I had to get up early today because of some personal commitments, but I planned on going right back to sleep. However, I said “Hey, let’s check out Twitter for a minute.” As usual, my curiosity was rewarded with hilarity. It seems that Cher has been triggered. Not by world hunger or the Syrian crisis. No, the aging pop superstar (well, back in the day, anyway) has something far more important on her mind.

Pepe the Frog.

Yes, that’s right folks. Pepe, the notorious white supremacist frog, has claimed yet another victim. Will his reign of terror never end? I, for one, certainly hope not. I’m having much to fun watching the media and aging/irrelevant celebs sperg out over a fucking cartoon that’s been around for years. May the Pepe Renaissance never end.

Take a look at this absurdity…





Cher, I don’t know if you know this, but you can make Pepe be anything. Also, the “page” (Twitter profile) you cited doesn’t even have any Nazi-style Pepes in the image cited, you dunce. Oh, I forgot. Posting any Pepe is now apparently racist and means you supported the Holocaust. Do these people ever stop to think that the reason people keep posting NSDAP Pepes at them is because it causes special snowflakes to lose their shit and sperg out on Twitter dot com?

This whole thing has me like this early on a Saturday morning…


UPDATE: Cher is still going at it…