I’ve written well over 1500 posts on this site. That’s not counting all the contributions from people like Christi Junior, Jack Outis, and WildGoose (among many others). When you factor those in the number goes up to 2000+. From the very beginnings of this endeavor, I’ve been very upfront with the style of coverage I bring you. In essence, this site is a tabloid mostly written in the gonzo style. We supplement the tabloid-infused coverage of news with opinion pieces and a few reviews here and there. This is always been the mix we’ve had, the only difference lately is that I’m trying to do more videos on YouTube.

Some may ask: “Why do you do tabloid style reporting?” Well, that’s a fair question. For one, I grew up fascinated with the British papers and I take influence from that. I’m also from Memphis, where the news media tends to be somewhat over-the-top. In short, it’s just where I come from. But the thing is, there is some danger inherent in doing what I do. The main one is getting sued for reckless posts.  This can and does happen, although thankfully it hasn’t happened to me. How have I avoided it?

If something is unconfirmed, I say so. When a report involves rumor, I say so. I never knowingly post something untrue, and since I always qualify the stuff that might be shaky, it keeps me in the clear legally. I, for one, think there is a very big place for reporting rumor and innuendo, if it’s properly labeled. I don’t think I would want to do my entire site based on those things, but I enjoy a healthy dose of it. If you look at the current media landscape (including alternative media), this isn’t exactly a controversial approach.

Still, some people really hate me, and for good reason. I have wrecked countless SJWs and other assorted progressives/regressives over my last two years. Am I the biggest? No. Am I the baddest? No. I have put in some solid work, though. A good portion of said work has consisted of blowing the fuck out of Alex Lifschitz, Sarah Butts, and Dina Karam. So, I can understand why those two might have wanted to sue me. I gleefully mocked them both and had fun while doing it.

Seeing the screens that show just how much I was under their skin makes me smile. Thank you for leaking them, Ian. Thank you to whoever leaked them in the first place.




Dina Karam is a fraud and a phony. I couldn’t be more happy that I helped get her ass shitcanned from Mighty No. 9. Alex Lifschitz is a cuck who got dumped just like we all said he would. I almost feel bad for the guy. Look at him before GamerGate…



And look at him now…


He looks like he aged 10 years, he’s balding now, and he has a dye job that reminds me of a reverse Joker or some shit. Oh how the smug and sanctimonious have fallen!


As for Sarah Butts, nothing I could ever say about that creep could be worse than what they admitted about themselves.

Oh, and as for me, your narrator? TheRalphRetort.com is having it’s best month since the fall of 2014. I guess you could say the ride never ends!

UPDATE: Excellent point by Mr. Wardell…


  1. Even if you had misreported rumor as fact or got some details wrong, it’s not grounds for suing. Hell, there wouldn’t be a mainstream media today if journalists were actually accountable for the veracity of what they report, And the mainstream INTENTIONALLY lies and misleads and they still get away with it. All you have to do is print a simple retraction and all is forgiven. Even if what you wrote was absolute bullshit that caused harm, a simple “oops, got that one wrong … I sawwy”, covers your ass.

    This is standard operating procedure at places like CNN or MSNBC. Report something outrageous even if it’s false, make sure the narrative you’re trying to flog gets well established, then issue an anemic retraction that doesn’t come close to offsetting the damage that the initial report caused. That’s how “real” journalists do it these days.

  2. In a group full of human shitstains, Dina was one of the worst. Anyone who followed her Twitter and the chaos she caused as the community manager of Mighty Number 9 knows that she cared nothing about doing her job. The only thing that mattered to her was pushing her agenda and the cult of social justice.

    In the end she was the manager MN9 deserved as they let her damage the community until it was unsalvagable. The good thing is that they eventually make themselves unemployable by anyone but other cultists. Hopefully we will get some response from these worms now that their true nature has been exposed to the light.

  3. Yeah they love to talk about the law but courtrooms aren’t their friends. Whatever happens we haver to keep these fuckers out of the judiciary and that’s why whatever you think of him you need to vote fr Trump this November because Obama has already been working very hard to corrupt the DoJ and the Supreme Court is on the line here.

  4. They say you can judge yourself by your enemies

    One the one hand Ralph its good that you are hated by three despicable asshats

    On the other….mate…..a feminazi failstorm, a kiddy fiddling tub of lard and a weedy hipster stick insect who couldnt even snap a GTA5 disc in two…..christ Ralph…you need to try harder bro 😉

    1. Well to be fair it’s a step up from some of the online arching relationships I used to have. I used to arch a webcomic writer waaay back.

  5. I wouldn’t think being a Community Manager is an easy job, but I can’t imagine it being all that difficult either. And even with a poorly organized forum that had to make up their own rules as they went along, being a moderator isn’t rocket science. So to royally screw up doing both of those things is just mind boggling.

    And to try and blame the backers for it? Really?? I get that she probably got some pretty sexist and offensive messages and emails sent her way, but you know, “walk away from the screen” and all that simple stuff. I’m sure ignoring the negativity is a simple task.

    After seeing how she handled herself as a CM and her behaviour on Twitter, I really don’t think she should be involved in any profession that requires interaction with customers, clients, or with the general public. She’s clearly not qualified.

    1. I think the most common way people in that situation get it wrong is they think there’s much more to it than just tossing out the spammers and the bots and tidying up double-posts/double-threads etc.

      I think the second most common way they get it wrong is they start banning the wrong people when a shitstorm goes down. I guarantee you that if you’ve got an emotional user who’s constantly getting rekt and btfo by trolls and constantly screaming for your intervention, that said person will only continue to be a source of drama and spergouts no matter how many of their supposed tormentors you punt off the board. So if you’re going to ban anyone ban the whiners.

      That leads me to the third thing, NEVER do a troll purge. You might have to ban one or two trolls from time to time if they go way too far but for the most part it’s a bad idea to get rid of trolls. A forum without trolls is like an ocean without sharks, it might sound appealing to you until you realize what a garbage dump it’ll degenerate into.

      1. Were you on the Mighty No 9 forums? Cause that sounds exactly how things went down (and then some)!!!

        People getting warnings/bans due to the whiners you speak of, finding any excuse to ban people they found “difficult” or as “trolls”, and trying to justify deleting certain posts as “tidying up” the forums. This obviously clearly showed their bias nature in how they handled moderating the forum and also their lack of experience (I do have to place some blame on the volunteer mods and other staff members involved with the forums).

        it was a huge mess to say the least, and pointing it out or any criticism regarding it automatically got you on their bad side. I eventually got banned because of it. I believe my final warning/strike was posting an “off-topic” post…in an off topic thread….replying to an already off topic post, posted by one the volunteer mods. Yeah, it was stupid.

        1. No I wasn’t on those forums but I’ve been on a number of forums over the last fifteen years or so and have therefore seen most of them eventually eat their own assholes in a very small variety of ways. What’s so fascinating about twitter right now is it’s the first time a major social media network has really gone into this same death spiral with billions of investor dollars on the line.

          Volunteer mods have generally been one of the most cancerous institutions in internet society and it tends to put one or more of the following into power on a board:

          1.The forum creator’s romantic/sexual partner who’s not interested in the subject or culture the forum orbits but wants to be “part of their (partner’s) world”.

          2. Brownnosers who are just creaming themselves because Senpai noticed them and gave them a badge

          3. Whiny control freaks who take the job and then immediately climb up on a cross because they’re expected to actually do the job they signed up for and be even handed and reasonable.

          4. Abusive assholes who want to bully people, usually neurotic self righteous NEETs and SJWs

          Modding a board is lame tedious bitchwork. Most people who are thrilled at the chance to do it for free have vile ulterior motives.

  6. one of the underrated parts about this leak, is finding out that Dina was a full-on SJW that’s in bed with all the other SJWs, right from the jump. Like, I knew she was on some bullshit, but she was in it heavy.

  7. I had to look up Alex Lifschitz. He was no developer. He was just an intern and mainly worked on Fallout: New Vegas and How to Train Your Dragon, but as far as I know are the only things he was involved in, but he never worked as a developer. He’s dating Zoe Queef and held a talk at Critical Proximity called the Treachery of Games and claimed that Depression Quest was more valid than any other mere game could ever hope to be. Unless he went full SJW, the only people that could actually like that worthless piece of shit “game,” (which made me very happy when my review of it led to me getting banned on TVTropes along with a Femcunt Frequency review and me simply stating I would not care if I was banned) he likely only said it to get some from Zoe.

    His speech is on youtube and already has almost 1500 dislikes vs less than 100 likes.


    1. an intern or a runner? there is a difference runner is usually the bottom rung and intern is usually placed under runner. (interns depending on the industry are seen the kid in take your kid to work days except they are sometimes given simple tasks that the runners would usually be requested to do or are so simple that the people they are with don’t even want to bother with)

      1. The articles I saw mostly said intern. But whether an intern or a runner, he was never a developer and if he really believes Depression Quest is “more valid than what any other game could ever hope to be,” (though he could have said it cuz he is dating Quinn) he’d be one worthless sack of crap not even fit to work at Konami or EA.

  8. Ralph, can you feel the love tonighttttt! These mofo’s showed they have no lives or family by sitting at a PC on the holidays talking about and scheming against GG’ers. Sorry but that is sad. If my life was that destitute of family and friends I’d probably blow my brains out. Then again these people are such an obnoxious, repugnant, unlikable negative bunch who really would want to be around them..Looks like Alex Lifschitz will be visiting Morrie in a year or two…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FnAV1XbfKE

  9. The leaks have been great. Seeing the shit they have been spewing. They are so obsessed in trying to attack people, they don’t even have Christmas off. Funny thing is that Zoe is cheating on Dumbshitz and we all know it.

  10. while I actually do want lawful ways to sue publications strengthened, for the sake of fighting missinformation specially when it’s deliberate and against provable facts; this is a good reminder why any legal mechanism put in place must be carefully crafted to avoid letting unscrupulous people like this a way to abuse it
    they seriously just wanted to sue over mean words and hurt feels alone

  11. If knowingly wanting to be an incestual paedophile doesn’t disbar Sarah from being a morale crusader, then nothing ever will.

  12. Trump: We want to build a wall to protect our established borders.
    Sarah Nyberg: I want to fuck my eight year old cousin. (x50 references)
    ^Morale crusader

  13. Those chat logs have been an impressive collection of SJW scum and villainy. That bum Liftshits can’t break a simple disc let alone organise a lawsuit.

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