OK, someone on Twitter came up to me a minute ago and suggested that a new ad by AMD looked like it tacitly supported GamerGate. I examined it and said yea, it does kinda look like that, but nah, probably now. Well, maybe I was wrong, since one of their executives just retweeted a GamerGate supporter mentioning it, with the GamerGate hashtag attached. There’s certainly no mistaking that one!

Here’s the original ad:c8rhLvz


And the backing from one of their corporate vice presidents:87tI1e7

(archive link)

This definitely looks promising. I guess after the disastrous week SJWs had at E3, companies are starting to say fuck the bullshit. Also, we know how closely allied Intel is with Anita Sarkeesian and that bunch of fraudsters. So it’s a smart business decision by AMD to position themselves as the champion of the consumer. It’s feeling like the fall more and more everyday.

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  1. i was considering getting AMD even before this for my next rig. this solidifies my intentions a bit more

    1. Their GPUs have a good bang for buck, especially when you consider the games they come bundled with.

      Processor-wise Intel still leads in raw performance but AMD is cheaper and in real world usage almost just as fast. I’m running an AMD FX 6300 w/ RADEON R9 280 all on a motherboard bought 3 years ago… feel free to contact me on build advice.

      Lastly, Intel fell for the SJW narrative and have hiring quotas in place so…

      1. Oh man, AMD GPUs are terrific. IMO they’re more power-efficient than Nvidia cards. The card I use–an MSI R6850–is still pretty kickass today. The minimum requirements for The Witcher 3 says I shouldn’t be able to run the game, but it still handles pretty well in my ageing rig.

        When I do upgrade in the future, I’m sticking to AMD GPUs. 😉

    2. Keep the intel proc but switch to an AMD GPU. I think nVidia, like Intel, fell for the SJW narrative. Plus nVidia had a history of sending out trolls to forums.

    1. And she’s definitely a much better fit to AMD than Hector Ruiz… it’s a shame that there’s talk of AMD planning on splitting in 2. Also, there was a stink about her being paid $150K less than the previous, male, CEO…. without mentioning the fact that the company is in the red and that all CEOs negotiate for their salaries in conjunction with the board of directors.

        1. Yeah, there was an article about how AMD may split into 2 or make a spin off company as the financials aren’t looking too great. I wouldn’t mind this so much if it would help them go back to the old days of being highly competitive in price/ performance like the K6 and K7 days. Their GPU section is doing fine though.

          1. At this point it is but AMD does have people analyzing the whole thing to see if it would be beneficial.

  2. Not Been on Twitter yet, but are certain people getting salty? has anyone tried to get him sacked? it can only be a matter of time

      1. i HATE you right now, where do you work?i’m going to get you fired. Yeah thats right Mr Snow, no more frozen rain coming from you. FIREd . You are Mr Rain from now on.

        ps. Love you for replying

  3. AMD will be on everything I own or will own from now on, it might take some time but I will convert it all to support them, period.

  4. I can already see the salt coming from all the usual faggots tweeting at AMD to denounce Gamergate

    1. And language like that is really going to make companies want to support their customers. Way to go.

  5. ,,,check it with th’ other ad on th bottom…dat purple and green with th’ Viv-like babe,,,

    1. The problem is that this is entirely up to interpretation. We can’t assume that every time someone says the words “not dead” or “are dead” in relation to gaming that it is in support or disdain for gamers. When we’re wrong, it’ll make us look like over-eager desperate idiots.

      Instead, I’d make a call to AMD (perhaps via @amd_roy) to please clarify their stance on gamers. I sent a tweet essentially asking AMD to make their stance unequivocal and earn a new customer.

      1. IMO it’s pretty clear enough, but not not too blatant that the SJWs would immediately take notice. I also agree that saying “not dead” in the ad is in no way indicative of support, but when I saw the tweet, I think it’s pretty clear that this VP is aligned with the #GamerGate position.

        That said, the ad and tweet does not signify that AMD as a company really does support #GamerGate. I do like the feeling, however, knowing that someone influential is sympathetic to us.

  6. I made sure to by an AMD card a few months back, because of Intel backing Anita Sarkeesian and her bullshit. Now I’m REALLY FUCKING GLAD I did.

    1. Yeah, but using the 4chan logo could get them into copyright trouble or some such. Although going with purple & green color scheme instead of green & red would certainly be acknowledgment enough, I think.

      1. I couldn’t find or make AMD’s 3D character model Ruby with a Vivian James color scheme unfortunately. So, this was the best I could find.

  7. This could be just a marketing ploy, they make hardware for gamers and GG is mostly gamers, but it does look like more than that to me. The ad looks like a jab at the gamers are dead/over articles to me.

  8. If they do, they’re being very subtle about it. If not, I have to applaud their marketing department because they found a good way to draw attention to themselves.

  9. i think u are jumping on this too quick.. maybe he just wanted to tweet something related to gaming and doesnt know at all about gamergate

  10. Just spent $1200 building a new rig and went with AMD STRICTLY BECAUSE intel is partnered with Feminist Frequency. Looks like i made the right call.

  11. I have found less driver issues with NVIDIA. Better support of more advanced features with NVIDIA. Primarily because of deals with publishers and developers — but all that matters as a user is the end-performance… not how it arrived there.

    I pretty much stopped buying AMD cards almost fifteen years ago. Back when the newest AMD (ATi) card at the time wouldn’t even run Vampire The Masquerade. Just a big gray screen. Reportedly, the next set of drivers fixed the problem . . . a good six months later. That’s too long between driver updates. Drove me away from the product.

    I’ve bought NVIDIA ever since. I spend at least a thousand bucks a year, on average, on GPUs. And, currently, also rock a g-sync monitor for gaming (even though it is miserable — especially compared to the 30″ apple cinema display with one of the best IPS panels ever that I use for non-gaming).

    So I’m heavily invested in NVIDIA.

    That said, I would switch in a heart beat and deal with the hassles, if it meant supporting a company that unequivocally supported gamers and didn’t play into the bullshit of being self-loathing gamers (or worse, devs/pubs/etc that treat gamers like a disease that they wish weren’t even something their business had to deal with).

    I was planning on upgrading my dual 970s (with waterblocks) to whatever the next generation of NVIDIA cards were. As soon as they come out (probably in the next six months, I’m guessing?). That could very easily become a $1k to $1.5k USD AMD purchase, instead.

    If they got their shit together on the CPU side, I could even become a full AMD customer, again. I used to be all about AMD processors, until they fell way behind Intel’s tech and were no longer the real price/performance strong-point they used to be… a good decade ago. That would be really fantastic. We need a market that is no longer dominated by Intel and NVIDIA, anyway. That’s how shit stagnates.

    1. I’ve never had an AMD/ATi GPU but the nVidia ones I’ve had were flawless. I use Linux a bit and I understand the nvidia drivers are better on that OS too. I’m curious about AMDs new cards and how they’re talking up their new tech but benchmarks will tell the story there.

      If performance and support are lacking I might stick with nvidia. If AMD has a striking performance gain over the 9 series from nvidia, i’ll consider them. I remember back a while ago, PC magazines would say that the ATI had better texture quality but nvidia had better driver support. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.

      I’ve always had AMD cpus though. Been brilliant in terms of bang for buck. My phenom 6 core still going strong after four years.

  12. I still think this is just coincidence. A funny one considering how fast Intel caved in, but still a coincidence.

  13. Might be jumping the gun a bit here, Ralph. Remember, a Retweet is not necessarily endorsement. Logical reduction would posit that the AMD VP might have just retweeted something talking about his product just for general promotional value.

    Of course, it’s entirely reasonable that AMD is positioning itself to stand with gaming enthusiasts because – let’s be real here – I’m sure that they know which side their bread is buttered on. The blue-haired hipster douchenozzles don’t need high-powered PC rigs to play their shitty retro platformers. But you know who does? Gamers fuckin’ do .

    1. I don’t know. The ad is very suggestive of supporting GG, and the tweet has the hashtag. He is the VP of AMD. Videogames are a huge part of their business, not just on the PC side but PS4/Xbox One both have AMD guts as well. I find it hard to imagine he isn’t aware of #gamergate or how devise that hashtag can be. My money is that this is genuine support, in a ::wink wink nudge nudge:: kinda way.

  14. By the way, I would strongly encourage everyone to tweet @amd_roy, as I just did and say something to the effect of “If AMD makes clear what their position is on gamers, I would redirect all of my related business to them”. Let them know they can earn your support if they’re not one of the companies that either loathes their customers nor one that stands by and watches while others loath their customers.

      1. If he’s a reasonable human being, and he receives reasonable (even if they are numerous) tweets…what’s the problem, exactly?

          1. Humorous sarcasm is weak enough, unfunny sarcasm is a burnt piece of toasted moldy bread.

  15. I really want to believe this. I really, really do. But we’ve been let down before. It didn’t take long for Google to kowtow in the face of the SJW lies. If I get a little more confirmation on this soon, then the rig I was going to build may revolve around a new AMD.

  16. Based as FUCK. Good timing on this info, too. I’m in the middle of upgrading (buying individual parts for my new computer as I can afford them.)

  17. Hey, Ralph, you may want to put this in there.

    https://twitter.com /amd_roy/ status/ 612006070660280320

    Erase the spaces, needed to do that, wouldn’t show up.

    Just because, it might be important.

    1. Calano ‏@calano123
      @amd_roy uh, you should better reverse that, incoming shitstorm …


      @calano123 I am only referring to the AMD art, thats all. Nothing else.

  18. Don’t pre-order games, and don’t pre-order good will or support. Let this one simmer for a bit.

  19. I think it’s still a stretch. This guy might have simply not been following the #GamerGate drama and just retweeted someone being positive about his brand. (and looking at the guy’s timeline, he retweets a lot of people talking about AMD)

    A lot of corporate types in the industry don’t necessarily follow the public drama that goes on because they’re busy with their jobs. Remember when Google tweeted the tag without knowing what it was fully about? Probably the same situation here.

    That said, it would be cool if AMD were to come out and support GG. I have a preference for NVidia cards myself but a more concrete statement of support for gamers would be enough for me to switch over.

    1. he’s the VP of a company within an industry that is directly affected by the way games companies and gamers alike use their hardware. I’m pretty sure he knows what’s going on, even if its just a CliffsNotes version.

      “our competition is being hated by their core audience? Time to side with the core audience. What is it that they’re pissed off about? make a campaign doing the opposite!”

  20. I’m not that hopeful that AMD will stick to its guns supporting GamerGate. Intel screwed us. Adobe screwed us. I don’t see why the #2 on videocards won’t.

  21. May or may not mean nothing but I will admit it is a powerful slogan. Hell it convinces me to get their hardware just reading it.

  22. I guess AMD could be good for something beyond mining cryptocoins. Perhaps I’ll make sure my next desktop PC has AMD in it.

  23. Funny how times change: When Intel announced they were pulling ads from Gawker, the antis were all “Wellp, looks like AMD for me!” And now their tune is completely changed.

  24. I’m still skeptical, as I said on FB, that “not dead” in the ad is referring to GG and not the notion that PC gaming is supposedly dead.

    However, while there is a valid argument that the retweet doesn’t mean AMD’s endorsement of GG, that skepticism isn’t as strong as it was previously.

    Disregard, saw the response tweet by Roy that was mentioned in the comment by Philip Weigel. No connection to GG.

    (As for AMD hardware, I use their CPUs exclusively and have for over a decade now, due to better “bang for the buck” value, but nothing I’ve heard about Radeon drivers makes me think they’ve gone much beyond the “monkeys banging away at the keyboard” quality of pre-AMD drivers.)

  25. I’m running an ageing i7 rig and will be upgrading my PC when consumer Rift comes out. My next CPU is gonna be from AMD.

    I’m not going to buy Intel products again. I’m not going to give a penny to a company that bankrolls SJW’s.

  26. If they have the products to compete then it’s a smart move (honestly don’t know as I only check when I am due an upgrade/replacement).
    There has been enough time to see the impact on consumers after Intel took strange (bad research or cronyism?) actions in its diversity campaign for a competing campaign to be effective if done well.

  27. Well, I was mostly going to switch to AMD because that Fury X looks pretty sweet, but this is nice too.

  28. Desperate move from a company about to sink into obscurity is more like it.
    They’re not called Team Red just for their logos.

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