I just got through watching Money in the Bank, so I’ve gotta catch up on E3 news. But I’ve still got my eyes on Twitter, and it looks like Sargon has caught Jihad Jonathan McIntosh and Anita the Fraud spazzing out over the new Doom trailer that Bethesda showed tonight. In fact, one of our contributors called it right before it happened. The SJWs are getting easier and easier to read like a book.
First check out Candy Jam predicting what was about to go down:

It didn’t take long, either. Literally within minutes, they answered the call:

IMG_20150614_230943(h/t @Sargon_of_Akkad)

What do they not understand? It’s Doom. Did they expect a walking simulator like Gone Home? I’m not sure how much more of a parody these two jackasses can become. Also, let’s face it: this could just be FullMac switching accounts and spreading his bullshit. Remember just the other day he tried to deny the difference between fantasy and reality. The guy’s fucking nuts. 

I’m sure there’s been some more freak-outs from anti-gamers since then. I’m about to get back to the PC and check it out. Feel free to drop any funny happenings down in the comments as well.


UPDATE: More words of wisdom from Anita…zHvcg8K 9s7AcIW

& Sargon…


More anti-gamer madness…

  1. Expect more to come. They always make outlandish claims when there is a big event (especially E3). It’s only calculated risk to draw attention to themselves so they can still play their victim charade.

    1. They’re the hipster version of Al Sharpton and Ann Coulter – getting outraged about everything for attention and donations.

      1. I was just thinking that they remind me of the groups of people back in the early 90s who ranted and raved about rap music. Anita and Jon would have to only change a few words of their spiel if they plan to focus on a different industry/topic.

    1. SJWs then: “Gender shouldn’t be tied to clothing! Men should be able to wear dresses if they want to without being assumed they are gay or trans!”


      1. Or maybe they think that it’s okay for a man to wear a dress, but nobody is allowed to find anything amusing about that.

        Or maybe they think that when you choose to play as a woman, the game should say “Do you mean a woman with a penis?” and if you say “yes” only THEN should a man (sorry, I mean “woman trapped in a man’s body”) be allowed to wear a dress.

        Honestly, I don’t think even they know what’s running through their little pee brains.

      2. Also, it occurs to me: Veeren’s whine illustrates the point Milo was making, which is that the whole “man trapped in a woman’s body” idea inherently conflicts with the idea that “gender is a social construct.”

        What he’s saying here is that for a man to wear a dress, the man has to “really” be a woman inside. Otherwise he’s a pretender “mocking” all those transwomen.

        This is incompatible with the notion that “gender” is a social construct and that anyone of either sex should be equally able to wear anything associated with either.

        1. Shht! Heaven forbid all those Biology researchers were right about the gender disparity, we’d have a total crackdown of society. Men raping women, men unwillingly having an intercourse with other men (No such thing as male rape!), men raping non-binary individuals.

          It would be a doozie!

      3. To be fair, I wouldn’t be completely against, man dresses. I’m tired of having sweaty balls all summer, some ventilation down there would be awesome.

          1. Aren’t they made of wool though? A little hot and water absorbent, and not really acceptable business attire.

          2. Excuse my lack of clarification, it often sounds a lot more elaborate in my head then out-loud(Would be strange if it weren’t so, ye?).

            What I meant to say is – it wouldn’t be too weird to see. There are men who wear ‘woolen men’s skirts’ and they generally look pretty awesome. You obviously need good legs for those, but when you weigh it in – a bit of running won’t do you harm, and you get to feel the breeze as an result of your hard work.

      1. I am honestly sick of the “transphobic” word flung around. As if I need to take into account the poor feels of the poor trans people. No, guys, I DONT need to, I have already ENOUGH SHIT IN REAL LIFE to deal with. So thinking about walking on eggs on internet to not offend you guys? Blow.

      2. I watched the Fallout 4 video last night and thought it didn’t play the “dude in a dress” for laughs. It was shown for less than a moment and was given no tone at all. Nothing to suggest it was a punchline. The video was showing outfits and a dress was among the many shown.

        It was a nothing moment. I fail to see the transphobia.

      3. I keep going to like and retweet Cheong’s recent Tweets, only to remember that he’s still blocking me…

    2. I’m starting to this notice the Twitter feminist crowd is just the same little group of freaks

  2. Good thing Bethesda doesn’t give a shit of their opinions lol Fallout 4 and Doom looked amazing! <3

  3. The prediction that she’s becoming the next Thompson is correct too. Look how she’s gone from calling out violence against women to calling out ANY extreme violence in games. I’m waiting for her to start trying to get legislation pushed through. Of course, the ESRB completely makes it pointless, but it’ll prove her true motive.

    And no, no! Of course we don’t fucking get the point of Fallout 4. These dipshits seriously think that if society was degraded back to tribes that everyone would band together and get along? That’s not how people work because THAT’S NOT HOW NATURE WORKS!

      1. He’d be whining that the violence is too over the top and there is too much hyper-masculinity as he’s forced to do slave labor for the local warlord.

  4. You could actually make a case that Fem Freq is just Mcintosh only spoken by a woman. They’re saying the same message and are part of the same cliques yet Anita has far more RTs and favourites than fullmcintosh.

    1. There’s screenshots of the femfreq account writing the exact same tweets that McIntosh had written already. The theory is Anita barely touches her account at all and it’s just Jon writing everything.

  5. Doom. A franchise that never was too shy in showing the viscera and gore. Hey, but maybe the next entry will be different! Instead, we’re all little, unique gentle snowflakes or unicorns and we slap each other high fives.

    *Proceeds to watch the trailer*

    Nope. Have to rant about the violence in a game that’s part of a franchise for 22 fucking years running because…well, I’m a man without a vagina but I still get my regular periods. – McIntosh

    1. I can see McIntosh being hella excited if one day he got hemorrhoids and mistook it for finally having a period.

  6. if there is one thing this shows, its the disconnect. gamers know and can relate to games like doom. criticizing in this fashion, just shows how out of touch they are.

  7. I am so enjoying their outrage over all this stuff, I would say their rage sustains me but I wouldn’t call this rage. This is proving more and more to be greatly amusing! Yet it is also like a donkey show, you’re disgusted but you can’t look away.

  8. are these people for real? I know we’re a bit deep into the game for me to be asking that question, but still. Jesus fuck.

  9. Hahaha already?

    I really hope this is a wake up call to developers that these fucks will never be on their side. Fucking ridiculous.

    1. Yup. They complain with Assassin’s Creed lacks a female character. They complain when Assassin’s Creed includes female characters. And now Anita’s moaning when a game has a female protagonist…. because the game doesn’t “exclusively” sport a female protagonist. Not inviting Kotaku was a good move, but I’d like to know for sure that companies are finally gonna stop listening to these whiny pieces of shit.

    1. Now I just feel bad for the rats and roaches. SJWs can’t compare to them because they’re not even worth being on the bottom of the food chain.

      1. Rats has potential to take over the world and preserve themselves. SJW could, in a very hypothetical case, take over the world but after that they cannibalized each other until none were left.

    2. Honestly, I feel this is extremely offensive… Rats and Cockroaches are an integral part of the ecosystem, those two are not.

  10. Is Wu actually criticizing a game that has gun voilence, when she made a game that had guns in it? Nevermind the crap about women in skin tight outfits.

  11. MovieBob, are you really, really sure you still wanna stand behind Mr. and Ms. “No, no, these guys are totally not the same as Jack Thompson”?

  12. For the love of… ITS FUCKING DOOM AND FALLOUT! The two most violent game series of all fucking time! Wondering why the DOOM trailer is violent is like walking into the Atlantic Ocean and wondering why it’s wet!

    And Wu, close your artificial vag right this fucking second! You have no fucking right to criticize Fallout and DOOM for having guns and violence when your own game includes GUNS and VIOLENCE! Sit and spin, you blowharded trap!

    1. “Please try to empathize with the soulless, mindless, and genocidal. I need you to like me.”
      That’s what that tweet says right? That’s what it looks like to me.

    2. Jesus, is this dumb shit gonna call everything in video games a “cheap narrative device”? Looking at his tweets, he’s just a broken record; “narrative device”, “narrative device”, “narrative device that somehow causes players to engage in toxic masculinity”. I wish he’d at least be a lot less repetitive about spreading his bullshit.

    3. No, he makes a fair point. Nazis, demons, zombies, babies, children, women, regular people, are all equivalent in a video game. They are all equally not-people and not-existent. They’re all equally imaginary and composed of ones and zeroes and therefore there is nothing particularly more hideous about the act of killing in Hatred than in Wolfenstien or Doom.

      He just happens to fall on the idiot-side of that fact.

  13. Know what? can’t we just ignore these people? Leave them to their hug boxes?

    I mean, for all their bitching and moaning, until they have sale numbers to back up their talk, they’ve got nothing. Less if no one who’s actually a gamer feed these trolls.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that?

      Unfortunately, Intel gave her a $300m grant for “diversity”, EA/Dice is reportedly giving her input into the next Mirror’s Edge, countless publishers and developers and press give her comments weight, and even the game developers conference has awarded her as gaming’s ambassador of 2014.

      Ignoring someone that the creators of content you enjoy are NOT ignoring is dangerous.

    2. You may not be interested in them, but they are interested in you. That’s the problem we’ve been facing. You can’t fence these fuckers out — they climb in and want to shit all over the place.

    1. It drops on my birthday. I don’t usually put much stock in coincidences, but… 😀

      “Let’s go, pal.”

  14. The new doom looked amazing. With them being pissed off I’ll take 4 copies. Someone should mail them a free copy. Also I want to play a drinking game about how many games are “sexist” articles will be popping up this week.

  15. This was just Bethesda, id Software, and the game industry giving Sarkeesian, McIntosh, and SJWs one gigantic finger for their bitching, whining, and complaining about shit they don’t understand. Gaming has never bowed to SJWs and sure as hell isn’t going to start now with awesome companies like Bethesda and ID (makes Bethesda’s glitch ridden releases almost worth it now).

    1. 5 months later and it seems that the creators of DOA have now caved into SJW demand and not released the latest Volleyball version to the West and instead have to import it via Play-Aisa so I guess some companies are bowing to SJWs

      1. They aren’t caving into SJW demand. The company even stated they aren’t releasing it because they don’t want to be pulled into the whole debate. I mean they make anime with demons raping women and even made RapeLay, though that did get some backlash and get pulled. They are just trying to avoid having to weigh in on American problems that are made up by bitter Feminists and SJWs who will never have anything to show for their lives outside of whining about the delusional views of the world.

  16. There are a ton of games that cater to a lot of different people.

    If I wanna blow stuff up and kill demons, Doom is perfect.

    I wanna mow down zombies with a pair of chainsaws taped to an oar, Dead Rising 2 is my game.

    I wanna save people from disease by carving pentagrams into them – Trauma Center

    I wanna protect people from the Dark Age of Law – Ace attorney.

    There are tons of games that don’t just focus on killing, there are a ton of games that can appeal to almost anyone. I often have to wonder if these three idiots – Wu, Anita, and Mic – I have to wonder if they’re like:

    “I see no common sense, I hear no common sense, I speak no common sense.”

    Also, anyone got any tips for someone trying to get into the indie gaming industry?

    1. get into indie as in “I want to make indie games” or “I want to buy some indie games”?

        1. Well, if its making one, nothing I can say given that I’m just another plain gamer. At least you’re not making another wide-open sandbox, those tend to be overly ambitious; more than many indie teams could handle as far as I’ve seen.

          1. Yeah, and not twine games. If I ever did a novel like games, I’d go with something like Phoenix Wright style.

  17. “We’re not Jack Thompson, but these “violent” video games need to stop like NAO.”

    Seriously it’s getting silly at this point.
    Games cause violence? NOPE.
    Games cause sexism? NOPE.
    Games are = to REAL life because we can’t separate fiction from reality? NOPE.

    A growing trend of NOPE there, hope they can one day stfu and get a degree in something that isn’t based on complete and utter BS…

  18. fallout 4 looks sweet dishonored 2 is also good, doom looks sweet but no way I’m getting it (never been a doom fan, But I will admit the weapons and demons look nice). the point where they said that fallout 4 was releasing 11-10-2015 happy times, honestly i was expecting something like dec. 2016.
    Gonna wander the wastes in the winter heres hoping the railway rifle makes a return then choo choo mutha-f*ka, also whenever dishonored 2 comes out im going to attempt to do what I did in dishonored a no kill run (I think its a lot more cruel to leave my targets alive if the leave target alive option feels weak in 2 i’ll just kill them)
    this has been a interesting e3 and its only just starting.

  19. so how many times do you think the thin skin choir is going to break out there usual same old stale and tired song and dance before the end of E3?
    me i’m going to say once each day.

  20. *crowd cheers at the news that players will be able to be a female in Fallout*
    *Anita freaks out, finds another reason — violence — to complain about said game and promote herself on it*
    *by doing so with both Fallout and Doom, Anita turns into a ’90s conservative opposing violence in video games in a time when even ’90s conservatives don’t give a shit anymore and may actually play violent games themselves*

    What a time to be alive.

    >sad that the protagonist in Dishonored 2 isn’t exclusively female

    Talk about a person whose name in Twitter is “Feminist Frequency” making feminism look bad for males and females alike.

      1. Yea but i’ve heard rumors somewhere that it won’t be an option to play as a female in Fallout 4 (even before the trailer), which would be disappointing, so maybe dispelling those rumors was the reason for clapping. I think it was some Fallout 4 worker person on Reddit spreading them and it caught on, the first trailer didn’t really help the rumors either.

        1. The conformation from Bethesda was fine. It is the cheer of the journos the rubbed me the wrong way. It felt like having a female option was something special and unique.

      2. I thought that the statement that you could still also play a woman was a jab at the false outrage she was trying to drum up before E3.

  21. It’s only day 1 and we’re already getting bullshit from the SJW crowd. I seriously hope none of these SJW fucks made their way into the E3 event itself.

  22. “No one wants to take your games away from you, but watch as we deride, mock and sneer at anything you might like, labelling those games as backward and a sign of an immature industry!”

    *slow jazz hands*

      1. lol. We have a secret plan that we’ve provided congress for the betterment of all video games – But we have to pass it for you to see what’s in it.

  23. It’s it funny how back in the 90’s, the Conservatives and their “moral majority” where rightly laugh at, but the left “moral majority” is on fucking crack. Heaven forbid people get excited about games.

    1. It’s simple really: The majority of those reporting things are left leaning, and also highly partisan hacks, so anything someone with an R in front of their name is laughable, anyone not from a major city is a clueless inbred, and anyone “on their side” is righteous. Even when they do the exact same thing. Identity politics has worked for generations, right now, you’re seeing through the vast dissemination of information thanks to modern connectivity, that people are maybe going to wake up and think for themselves. I however never want to underestimate the stupidity of people.

    2. SJW leftism exhibits all the personality traits of “Right Wing Authoritarianism”, only with different dogmas

  24. Wu is talentless nobody who is off his/hers meth and plays the victimhood. Anita is a victimhood + corn artis specialist bullshiter and Josh is… an prime example of that “the survival of the fittest” doesn’t count for the human race.

  25. Just make sure to let Bethesda know that Jack and Jackie Thompson are NO representatives of the gaming community.

  26. The press is acting like being able to play a female in Fallout is new. McIntosh and Anita are ignoring the fact you can craft medicine, buildings, settlements, electrical grids, and other non-combat items (and have been able to since FO1), people on Twitter are claiming that seeing that clothing is no longer bound to character sex by featuring a man in a dress is transphobic, and everything else.

    They are literally and unashamedly lying and misrepresenting in order to try to drum up fake outrage for games they know nothing about.

    Being able to craft stimpacks and antivenom in FO has been the key to survival since you faced off against The Master.

  27. Sooo… Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 should star exclusively female leads, and rather than fighting they should be all about… what? Sewing? Underwater basket-weaving? No, wait, I guess that’s not allowed either, because it would be a “gender stereotype.”

    And just who do they expect to be buying these games anyhow?

    1. They should be about exploring a house and discovering that somebody who lives there is a lesbian.

      The exclusively female protagonist should also be depressed.

  28. Is it just me or, as these fuckwits become ever less relevant and popular, do they sound more and more like a direct copy of their discredited predecessor and fellow Bachelor of Fuckwittery Jack Thompson?
    Seems like they are desperately flailing around now to seem with it and relevant. Drowning men, grasping at straws………..

    1. To be counter culture they have to oppose the majority. Gaming is now mainstream, so they are now becoming what the conservatives were when gaming was marginal. It’s amazing to watch.

  29. Funny thing is I put a status up about the new doom looking amazing and 3 friends liked it. All women. So that blows a fucking whole in their logic.

  30. Ugh… How can Anita NOT claim to be sexist. A game is somehow inherently inferior for not featuring a female protagonist? Has she played dishonored 1? The mask KIND of defeats the point anyway. It’s first person with no 3rd person option, why does the character need to be female? What point does that serve? Does the narrative improve? It’s like saying Skyrim’s better for offering the option to be Female, My Skyrim games are just as fun both ways, with either gender, really aesthetics are the only reason the options are available. They provide NOTHING to the story, and the stats aren’t even different like they used to being RPG’s of old, where Base Strength and Base Intelligence or Charisma in some games would be higher or lower depending on Gender. Either way, almost 100% of the time, in big sandbox games, Gender really is most of the time aesthetic, it’s almost never meaningful in the story. It’s just more evidence Anita’s not a gamer, because she thinks this crap matters.

    Fallout 3 and NV’s Crafting systems focused on plenty of stuff, you could make chems, stimpaks, bullets, food, and a bunch of other stuff. Guess she totally forgot that stuff. None of that’s coming back, doubt that. Oh yeah the e3 bit where they showed you you can make houses? Yeah, Carpenters just do it to kill people. Who knew.

    Also. Doom, just… Ok, Doom has always been hyper violent. Weird that a brand new doom would be violent.

    Anita, you’re not one of us, you’ll never be, because you find your genitals so interesting that you can’t stop paying attention to them long enough to actually concentrate on a game you’d play. Women gamers enjoy GAMING, players that are Female who want to play Fallout would be far more interested in the possibility that there is a customization feature in which they can take a pizza box, a cardboard tube, 6 sawblades, and a piece of PVC, and some Gunpowder and create a “Fast Food Bomb” (Note this is not a thing). Rather than complain they can’t make Medication to treat Ghoul AIDS, which let’s be honest, if you knew the recipe and Ghouls had AIDS you could probably whip up for the inevitable quest to cure Ghoul AIDS everywhere.

    I hate these people. It’s one thing to take a dump on something after you’ve tried it and disliked it, that’s not fun, but I understand. It’s another to take a dump on it when you’ve never even attempted to give the slightest bit of a crap about it.

  31. Wow those two really don’t understand that games are just pretend and that art can be whatever they want. Why don’t people recognize them for the vile, deranged censors they are?

  32. Maybe they’ll shut up if Bethesda lets you find a few audiologs revealing that somebody is a lesbian in Doom 4.

  33. I’m going to make my Fallout 4 character look just like Anita, I’m going to name her “Anita,” and then I’m going to make her do all kinds of horrible things in the game.

  34. God they are just trolls of the most idiotic kind – it’s almost like the femfreeks aren’t even trying anymore. “Well there’s a new M rated game out, it’s time to say something about violence and toxic masculinity”.

    Its exasperating – There are plenty of games which do not focus on violence. One can only hope there will be a Doom or Fallout mod where we can change the enemies into FullMcIntosh and Anita.

    1. I don’t have any more of a problem with their idiocy than I did with Jack Thomspon. The problem is with the games press, publshers, developers, and fellow gamers who DO give the idiot comments of these two real weight. They dismissed Thomspon, but embrace Sarkeesian, despite them both being exactly the same. It’s fucking gross.

      1. Meh, the media always jumps on board with the latest moral panic – All the way back to Mazes and Monsters, or Rock N’ Roll – they praise the censors, until people are tired of hearing it, then they move on.

  35. Is that all there is to their complaints? It’s violent? No allegations of sexism?

    Shit ladies, it’s simulated violence – don’t go all religious puritan on the rest of us

  36. Brianna: “To me, violence is lazy, unimaginative game design.”

    Isn’t Rev60 part fighting game? Dunce.

  37. I have been excited by all the announcements and games so far, after two conferences. Both the ultra violent macho ones and the indie stuff about being a blind girl trying to find your way around the precious little indie world and Gone Home’s Fullbright’s Tacoma. And the augmented reality minecraft. See, I enjoy video games and am a rational and balanced human being.

    SJWs saw the game about being a blind female in a non-violent world and pissed themselves in excitement, before ripping their hair out and smearing their shit and menses all over the walls as they flung themselves around like angry apes over every other game. Because, duh, they don’t give a shit about games. They give a shit about personal and politica agendas that they can push in this entertainment niche.

    That’s the difference between liking games and liking gender politics. Rational balanced human beings can find appeal in a wide variety of things — even the things they might not care so much about as a game, but understand others might enjoy.

    By the way, to McIntosh’s backpeddling question saying something like “all I’m saying is, if you are excited by these kind of ultra gore games, think of what the rest of the world thinks of gamers because of it” . . . . I can only say “who gives a fuck what the rest of the world thinks of it?”. Do Ham radio operator hobbiests worry about what other people think of their hobby? I’m a fucking grown ass adult with more years in my adulthood under my belt, now, than in childhood, and literally the last thing I give a fuck about in any pursuit or interest of mine is “what will other people think”, primarily because I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. You know, because rational ADULT and all.

  38. Well, they have zero industry pull where it matters.

    I think the cheering about the violence from the crowd (which by the way are not “gamers” in that audience, they are press people…) is because we’ve been living with gaming being censored more and more. And seeing violence again is refreshing. It’s a reminder that a lot of us that game are adults, and can deal with seeing pixels diced to bits without going out and rape-murdering people.

    The first time I bisected a man in the Witcher 3 I was so happy. I was happy because I haven’t seen that level of violence in a long time. I miss it.

    1. Except apparently at EA/Dice, public school curriculum, GDC, countless game developers and publishers, Intel (remember the $300m) and so on, where they are actually given a lot of weight.

      Also, the audience of these press conferences are only partially game press. A significant number are just regular E3 attendees, fans, company staff, etc. They stack the audience for the cheers. This is how every press conference goes, including Apple.

  39. Well I got to agree with the first part of Wu’s little remark, not quite in the same words and tone as she used, but game design centered on killing is indeed a pretty lazy aspect of game design. I know of a games teacher who had given all his students a challenge that they had to create a game where there was no killing involved. He then made a presentation showing the games his students were making in a year’s time before and after the challenge.

    As you can probably already guess, the before students games largely were the same with a handful of exceptions, whereas those who couldn’t use killing started to show a lot more variety.

  40. It’s almost as if they’ve never played a Fallout game, Imagine a Fallout where X happened. Yea imagine it and go make it you fucking moron.

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