sick hillary

I don’t know if you guys have seen my Twitter in the last couple hours, but I’m going off the assumption that you haven’t. To make a short story even shorter, yesterday was one of the biggest days in the site’s history.

But the biggest reason to get excited is the way citizen-activists are affecting the public debate during this election season. We’ve seen this phenomenon before during the last few presidential cycles, to a certain extent. This year it’s kicked into overdrive. Look at how this story moved up from Twitter (the man below had a lot to do with that)…

Indeed, this site was indirectly cited on Hannity last night. He talked about the diazepam pen and Gateway Pundit, who was kind enough to link our article.


The point is not the end-result of the actual investigations. It’s the fact that we’re now able to influence presidential fucking politics. It doesn’t get any bigger than that. We’re forcing the mainstream hacks to dance to our beat. Sites like InfoWars (who also linked us), Breitbart, Danger & Play, Vox Populi, Gateway Pundit, and yes, are all helping to change media dynamics. There’s still around 90 days to go until the big day in November when America finally gets to vote. Can you imagine all the crazy shit that will happen between now and then?