A couple days ago, I brought you personal testimony from John Szczepaniak, regarding his dispute with Agness Kaku, and the big players in the SJW media . His story was compelling, but like I said then, it’s still just allegations. But, we didn’t give you all the details, such as the letter that was sent through an IGDA mailing list. I looked this up personally, so it’s definitely legitimate. My colleague Neirdan also found some interesting tweets from Ms. Kaku. So we’ll have a look at those as well.  

Before I lay out the comments from Kaku, I want to mention that I interacted with her on Twitter a couple times. I thought she might be angry about me running John’s side of the story, but she didn’t seem to be. She offered to answer any questions I had. I told her that I would love to have her come here, and lay out her side of the story. That offer still stands. Some of these tweets arguably portray her in a negative light, so I hope she doesn’t hold that against us. I’m still more than will to do a story or LIVE show with her response. I’ll even run her response with no commentary at all, if that’s what she wants.

Now, on to the comments. I’ll post her IGDA email afterwards. The tweets are not in chronological order.


Short break, reminding you that there are a shitload of pictures in this post. I don’t want to comment on the tweets like I normally do, since I’m reserving judgement.Selection_262Selection_264Selection_265Selection_266Selection_267Selection_269


Here’s the email Agness Kaku sent out using the IGDA list (LocSIG Digest, June 5th, 2014) :

“TLDR: versusjs.blogspot.jp

My name is Agness Kaku. I’m a writer. I was also game localizer until the 6-month defamation campaign by John Szczepaniak effectively ended it. Some of you may remember me from the Katamari Damacy series or Metal Gear Solid 2.

I don’t know most members of this group; I assume many assume that what’s on “The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers” updates is true. You’re far from alone. In the 5 months we tried to resolve things privately, the libel went to the top of all our Google rankings. It spread to mailing lists. According to the last “uphate” as I’ve taken to calling them, John has also been emailing one of my clients for 2 months in a bid to get me fired from a contract. He may yet succeed, and take away the last of my consumer titles.

On April 18, John was served with summons for criminal libel at his
parents’ home in a French town of 500 people. I said “his parents’ home” but it’s also his home. John Szczepaniak is 29 years old. He has been out of school for 11 years and has only held a job for 3 of those, only 6 months of which was at a game magazine. Most of his bylines are at a non-paying publication. All this is publicly-available information. He told me that his parents pay for everything and that he wanted to dedicate his book to me since he “[doesn’t] have a girlfriend.” He speaks almost no Japanese.

It’s ludicrous to think that this man could manage a very large interviewproject involving dozens of people in multiple Japanese cities.John’s first target and my sister Hanako Abe, on the other hand, has beensupporting herself for over 20 years as a J-E interpreter. Hanako has an MA in Conference Interpreting from MIIS and another in International Affairs from Columbia University’s SIPA. She was one of the deposition interpreters for the Apple vs. Samsung suit and was the former FBI director Louis Freeh’s J-E interpreter during the MF Global bankruptcy process.


It is ludicrous to think this woman would pimp unqualified interpreters toa client or steal $200 in booking fees.

My sister and the other defamed interpreter, Haruko Ota, belong to a highly professional industry that has offered them nothing but support. To other interpreters, there is nothing entertaining about the sight of a colleague falsely accused of fraud, intimidation, breach of contract. They fume at the fabricated quotes, the cherry-picked audio, the misogynistic language. They know that it could easily have been one of them.

Seventy percent of my work was in games. There’s been little support but a lot of vitriol, silence and disavowal. I’ve lost work. I’ve lost ‘friends’ who are uncomfortable or even afraid to associate with Scandal Girl. Their discomfort makes them shy away, and their coldness makes me withdraw further. Looking through the list of Kickstarter backers and their comments made me physically ill; I came down with shingles while writing up the impact document. Sony. Longtail. Activision. “Noted on the Kaku sisters. I shall warn everyone about them.” “I’ll help…by creating enemies in my games
called ‘Kaku sisters’, and you’ll be able to kill them as many times as you want.” “Is there anyway or a forum to flag these people to keep them away from other victims?” “It makes me sick that people would be that low.”

I think there is a desire among game localization people to believe, this can’t possibly happen to *me*, SHE’S the problem, musta done something (even though SHE didn’t even work for John). Those who know me know that I am hard on myself. And yet, this is one of the few times when I can say, I did *nothing* wrong to this person. I was helpful and kind to John Szczepaniak. And having read through the email and SMS archive, even listened to an audio recording, I see nothing but professionalism in the way Hanako Abe handled a painfully callow client. http://bit.ly/1jQ4z6D

The sleep of reason does produce monsters. The lies are John Szczepaniak’s, but this sharp-toothed libel has many fathers. Game localization people frequently complain about not receiving enough respect as professionals. How can you expect others to have respect for you when you have none for your colleagues? When the industry has no will to enforce a basic standard of behavior? To come to the defense of one of their own, for reasons of principle? This *can* happen to any of you. The part of me that lives in this lawsuit wishes it would. The part of me that left games once before just wants to keep walking and never look back, not even in anger.

LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1wmGcXV
Twitter: @AgnessKaku


  1. Lol, I took a shit on anything she has to say from her licking Zoe Quinn’s titties like she’s god’s gift to gaming
    Fuck Agness whatever her name is.

    1. I think it’s pronounced “cock?-ewwww!” cause you know, sjw/radfem lezzing, because cis-gender hetero normative behavior is just SO 2013! Although her hair isn’t NEARLY bright enough, she needs to get on the SJW/RadFem mailing list asap before she’s accused of being a sock puppet.

  2. “I’m sorry my generation of women in games didn’t do more.” Unbelievable. Great job belittling all the achievements women have made in the gaming industry. They took charge, many being trailblazers not to mention having the respect of countless individuals inside and outside the video games industry worldwide.

    1. Well it’s funny, ethnocentric behavior doesn’t seem to just affect people in the West, and she’s “binational” (giggity?), so you’d think she’d be even LESS blind to the fact there are distinct differences to the way the culture in games development and even the culture itself in Asia and the West (hint: Asia has some pretty screwy attitudes about women). But an injustice anywhere is still an injustice, right? Especially when you can appropriate it out of context and make money off it by attention whoring. 😀

      1. Ethnocentric behavior has almost become taboo in the Western world, but IMO it’s natural and any human is inclined to express some degree (however much that degree may vary between individuals and depend on circumstances) of nationalist sentiment. Even someone that politically identifies as an anti-nationalist or non-nationalist will have patriotic moments and/or pride in their family roots/heritage/traditions on display every now and then.

        1. There is a definite faction of social theory psychopaths who want the whole of human race to look like genderless grey lumps in the long run. Because that would be super diverse, obviously. South Park may have given us a glimpse into a dark future… The future of Planet Mexico or w/e you’d call that future version of Earth. Fortunately all the men got in a big pile and enough turned gay that future never happened! lmao

          1. LOL i love South Park. You’re right though, sadly. Things that used to
            be simple common sense are now considered sexist or racist or some kind of “-ist”. It’s being abused by pragmatic academics for personal
            gain/profit. They have become the bullies!!

    2. LOL! That statement would carry some weight if it had been made by someone like Mari Shimazaki. But coming from an interpreter it just reeks off delusions of grandeur.

  3. Yet again we have a breach of ethics and it’s being blamed on misogyny. Go cry to IGDA and they will ruin his career, oh wait, he doesnt have one. THAT MALE PRIVILEGE!

  4. “It is ludicrous to think this woman would pimp unqualified interpreters toa client or steal $200 in booking fees.”

    I would like to see some of the translation work they made, that John says was so bad he had to terminate their relationship.

    “He has been out of school for 11 years and has only held a job for 3 of those, only 6 months of which was at a game magazine. Most of his bylines are at a non-paying publication. All this is publicly-available information.”

    Saying something is publicly-available information but not providing a link is a red flag.

    “He told me that his parents pay for everything and that he wanted to dedicate his book to me since he “[doesn’t] have a girlfriend.”

    Libel much?

    “He speaks almost no Japanese.”

    No I assume not, since if he did, he would not need to hire interpreters. Does he also have two arms and two legs?

  5. We’re still at a point where it’s “he said, she said”. There’s still no concrete proof other than allegations yet.

    However, she has commited a few fouls here. First of all, her support for that piece of humanoid excrement, Quinn. Secondly, her downplaying of female accomplishments in videogames and the parroting of standard SJW lines. And finally, in her letter to the IDGA, I see more appeal to sentiment than appeal to reason. I would not consider it part of professional conduct. The work of a mind of a professional victim, perhaps, but not a professional.

  6. the @fishieflopoog guy is another longtime opa-ager… he has direct knowledge of some scandalous ass shit like developers buying hookers for journalists… but he wont name names cause he is a dirty leigh alexander loving faggot…

  7. I’m reading through http://versusjs.blogspot.com

    Quite honestly, this doesn’t look good for Szczepaniak. Kaku sucking up to the antis doesn’t look good either, but whatever side you’re on in regards to GamerGate, I always believe that ethics and integrity wins out.

  8. Well, that makes the sides easier. Yes, I’m going to judge her based on the gang of jackals she runs with. At this point, the kind of proof they would have to show me that she didn’t do all the awful things he claimed she did would have to be very solid. She gets no more benefit of the doubt. I’m glad she doesn’t work in gaming anymore.

  9. Kaku seems pretty good at manipulating, whereas John sucks at it.

    I don’t see anything to make me believe either of them, but Kaku’s tactics raises a lot of SJW red flags (playing the damsel, muh soggs, shaming) Her relationship with the high profile pro-corruption and endorsement of the whole industry-hates-women myth is also interesting, to say the least.

  10. It’s worth noting, and I hope Ms. Kaku reads this post, that the onus to prevent this kind of thing from happening was not solely on WOMEN in the industry. There are many men who should have provided significantly more guidance and, instead, threw her under the bus and fanned the resulting flames to protect their careers. There is no excuse for the behaviour we’ve seen from the journalists surrounding her, who place absolutely no importance on relationship disclosures or ethics issues of any kind whatsoever.

    If the response from the press was more professional, a huge portion of the vehement response would have been prevented before it began. If Nathan Grayson was fired or if Steven Totilo accepted responsibility for the ethical breach none of this would have happened. Likewise for Joshua Boggs.

    All involved coworkers and peers supported and encouraged this behaviour, and they need to take some level of responsibility for essentially ruining the career of a mentally troubled young woman for nothing more than to prolong their already-doomed careers.

  11. Would like to see Maiko McKelvey’s take on this as well. Was that the other person he hired to help not associated with Agness and her sister or friends?

      1. She may be able to also shed more light on what the issues were. Maiko seems to be a bystander, caught in between the two main people in this issue. Hopefully Ralf is working on this and will get the necessary information from her to add another update to this ongoing saga.

  12. I’m just dead neutral on this issue. Can’t really see anything compelling other than yeah you can have a fallout with your colleagues — that happens.

    But why the heck is she acting buddy-buddy with known aGGros? Even I keep myself at arms length from the well-known GG personalities.

  13. Much like all bullies, as soon as somebody stands up to them they cry to the authorities/friends and try to leverage any means to cause more harm.
    Maybe John really is douchey with her, maybe he’s in the wrong, but from her own words she looks VERY damaged to me.

    An entitled, bitchy woman that cant understand why people that have worked with her might have a problem with her when they are ready to believe the worst of her.

    I’m relatively well liked in my circles, but EVERYONE knows my personality and are NEVER surprised if I offend somebody with my short temper, constant sarcasm and general grumpiness.
    I don’t need to be a genius to appreciate that I’m not perfect, and those that are close with me (even colleagues) are likely to learn all the bad things about me rather quickly.

  14. From what I can gather the project was overly ambitious and led to tensions between Hanako and John. The communications seem largely professional and polite. The NDA seems a sticking point.

    I’m not sure I trust Agness though. Seems to be an SJW.

  15. That Kaku, however ill-considered her other opinions may be, sent an email to the IGDA listserv… How exactly does that prove a conspiracy among game journalists to black out Szczepaniak’s book? Isn’t it more likely that people saw a messy situation and wisely decided to stay out of it? One would think that GG, always skeptical about everything, would apply Occam’s razor here.

  16. Read her interview at Hardcore Gamer 101 about working on Metal Gear or visit her website where she does nothing but complain complain complain about all the jobs she’s worked on outside of Katamari. Entitled is a understatement to described Kaku. A grumpy literal nobody.

  17. Too little for anyone to judge, not that I am in a position to judge.

    It’s possible that both parties made some mistakes but failed to resolve the issues, leading to more tension.

    This email to IGDA, however, is distasteful. Not because it’s aimed at them, but the content and the way it’s written is unsavory. The fact that she resorts to using the word “misogyny” prompts me to lean towards his side of the story.

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