Hello, readers. I got back from my BBQ dinner last night, and then promptly fell asleep. It was that damn good. Before I move on to today’s full agenda, I wanted to do a quick post on the bomb threat that happened at the GamerGate meetup in Australia this past weekend. It also ties into the video I hope to have up later today, which covers all the false abuse anti-GamerGate has tried to tie us to over the past year. The list is amazingly long, by the way.


Based Mom tweeted about it as well, and here’s the link to the thread on KiA:


The funny thing is, this is about the third or fourth meeting of ours that’s been broken up by threats of violence. The anti-gamer crowd continuously tries to tie us into things like this, but we’re always the ones who are actually victimized. Funny how that works. It’s also funny how I didn’t read anything about this in the media. In fact, that same media refused to cover the bomb threats at SPJ AirPlay, with the exception of Owen Good at Polygon. Every single other outlet ignored that story.

That’s one way they shape the narrative. Blatant and shameless lying also helps. But social media has lessened their ability to control the information that trickles down to the public. Now, we have the power to push shit out regardless. That’s why things like Twitter and Facebook policy are important. If we lose reach in these areas, it’s going to setback our momentum. Thankfully, we’ve built up a decent network of sites as well. Combining the two is the name of the game, though.

Robust Alternative Press + Social Media = Win 

Now, that’s enough from me on this short hit. I’ll be back very quickly with another post. I’m not sure which topic (out of about 3) I’m going to write on, but I think you guys will enjoy it. At least, I hope you do. See you then.

PS: Oh and here’s this hilarious video on how to handle bomb threats, from Master Milo…


  1. No, instead we’ve gotta cover the early presidential campaigns of politicians that aren’t even gonna matter for another year.

  2. At least I know to look good at these events in case of a bomb threat. Can’t be looking bad in all those pictures.

  3. It’s funny when they ignore us, but are STILL saying Anita was forced to cancel when she really left because they didn’t bow to her like everyone else.

    1. Didn’t she cancel because they wouldn’t bow to her bullshit rule about no weapons when they upheld their conceal carry rule?

      1. Pretty much. There’s an interesting bit of cognitive dissonance there as well. The old saw ‘God made man and woman, but Colt made them equal’ is still true today. A 100-lbs soaking wet woman stands little chance against a 250-lb male in a physical confrontation… but a firearm goes a LONG way to shifting the odds back in the woman’s favor.

        People who truly believe in women’s rights should support legal ownership of firearms and the right to defend oneself. Anything else is just pathetic equivocating.

      2. Yep, they wouldn’t install more metal detectors for just one person because they believed in the 2nd amendment. Funny how that comes up a lot too.

  4. I’m starting to think that even an actual bomb EXPLODING at one of these events would still be ignored by the media.

    Unless a severed limb from one of the victims gets hurled far into the air and like lands on Anita Sarkeesian or something. Then they would claim that one of us physically assaulted her.

    1. I had a dream that Caitlyn Jenner got into another Automobile manslaughter accident with Anita Sarkeesian. Can you imagine the fallout the social justice community would experience if this actually happened?

    2. The media ignored the “knockout game” through dozens and dozens of white victims, including multiple fatalities. The first time a Dindunuffin-American punched a Jew, it became a national headline hate crime.

      GG just needs to find a few cool rabbi that like Mario Brothers and start renting space in temple off-hours. The media would start to pay attention to the threats real quick.

  5. It’s not like these instances can’t be used in a public debate. What does the anti side have? They’d have to openly declare that these circumstances did occur, and they’d have to answer for why nearly zero journalists covered it. They’d be forced to shoot themselves in the foot, or sound hypocritical if they whip out the “gamergate called in their own bomb threat” card.

    Obviously, they don’t want to cover it because gamergate is seen by the masses as a male figure. No one clicks articles where “males” are in danger.

  6. At this point does anyone trust the media? I just saw a study where over 70% of African Americans side with all lives matter (you know the side that is called racist by the media and BLM, doesn’t that sound familiar) than black lives matter.

    1. Mister Metokur just published a new video with a quote that could be related to this. It’s unrelated to BLM, he’s actually calling out a guy that made a flash animation series aimed at SJW’s and the LITERAL sales pitch is that it has a trans voice actor, but in it he explains it pretty well:

      “See that’s one of the things about millennials, and SJW’s in particular, one of the things that really gets up their ass is they’re born in a time when there aren’t really great civil rights struggles, and they want to get hit with a fire hose. You know what i mean? They want a few dogs sicced on them, so they’ll find anything they can latch onto and act like it’s some kind of fucking cause to fight for.” – Mister Metokur

      1. I watched the video and it drove me up a wall because it is a case and point on how not to do character writing. But he definitely has a point about that.

  7. This is the kind of climate that forced us to take security precautions at #GGRVA. The fact that either third party trolls or anti-GG fuckheads are willing to do this stuff forced us to really plan ahead to keep our venue out of the public eye so nothing stupid like this would happen.

    While its kinda sad and stupid that we needed to take such steps, it made the event much more relaxed because I think people weren’t worried about shit getting crazy at some point because we did take action in advance to remove the specter of a possible bomb threat.

    For anyone wondering how we handled our situation because you are looking to do a meetup, basically Redstarwarrior setup a private RSVP list and then we actually setup a neutral meeting area at a local business located nearby the actual venue and just took people to the event place. It might seem like a lot of trouble to some, but the peace of mind you get from removing a possible fail point whereby the information could leak and not only fuck up your evening, but fuck up someones business, was well worth the extra effort and little bit of inconvenience.

    1. Broketilrich did something similar but I wasn’t prepared for what he had in stored and my god… was it fun! Hell, it was one night the NYC GG audience will remember with fondness… and drunken stupidity. 🙂

      1. Right on!

        My overall point is this, we cant let these people, whoever the fuck they are, bring us down or stop us from having fun. There are ways to counter these fucking disgraceful anti-fun shitheads, it just takes a bit of planning is all.

        1. At least the goofy feminists here in Canada aren’t afraid to get off the social media and actually would show up.

          Which makes the meet up in Toronto (which I’d love to attend, but can’t) more interesting.

          But, as Roosh proved, the crazy feminists here are wildly unstable and easy as hell to troll. They may be able to have fun with it all in all.

  8. Not shocking.

    As a total aside, everyone should read Adrian Chmielarz’s excellent piece in Medium from last Thursday if they haven’t.

    His burial of Lifschitz was tasteful, accurate, and brutal. Conduct like that (and not gamergate) is why no development company would EVER hire a loose cannon like that.

    Spoiling games is a huge no no in this (or any) business. Lifschitz already has the scarlet letter, he may not know it yet, but it’s there.

  9. One would think a bomb threat would be pure news gold for the media. But I guess the old media outlets are so SJW and feminazi infested that if you are not on the *Sarkeesian Victim List*, none of them will give a shit.

  10. I know how to get the MSM to report on a threat to a GamerGate meetup. Host it in some hick town, far from anything. It would be such an odd place for anyone to make a threat against, that the police would ASK the media to report on it.

    I know the owner of the bar by name. In fact I know everyone in the town by name. I’m sure we could use the bar, or the town hall for a meet up.

    Wifi is sketchy though…..

    1. I’m curious about this GG meetups. Is it like a BYOB/Games type of event, or is someone paying for it all?

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