The word Virtual has opted in more than one way, and it has become confusing. To stop this confusion, a new hypervisor opted to use the word Parallel instead of virtual while offering all benefits of a virtual machine. Following, we are giving you five reasons why you should consider using it.

Try a New Operating System

If you used Windows and Mac OS in the past, and you want to try (let’s say) Linux, how can you do it without changing your whole system? The answer is using a Hypervisor. You can have a dual boot system, but a virtual machine will be fast and convenient.

Install a Virtual machine so you can run a guest operating system. In case something goes wrong with the guest Operating System so that it won’t harm the Host Operating System. In case of a catastrophic failure, you only need to recreate the virtual machine and reinstall the Guest OS.

Run Old or Incompatible System

There are many examples of old software no working on newer Operating systems. In case you needed to use old software and your current OS is no help, then you are better off with a Virtual Machine.
Run the Virtual Machine on your host OS and install the guest OS to run your preferred software. This way, you can emulate the software.

Get Rid of Malware

If your system is infected with malicious content, then installing a Virtual Machine can help you get rid of the infection. It is an effective way to test suspicious files. You can use the Virtual machine to run virus and see how it affects the system.

But there is some risk; the malware can detect your environment is virtualized and break out from Guest OS to your Host OS. So you need to be careful.

Explore and Experiment

If you are a tech geek, then you have to Try Parallels Desktop. Doing this will help you explore and experiment with other OS besides Mac. Installing a Virtual Machine lets you experiment with your system without any backlash.

You can use virtual almost any Operating System on your Mac with the help of this Virtual Machine. If you want to explore the files of your host OS and tinker with them, you can easily do so with the OS. Open the files, edit, or even delete. But make sure you don’t wreck your system doing it.

Develop Applications for Other OS

This comes in handy if you are a developer, and you make applications for a living. This is perhaps the most productive use of a Virtual Machine. The fact is, sometimes you don’t get to choose the assignment and their requirements, and you have to roll with them for the sake of paying your bills.

Since you are unable to install a new OS for every assignment, it seems practical that you have a Virtual Machine in place and change the Guest OS from time to time. This gives you the valuable time and platform to do your work.