Late last night, I saw a tweet from Anita Sarkeesian that sums up modern feminism pretty well. I was going to write about it this morning, but I fell asleep. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Anita outright admits that her brand of feminism is all about collectivism, personal choice be damned. She didn’t stop there, either.

Take a look at this disturbing cartoon she also co-signed (by retweeting). I don’t think I’ve seen anything more offensive throughout these last nine months, and if I have, it wasn’t by much:

So women only choose to have kids because they lack access to abortions? How dismissive of individual women can you possibly be? Of course Anita just said feminism is not about the individual, so it only stands to reason that her attitudes about the personal decisions women make would be dismissive. But this comic is downright abhorrent. Look at how it treats homemakers and working women. It’s mind-boggling.

How many people can this woman and her propagandist puppet master piss off? Many of her would be allies actually criticized her on this, even though she did get a lot of support from mindless drones. I guess that shows that not every rad fem  is an authoritarian collectivist like Anita and McIntosh, but it’s a very small silver lining. They still have plenty of backers.

Luckily, as this past weekend showed, we have more. Keep in mind these people are relentless, though. They’re also motivated by the almighty dollar, and do this for a living (and a very nice one at that). So they will have to be totally obliterated, and even then, facts and refutations don’t usually get in their way. So the only thing to do is keep pointing out their odious views, and highlight their blatant hypocrisy. The silent majority will continue to recoil from their bizarre ideology. Polling proves this. But we can’t relax. They have the media and money on their side. We have the real grassroots, though, and that can beat anything…as long as we keep up the fight.

  1. I have 3 things I can say to that scuzz-sucking PoS for her first tweet.

    1: The women who fought to have individual freedoms are rolling over in their graves right now.
    2: Sure is Soviet Russia in here.
    3: I know women who would beat the unholy tar out of you, Antia Scumseezian. And, yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose.

    1. The true enemy to women right hear. Seriously I want to build a time machine, get the members of women’s suffrage and pull them back here so they can see this nightmare and have them beat the shit out of her.

      1. Only some. Those giving white feathers out, those that were arm in arm with the WKKK, suffragettes, and others would cheer her on. Some second wavers are likely seething but it’s rare that even those second wavers are internally consistent in any way.

      2. Now THAT would be a cage match! I’m envisioning a “Celebrity Deathmatch” episode with all these Social Justice/Feminist lunatics vs the real bad asses of truth and justice (with special appearance by Milo and Based Mom).

    2. I think that’s how it’s supposed to spelled and they changed it to make it seem more “ethnically diverse”. 😉

  2. She’s right. Feminism isn’t about giving women more choices and opportunity. It’s about giving professional victims money and power.

  3. This is a big misstep on her part, if even some of her followers are now criticizing her for this. This is good, no one stop her, let her spout more insane bullshit like “your own personal choice doesn’t matter.” Those smart enough will drop her stupid ass, the cultists are beyond saving.

    1. Because I think some of her followers only defended her when they heard of the rape and death threats. They just launched an attack white knighting her while thinking she was just a run of the mill Feminist. Now maybe some will have their eyes opened. I have see this all up on Youtube those claiming she did not mean this or did not mean that yet you can point to her tweet they are unaware of and they go oh.

  4. Generalisations and stereotypes! Generalisations and stereotypes everywhere!

    I chose to be a mother because it’s what I wanted. I chose to be a stay-home mother because it’s what I wanted and we could afford it. My workplace was willing to make accommodations for me so I could stay with the company, and at first, I thought that’s what I’d do: Be a working mum. I didn’t think we could afford it. Happily, I was wrong on that count.

    Fuck her collective. I’ll do what makes me happy and works for my family.

    1. A lot of feminists got on Joss Whedon’s case and harassed him off Twitter because there was a scene in Avengers 2 where Black Widow becomes sad about being unable to have children. The radfems got all butthurt because Natasha showed emotions over her choice to be a mother taken away from her by the KGB; the SJWs missed the point (as usual) and took it to mean that Joss was saying that women are damaged if they can’t be mothers or that she was portrayed as “weak”.

      1. Oh, I know. I think it’s a moronic reaction for feminists to have. Why CAN’T she be shown as being human and having emotions? If you look at her in Cap 2 and Avengers 1, she has one genuine emotion shown in both movies: anger. That’s it. Not very deep stuff there.
        But throw in a bit of “I wish” from her (and Banner, which is something EVERYONE does), and suddenly it’s all “weak! stereotype! sexism!”… ugh.

    2. Oh, I’ve already been told that by other feminists a few years back, before I became a mum. As I said: being a stay-home mum is what I want, what I’ve always wanted. It just doesn’t compute with them that some women might just find it desirable.

      1. I found it so incredibly insulting. It utterly erased my agency and free will, reducing me to a weak-willed thing to be manipulated by the amorphous Patriarchy at it’s whim.
        Yet feminists claim it’s men/Patriarchy who remove women’s agency…

  5. Sharkeesian continues her nearly 3 year long whirlwind tour of conning people who, at this point, truly deserve to be conned. All the while relaying the same old sob story of internet nastiness with all the emotional sincerity and, more importantly, the single-minded focus of a Reaper from Mass Effect going sightseeing in futuristic London.

    1. That’s not correct and you know it…

      …the Reaper has substantially more empathy… 😉

  6. Keep in mind these aren’t her words, they are McIntosh’s. Yeah who is the real misogynist? Jesus Christ. So are saying the only reason I was born was because my couldn’t find an abortion clinic. Fuck off! Yeah this is just scary.

  7. WHAT THE FUCK?! – That cartoon framed EVERYTHING about “starting a family” as “can’t get an abortion.” What the fuck is wrong with these people? Can’t they comprehend that some people WANT to have kids. Also, Collectivism is EVIL and any honest intellectual would know that. That woman is a cancer.

    1. I have some choice words for la gran perra: go talk that shit in another country. Try a place where family culture is valued highly, say Latin America. Just try spewing your bullshit and see if they will listen and believe.

      1. lol la gran perra would get the absolute hell beaten out of xim/xer/xirself or whatever fucking pronoun they use if they tried that in a “less reasonable” country. Well fuck, it’s like living in opposite land when people in more legitimately conservative, well, mainly religious and socialist conservatism, are capable of calling out rampant bullshit that people in “The Land of the Free” just accept as somehow ‘ok’ in the name of being “progressive”.

        Oh well, if Gamergate has shown us anything (other than that the mainstream media is fucking trash and corruption is EVERYWHERE), it’s that labels don’t matter/exist (except when gender ideologues and SJWs are using those labels to somehow to prove they… can’t be labeled… ugh) and that there are rational people on all sides who can spot bullshit when they see it.

          1. I’m a little fucked up, and sleep during what people would consider “working hours,” so I’m grateful for topics to discuss, audiences to listen to me and lunatics to unleash verbal and logic beat downs on. I only care about truth and I loath ignorance and hypocrisy. Oh, and I legitimately care about actual justice and equality of opportunity. How people like Arthur Chu and the rest of them function I don’t know – he clearly doesn’t understand right from wrong and on top of it his ideology is reliant on “picking the right side” and then blindly following it. Since his moral compass is broken all that does is make him a little fascist. Which seems to be a recurring theme with ALL of these lunatics.

            Seriously though, equating “choosing” to have a family with “can’t get an abortion” is Dworkins’ level of fucked up. It’s like saying “if you ever have sex with a man, you are a useless/used up cunt and a slave and a rape victim” (which just about summarized Dworkins’ position on the matter. And the panel with the Transgender comments was just beyond stupid. I’m sorry, transgender people can’t usually have children (unless they were originally male and kept some sperm) as if they are MTF they have have no uterus and if they FTM they… typically don’t have the structural makeup and hormones to have children… so, was the intended reference supposed to be adoption? I don’t even…

            But then we do have people like the utterly destroyed Leigh Alexander who jumped on the “fuck families/real women don’t have kids” bandwagon and made herself look like an even more unhinged drunkard/professional bitch.

            Seriously, do these people just suffer preemptive postpartum depression and view the umbilical cord as a noose? Oooooooh, how do you like THAT imagery? I feel like that’s some Silent Hill/Lovecraft quality of fucked up. And I’m sure some unscrupulous fuckwad will steal it for their deranged message of “female liberation via the destruction of the next generation” … at least the males anyway.

          2. “Seriously though, equating “choosing” to have a family with “can’t get an abortion” is Dworkins’ level of fucked up.”

            Yes indeed. The irony is that while these people think they are the future of the human race, if they ever become the norm, the human race is doomed.

          3. That’s more honesty in one paragraph than Anita has shown in the last year.

            Here here! Let’s drink some beer!

        1. Damn. Can’t believe I forgot about this.

          P.S. I would so challenge that horse to a boxing match.

          1. Women can arrest you for verbal harassment now, the “harassment” being pick up lines or compliments.

            We all know what it will lead later.

  8. When I first saw the screenshot of Anita’s “Feminism is not about personal choice” tweet, I thought it was a fake. But it wasn’t. These “progressive” types really know how to exceed your expectations and not in a good way.

  9. I know a group who was really good with that: The Nazi’s. They practiced this thing called “Fascism,” which is apparently coming back in style. 🙁

  10. “There is no freedom. There is no free will. There is no choice. There is only Darkseid…I mean, Anita Sarkessian. ALL HAIL ANITA!”

  11. It’s the same way Scientology hooks people in. They offer free courses telling you how to make things better for you. It isn’t until after you’ve overdosed on the Kool-Aid, then you’ve already signed a billion-year contract to be a slave on Tom Cruise’s yacht and dumped your life savings into learning about Xenu and evil alien souls.

    1. Well, Anita made her living off of tele-seminars before her con took off, so she had practice perfecting her craft.

  12. There vill be no freedom. There vill be discussion. There vill be NO choices. You ahr feminist now. You vill learn to take ordahs…or vee punished. Do you vish to end up like Mr. Vhedon?

  13. This dishonors SO MANY WOMEN including my wife. My wife and I aren’t even sure she can even have children when we’re ready, she has some medical problems that reduce the odds to almost 0%.

    My wife is strong and independent, everything these rad Fems claim about themselves, but she can’t stand them. She’s had to work for everything she’s ever wanted, these women just bitch and moan like a child until people give them what they want to shut them up. I will never support such arrogant, self-serving cowards, because they dishonor the real women, like my wife, that work just as hard as the men for what they have.

  14. “Every choice has a context”

    Yes. Like people wanting to have kids. Women wanting to work. But i’m sure the counter to this idea is that only “privileged” people can have that luxury of choice.

    Presenting a specific scenario as the reality when the reality is far more diverse and nuanced is disingenuous and borderline fear-mongering. But its fear that sustains many a cult.

    1. I was told that women cannot have choice until we break down the current system. Wait, Anita said that when she was saying Choice Feminism was out. So until the Patriarchy is dismantled and placed with unicorns and my little ponies then no skittles can be shot out of our butts.

      1. She’s doubling down and going full fascist at this point, which is what she and McIntosh actually are. That’s where they’re going to find consistent donations and speaking engagements – talking to blind bigots so consumed with their own self-righteous hypocrisy they’ll THROW money at her in order to get validated.

    2. Silly man with your mansplaining. Clearly by virtue of them being women’s choices another women can insert whatever context she finds to be most convenient, I mean, appropriate! Never mind that the very notion of “every choice has a context” is so utterly ambiguous as to be both meaningless and self-defeating at the same time. Fuck I hate these pseudo-intellectuals SO damn much. It’s like, why the fuck did I go to college in the first place? Oh, right, that money I never got with the job I’d like/be good at. At least I got some critical thinking skills out of the deal.

      1. Silly silly critical thinking skills. You just need to join our cool, righteous and infallible cul… I mean “movement”, and never worry about being wrong again!

        1. You know, if they would just resume teaching logic back in primary school, as a matter of public education, we could really have this whole “religion” thing, not to mention every other form of manipulative, irrational thought, licked in a few decades. But wait! The Texas GOP made it part of their official platform a while back to BAN the teaching of critical thinking skills to students on the grounds that it “makes them question the beliefs instilled in them by their parents” (who are apparently fucking infallible). I don’t like ANY political group these days, but the first ones on my shit list are the GOP for daring to come out against critical thinking.

    3. Oh and the 3 ingredients for any successful cult are:

      self-righteousness (the primer and the ‘feel good’ ingredient)

      fear (to get people to surrender to you)

      hate (to get them to pass off their and your inequities onto a scapegoat so you can milk them for all their worth while making them feel delusional empowerment, despite the fact they’re just mindless monsters)

      Long have I gazed into the abyss and dreamed of wielding it’s terrible power, but as seductive as it is, I cannot, for I would hate myself too deeply to be convincing.

  15. I can tell you what feminism isn’t. It isn’t about critical thinking skills. That much is certain.

  16. This is fucking retarded.

    I’d like to be a super rockstar, but I have to take a regular normal person job so that I can afford food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. I am so oppressed!

  17. Officially she is la gran perra in my book. For anyone wondering that’s in Spanish. How dare she mock all women and families with her bullshit.

  18. It’s not just about collectivism. It’s also about authoritarianism. Sarkeesian wouldn’t be drawn to the notion of collectivist feminism if it didn’t offer the possibility of power.

  19. Sarkeesian went and stated that some women’s choices are bad for other women. Er that really sounds like she’s blaming some women for sexism. Also she contradicted herself when she stated women have narrow choices but before she bashed some women for making bad ones.

  20. I for one, support Anita supporting this crazy shit. The more she says bullshit like this, the less support she will have. We should be spreading a mashup of the feminist frequency logo and that comic like wildfire. Hell eventually, even the third-party trolls will begin to look good in the eyes of the public if she keeps this shit up.

    While there are quite a few people who identify as feminist, there are a hell of a lot of men and women that want to have kids. (You know, because biology or some nonsense like that, lol).

    Archived so she can’t go back on it:



    TL;DR Commentary with clips:

    Mr. Male Trope Debunking Anita’s Statements in Her Own Words (from 5 minutes beforehand, it’s priceless *XD*)

    Full video mirrored:

    Some choice clips:

    It just keeps getting better.

    1. Article:

      I couldn’t even make it to the end – what a load of mental-gymnastics BS.

      What I got out of what I DID read was that the “Patriarchy” needs to the burned to the ground followed by total brain wipe of the entire population.

      Then – and only then – can feminists make everything all better…

  21. Btw, what’s with these people and the trans thing? Do they not understand how incoherent what they’re trying to say is? I mean, what, the moment a man starts identifying as a woman, his free will suddenly disappears and his choices become determined by the patriarchy? Or the moment a woman starts identifying as a man, suddenly her choices become free and she’s no longer a patriarchal slave?

    Of course, none of this is supposed to make any sense. It’s meant to fleece suckers who don’t spend much time thinking.

    1. From what I’ve personally seen, a trans woman is pretty close to the perfect victim/martyr the SJW’s have – that’s why they seem so visible/numerous and are a regular topic of discussion.

      Think about it.
      (FYI: this is what I think drives THEM – these aren’t my personal opinions)

      A male individual self-identifies as a woman and hates himself – and by default the patriarchy – so much that he chooses to becomes female. This instantly takes him from being – by default – from being the MOST privileged to the LEAST privileged (or close to it).

      Following the SJW train of thoughf, this “new” woman goes from a great life (as a man) to a horrible one (as a woman) overnight.
      Their life then has all the negative aspects of being a woman without ever experiencing ANY of the positives.

      See how it could make a trans woman close to the perfect spokesperson/mouthpiece in their minds?

      Also notice how many trans women SJW’s make a HUGE deal about announcing their gender in just about every discussion? They wield it like a weapon against their detractors while getting significant sympathy points from their supporters.

      It’s no coincidence that they made up the term “transmysogonist” and use it CONSTANTLY.

      The only thing that would make a transwoman a more useful victim to them would be being a minority/poc.

      It’s interesting to note that I’ve yet to see a POC or minority trans woman in the SJW collective – I’ve only seen caucasian ones…

  22. So….

    How exactly does a transgender woman – going either direction – choose or not choose to ‘wait’ to start a family?

    Since being fully transgender would render one reproductively inert?

    I’m not judging people here, I am judging the efficacy of a blatantly illogical statement in the comic. BTW.

  23. If someone can read these Tweets by Anita Sarkeesian, and with a straight face honestly tell me that they’re not somehow bothered by her message, then they only solidify my distrust for modern feminism (specifically 3rd Wave Feminism)

  24. Anita would like to remind you that feminism is not about your personal choices or desires. It is about your subjugation to her ideology.

    She tells you what to do, and you do it.

    That is how “equality” works.

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