A new flash has just come across Twitter. Adobe has now announced that they no longer wish to associate with Gawker Media. They have told them to remove their logo, and they will no longer associate with their brand. According to Gawker Media, they used to sponsor them. So this is yet another blow. Mercedes pulled out (although may be back in), BMW pulled out, and we can now ad Adobe to the list. They even put out a cool ass collage to stick it to Gawker even more. Fuck, I love Adobe.

The media keeps talking shit, but we keep racking up the victories. Like Milo said in his article this morning, what we’re doing now is virtually unprecedented. We’re up against almost 100% negative press, people are calling us the KKK, and still, we win. Our adversaries are baffled. They can’t see how we do.

The reason is simple. We believe in what we’re doing. This isn’t a game for us. All of GamerGate is deeply committed to the cause, sacrificing quality of life in order to fight this morality police menace. We certainly will not slow down now.

It’s warm by the fire.


  1. Hear hear.
    I keep plugging away with my miniscule contributions.
    It’s soul crushing to see how vicious antiGGers can be (they have refused to condemn the pro bullying position, preferring to excuse it or mock those that pointed it out)
    At the very least I use the name I have build for myself over almost 2 decades of gaming to counter their bullshit.
    I am not perfect, I am a known firebrand and intimidating presence for many in my community (until they meet me, then I’m the guy that hugs everyone too much and is WAY too nice a drunk… until I pass out in random places) but my worst critics know I am absolutely fair minded.
    If I can win even a neutral stance from my peer group, I count it a small victory.

    1. It’s soul crushing to see how vicious antiGGers can be (they have
      refused to condemn the pro bullying position, preferring to excuse it or
      mock those that pointed it out)

      I like it.

      The mask is slipping, and the more it slips, the more advertisers flee, which results in the mask slipping further.

      Because they’re establishing a narrative with their actions that is very favorable to us:

      GG: Harassment is wrong.
      SJW: Except when we do it!

      GG: We support eating your vegetables.
      SJW: Bring back bullying!

      GG: Let’s all give money to charity.
      SJW: Give us that money you evil monsters!

  2. Oh wow, such good news at the end of a day. This really made me genuinely happy. I wish I could thank them a million times over.

  3. Not to be “that guy” but I’m reasonably certain you mean to say they put out a “Collage” as opposed to a College. I mean if they went full education against Gawker, awesome, but that would be very odd indeed.

    1. I misspelled collage with one “l,” and the spell-check changed it to college. I wasn’t paying attention. I put stuff out as fast as I can, without obsessing over spelling. But I change it when pointed out, so post it if you see another.

      1. Yup, I’ll keep you updated if I see any others. I get the putting stuff out fast considering the general tone and atmosphere surrounding #GamerGate, it’s best to throw the punches out when they arrive.

    1. Yeah, just like how shes going to govt. channels to propose legislation about censoring the internet. Serious god complex here.

      They weren’t ads there to begin with this time! What’s she gonna do?

    2. Like Adobe gives a shit about what she has to say. I’m sure they be interested to listen to someone that made fun of and insulted people with autism.

      This is just her way of extending her 15 minutes of fame and look like she’s actually doing something.

    3. This is what’s going to happen.

      The phone guy is going to pass it along to management, which is going to past it along to the AD department, who will then look at it and go “Aw hell no”.

      The person on the phone was probably just that. A clueless support person out of the loop.

    4. Why does she care? What does she gain from stopping GamerGate?

      It just seems like she’s fighting so hard to react to everything they do. Does she feel morally obligated to stop gamergate?

  4. Who said Mercedes pulled back in? I’m pretty sure it would be dumb on their part. Plus a contract implies that even if they pull out, they have to wait until the contract is done.

    Also Wu will always say its not true every time someone comes out. She has no power to actually talk to many of these people just because she showed up on TV.

    1. Ian Pro-Nazi Chong did. None of us believe him as he has one of the longest histories of deceit in this whole mess, but there’s also been a lack of secondary confirmation on Mercedes-Benz decision. So it’s very unlikely he’s telling the truth, but we can’t discredit him as a liar over this until we have stronger confirmation.

  5. Brianna Wu is on the phone with Adobe… lmao. Maybe Adobe is going to tell her, Gawker is lucky they are not suing their asses for using their logo in bad faith!

  6. After losing one huge advertiser, any rational thinking business would have kicked Sam Biddle to the curb and condemned his actions, but Gawker obviously isn’t “rational”. Now that a second major advertiser has pulled out, I wonder if they’re still going keep patting him on the head and telling him what a good job he’s doing?

    YEP. This Gawker we’re talking about here. Firing Biddle would be admitting they were wrong, and Gawker would rather go down in a sinking ship rather than admit that Read and Biddle are enormous asshats.

    Oh well. All they do is post articles about what stupid thing Justin Bieber is doing this week and kissing Lena Dunham’s ass for making such a shitty show about shitty people, so nothing of value will be lost.

    EDIT: Just realized that Adobe was a sponsor, but not advertiser. Still a heavy blow to Gawker.

  7. One quibble. “All of GamerGate is deeply committed to the cause, sacrificing quality of life in order to fight this morality police menace.”

    I’m for morality, but that includes justice and the rule of law. STRICT equality, everyone is treated identically under the rules.

    The anti-GG forces have different names, “Political Correctness”, “Gender Feminism”, among others. Demons used to be named Asmodeus and Beelzebub, but in any case they must be exorcised and driven out.

    They aren’t the morality police, they are the damned (not swearing, just noting their eternal final destination) holier-than-thou crowd.

    And for fun, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yQ9a-hJVy0

    These days there’s dudes gettin’ facials
    Manicured, waxed and botoxed
    With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands
    You can’t grip a tacklebox

    Yeah ith all of these men linin’ up to get neutered
    It’s hip now to be feminized
    I don’t highlight my hair
    I’ve still got a pair
    Yeah honey, I’m still a guy

    Oh my eyebrows ain’t plucked
    There’s a gun in my truck
    Oh thank God, I’m still a guy

  8. Great. Now, if only Flash Player would stop constantly crashing.
    It’d also be nice if they fixed that long-standing Photoshop bug that spawns infinite help dialog boxes.

  9. God, the weinerhurt and clamhurt being spewed all over Twitter by the SJW crowd is the best damn entertainment I’ve had all year. They can’t get it through their thick skulls that Abode was not currently an advertiser, and by continuing to use their logo, Gawker was open to a lawsuit? Or that because Adobe doesn’t support Gawker, that it somehow means that they support GamerGate, even though Adobe said no such thing? It’s obvious that they have a rigid “us vs. them” ideology incapable of reasoning in shades of gray.

    1. Clamhurt? Come on guy. More than half of our key opposition members are males, and we all have asses that get hurt regardless of gender because it’s asses that get kicked when the fire rises. Shit like that plays right into their hands and looks genuinely chauvinistic. We’re better than that aren’t we?

  10. “This isn’t a game for us” I like it, but we do pretend it’s a game to make it more fun sometimes. “If they start winning, we just hit the reset button!” “You haven’t even seen our final form yet!” etc. 🙂

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