have been fired.

      That being said, Ralph’s argument is based around reference to a historical fact – OJ got acquitted. Ralph is drawing a parallel to himself – that he is not guilty. It’s not the best analogy, but it’s his blog and he really wanted to use that headline, and it fits.

      Now, HUSH.

      1. you need to look up the definition of straw man, my enthusiastic friend 😉

        also: Cochran was not good. he was a product of political correctness and his successes were as well.
        people already start to bend over when a black guy uses the word racism.

        times will change, though

  7. Just a note: this is a violation of global rule 1 on 8ch.net, even if it is obscured via onion link.

    while /baphomet/ is not listed it’s still there via direct link.

    reporting it should produce action.

  8. Oh noes, SJWs lying, again… Must be Tuesday. Or Thursday… Or pretty much any fucking day.
    Seriously, they destroyed any credibility they had months ago. Now if Gawker or any of these SJW fucks told me the sky was blue I would walk outside fully expecting it to have turned bright red thats how little I trust these scumbags.

    1. The joke is supposed to go:

      Oh look, SJWs crying about first world non-problems and lying about shit? It must be a day that ends in a “y”.


  9. Hey FagButts…..Ralph offered to pay me to assassinate JFK, MLK and President Regan. When the last job went tits up I discovered I was getting paid in half smoked joints, bags of stale pretzels and crackers, and a six pack of beer. Better post that to your Twatterstream.

    Ralph mate, bless providence your enemies are such a bunch of fucking clowns mate. Blessed you are bro.

  10. Spreading around dox and linking to people’s SSN’s and CC #’s (the latter 2 being federal crimes) is not free speech. These /baphomet/ children need to be shown a time out, or in some cases flat out V&’d. Hotwheels needs to demonstrate he can tell the difference between free speech and assholes breaking the law under the guise of free speech. Common Sense, poorly named as it is, applies.

  11. Dude they made up two deaths and blamed them on us, and have yet to prove that anyone ever died.

    No-one takes them serious at this point.

  12. I’ve already had this out with Ralph over Twitter so I don’t expect him to change his position but this is for the benefit of other commentors. Ralph is taking the wrong position regarding /baph/. Wanting an entire board deleted for the actions of maybe one or two users? Low. But that aside it would also be ineffective. The people on /baph/ will just migrate to another board. You’re not going to stop these people by trying to get their space deleted. That’s SJW tactics and a real disregard for the reality of the situation imo. The proper response here is to report the people to the authorities. What are you going to do when /baph/ gets deleted and the doxx get posted to /b/? Have Hotwheels delete /b/? Try to get Obama to take down 8chan? This is the wrong way to handle the issue.

  13. Kinda wonder how all that info is up for grabs so much?(dox). Even hacking a PC or getting a IP doesn’t guarantee Cc info or address info… well not here in Europe at least.

    Hell, to find Cc info in Europe is like a 1 on 100 if not 1 on 1000
    And what would these internet people even do with your adress? Send letters?
    As an European i prob dont know whats so harmful in doxing as shit is different here.

  14. Now that time has passed, pretty sure that was devi trying to frame you herself, she lost her mind recently as we all know. Its self flattery to even think anyone in GG cares about her anymore, she’s one of the biggest cows out there.
    Just like the rest, these people are deathly afraid of becoming irrelevant and will do anything to stay in the spotlight. The more desperate her situation becomes the more likely these professional victims will victimize themselves hoping for handouts.

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