Anita Sarkeesian

I’m doing a couple of quick hits today before I get to the meatier stuff, including the Malka piece I never got to this weekend. But before I did, I thought it was important to have a good laugh at Anita Sarkeesian’s expense. She’s back in the news…well in the drama, actually. Yesterday she put up a pic talking about what fun she had at a Columbus, Ohio board game parlor. That all sounds well and good, but in a tweet two minutes later, she chastises a young man who had surreptitiously taken a picture of her while she played. This is no different than what happens to any other celebrity, but she somehow treats it as creepy or weird. I’d feel honored if people wanted to take my picture, but I guess Anita has to keep the Victimhood Express rolling along no matter what.

Here’s the rundown:

Keep that in mind, “dudes.” We wouldn’t want to upset Queen Anita by taking unauthorized pictures of her now-fat face! Lol, I’ll be back in a couple hours or less with a full write-up on Malka, the owner of NeoGAF. If you missed his comments this past weekend, stay tuned. And even if you didn’t, come join me in piling onto his dumbass.