It’s been awhile since we checked in on Alison Rapp and company. In fact, I think the last time was when it was discovered her husband was allegedly taking it up the rear in order to help make her happy. It truly is All in the Family when it comes to these two. However, it looks like she’s been doing various “photoshoots” since Nintendo gave her the boot. I wonder if these shoots are X-rated, because at this point, why would it matter for dear, old Alison?

Apparently one thing that does matter to her though, is whether or not someone is affiliated with GamerGate. I guess I would be a little gun-shy too, since messing with us in the first place got her fired and turned her into a full-time sex worker/cosplayer. In fact, GG affiliation matters to her so much that she seems to be planning to dox someone over it…





Now, this may be nothing more than some kind of fundraising promo, but it is rather striking that she’s openly musing about doxing someone on Twitter. Personally, I gave up getting that upset over doxing long ago, but this says a lot about her current mindstate. We don’t know what “crimes” this guy has committed, but I’m sure they’re either mild or nonexistent. In fact, I would presume his money is just as good as anyone else’s. Details are still spartan, so I’ll keep following this as more info rolls in, of course.

Still, I think her attitude her shows why treating these rad fems activists with kid gloves is definitely not the way to go. They have no compunction about playing hardball…why should we?


UPDATE: Now I’m leaning towards the “never happened” train of thought…