OK, there’s one or two things going on today lol. In-between me trying to keep the Gawker post updated while fixing lunch, William Usher broke a huge story on Anita Sarkeesian. I’d heard this was coming through the pipeline, but it’s even better than I thought. Let’s get down to business and explain it a little bit. 

Actually, maybe it’s best if I let Usher himself do the explaining:

Things kicked off originally when freelance artist Tammy Smith was notified by a female gamer designer who runs a blog that one of Tammy’s images was used without permission in a Tropes vs Women In Games video – the same videos that are written and produced by Jonathan McIntosh, who is a transmedia journalist and is a known advisor for the Silverstring Media firm.

Feminist Frequency responded to Tammy, sending an e-mail on March 6th, 2014, just two days after Tammy had sent them an e-mail back on March 4th. Their reply to Tammy stated…

“Our remixed collage is transformative in nature and as such constitutes a fair use of any copyrighted material as provided for under section 107 of the US Copyright law. The fair use doctrine allows for re-use and transformation for purposes of commentary, criticism and education without the permission of the copyright holder.

“Furthermore all Feminist Frequency projects are non-profit and made available for free to everyone online. No advertising ever appears on the Feminist Frequency website or videos.“

Tammy was not satisfied with this result and further requested for Feminist Frequency to prove that they were a charity organization.

However, interestingly enough instead of proving that Feminist Frequency is a charity organization, the topic of lawyers entered the discussion. On March 7th, 2014 a message was sent to Tammy that you can read in full below:R3rsPiuThe article goes on to show that Feminist Frequency is in fact setup as a non-profit, but they decided to drag this woman along for a ride nonetheless. Instead of actually proving their status, they simply removed the work and put up a misleading blog post. This is par for the course. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from these cretinous scammers. The State of California may consider you a non-profit, but I know better. This whole operation is just around so you two loser will be able to siphon money off SJW idiots for decades to come.

I can’t say I feel sorry for the idiots who donate to you, though. A fool and his money will soon be parted anyway. I do think this should be looked into even more, though, since according to some, they were required by law to prove that non-profit status to the woman who inquired:


We’ll see what happens.