I’ve been tied up all day with a personal situation (I hate to “pull a Wu,” but my dog is ill), but I’ve still been following all the happenings. A big one happened today, so I had to do a post on it. If you’ll recall, we talked about PG Gamer recently, and the scandal they had brewing over their complete lack of proper disclosure. Their writer, Tyler Wilde, was knee-deep in Ubisoft cunny, and failed to tell his readers about that while writing about Ubisoft products. This is what you call an undisclosed conflict of interest. Whereas before this type of thing would have slipped by unnoticed, now we have GamerGate there to serve as the watchmen. We caught it, bitched about it, and you know what? PC Gamer actually listened. 

They join a long list of outlets and companies (not to mention the FTC) who have followed GamerGate’s lead on ethics reform. Before we get to more, here’s a snippet from PC Gamer’s announcement today (click pic for full story) (good work FartToContinue):Selection_665

That’s pretty much exactly what we’ve been asking for since August! Too bad Stephen Totino Totilo didn’t do this. Of course heads should have rolled there, starting with #AndN Nathan Grayson (I might have more on that later, btw). Instead, Totilo buried his head, just like Gamasutra and Polygon did. He could have been a hero like the editors at IGN, but he chose a different path. We tried to warn him, but he didn’t listen.

Plenty of companies listened, even though you don’t hear about that anymore. Sure, a couple came back, but we still did some damage. The corrupt media never mentions the advertisers who have kept their pullout going. That would fuck up their anti-GamerGate narrative. Think about that narrative for a second, by the way. If any other group had achieved what we have, there would be all kinds of profiles about our accomplishments. Even movements that are hated by the media usually don’t get blackballed this badly. The way we’ve been treated is beyond the pale. Westboro Baptist Church gets better press than we do, for fuck’s sake.

We’ve done so much with zero support from the media. We’ve had to build our own institutions from the ground-up. It’s been hard work, and it can get discouraging at times because of the constant drumbeat against us coming from the corrupt Fourth Estate. But thanks to our dedication and commitment, wins continue to pile up, even in the face of this unprecedented negative barrage. Keep pushing forward, and the companies who truly care about the consumer, will be separated from those who don’t. That’s what GamerGate is all about.