If you read the story about Nintendo from yesterday, you know that they’re on defense when it comes to controversial employee Alison Rapp. As a result, her dishonest defenders from the anti-GamerGate hate brigade are trying to smear Jamie Walton, the woman who helped put her in hot water. The truth has nothing to do with their efforts, as usual.

Here’s one of their supreme leaders, Amazon’s Izzy Galvez, spreading disinformation about the Ms. Walton…

He’s not the only one, by the way…





The idea that GamerGate has somehow illegitimately gotten the support of this woman is dishonest in the extreme. Some of these people have even taken to calling her part of GG. Before I show you the short quote she gave me, let me post some tweets she put out last night…

As I alluded to before, last night I spoke with Ms. Walton. She only does interviews on human trafficking, thus she politely turned down my request to talk in-depth about all this. But, she did give me one quote for the record:

I do not relate myself supporting or opposing feuding factions existing on social media. I only care about my work with @thewaynefdn to stop the sexual exploitation of children.

All I can say is, keep up the good work, Jamie. If any of you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to The Wayne Foundation, you can follow this link.