Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer just moves from one garbage fire to another. First, she took offense at a joke (told by a 17-year-old kid) that was clearly meant to be a take-off on her own brand of humor. Then she bizarrely called out Taylor Swift for having a “thigh gap.” And if that wasn’t shady enough, she’s also been accused of stealing jokes from a very revered and also very dead comedian, Patrice O’Neal. Oh, I left out the part about her crying due to being labeled plus-sized by Glamour magazine. The point is, as of late there’s a lot of bullshit to go around when it comes to Schumer.

Still, I had thought she had enough good sense not to attack common members of her audience, but I guess not. Yesterday, she put out an Instagram post which sought to shame a young black man for daring to take a photo while she paraded around in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. By the way, having lived in and around Sparatanburg for many years, I can tell you that downtown Greenville is very nice. If you ever in the area I would highly suggest that you check it out. So, I guess I can at least give her some small credit in that regard.

Anyway, here’s her original post…


Predictably, left-wing tabloids and other media orgs ran wild with this story. LOOK HOW EMPOWERED SHE IS YOU GUYS! WHAT A WOMAN!

From the Huffington Post…


OK, so the media spin was goofy, but if that guy did everything he was accused of by Schumer, I can certainly understand being somewhat taken aback by his behavior. The only problem is, he didn’t. Luckily, he has video of the incident and posted it to his own Instagram. Unluckily, he doesn’t have 4 millions followers on the service and an army of media flacks to help push his version of events.

I guess will have to do our part to help this dude out…

(archive of the Instagram post)

More, from the man and his wife…


As you can see by the video, Schumer isn’t scared at all, which the man’s wife notes in the screecap above. Amy, being the low class piece of trash she is, even had to bring the couple’s little daughter into the mix. Libeling this man wasn’t enough. Schumer wanted to make him feel lower than low and embarrass him om front of his family. What a dirtbag she is.

Mr. Brewer, the man who Schumer tried to lie about (apparently because he wouldn’t delete the video and whatever other photos he might have taken), talked to Fox Carolina 21 in Greenville

Leslie Brewer reached out to FOX Carolina saying he is the man in the photo and said Schumer’s post is not an accurate account of what happened.

Brewer said he was walking down the street when several other pedestrians started shouting that they spotted the celebrity at a stoplight. He said he pulled out his camera to Instagram it, but stopped recording when she asked.

Brewer said he was upset when Schumer brought his daughter into the conversation and the two had a disagreement about him recording the video. He said Schumer began walking away but then turned around and came back, telling him she was going to take his picture and share it with her four million followers.

“She was just so rude,” he said.”She cussed me out in front of my family.”

What a fat, entitled piece of garbage. Hopefully she ends up paying for this in a big way, but I won’t hold my breath.