President Trump is under attack from the deep state, the media, the Washington D.C. This is nothing new, of course. These same groups have been working to see him brought down since before he even became president. The problem for Trump and his supporters is,  they’re starting to have some real success towards that end. I could sit here and tell you everything is fine, but that’s not the case. Trump is now tasked with navigating the strongest turbulence we’ve seen him face during his term. If he’s not careful, it could do him in.

There are some things that can be done to ride this out. The major thing is, Trump needs to get back to an America First, pro-Steve Bannon viewpoint. If he can once again be seen as beyond party politics, I think that will help him with positioning among political independents. Talk about infrastructure. Where the hell did that go? Make Democrats look like craven hacks who refuse to work with Trump to pass one of their own professed policy goals.

That’s not to say he can totally turn his back on the Republicans in Congress. For one, he needs their support to ride out this massive storm. Former FBI Director James Comey is due to testify next week and is likely to talk about the memo that was recently leaked to The New York Times. I tend to believe the memos do exist, by the way. Now, are they accurate and do they show more than what has been reported? That I cannot say. There is reason to believe this is being spun in a very malicious way in order to try to bring down the Trump administration.

Obviously, it would be a big deal if Trump did try to lean on Comey in order to get him to drop the FBI investigation surrounding former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. That’s a bad look, to say the least, especially since Trump went on to fire Comey when that did not happen. Can it be proven he fired him for that reason, though? Trump’s own statements on the matter have only made things worse, which is why I would also advise the president to keep his mouth shut about it from now until the end of time. Simply refuse to talk about Comey in any way, unless it’s muse about his possible successor. That’s why you have a press secretary.

Speaking of that role, even though I said Spicer should be replaced last week, I think any major staff shakeups should be postponed for at least 90 days. For better or for worse, this is the team Trump has to use to ride it out. The wars between new National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster (who actually went to the mat for Trump recently), Bannon, Kushner, and all the other spheres of influence, simply have to stop. If they do not, it’s going to sink the entire ship. Administration officials have to get it through their head that they will have a permanent black mark on their record if the Trump administration goes down as a complete failure. If Trump is somehow forced to step down before his term is up, none of them will never work in a White House again. They will likely be done from frontline politics altogether.

Hang together now, or you’ll all hang separately later.

I still think the odds are against a Trump impeachment or resignation, but it’s no longer as far-fetched as I had once imagined. The media is hellbent on seeing him go down and the daily drumbeat of leaks from deep state lackeys are only getting worse. If the president is able to navigate his way to September without taking on too much extra water, I think he will be in a strong position to finish his term. Most GOP voters naturally scoff at the media and anti-Trump voices in general. Those are the people he has to keep motivated, as they are the ones who give elected Republicans pause when it comes to turning on Trump. Most of them have no real loyalty towards The Donald, but they do have a loyalty to getting reelected. How do you fire up the base? With media attacks and pinpointed Democrat pinatas.

Embrace America First, stop fighting with each other through leaks to the press, and fire up the base with red meat. That would be my advice to Team Trump.