Last night, I wrote a short post about Anita Sarkeesian and how her recent crowdfunding effort has been lagging. Today hasn’t made things any better. With only 14 days remaining (less than half the allotted time), the project is stuck at 38%. Normally, this would be even worse, since on Kickstarter you have to get to 100% in order to collect your money. But on Seed & Spark, she only needs to get to 80%. Still, Anita is on pace to fail even this meager goal.

So, if you’re her, what do you do? Make up some false claims of harassment, of course! It’s the SJW way, after all. Some people even called this on my Twitter feed last night. They were right.

Writing in The Mary Sue (of course lol), Anita made her most recent cries of wolf…

In response to our new project, a very vocal, known harasser who has spent years attacking feminism and individual feminists on YouTube, has launched a counter-fundraising campaign specifically designed to both discredit me and mobilize his viewers to abuse me further on social media. I’m greeted every day with new digital diatribes laced with conspiracy theories that call me a fraud or a con artist and spin elaborate fictional stories about my supposed schemes to manipulate and cheat people. One gentleman decided to email every one of my campaign backers individually to tell them his theories on why I am a horrible individual and they should not support my work (Seed&Spark has to temporarily shut down their messaging service for the duration of my campaign). Another man with far too much time on his hands has contacted my friends, peers, colleagues, people I haven’t talked to in over a decade, and anyone he thinks might listen with what appears to be an ebook of smutty erotic fiction that he authored starring…me.

So, who is this vocal and know harasser, and what did he do? It’s The Amazing Atheist, who did something hideous in response to Anita the Fraud’s fundraiser. He started one of his own and tailored it to help The International Women’s Health Coalition. Their goals?

[T]o provide sexual education, reproductive rights, and educational opportunities women and girls in places like Africa, India, The Middle East and Asia. They strive to help girls in these regions by:

  • Advancing the rights of adolescent girls
  • Promoting comprehensive sexual education
  • Ending child marriages and forced marriages
  • Ensuring safe and legal abortions

The IWHC accomplishes these goals by working with governments and global health policymakers as well as funding educational programs and grassroots political movements. They are bringing true feminism to woman and girls who suffer actual oppression and inequality. Their organization has received a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator, a service that rates charities based on the financial health of the charity and the transparency and accountability of the charity. The IWHC received a rating of 90 out of 100 for financial health and 100 out of 100 for transparency and accountability.

Wow, that certainly sounds like some bigtime harassment, Ms. Sarkeesian! How do you sleep at night!

As for the other claims, let’s just say I will take them with a grain of salt. However, even if true, they hardly rise to the level of harassment. I would probably call them annoyances. But, since she’s lagging far behind in her race with the clock, Anita is grasping towards anything she can in order to meet the goal. You should also notice that she doesn’t name TAA’s charity (or his name), lest the mongoloids over at The Mary Sue realize that they’re being taken for a ride.

I could write much more on this, but I think the following tweet string sums things up rather nicely…

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.