After a series of recent videos, which I will show you below, YoutTube personality AngryJoe seems to have lost all composure. He went on an extended tirade against GamerGate earlier tonight. I guess maybe the recent heat is getting a little too close for comfort

Here’s the video that really caused him to lose his shit hahaha:

There’s more here as well. AngryJoe is in full cover-up mode it seems:

This comes on the heels of fresh reporting from the likes of William Usher, and of course your’s truly.

In response to all this, AngryJoe finally released a statement earlier this evening, which I mentioned in the open (if you’re not dunk like me):ninlWoZI’ll update this story further as the night goes along. I’ll be up for awhile on PS4 (ColorfulRalph is my PSN ID). I realize this is a very short update haha, so I’ll chime back in later.


  1. If you’d read the comment, veemonro said new information just made him change his mind on details about this. You just jumped the gun.

  2. Here was the reason because people posted harsh criticism of Joe on the video that he snap, and yes KOP posted Dirty Sanchez. I don’t remember even harassing Joe I remember I was being polite to him, I guess he doesn’t like people who are polite?

    So the nice thing I am going to do for you Angry Joe is I am going to unsubscribe and not bother you so good bye If that’s how you see it.

  3. This is a bad hit-piece against an established figure. Like we call Journalists about their Bullshit we have to call Bullshit on pro GG guys like Ralph. Reading this is like reading a click-bait Polygon article.
    Beware of becoming what you hate.
    First, the proof of corruption isn’t there. I don’t see enough substance to attack Joe’s reputation.
    All this does is derail GG. We already have enough targets, Why go against one with a large install base who are mostly gamers? This has the potential of alienating gamers from gamergate because that’s who Joe audience and fans are, gamers.

    This whole article is written based on a youtube comment.

    1. It’s not a hit-piece, it’s just a bunch of nothing.

      Let’s be clear about what a hit piece is. A hit piece is when you make some serious allegations against someone, and dig up a bunch of dirt to corroborate your point. If Ralph had accused Joe of being paid off, it would be a hit-piece. If Ralph had accused Joe of losing his testicles because of his girlfriend, and got the high school friends of that girlfriend to tell everyone how much of a slut she was, then it would be a hit-piece. (To be clear, the examples are made up.)

      What Ralph did, was simply state what happened.
      i.e. Someone made a critical video about Joe, and Joe made a YouTube comment on that video. Ralph didn’t misrepresent anything, he literally just screenshotted the comment. In the process, he linked to a bunch of already written articles about Joe that Ralph talked about before. If anything, those articles could be considered hit-pieces. However, linking to those articles does not a hit-piece make. No new allegations were posted, and even the old ones were just linked to, not even reworded.

      So was Joe writing a random comment on a Youtube video worth writing an article on? No. Is it a hit-piece? No. It’s low quality drama clickbait, that’s what it is.

    2. Ralph is not someone who does hit pieces, if there is something that condemns someone Ralph has always done the research. This is just some dude who thinks he has something important to tell us about AJ. Through a Youtube video.

    3. “Established figure” “Reputation” lol

      Angry Joe has been the butt of the joke that is the gaming community since he first released a video. He’s always been one of the most worthless guys to watch with his lack of research or gaming knowledge and his inability to actually have an opinion about anything (look at any of his reviews, all he does is regurgitate whatever opinion is “popular”). He’s never had a reputation to be attacked in the first place.

      1. There are a lot of fansboys and girls getting buttmad about poor, poor “AJ” and his poor, uninformed business/life decisions that have put him in an awful spot. His going off, in any way, against “gamergate”, even if he’s referring to the hashtag – which is the SAME retarded argument the anti-gamers have been making for months – that doesn’t excuse his outburst. He’s being criticized because he’s a public figure. He should have taken a few minutes to compose himself before acting like a fucking 5 year old on a public stage that will endure forever.

  4. How salty…
    I have zero interest with the man, but he literally repeats antiGG bullshit verbatim (including one of their fucking hashtags) while pretending to be neutral.
    It’s like Jim Sterling 2.0
    Cant they at least own their own fucking position?

    He certainly doesn’t give a shit about ethics, because he’s said literally fuck all about them that I’ve heard and seems to be COMPLAINING that he had to work to be successful at MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS.
    Are these people for real?

    My dad passed away depressed and recovering from alcohol dependence after his career in care education was fucked up by his bosses demanding he hand out literacy and numeracy tests for their profit margins (so he quit)
    My mum has worked retail jobs her entire life, and anyone that’s worked retail knows that sucks.
    My brother has an awesome job.
    Working 40-60 hours a week BUILDING FUCKING CARS.

    Me. I’m a bum, I refuse to work harder than I need to just to get by. I’d rather be the dude than a suit.
    I cant STAND folks that have been lucky to pursue a career in something they love complaining about having to work hard.
    It puts our “wailing hyperconsumerism” to shame.

    Some people were upset because of the appearance of censorship and instead of remaining neutral, he mocks.
    That’s why he’s getting a reaction.
    How many personalities have remained VERY quiet, or somewhat critical and have never been “targeted” by gamergate?
    How many have been overtly critical but done so openly and allowed dissent and avoided the same? (escapist anyone?)

    He doesn’t need to do much to defuse ALL the crap he could possible get from gamergate.
    And it aint referencing an antiGG hashtag or being openly antagonistic.

    1. Jim Sterling and the cunts like him are the sort of pseudo-intellectual shills who give morons that warm and fuzzies because they’re all “counter-culture/establishment” and they “say what they want!” … yeah, sure. They are, in fact, quite dedicated to one side of an argument, so long as it’s in their interest and merely feign neutrality and their established fan bases will heave and groan whenever anyone charges them with any criticism. It’s disgusting and immature and frankly good-riddance to bad rubbish.

      1. Honestly, I think it IS possible to be an SJW and not be the same as these antiGG hypocrites.
        As rare as a unicorn fart maybe, but I don’t see any reason for it.
        gamergate does NOTHING to break their values. We’re diverse, we do good works, we condemn harassment, we organise to prevent harassment.
        We SHOULD be an SJWs wet dream.
        Only reason we’re not is special snowflakes told lies and the media picked it up and ran.

  5. “working 60-80 hours a week”?

    If AJ was actually “working”, then he would be releasing more than one review video a month. Playing MMOs for 60-80 hours a week is not “work”.

  6. Why is Joe being dragged into this again? Why do we need a minor youtube celeb on our side? Can we just leave him alone and stop trying to badger him into supporting us? I just saw 2 people in my twitter feed arguing about him until he joined in to defend himself. Reserve judgement on Joe until he does his top 10 gaming controversies of 2014. He made a rather large hint that he will be discussing GG in that video. We really need to stop the stupid drama around e-celebs. I just read a nice discussion between king of pol and mundane matt and it really is ridiculous watching them trade insults. The greatest words of wisdom I have seen recently came from Milo himself…

      1. Or you can be a little more professional in your news instead of being a click baiting faggot because you won’t have enough traffic.

        1. Someone sounds like a butthurt fanboy. Why people get attached to internet personalities… or ANY personality, I have no idea. Sounds woefully American to me, what with the deification of celebrities (particularly celebutards).

          1. Considering that’s his main “outlet” to people outside of his show, that would be why. Or would you say an authors comment in a book is only newsworthy if it’s written in another book.

      2. Yeah, it’s your site, however listening to feedback is never a bad thing and AJ is pretty irelevant.

    1. Did you even watch the videos? Or read his reply? Sorry fan girl, but you need to put your emotions aside and be objective. AJ has been flawed from the start and it’s only gotten worse. And there’s no room for pity or remorse in the kind of purge that has to happen to preserve gaming as a hobby that’s about fun and not about shaming “cis-male white heteros” and “anti-fun”.

  7. Big mistake. Big tactical error.

    Look I’ve noticed that Joe spends more time enjoying the hospitality at preview events than he does posting reviews these days.

    Im also aware that he may side with the anti-gamer camp.

    I’ve always felt that aggressively demanding these people pick sides will more likely push them to the opposing side too. Getting dog piled by aggressive people demanding you support them is not going to work…

    But anyway back to the tactical error… What harm is Joe doing? Yeah some corporate hospitality and paid promotions but this is a side show compared to the corrupt gaming media, SJW’s and the sympathetic SJW elements of mainstream media trying to ban some games, influence the content of others by turning them into cult indoctrination tools and of course mass smearing millions of innocent gamers.

    If none of that was going on it might be worth looking into Joe and other Youtubers but going after him now is actually going to damage our cause.

    Leave him alone. Let the SJW’s make that tactical error. We need to sucker SJW’s into accusing us of hypocrisy for attacking them whilst ignoring some of the stuff Youtubers are doing. What do you think that leads to? The Youtubers would side with us when coming under SJW attack. Instead we are driving them in the opposite direction by committing the same mistake we want the SJW’s to make.

    This headline could have read “Angry Joe losses composure and goes off on SJW’s”

    Instead its the opposite and entirely GG’s fault.

    In the words of Angry Joe: “You done f**ked it up”.

    1. If you think he was ever neutral, or leaning to GG’s side, you’re one delusional sumbitch.

      All he cares about is $$$. What do you think will net him more profit? Siding with the GTP/SJW or GG?

      Or maybe you’re just one of his fanboys coming to his defence. Either way, Joe is a sell out. Best to ignore him, really.

      1. You know people like you are rapidly turning me away from GG. I swear to god half the time I can’t tell my own side from the opposition.

        Did I say he was neutral? No I did not. I actually said that I suspect he is leaning towards the anti-GG camp at the moment.

        Did I say he didn’t want to earn money? No I did not.

        This sort of strawman nonsense is what the SJW’s pull!

        What will earn him the most money? Come on, put your business hat on and think about it.

        Siding with a group that represent a tiny insignificant percentage of gamers? Really?!

        Or siding with the tastes of the vast majority who spend billions of dollars every year on games?

        Publishers bribe him with money to gain access to us. If Joe only appeals to a bunch of feminists and beta males who download free games like depression quest once a year then he has no value to them. If that were his audience the paid promotions and all expenses paid preview event invites would dry up.

        There is a reason why the SJW-catering corrupt gaming sites are losing out whilst Youtubers are on the rise… Those sites are of sod-all use to the Publishers. Why would Rockstar place adverts with Kotaku or invite their Journo’s to previews in the future when their audience are a bunch of bed wetting beta’s who aren’t interested in their games anyway?

        Look at Joe’s tastes. Look at the things he says and does. He is interested in and does many things that aren’t approved by the SJW cult hierarchy.

        He can lean in their favour now but sooner or later I absolutely guarantee they would have attacked him and he could have turned in our direction.

        Instead look where these aggressive tactics got us. He is now fully against Gamergate. The SJW’s will still turn on him just as they did Boogie but when that happens he will probably just retreat from arguing publicly and just withdraw into his own Army community and focus on making videos.

        We just blew the chance of having him speak openly about ethics issues like TB has. All we had to do was sit back and wait for the SJW’s turn on him.

        There is a time to go after Youtubers and it isn’t now. Taking money from publishers has been going on for years and can go on for many more. The more pressing threat is the SJW cancer that tries to distort the free market and deny free consumer choice.

        They want to force their culture and ideology on everyone. They need to be isolated and put down. Getting into pointless side show wars with relatively benign people who then turn cancerous as a result is just plain daft.

        1. Except what actually happened?
          People were upset by the appearance of censorship and complained.
          A few “ecelebs” or “gamergate supporters” said some mean things.
          Joe even fuckin admits that with the size of his audience this is nothing unusual.
          That would seem to make this an excuse for his outburst, rather than a genuine reason.

          1. AJ is not a threat to gaming in the same way that the corrupt SJW media had become. Any link AJ had to them was very tenuous. The outburst was in response to an unnecessary attack.

            Think of it this way.

            So far you guys on the more extreme end of the GG consumer revolt have come up against small groups of people who are widely disliked.

            Corrupt SJW riddled media sites and small-time, ultra extreme, mentally SJW’s.

            Easy to win those battles because everyone hates those tossers.

            You go up against Joe and you will lose. He has huge popularity and that popularity includes the less extreme majority of the GG consumer revolt.

            Already SJW’s are exploiting these attacks on Joe by saying “look see what we said, GG is about harassment. GG are morons”. They are saying this to a large audience that are receptive to the message as they like Joe and want to defend him.

            Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour. Do you know what I mean?

            Keep your powder dry. Let the SJW’s f**k Joe over. Don’t go up against millions of his fans necessarily. If you wait for the SJW’s to f**k him over you can effectively turn his army and have them working for you.

          2. Yeah AJ is almost on a par with TB from a subs perspective. He is a big deal.

            I’d imagine there is a lot of overlap in subscribers but where they don’t overlap I’d bet that AJ’s subscribers are more on the neutral/less informed side of GG where as TB probably already preaches to the converted.

            So AJ has a large audience of potential converts… us or the SJW’s. Let’s not give them a reason to join the opposition even if that means biting our tongues when we see Joe getting a bit cosy with publishers.

  8. Asshole Joe’s an asshole? We all know.
    Joe’s not corrupt as much as he is simply an awful and mentally deficient person.
    That’s why he needs an army to stand his annoying behavior.

    How is this news? That, and how many people have gone off on gamergate; invalidating the point of this article. Add Joe to the never ending list of people who hate gamergate.

    Come on Ralph, there’s news out there that makes your site worth coming to for reading. Please get on those stories.

  9. Dude, you’re trying a bit too much here. Wait for the actual solid evidence and lay your allegations to rest. I dislike him as much as the next guy but there’s no need to bait the drama and reel him into all of this.

  10. Well for one, how are people SURPRISED Joe isn’t for GG? Just look at what site he’s on; I’d be surprised if it wasn’t company policy for them. Two, and more importantly….he’s not wrong.

    GG IS getting way too much about shit-flinging drama against anti-GG types than it is against pushing back against douchebag journalists that felt it was cool to shit all over their audience for being upset over the bullshit they’ve been pulling for years. Why people on Twitter and KiA are so obsessed with the likes of srhbutts and SJWVivian and PixelGoth and other nobodies I shouldn’t know the names of but am constantly bombarded with everytime I go on those sites, I don’t know. But it’s getting really fucking stupid and just makes people take GG less seriously as the days grind on. We stood our ground against the mainstream media blitz, but it’s THIS kind of e-drama bullshit that is going to derail everything? I read through the shit ItalyGG (the main guy instigating shit with Joe) was saying, and that guy was a fucking idiot that spewed a bunch of bullshit without thinking any of it through first. Same goes for the people in Youtube comments jumping the guy for jumping the gun on shit before they know what’s going on. And now that’s just one more guy and his noticeably large following that are now sour on what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s that EXACT same bullshit “with us or against us” mentality that we were criticizing everyone else for…and here we are doing it with Joe because people jumped the gun before they knew what was going on.

    It’s shit like this that gives people GG fatigue. We’re dangerously close to He Who Fights Monsters levels of lack of self-awareness; it’s no wonder IA bailed on us. I feel like everytime we make one step forward we take two steps back. I believe that we could actually make a difference and make changes for the better, and for a while it looked like we did, that we DID have our shit together and were hitting the correct bullseyes we needed to. But now even TotalBiscuit is looking at us like “WTF are you guys even doing?”, even he’s starting to lose faith in all this.

    When GG is making enemies out of neutrals, out of people who just wanted to stay the fuck out of all of this one way or another, that’s the time I check out. I really do believe that we CAN be more than just 4Chan on Twitter and can make a legit difference for gaming as a whole, but we really have to choose our battles a lot more carefully if we don’t want it to devolve into another irrelevant Internet spat.

    1. e-drama is stupid, but that’s peoples personal bullshit. Don’t magically start thinking that personal drama has someone transcended the previous restriction of REALITY dictating that individuals personal actions and beliefs don’t speak for an entire consumer revolt. But you should also comprehend that this is a war against a large group of ideologues motivated by money and hatred and a huge metaphorical boner for imposing their will on others. It will get nasty and personal because it HAS to. There is no limit the “enemy” will not go to (David Olson and his little reblog child porn stupidest fuck of 2014 moment), and so we must also be prepared to not pull punches… although, not in full retard, go-to-jail ways.

  11. I give the man credit for not just handwaving us. He’s at least willing to get down in the trenches and hash out his viewpoint with the grunts. Haven’t bothered reading any of the back and forth because I’ve never been an Angry Joe fan and I don’t give a shit whether or not he hates me, but from what I’ve seen he’s not AntiGamer.

    Maybe misinformed, maybe fully disapproves of the dicks in our ranks, maybe just annoyed by everyone demanding an answer from him. Whatever his reasons, I think even if he opposes GG, he’s not an AntiGamer.

    Honestly looks like he’s just buying into the utterly retarded “just re-brand” narrative.

    I will eat those words when someone replies to me with a tweet that 100% confirms he hates fun.

    For the record, I don’t think hounding him over it is the right answer. We don’t need to “convert” people. We aren’t the Borg. We don’t want idiots who’ll latch on to any ideology we preach. We want people who can see the writing on the wall and will follow us after making their own informed decisions on the matter.

    People can do whatever they want, but I’d suggest leaving Joe alone. He’s clearly not responding well to this strategy anyways.

  12. You know what. Joe Chose to have his forums remain neutral. It was a moderator who locked it and you know what. in the early days of Gamergate we just wanted people to talk about games. Joe is doing that. We should not lose sight of our initial goals of games being the important thing.

    Are we any better than those we fight if we go round complaining we weren’t given a platform. If the AJS forums were filled with Anita Sarkeesian love sure I’d get being pissed off but neutrality means giving neither side a platform. It means not getting involved in this stuff with either side.

    Just talking about the damn games is what was happening and that was as good as a full on win for Gamergate. It’s not us who feels that games can’t be discussed on their own. It’s not us who wants to inject sociopolitical agendas into gaming.

    Respect Neutrality.

    1. This, and King of Zeroes, are on the money.

      We win if people go neutral anyways, because SJWs are clinically incapable of accepting neutrality. They’ll drive those neutrals right into our arms. Let’s not make any mistakes here.

  13. To paraphrase Based Hotwheels, “AJ, GamerGate isn’t all about you”. To paraphrase myself, “now go stick your head up your own ass and die in a corner somewhere; quietly please.”

  14. He lost a lot more than just his composure. He lost all credibility as a gamer too. And he lost a huge amount of respect from a lot of his fanbase.

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