I’ve been trying to get some more content out this week, after an insane weekend filled with all sorts of drama. Don’t get me wrong, I love drama as much (if not more) than the next guy, but it was getting a little old. That’s why I’ve been talking about bread and butter issues the last couple days. Speaking of such, what could possibly be more of a key topic than Anita Sarkeesian herself?

Her fraud and deceitful framing is one of the things that has truly motivated me throughout this entire fight. Hell, it motivated me even before GamerGate was a thing. Now, she’s citing burnout and depression as the reasons for her slowed output over the last year. That’s funny. I know hundreds of thousands of dollars for a mediocre YouTube series would motivate me greatly, but I guess we’re not all delicate flowers like Anita.

Here’s an excerpt from her recent musings, which are full of heavy doses of victimhood, as always…

In an update to the backers of her crowdfunding campaign, Sarkeesian reveals that she was dealing with a very serious case of burnout that was affecting both her physical and mental health last year after the scope of the project ballooned unexpectedly. Sarkeesian says she’s been coping with depression her entire life, but the online harassment at her expense since launching Tropes, combined with the decline in her physical health, amplified it.

More, from the update itself

The reality is that Tropes took over my entire existence, both personally and professionally. For me, the work of Feminist Frequency has become synonymous with constant daily harassment, death threats, bomb threats, intense public scrutiny and profound violations of privacy that have spilled over into the lives of my friends and family. Along with all of this came an impossible pressure to never get any detail or fact wrong; even when our research was impeccable, harassers would act as though we were lying and start wild campaigns to generate more hostility toward us and our work…

Looking back from a place of greater clarity and balance, I don’t know how I managed to survive from day to day, let alone how I continued to step into the public eye online, in newspapers and magazines, and even on national television. Many of my personal relationships were strained or collapsing, and getting out of bed every day felt like climbing up a mountain.

It must have been so hard for this woman to complete a fraudulent series based on mistruths and dishonest framing! Don’t you all feel so badly that she’s had to get by on a fat salary for the grueling work that consists of reading Jonathan McIntosh’s words off a TelePrompter? Oh, and don’t forget all those tough, tough, national media appearances, where she was rarely ever challenged. My God, what a tough road this woman has had to travel! Someone set her up a crowdfundin…oh wait, never mind.

Let me be serious here in the final paragraph. I think Anita is getting ready to move on past video games. Ms. Sarkeesian wants to be a cultural critic at-large, and she surely realizes that talking about vidya is not going to bring her up to that level. Yes, she’s become wildly famous and gained a good chuck of money off all this, but that’s as far as her career is ever going to go if she doesn’t wrap this up soon. She can always come out and ramble on whenever some gaming controversy is in the news, don’t get me wrong. But if she wants to be a real talking head, she has to move into politics. I believe that’s exactly what she’s gonna try to do. There’s a lot more competition on that front, though. I don’t believe it’s going to be as easy as she (and McIntosh) thinks. Only time will tell. Whatever the case may be, we’ll always be there to point out her lies.