I’m not a Nazi. I don’t think promoting an ideology that thousands of our forefathers died to defeat is something that makes any sense whatsoever. I also quite obviously enjoy race-mixing, as you might have noticed by my recent engagement. But, I do think you should be able to promote Nazism on Twitter if you so choose. Railing against the mixing of the races on the service is also fine with me. The answer is never censorship, so long as what’s being said is within United States law. Unfortunately, Twitter is no longer following my preferred format.

Today’s suspension of Andrew “weev” Auernheimer is just the latest entry in their recent shift. No reason has been given for the ban as of now. There likely isn’t a good reason other than Twitter wanted him gone. Weev was pretty good about following most of Twitter’s rules around so-called targeted harassment and the like, so they probably just got rid of him for his ideology. That’s certainly their right, but it weakens the service as a whole, in my opinion.

screenshot_20161206-120930 screenshot_20161206-120841

As you can see, weev is on Gab if you’d like to check him out over there. But he won’t likely be coming back to Twitter. As I mentioned in the opening, I’m not down with his policy prescriptions. But I am down with his right to advocate for then on social media platforms. Plus, he’s always been cool with me during my dealings with him, even if I am a filthy race-mixer lol. I wish him well, except for that whole Nazi thing actually taking hold.

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  1. I guess I just don’t get why people think being on Twitter is some right. It’s a company trying to get bought. Nobody wants to buy a site full of assholes like Weev.

    1. You’re either pro-free speech or you aren’t. Twitter used to represent my view, now they’ve sold out. I still love Twitter and use it daily, but it’s sad to see them cave to the fake news media.

      1. I think you’re misunderstanding the notion of free speech. Nobody is taking away anyone’s right to speak, they’re simply denying people access to their platform. There’s a reason why hate speech is generally relegated to pathetic marches in the South and fringe internet groups.

        1A protects speech and expression from the government, that’s all. Also with regards to a professional troll, Twitter is struggling to monetize as it is without advertisers having to worry about scum like Weev. If we just say protect free speech on private platforms regardless of message, then they can’t shut down Islamist and ISIS-related feeds, either.

        We’re not missing anything without some grubby neckbeard who got buggered in jail and is mad about it.

        1. Unlike most Twitter users, I have actually given them money and bought ads. Twitter threw away millions of dollars of ad revenue to spurn Trump. What they are doing does not make business sense. It’s a form of fraud. Jack is breaching his fiduciary duty to his shareholders to appease his faggot nigger lovers like DeRay Mckesson

          1. And yet you can’t even come here to a site that tries to advocate for you without using language Ralph has stated multiple times would get his ads pulled.

          2. Ralph has said on multiple occasions certain language will get ads pulled, take it up with him you fucking retard.

          3. Yea, I just happened to not see it at first. It’s been deleted. Weev knows I can’t have that here and if he didn’t know, then I welcome him to come resubmit his comment without the racial slur (because otherwise, it was a good comment).

        2. Twitter has destroyed it’s own reputation by buying into crybully media narratives about itself and were it not for constant injections of Saudi money it would have gone out of business already. Nobody is going to buy them, every company that made a bid to buy twitter saw it’s own stock value decline as a result. No social media service needs to have any TOS beyond the following: “Don’t break the laws of the country where our servers are located”

          It’s pretty clear that’s the TOS the market actually wants and that’s why twitter will eventually be toppled and probably by Gab going by current trends. If I can’t express myself on an online service what the fuck good is that service?

        3. Are you ok with the phone company cutting off your phone because they don’t like what you say or the people you talk to? With your ISP cutting you off because they don’t like what you write on the net or what sites you visit?

  2. The progtard complex is flexing every institutional and cultural muscle they have right now. Perhaps on some level they actually realize that in a year and a half their power and cultural capital will be drastically diminished. These parting shots are irritating but nothing more, and after the next tech bubble collapse (which is likely incoming without Obama cronyism) I expect to see the internet pivot away from San Francisco and towards more affordable real estate out in snowy windswept tundras. Silicon valley doesn’t invent anything worth paying attention to anymore and they’re a spent force.

  3. Ethan, you’ll be denying your kids maybe 10 or 20 IQ points, and they won’t look like you. You’ll basically be erasing yourself genetically. Your partner gets an upgrade for her offspring. You just get a house full of mediocre, nondescript brown people with no real allegiance to your civilization. Think hard about the long-term effects of your choices.

    1. Yours is the only comment in this vein that I let stay up, simply because you kept the racial slurs out lol. I’ve never been the type who cares about racial purity or anything like that. I respect white people who want to marry inside their race. I also feel no shame in being white, so I always defend people who want to be proud of their whiteness.

      But when it comes to who I marry or reproduce with, color doesn’t enter into it for me. Do I love this person? Do I feel a deep connection with them? Can they say the same about me? That’s the sort of things I concern myself with, not racial questions.

      1. Appreciate your openness. I would just point out that any two people, relatively young, especially a male and a female, can be become infatuated with each other. It’s just chemicals. Nothing vital or inevitable about your romance. You would feel exactly the same about anyone who came along and filled that void for you.

        What I’m telling you is, long-term, this is to your detriment, and you’re part of a trend that is catastrophic. Slow erasure of the only people who can maintain the civilization. You were socially engineered into this situation, at least in terms of the attitudes that make you open to it. There’s a good chance you’ll regret it. Good chance a lot of people will regret it, because of the dysfunctional world it’s helping create.

        But, nothing personal. Thanks for your willingness to discuss.

  4. Ethan, lose weight & gain some self respect. Then you wont have to settle for a tubby shitskin paki half a world away. Time to wake up white man.

  5. Nazis join multicultural sites and we are supposed to support their antihuman agenda. Let me post on the stormfront news section then?

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