I took yesterday off in order to do some Christmas-type shit, but I’m back. I need to hit a bunch of topics, however since I’m late on most of them, I think opinion style posts will be better. Retorts, if you will. The first things I wanted to talk about today is news everyone and their grandmother has already heard about. Yes, I want to talk about Ivanka Trump getting harassed by two gay dudes on her flight to Mar-a-Lago yesterday.

This tweet has nothing to do with my post, other than having Ivanka in it. Enjoy. 

To me, this perfectly illustrates how fucking up “progressives” are. I’m not saying that someone who supports Donald Trump would never do this, but it just seems like this is the sort of thing you see from SJW-types all the time. Something is deeply wrong with their ideology and activism.

Ivanka was on a plane headed to Florida so that she could spend the holiday with her family. Her small children were with her, as was her husband. Even if you hate the Trump’s, even if The Donald makes you sick to your stomach…have you no decency? This isn’t Twitter. You’re not issuing some “hot take” Tumblr post. This is real life and you decided to harass a young mother simply because of who her father is. There’s a word for this…


It’s one of the most disgusting acts I’ve seen all year. How do you get so wrapped up in politics that you let it warp your mind to this degree? Oh, and of course the usual suspects are defending this nonsense, despite their own VERY PUBLIC records of avoiding all criticism. Jessica Valenti gets paid to regurgitate her opinion, yet she still thinks she should be exempt from having to see yours below her articles. But harassing Ivanka…legitimately harassing her…is all good. Ms. Trump is a businesswoman who is actually, in all likelihood, the most liberal person in Donald Trump’s orbit. What is the logic in fucking with her in the first place? Are you trying to make Donald get even tougher?

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I really don’t understand it. Ah yes, there I go again, looking for logic in all the wrong places.

For all the talk of Trump backers being “deplorable,” to me this gives a perfect example of why that talking point is complete garbage.