Earlier today, the SJWs proved that have given up trying to hide their indoctrination endgame. You see, they know that have lost the majority of people that are of age now. As of today, they’re losing and losing really fucking badly. But, it’s a lot easier to get a young kid to go along with you. Think of all the morons you see just going along with the nonsense they’re told everyday…it’s even easier to feed children lies. After I read the Anti-Defamation League’s lesson plan earlier today, I literally got sick to my stomach. I don’t think I can ever recall such a biased and one-sided presentation of any subject. Even Hitler himself gets a fairer hearing than gamers and GamerGate (yes, he seriously does). Fuck this shit.

If you still had any doubt in your mind just how serious the threat is that we face, hopefully you get rid of that shit after seeing these screens. I’m still stunned, to be honest. Here’s a gallery with screens from the entire report, minus a couple of the activity cards at the end. You can find the full report HERE:

Is just downright sick to pump out bullshit like this to immature minds without any sort of challenge whatsoever. What purpose could this possible serve other than indoctrination? I don’t see much room for debate. Sure, there are discussion activities listed, but it’s VERY clear what side you are supposed to be on. Could you imagine being a young kid who sees through this, being scared of making your teacher look like a jackass, so you have to keep quiet? Or maybe they don’t keep quiet. I wonder how many kids will get fucking ejected from class over this shit. I know I likely would have.

Look at the article they want the kids to read: Anita’s bogus editorial in The New York Times. She talks about being a gamer for life, when there is video evidence out there that she is completely fabricating that claim. Why does the media never talk about it? Why is the ADL pushing bogus claims, for that matter? It’s because they’re both involved in pushing the SJW agenda, in one way or another.


We can only hope that teachers nationwide will reject this attempt at presenting a one-sided attack on the gamer culture. I also hope that pro-gamer parents will be on the lookout for this particular lesson. We need to shine the brightest light possible on this. I can tell you now, that it’s only the beginning. They’ve been at this sort of thing for many years, but they’re gonna attempt to get even bolder as the conflict spreads. Be ready for it, and we’ll have a much better shot at beating them back.

    1. The ADL is an “SJW” propaganda outfit itself, calling anyone that doesn’t agree with its views, extremist, just like it’s twin the SPLC. That’s how they’re able to align with apparent anti-Israel agitators so long as they align to the grand plan – “diversity through inclusiveness”.

  1. This is just more Common Core BS coming from the left. On the bright side, that pdf says it’s Grade Level: 11–12. Hopefully they’ll be old enough to see through the bull crap.

    I got put in a private school when Common Core started in my area a couple years ago. I wasn’t thrilled at the time, but now I’ve never been happier about it. My parents are putting my little sister in private school starting next year. She (and everyone else in her class) is really struggling with their algebraic word problems. She’s in the 2nd grade.

    Next time you’re bored, do a Google image search for “common core fail”

    1. ,,,i posted that article and a couple others that outlined McIntosh’s anti Israel remarks to th ADL and every Jewish media organization with a twitter feed as well as dozens of Jewish and Israeli community organizations, several Rabbis ( one rabbit by mistake), and commented on doing it here in based comments and only one person wanted to do it with me and i never heard back from them and everyone else that noticed thought it was too “iffy” to quote one scholar, but I did it for a few days,,,i even explained to fellow ggs NOT mention gamergate, that they wanted to know when some crazy goy was spoutin rabid bullshit like this and worded them ” @intel funds anti Israel radical ,yada yada, politely with th link,,,,
      ….but Im down for another run at shitposting this stuff to another wide swath,,,start with th ADL, then B’nai Brith, and just hit th list of like minded accounts below,,,th news agencies pop up as well and quickly in those,,,its late here in England,,,you start today, ill joun in tommorrow,,,if i find those other articles ill drop th links here in another reply,,,
      ,,,cry havoc baby, and let slip th shitposts of war,,,( i have an expanded definition of shitposting that definitely includes polite emails to advertisers and polite tweets/emails to these groups as its shit id rather not be posting, but if i do it, i go runnin i with th meekness strapped over my words like a suicide tank top strapped with truth bombs),,,

      ,,,and yeah, it needs to be in every organization related to and concearned with Israel, because they in turn may bring complaints to th ADL,,,

    2. Yea the adl should know that they are in bed with people who exhibit the same mentality of those who are vehemently against israel. Just as anti GG does with GG, anti Isrealis hold Isreal to impossible standards. Anita like the palestinians falls back on victimhood to avoid all criticism and accountability. Anti GG uses victimhood as an excuse to react without limit. They get in bed with these people, and they will reinforce the very mindset of their enemies.

      Separation between those two doesn’t exist, as shown below

  2. Not really much to be done if the regular media is aware of what she’s up to and only covers for her. Edit any and all interviews with her.

    Its bat-shit crazy.

    1. Unfortunately, feminist viewpoints are never challenged in plain sight of the mainstream media unless a critic of the ideology can be strawmanned as a “misogynist” or a “troll.” Anita (a.k.a. Jonathan McIntosh) is simply exploiting that nonsensical rule of Western journalism for fame and profit.

  3. Peer review bad, NY times good. This is what SJWs and Wikipedia have been telling me. Why use facts when creating a lesson plan when you can get off easily and use NY Times articles.

  4. Well, there goes society. It’s been fun, everyone. I’m gonna go buy a 48 pack of cyanide pills for myself.

      1. It’s clear that the time for negotiation and conversation is at an end. The time has come for uprising to begin and bring anarchy to the world. Those who try to rape the minds of our young must see their blood spilled for their crimes.

  5. “We can only hope that teachers nationwide will reject this attempt at presenting a one-sided attack on the gamer culture.”

    ….Yeah, we’re screwed.

    The “Progressive” indoctrination that is wrecking ever other last subject and element of public schools has now worked its way to the topic of videogames.

    They’ve been doing this to U.S. History for decades, and have now decided to add gaming to the takedown list.

    Kids won’t be able to do math, stand a decent chance of being molested by a teacher, and will be left with not much in the way of usable life skills…..but they’ll be great parroters of the self-loathing and heritage-loathing that is at the core of all the nonsense Anita and her ilk peddle.

    It’s a monster.

    1. By “molest” do you mean in no way prepared for the real world? Live in a bubble that is only viable for so long as others who think likewise think likewise provided that the mechanical foundations of civilization, which haven’t been looking to good for a while, don’t outright breakdown?

        1. Last I heard there’s been an growing epidemic of female teachers having sex with male students. Some of them falling on victim hood, blaming the boys and trying to get them prosecuted, rather than take responsibility.

          1. Indeed. And that’s on the “Least Terrible” end of the spectrum.

            On the other end, we have the teacher feeding semen to kids in L.A. Who, as far as I know, spends his days drawing a paycheck in a padded room since he can’t be fired.

            Fun times.

          2. I find it strange when people view terrible things then put them in ‘most to least’, like feminists and MRA’s argueing over what GM is worse. It’s all bad ffs.

  6. The phrase “I BELIEVE” should NEVER COME OUT OF AN EDUCATORS FUCKING MOUTH. It’s “I Know” or NOTHING AT ALL. Period. Fucking unbelievable. Fucking ADL.

      1. That is different and yes, as long as all competing views regarding an uncertainty are presented with the weight relevant to each based off evidence (or in the case of no evidence, equality for all of them), that’s fine. But this is literally like an assertion of faith. Which isn’t surprising coming from a group who spends the vast majority of time pushing the Hasidic Jewish agenda.

        I normally have no problems with Jews, but the Hasidic sect? They’re “mystics” (i.e. full retard), they stink from a lack of basic hygiene (yet make a big to do about ‘purity laws’… and they think it’s ok to wash their hands in a fucking public drinking fountain – yes, I have confronted them on that, no, they really don’t like it and no, I frankly don’t care, as I’m an atheist and they are completely insane from my pov lol), and are incredibly rude (because they’re ‘the Chosen people’… chose to what exactly? Suffer?).

        Also, look up the Village of Kiras Joel in Upstate New York and all the endless fraud (claiming their homes are temples, claiming social security on children etc) they commit while siphoning state and federal aid (despite owning most of the land and trying to annex surrounding counties for more living space because by their religious doctrine – if she bleeds, she breeds), and the fact that everyone of their children is classified as Special Education because – survey says – INBREEDING!. Which reminds me of the Pennsylvania Dutch group of, Amish I think, that all have 12 fingers instead of 10. Don’t marry your cousins kids, it doesn’t work out well.

    1. Wait until they start telling you that they’re “co-parents” and believe that they know what’s best for children over the parents themselves.


      First person to whine about it being Sun News here in Canada gets my boot up their ass. It was also covered on NAPO, Globe & Mail, and a variety of blogs including Blazing Cat Fur, and Small Dead Animals.

      1. To be 100% fair there are lots of people who don’t parent their kids (or have no business being parents). This is a matter of quality and practice over “values”. Education should only ever be about evidence based reasoning, otherwise we might as well just throw it all out the window and go back to letting various religious texts explain reality to us.

  7. This is an area where it wont work though.
    Kids almost always know more about tech and gaming then their teachers. I wont be surprised if it makes them reject identity politics, especially as most gamer kids have gamer parents (or a gamer uncle for my nieces and nephews, my brother is definitely more of a dudebro)
    Considering how squarely I fit into their idea of Satan (straight, white, cis, single, under achiever) and yet I take pains to teach ACTUAL liberal/lefty values to the kids (tolerance, liberty, humour, sharing etc) to the point my teenage niece pokes gentle fun at me by baiting my lectures.
    Hopefully, the kids will be alright 😛

  8. “I believe video games can perpetuate sexism.”

    This is absurd. You never, ever use the words “believe” in class curriculum. Even evolution is not presented as “believe,” or the big bang. It either is true or its not, and the school’s role is to promote critical thinking, and the ability to analyze evidence. This comes off like a religious sermon, with intrusive probing into the personal beliefs of the students.

    Even if you’re a social justice warrior, you would think you would be advocating for QUALITY education – not religious garbage. This is deeply disappointing.

    If anyone has the energy to contest this somehow, the average parent is not an ideological extremist.

    1. “You never, ever use the words “believe” in class curriculum.”

      I can see it now, “Listen and Believe 101”.

  9. “Students will express their thoughts by writing a letter to a video game company”.

    This is the definition of evil. You’re looking at it.

    1. “Dear, Rockstar, more video game strip clubs please. They’re cheaper than the real thing and my wife doesn’t get as mad if it’s for an “achievement” “

  10. These are people who only want others to not only believe them, but worship them, and thank them for simply being. They want the world to have a single power, and the power of course is them. They already are forming these cults of personality around themselves, and they are all to cavalier when it comes to using people as pawns. Even the slightest questioning of their opinions or ideals is seen as “problematic” and must be corrected, and if found uncorrectable then the person is “evil” who is a “danger to society”. These people must be stopped.

  11. Why does everyone keep making deals with these lying con-artists?! Do these people even TRY to research whose bullshit they’re buying?!

    I HATE THIS FUCKING PLANET! Let me off! These are the assholes that are going to be my nurses when I’m an old man and in the hospital! I’d rather jump out of a plane dressed in a Superman costume than be left to these brainwashed Children of the Anita fuckers!

    Is there any way we can contact our Congressmen to stop this shit? This can’t be kosher.

  12. Sarkeesian is a piece of work, to say the least. The thing that’s funny, is if you play GTA V, you’ll note she bears a strong resemblance to “Michelle” on Chattersphere. I can’t help but wonder if they weren’t parodying her in some way when they came up with the character.

    1. ,,…I think one of the main reasons that FullMcIntosh truly hates GTA is that in writing it, Dan and Sam Houser and Lazlow who pens most the radio shows and ad spots (him and Reed Tucker were ad guys IRL), have done what he only dreams of doing,,,,hacking pop culture and making a fucking mint at it,,,,
      ,,,,,in th TV and radio shows both left and right politically get skewered ruggedly,,,.liberals, conservatives, vapid reality tv and highbrow documentarys alike all get violated bad uncle style,,,
      …..in GTA 4, th’ War on Terror and Fox News (Weazel News) were lambasted more thoroughly and to a bigger audience than McIntosh ever did with his paltry little videos,,,,hell, parts of th’ map were initially closed off at th’ bridges and the lockdown was due to being on high terror alert, incorporating th parody of reality into th game mechanics,,,
      ,,,,,so th’ next time you see little Jonathan Chubbins McIntosh tweeting with righteous fervor over how horrible and rapey and sexually violently bad GTA is, just remember: It aint about th guns, or th’ titties, or th’ guns shooting titties,,,it’s all about how he failed in presenting a successful protest or parody of th war on terror and 911 that he swears put him on this SJW path…and he had to sit and swallow hard when a mean old video game hacked pop culture so much better and entertainingly than he did and made a fucking metric ton of money doing it,,,,
      ,,,,,little Jonathan Chubbins is just a jealous little jelly bitch,,,he’s just jelly,,,,period.
      ,,,anything else is simply a meaningless trope,,,

  13. The ADL is militant Leftist group, so you better damn well believe they are gonna side with Anita to push more Uber-SJW nonsense into school.

  14. Looking at the history of computer games and cultural influences (sci-fi, movies, military simulators etc.) might be quite interesting. This kind of thing however isn’t because it’s clearly pushing a question without a simple answer.

    Some examples:

    If you made a totally non-sexist AAA shooter and you’re playing a female space marine attacking the big boss, only he’s protected by fellow females (think Colonel Gadaffi’s female bodyguards), what would happen if you were allowed to shoot said women or stab them or punch them in the face? The sort of things you might do in a typical AAA game? Answer: VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, THIS IS DISGUSTING. Only it wouldn’t be – it would be completely egalitarian.

    Similarly the damsel in distress trope works because most humans instinctively don’t like to see violence against women, kids or animals.This is why movies will always give us a ‘will the kid and his dog escape the tidal wave’ scene. It plays on deep emotional states which are probably partly biological – just look at any animal if it thinks its young is being put in peril.

    Busty wench characters. The feminists appear to be on a firmer footing here. Games are aimed mainly at young guys, so the female characters are sexually appealing to said guys. But… male characters in games all look like bodybuilders in combat fatigues. Where are the chubby males, the dorks, the tall but skinny weird ones? Computer games have good looking characters for the same reason Hollywood does. Appealing to both sexes arousal mechanisms.

    Male power fantasy. ‘But, but good-looking male characters are about projecting physical power while female character’s looks are to do with sex!’ Hate to break it to you but spookily attractive women’s looks are a form of power and they work considerably better than brute force in modern societies most of the time.

  15. the adl has an article on how sexism against men and boys and how it affects them, so I thnk there’s hope for them yet, I believe they have good intentions but haven’t done their research properly, with emails explaining them the factual inconsistensies with that very document could get it pulled down

  16. This is fucking sick!
    No teacher should impose a person of power or influence to speak to the impresionable children about their ideology until they’re at least able to critically think for themselves.
    This is flat out indoctrination-level bullshit. Fucking hell, people, what the fuck is wrong with you!?

  17. This is disgusting! Not only is Anita Sarkeesian an openly misandrist radical feminist, she is also an admitted Anti-Semite and has denounced the state of Israel as an “Apartheid State”! Why would the Anti-Defamation League not only supporting and working with, but also distributing propaganda from a vile bigot and con-artist like Anita Sarkeesian!?

  18. Some bloke in Germany did stuff like this back in the 40’s. Have youth groups brainwash the children to his way of thinking only, push only one train of thought and ban anything that contradicted it. Oh, what was his name again….

    1. ,,,it was actually in th’ 1920s, 1930s and 1940s when th’ little Austrian practiced his human brain programming,,,

  19. Anita’s been a gamer since she was a kid, there’s a photo of her playing Nintendo as a kid, but she just says whatever gets her audience’s ear, whether it’s “I’m not a fan of video games” or “I don’t know much about them” or “I’m an avid gamer and have been doing it all my life”.

    1. Link to or post that photo please ,,,otherwise th’ internet rule of “No Photo Didn’t Happen.” will have to prevail,,,,

      1. Well, you can search the web as easily as I can, and I don’t really care whether you believe me, but I saw it in one of her “Tropes vs Women in Video Games”, and also in one of Thunderf00t’s videos about it, and it’s probably in other videos as well alongside a video of her giving a presentation that she’s not a gamer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afgtd8ZsXzI

        1. ,,,seriously? You post the vid where she starts out admitting to not playing video games and having to learn video games? Ok dude. Whatevers,,,

          1. Ive seen a vid of a still with her as th source,,,ive watched thunderfoots and Sargons extensively btw and more of her crap than i ever should, ,all this time and the only evidence of her as a chilhood gamer is her word and a photo she inserted with sappy story into her vid…this equals allegations she was a gamer, ie she alleges it with dodgy proof at best. And as Sargon has pointed out, which sounds more natural? her practiced story or her talking off th cuff in this vid admitting to her non gamer status? Now lets try again and ill be clear and slow: show me evidence that she gamed as a child, and do try to not use her as a source. Her little Jonboy is an admitted “cultural hacker” but photos are beyond him tampering with? But ok, lets give her her story, she isnt lying. Fine. Ill take hers and your word for it. Together you two convinced me. I listened and believed you….happy now?

          2. I just randomly stumbled on the pic of her playing video games as a kid… http://the-lfb.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/sarkeesian_2.jpg Unfortunately I can’t tell if the controller was actually on or if she was just faking it for a Tropes video (sarcasm). I found it displayed on this site http://the-lfb.com/2013/07/26/the-philosophy-of-anita-sarkeesian/ linked from this site http://www.streamica.com/#!KSoDEA6yw24 As far as I can tell that pic was publicized by her.

          3. Theres a close up still from the Tropes vid that showed a close up of t controller and th controller light wasnt even on…if i dig it up ill drop it for you here,,,thanks for those,,,

  20. She already lost 60% of her supporters.The ABC nightline report was an attack to all gamers, not just GG but thankfully it has done more harm then good to her and the other frauds like Wu and the washed up Schafer. Believe me she has as much haters over her in europe as she has in america. This is a pure act out of desperation. She knows she will be forgotten in a few years and thats why she tries to squeeze as much money and attention out of gullible people as long as her train lasts.
    I know this sounds like false hope what I’m saying here but look at the E-celebs from the last years: Spoony, TGWTG and even the AVGN lost alot of supporters and subs and the where loved by fans. She won’t be around forever.

    GG gets portrayed as they where pure evil but in the end they have more supporters than Anita and all the other liars. The media fears GG more then they hate them.

    The sad thing is after fraudkeesian and fullmcintiosh are gone the next maniac will come up and call video games violent, sexist or whatever.

  21. To be fair, we haven’t heard of any schools using this curriculum. I would assume that the first school to use it will find out the hard way that fostering hate at a young age doesn’t work so well… 😉

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