Late last night, I saw a tweet from Anita Sarkeesian that sums up modern feminism pretty well. I was going to write about it this morning, but I fell asleep. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Anita outright admits that her brand of feminism is all about collectivism, personal choice be damned. She didn’t stop there, either.

Take a look at this disturbing cartoon she also co-signed (by retweeting). I don’t think I’ve seen anything more offensive throughout these last nine months, and if I have, it wasn’t by much:

So women only choose to have kids because they lack access to abortions? How dismissive of individual women can you possibly be? Of course Anita just said feminism is not about the individual, so it only stands to reason that her attitudes about the personal decisions women make would be dismissive. But this comic is downright abhorrent. Look at how it treats homemakers and working women. It’s mind-boggling.

How many people can this woman and her propagandist puppet master piss off? Many of her would be allies actually criticized her on this, even though she did get a lot of support from mindless drones. I guess that shows that not every rad fem  is an authoritarian collectivist like Anita and McIntosh, but it’s a very small silver lining. They still have plenty of backers.

Luckily, as this past weekend showed, we have more. Keep in mind these people are relentless, though. They’re also motivated by the almighty dollar, and do this for a living (and a very nice one at that). So they will have to be totally obliterated, and even then, facts and refutations don’t usually get in their way. So the only thing to do is keep pointing out their odious views, and highlight their blatant hypocrisy. The silent majority will continue to recoil from their bizarre ideology. Polling proves this. But we can’t relax. They have the media and money on their side. We have the real grassroots, though, and that can beat anything…as long as we keep up the fight.