This has been an absolutely insane weekend for me. From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows, the last two days truly had it all. But professionally, it was all highs. Also, to be fair, the personal isn’t as bad when you consider what’s going on elsewhere in the world right now. At least I’m still breathing and I’m still healthy…ish. Heartbreak and hard times hit us all, but it’s better than a fucking roof falling on your head. Still, keeping natural disasters in mind, let’s move on to Brianna Wu.

Originally, I thought we had lost the RavenCon panel recording. As it turns out, that was wrong. We do have it, although it’s missing the last section. Also, it takes a minute for Wu to get into her presentation, and you can hear a lot of background talking and stuff. I can confirm that it was loud as hell. There was a very rowdy get-together going on next door. Come to think of it, I’m sure it was 1000x’s more interesting than this panel, but I digress.

Still, if you want to have a listen, be my guest. I’ve personally uploaded it instead of putting it on YouTube, just in case of DMCA. It won’t be getting taken down from here.

So, enjoy the show!

GamerGate 101 hosted by Brianna Wu

  1. Everything about her is just sickening. She is a manipulative, lying hate-monger who is milking the stupid and gullible of their money, all while pretending to be a crusader for goodness. Ugh.

  2. Oh, and I love how she flat out lies about Zoe’s shit with her ex. Let’s do a quick run down:

    A) She’s not a well known game developer. She’s only released a twine-based, text based game.
    B) She absolutely did have sex with 5 guys, she admitted to it and they admitted to it.
    C) She was part of, if not the ring leader behind, the “Cuties killing video games” merch; so, crying about “5 Guys” t-shirts is hypocritical.
    D) Her ex didn’t reveal any intimate details in his post, with the exception of her cheating on him with 5 men. Her nudes and other things? She’s a whore – LITERALLY. She posed for nude photos, which ANYONE can buy from the website that owns them.
    E) Brianna Wu had zero relevancy before Gamergate, despite trying REAL hard to ride Anita’s coattails. She picked a fight with the internet and got a bunch of nasty, sarcastic meme’s made about her and claimed it was horrible harassment; making her yet again a hypocrite. She then lied about fleeing her home and continues to lie about it.

      1. I always thought that her “nudes” being shared was one of their biggest lies that is so easy to debunk.

        I STILL see SJW’s crying about her (awful) nude PRIVATE photos were shared. They make it sound like they were taken by her ex and shared as a “Shame” tactic.

        Of course there’s no mention of the fact that she willingly posed for them and was paid.

        Her nudes are one of those horrible “things that can’t be unseen” as well… Suicide Girls usually has much better taste in models

        1. Suicide Girls usually has much better taste in models

          It wasn’t Suicide Girls, it was some Suicide Girls knock-off.

          1. Thanks for the correction…. I went back and looked at the pics (Ugh!) and saw that she did the shoot for “Broken Dolls”. They even have their little logo in the bottom right corner – just like SG does.

            I also saw mention of another photo shoot for Deviant Art, but I’m not going looking for it.

            One pic of her nude is enough for me….

  3. Just a piece of something I wrote when explaining the subject of Gamergate to a little punk that I’d like to share:

    The subject of Gamergate is not up for debate, and neither is radical feminism or the cancerous presence of SJWs and “social justice.” All of these things are defined by actual evidence and logic, not hearsay, not feelings, not beliefs and certainly not the dublicitous and dishonest tactics of people engaging in a power grab in the name of “justice”. Gamergate is about ethics in games journalism, but the games journalists threw the radical feminists and sjws out in front of themselves as a shield to deflect from their own behavior, as well as to wage a war they somehow had deluded themselves into thinking they could win. No one likes douche bags who run around on a moral high horse pontificating about how people should like or dislike something, or how things are or are not appropriate for x, y and z subjective, bullshit reasons.

    Gamers already put up with that horseshit with Jack Thompson. It doesn’t matter if you slap some tits and a vag on his message and shout oppression the way Jonathan McIntosh and Anita Sarkeesian have. It’s a bullshit argument and it’s nothing but censorship. The day anonymity and freedom of expression go away online is the day the United States, and I’d dare say Western Civilization, comes crashing down. Which is to say, it’s simply not going to happen. That said, the damage these lunatic wanna be fascists could do in their quest for their “utopia” of censorship is quite real, and we, the gamers, the science fiction and fantasy fans, skeptics and atheists, the people with basic common fucking sense are NOT going to let that happen.

      1. Well, sometimes I just angrily BTFO people, and then later have to compose myself because I must admit that at this point I take anyone who attacks Gamergates character on the back of stereotypes peddled by the people Gamergate exists to show are the problem in the games industry as being either intentionally inflammatory or just some manner of deficient cretin.

        I don’t mind it at all when an ignorant person asks a question, especially if they’ve been mislead. What pisses me off and sends me on the attack is when they start making assertions based on shit that was dispoven MONTHS ago, but because of things like the block bot, group think, and echo chambers are still repeating that bullshit. I hate, absolutely hate people who peddle misinformation. There’s no excuse for it.

        Feel free to Follow me on Disqus and read through my past comments; I don’t conceal my record unlike a lot of the internet tough guys across the aisle.

  4. Wu is probably the most vile human being I’ve crossed paths with. It’s popular in GG circles to say “at least you’re not Anthony Burch,” but it should really be “at least you’re not Brianna Wu.”

    1. Actually I feel that David Gallant is way more pathetic than Burch. Just reading those tweets where he kept begging big Randi Harper to stop shitting all over his twiiter feed was embarrassing.

  5. TL;DL version: I’m the most important person in gaming and that’s why I’m always the victim. Please donate generously.

  6. I love that disclaimer at the beginning setting up that they will basically remove anyone that does not kiss her ass. This was obviously nothing but a big advertisement for Wu as she actually has to start by mentioning her shitty game. There is no way I am going to listen to all of that but to anyone that did does she actually plug her patreon?

  7. I’d soon inject lead into my brain than listen to wu for 40 minutes. Can someone post some cliff notes please?

  8. He (Brianna Wu/John Flynt) is just a horrible person – and seeing how he keeps telling lies about GamerGate, I don’t feel the least bit bad telling the truth about him.

    1. What keeps puzzling me is that people believe what comes out of his/hers mouth. You don’t need to listen to a 40 min recording to know that Wu is a first class narcissistic attention whore.

  9. My god this panel is cringe worthy. This isn’t so relevant to the issue, but how are people able to stand listening to her talk? She’s not eloquent and just spits out the most basic crap on the face of the earth. She was on something about how games keep on recycling that old stuff and how that’s bad and cites terrible examples to back them up. Why does it matter if Call of Duty is still Call of Duty? Many of us may not like it but MORE of us buy it, play it, and get addicted to it. And she said it herself! Games ARE changing! And many of these games ARE AAA titles that DON’T regurgitate the same “crap” we’ve been seeing. She is not a good speaker, she doesn’t have anything solid and more importantly PRODUCTIVE to speak about, and any points she does touch upon that may be productive is absolutely butchered. WHY DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO PEOPLE LIKE HER? If you want to find progressive figures that actually have full control over their words and can craft eloquent speeches, they are out there and you can find them. I may not agree with them, but they exist and they are charming and well spoken and have a far better grasp on socio-politics than Ms. Wu here. Go listen to them rather than the likes of this blabbering idiot here.

  10. I made it about 30 minutes through. She said like three times she didn’t want to be talking about GamerGate, but she’s of course holding a panel at a convention and talking about it.

    She said GamerGate didn’t begin last year, tried to pass that off as fact (“It’s a common misconception…”). That’s bullshit and she knows it. She links GG to Anita Sarkeesian’s start of the Feminist Frequency series, which is more bullshit. She of course, like every other Anita supporter, makes no mention of how Anita riled up people at the start by leaving comments open on one video, cherry picking the bad ones to push a narrative, and then from then on disables comments. No mention of how she misrepresents game footage and throws developers of those games under the bus each time.

    Wu told more bullshit during this panel, and probably even more during the last 13 minutes or so I didn’t listen to.

    And Ralph, you can pretty much guarantee either she herself or one of her cohorts will file some sort of claim or whatever to get this page taken down because of the audio. Or at least make some stink about it. Give it a day or two at the most.

  11. Very telling.
    Wu promoting her shitty game. And then saying something like:
    “I only wanted to make this cool game, where women kick ass, but GamerGate does not want to allow it.”

    Wu … again:
    Noone cares about your shitty game.
    Noone would have ever noted you, if you hadn’t shit on GamerGate first.

    And especially after hosting talks named “GamerGate 101”, where you shit on GamerGate even more, you really have no reason to complain anymore, when shit comes back.

    “Harassment” my ass. You insult and provoke people, and then act like a “poor victim”, when you get the desired response.
    People like you are the scum on this planet.

    1. Besides saying that her iOS game sucks, has anyone ever attempted to keep the game from being made?

      I don’t know of any incidents of that prior to the games’ release…

      …does Wu give any verifiable examples?
      HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!! I couldn’t keep a straight face after my last comment/question… 😀

  12. So who was the guy who gave the civics lesson prior to the panel? I think his opinion on free speech is totally wrong and more than a little sad coming from someone associated with an event dedicated to the memory of a writer like Edgar Allan Poe. I might be wrong, but this is what he said:

    “We will encourage discussion later on, as long as discussion is civil, it will continue. If you act like a jackass, you will be removed. That’s a simple thing. A lot of people will then say, ‘What about my freedom of speech?’ No, you have the right to say what you want, however, comma, you also have the right to repercussions. Those repercussions are, you will be removed from this room.”

    Free speech with the right to repercussions. Remind me never to go to RavenCon.

    1. “Free speech with the right to repercussions.”

      This has been the default position of the crazy leftists for the last decade or more. It seems reasonable when Westboro Baptist Church is going around saying “God Hates Fags”, but then you eventually find out they are trying to setup default repercussions for simple disagreement with their values like: “Strippers are not misogynistic” or “Bayonetta is a great game, with a strong female protagonist” or “I love women, but not feminists” etc. The default repercussions of course, are being fired from every job you try to get, and being banned from every event that you want to attend, and basically be shunned by all society, if not imprisoned by law for your disagreement.

      1. The original belief was “you have the right to say whatever you wish, just so long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your words.” Somehow, this became perverted into “you can say whatever you wish, but you WILL FACE REPERCUSSIONS.”

        It’s a subtle but important distinction. Everyone has the right to be a moron, but the important point is whether their moronic words are worth the reprisal. The SJW response is always over the top and beyond the scope of the original statement. “Man I hope all the bear-lovers* of the world get murdered” is treated the same as “wow, that bear-lover has a nice ass.” There’s no “this guy is a nobody, ignore him” mentality. It’s “weapons free, be sure to remove any chance of employment for this person from now on. Be sure to blacklist any company who doesn’t immediately kowtow to our demands.”

        The problem is that, when deciding that ‘repercussions are in order’ no one thought to ask ‘what kinds of repercussions, and are they always actually needed?’

        *I’m using the term ‘bear-lover’ as a catchall to avoid actually using any myriad of potential terms. If you are a bear-lover and find my use of this phrase offensive… well tough.

        1. ” If you are a bear-lover and find my use of this phrase offensive… well tough.”

          That’s it! My friend Yogi is a Bear, and I demand you be fired. (Please comment your employers address and phone number below).

          1. If you’re trying to get me fired, well then my name is Brianna Wu and I work for…. what, who does she work for? Herself? Can we petition to have her fire herself?

          2. lol, that would be funny. A petition to Giant Spacekat to fire Brianna Wu for their losses to sales, based on her public actions and falsehoods. I think you may be on to something.

  13. Is there any response/information – tweets, blog posts, etc – from REASONABLE people who attended this farce? Or was it an “SJW-Only” event?

  14. A lot of self-promotion and promoting Anita, Zoe, Kotaku, etc.

    Around 23 minutes….
    “I would rather talk about anything than GG” ………………… Then why don’t you?

    It’s also funny that she explains Anita instantly was harassed due to her video game videos.
    No mention that she had numerous videos tearing apart all kinds of things prior to this that people hated her for.

    Also, she loved Giant Bomb & has been a subscriber for years by her own admission.
    She finds out they only have straight white men in their workforce. Now she hates them? Isn’t that pretty discriminatory? Judging someone on their race and gender rather than the quality of their work?

  15. are you serious….this woman again?
    i thought we were done with her?
    has she had anything else to say that is relevant? if not then i suggest we let her get back to her life.
    as with all the rest of these women we should just let them get back to doing … whatever they were doing…. before they spouted off at the mouth.
    and especially her she need to get back to her private life to pracitce making better games, and character models. so they not look so characteristically barbie doll looking imo.

  16. I know I say this a lot, and have also made stupid posts, but come on most people I have known would have called bullshit at some point and turned their backs on these people. I myself probably would have walked out making sure my back faced the panel along the way.

    Part of what these imbeciles don’t get is that when you become well known, or at least become a name, you are going to attract hate. It takes thick skin to get through all the shit tossed at you and you should be proud if you get through it alright. This is not the time however to start sticking your hand out for money. I didn’t say loose change for a reason. There are people out there who would be thankful to get every little penny for some kind of necessity and what I get from here is “someone said something mean about me, pay me lots of $$$.”
    Boo fucking whooo Brianna Wu. You don’t demand sympathy, that is up to the person who decides if you should get it. You wanna spew nonsense then lock yourself indoors then stop talking nonsense. You wanna talk about how you are a human being then maybe act like one and maybe, just maybe, people might actually see you are worthy of some sympathy.

    It’s shit like this that irks me and makes me want to be more vocal about this whole thing.

    1. Part of it is that SJW, or people like Wu since they aren’t one and same, just similar, are exploitative. They possess think skins of a kind, look to start fights or throw the first punch, but once one has stated they immediately cry victim. Have more general social contacts and awareness on them than those they claim attack them.

      The other part is that because they’re attacking a subculture which has little voice or awareness in the larger general culture, if by the time someone who’s been on their side and has been uninformed actually looks into the mess themselves, there’s active pressure for them to keep to the more accepted if incorrect narrative. Under pain of being ostracized.

      Take Will Weaton for example. While his stance towards online identity isn’t 100% SJW, because his career is largely based on social media and couldn’t afford being branded pro-GG, he’s anti-GG. Likely either knows what GG’s stance really is, or has never bothered to check.

      1. That shit stain Wheaton was more than likely friends with some of the antis and there was no way he would go against his friends. He is still one of the biggest pushers of the “hate group” narrative even though that narrative is wearing very thin after 8 months. Like most of the anti’s he is just an opportunist, hoping that this will somehow get him more work.

      2. “The other part is that because they’re attacking a subculture which has little voice or awareness in the larger general culture”

        They’re doing more than attack gamer culture, they’re TAKING OVER gamer culture.

        1. Trying to. With the real damage being done by producers, and devs who seem to have “outgrown” old styles of development. Who have been making FPS for so long they’ve forgotten how to make anything else. don’t know how to make anything that’s not from a first person perspective.

      3. Your right. It’s just it gets frustrating to see how people cave in so easily to that mindset so much that sometimes it makes me wonder if they will start to believe the bs.

      4. No, Wheaton is genuinely a fool who believes this stuff. He has gone out and rendered opinions, such as labeling Darren Wilson a monster, where there was no requirement of any sort for him to speak at all. He has done this sort of thing repeatedly. He really likes it down there in the hole and keeps shoveling.

  17. I went back and tried to listen to the whole thing. I couldn’t do it. Wu is a terrible public speaker. She talked too much about her game and her company even though it had nothing to do with GamerGate. Her facts on GamerGate were simply wrong. It’s a misconception that GamerGate started a in August? That’s just factually incorrect. A simple Twitter search will show you exactly when GamerGate started.

    I feel sorry for anyone attending RavenCon who thought they would spend 50 minutes sitting in on GamerGate 101 thinking they would learn something about it. Instead of learning about GamerGate, they learned that free speech doesn’t mean your speech is free from repercussions and that a really tall woman from Boston made a terrible looking iPhone game.

  18. I think only uninformed male-netizens will make [serious] rape threats to Brianna. Unless they are fabricated by a small flock from the hivemind.

  19. I may have heard her wrong…but did she fucking compare her game to Final Fantasy 8 at the ~19min mark?


    And “rev 60” was revolutionary? Oh, god. My lungs are about to blow due to the laughter.

  20. Stop using the wrong gender on Wu. His name is John Flynt, he went “trans” because he saw that was the way to get sympathy. It’s a mentally ill man, NOT a woman.

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