Earlier today, the SJWs proved that have given up trying to hide their indoctrination endgame. You see, they know that have lost the majority of people that are of age now. As of today, they’re losing and losing really fucking badly. But, it’s a lot easier to get a young kid to go along with you. Think of all the morons you see just going along with the nonsense they’re told everyday…it’s even easier to feed children lies. After I read the Anti-Defamation League’s lesson plan earlier today, I literally got sick to my stomach. I don’t think I can ever recall such a biased and one-sided presentation of any subject. Even Hitler himself gets a fairer hearing than gamers and GamerGate (yes, he seriously does). Fuck this shit.

If you still had any doubt in your mind just how serious the threat is that we face, hopefully you get rid of that shit after seeing these screens. I’m still stunned, to be honest. Here’s a gallery with screens from the entire report, minus a couple of the activity cards at the end. You can find the full report HERE:

Is just downright sick to pump out bullshit like this to immature minds without any sort of challenge whatsoever. What purpose could this possible serve other than indoctrination? I don’t see much room for debate. Sure, there are discussion activities listed, but it’s VERY clear what side you are supposed to be on. Could you imagine being a young kid who sees through this, being scared of making your teacher look like a jackass, so you have to keep quiet? Or maybe they don’t keep quiet. I wonder how many kids will get fucking ejected from class over this shit. I know I likely would have.

Look at the article they want the kids to read: Anita’s bogus editorial in The New York Times. She talks about being a gamer for life, when there is video evidence out there that she is completely fabricating that claim. Why does the media never talk about it? Why is the ADL pushing bogus claims, for that matter? It’s because they’re both involved in pushing the SJW agenda, in one way or another.


We can only hope that teachers nationwide will reject this attempt at presenting a one-sided attack on the gamer culture. I also hope that pro-gamer parents will be on the lookout for this particular lesson. We need to shine the brightest light possible on this. I can tell you now, that it’s only the beginning. They’ve been at this sort of thing for many years, but they’re gonna attempt to get even bolder as the conflict spreads. Be ready for it, and we’ll have a much better shot at beating them back.