There’s so much to talk about today! I’m going to squeeze in at least two or three more posts before the LIVE show tonight, which you can watch here beginning at 8PM EST. The replay will be available there after the show ends, which will be sometime before 11PM EST. Anything more than two or three hours is insanity, in my opinion. I have a hard enough time listening to one hour, much less three. Speaking of hard times, look who stopped by to join us…it’s Liquored-Up Leigh! She’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. 

She’s hired an admitted pedophile to work for her site. Although, she probably isn’t paying Sarah Nyberg anything, to be fair. But still, this isn’t the sort of person I would want writing for As you longtime readers know, this person is proud of their pedophilia, going so far as to proclaim it on an open Internet forum. Many pedos know how sick they are, but this one seems to revel in depravity. Then again, so does Leigh Alexander.

Here’s a small part of the Butts piece, which is hilarious for all the wrong reasons:

I remember the moment I realized what the Wall Market section of Final Fantasy VIIwould actually entail. I was thirteen, and I nervously checked to see if anyone else was home.

Being trans brought with it this odd sense of obligation to protect a secret that at the time I wasn’t even aware I had. Looking back, it seems a little ridiculous, but I really was afraid someone could glean something like that about me, just from playing a game where the main character is forced to crossdress.

There is no single, universal trans narrative, but for most trans people, it takes quite a bit of our life before we’re able to conceptualize our experiences in the same way we do once we’ve come out to ourselves. I didn’t conceive of myself as “being a girl” as a child; I didn’t know that was possible. I knew, at the time, that I deeply wanted to be a girl, but I had no idea what that meant, and I had a vague but persistent notion that whatever this feeling was, I shouldn’t acknowledge or discuss it. I know now that I was a girl, but that understanding and framing only came much later.

HAHA, OK, Sarah. Whatever you say, girlfriend. Another point I would like to bring up before tossing this to the #BasedCommentSection: this person also runs a piracy website for profit. How does drunken Leigh turn a blind-eye to this sort of behavior? I guess when your standards have sunken as low as hers have, you’ll take any kind of help you can get. It’s a shame to see Megaphone-chan brought so low.

Ah, who am I kidding? It’s fucking hilarious. Before I go, here’s a video of Leigh talking to our friend Rami Ismail. Turns out, he’s a big fan of my column yesterday:

Here’s the vid. Comment on that, Leigh farming her site out to child-lusters, or the hilarious Rami exchange. I’ll be back with at least one more story before the LIVE show.

  1. srhbutts is disgusting, the fact that SJWs keep supporting a dogfucking pedophile like him while pushing the Guilt By Association angle so hard when it comes to GG just shows once again what frauds they are.

      1. She? Nyberg will forever be a HE, like Wu. Earn your pronouns, folks. Being toxic little shits is not the way to do it in my eyes.

  2. I’m not at all sure what is funny about what Nyberg says there. It’s fine to bash her because of her behavior, not because she’s trans.

    Unless you want to hand aGG their victory on a silver platter. Last I checked there were quite a few of us NotYourShield types fighting the good fight.

    1. He’s not bashing Sarah for being trans, but for equating a cross dressing character with transexuality. A lot of trans people get rightfully upset when you compare their gender dysphoria with cross dressing. They are not the same thing.

      1. Thing is Ms Butts is a cross dresser and she keeps claiming it’s the same thing as gender dysphoria. I really suspect Butts is a closet transphobic.

        1. Have you seen the aGGro side lately? Well have you!?

          Majority of them are lunatics with no idea what they’re talking about, prone to overreacting and basing everything on their feelings!

    2. The fact that Nyberg is disgusting creature have nothing to do with him being transsex. I have learned not to trip out if persons is of transsex, and I am still learning to “live and let live”, but people may become offend because I “misgender” people like Nyberg. If I don’t respect Nyberg as person, then how can I respect his pronoun? I simply cannot pretend that Nyberg, Wu or other “transwoman” is of actual Woman.

  3. “I’ve never been a fan of the modern Final Fantasy sequels but when I heard that it was going back to 7 suddenly I was interested.”

  4. This is why GamerGate will not stop until it wants to stop: anytime we stumble or falter, our adversaries do something terrible or stupid that demonstrates WHY GamerGate exists.

    Gawker aids in the abetting of outing and blackmail of private citizens, and now Ms. Drunkaphone is hiring someone who has admitted that she wants to molest an underaged relative.

    And these are people that claim to be morally superior to GamerGate? Fuck all of them and the horses their mothers fornicated with to produce them.

  5. You know Rami is friends with Grayson, Quinn and co for a long time right? Loads of pictures of them online.

  6. So I presume it’s gonna be a whole lot of articles about what flavors of Hawaiian Punch best mask the taste of crushed up cold medicine.

  7. I hear we’re learning a lot about Pluto lately, it takes 4.5 hours just for light to travel there. That should be far enough to send them. Hopefully it gets expedited efficiently.

  8. Well this is going to fail hard. We’ve already seen Leigh has the reverse Midas touch, everything she graces with her presence seems to turn to shit. Add in the habitually offended Butts (who will probably claim, like with The Mary Sue, that this isn’t her in about a month or so) and this boat is about to set sail for fail.

  9. Go Leigh! Collect all the freaks and monsters at your little site. Hire Chu as a spellchecker. Hire Harper as the anti harassment mod. Hire Wu as the resident hairdresser. Do 20 interviews a day with Quin about how depressed she is with her millionaire boyfriend.

    This will be Poe’s Law in action 24/7. An endless source of entertainment until the hugbox crashes and burns and you inevitably go bankrupt. Go for it!

  10. As someone who came to this party late, it blew my mind how many crazy people are on the anti side.

    Seriously, we need to start teaching sticks and stones again man, because between Twitter PTSD and internet bullying, people have become a bunch of pussies.

    The hyperbolic assertions about how awful GGers are is assuredly irrational. You see a level sarcasm, a lot of snark, a willingness to laugh at enemies rather than hate, that the aGGs do not have.

    But more importantly, you see a logical consistency the other side does not have; they always fall back to “muh soggy knees” and shitlords and other glib lies.

    1. Welcome to the party.

      Pretty sure you’ll have a laugh about the stupid that goes on if you’re chill. If not, well, much like me you’ll be risking a heart attack.

  11. First thing in the conference is concern about stolen items followed by a comment about drug dealers. Is this like a normal thing for them?

  12. so bums is exiled offplanet with the lush… could they be more? someone science a solution lets see if they can be sent off galaxy.

  13. What is Off-World’s traffic look like these days? Can Leigh afford to bring in new writers? Can Boing Boing afford to keep bleeding money on a site that makes no money.

    Also I thought Leigh was reexamining her life after the realization that her fans are only her fans cause they feel bad for her, and not because she has talent.

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