I’ve been trying to get some more content out this week, after an insane weekend filled with all sorts of drama. Don’t get me wrong, I love drama as much (if not more) than the next guy, but it was getting a little old. That’s why I’ve been talking about bread and butter issues the last couple days. Speaking of such, what could possibly be more of a key topic than Anita Sarkeesian herself?

Her fraud and deceitful framing is one of the things that has truly motivated me throughout this entire fight. Hell, it motivated me even before GamerGate was a thing. Now, she’s citing burnout and depression as the reasons for her slowed output over the last year. That’s funny. I know hundreds of thousands of dollars for a mediocre YouTube series would motivate me greatly, but I guess we’re not all delicate flowers like Anita.

Here’s an excerpt from her recent musings, which are full of heavy doses of victimhood, as always…

In an update to the backers of her crowdfunding campaign, Sarkeesian reveals that she was dealing with a very serious case of burnout that was affecting both her physical and mental health last year after the scope of the project ballooned unexpectedly. Sarkeesian says she’s been coping with depression her entire life, but the online harassment at her expense since launching Tropes, combined with the decline in her physical health, amplified it.

More, from the update itself

The reality is that Tropes took over my entire existence, both personally and professionally. For me, the work of Feminist Frequency has become synonymous with constant daily harassment, death threats, bomb threats, intense public scrutiny and profound violations of privacy that have spilled over into the lives of my friends and family. Along with all of this came an impossible pressure to never get any detail or fact wrong; even when our research was impeccable, harassers would act as though we were lying and start wild campaigns to generate more hostility toward us and our work…

Looking back from a place of greater clarity and balance, I don’t know how I managed to survive from day to day, let alone how I continued to step into the public eye online, in newspapers and magazines, and even on national television. Many of my personal relationships were strained or collapsing, and getting out of bed every day felt like climbing up a mountain.

It must have been so hard for this woman to complete a fraudulent series based on mistruths and dishonest framing! Don’t you all feel so badly that she’s had to get by on a fat salary for the grueling work that consists of reading Jonathan McIntosh’s words off a TelePrompter? Oh, and don’t forget all those tough, tough, national media appearances, where she was rarely ever challenged. My God, what a tough road this woman has had to travel! Someone set her up a crowdfundin…oh wait, never mind.

Let me be serious here in the final paragraph. I think Anita is getting ready to move on past video games. Ms. Sarkeesian wants to be a cultural critic at-large, and she surely realizes that talking about vidya is not going to bring her up to that level. Yes, she’s become wildly famous and gained a good chuck of money off all this, but that’s as far as her career is ever going to go if she doesn’t wrap this up soon. She can always come out and ramble on whenever some gaming controversy is in the news, don’t get me wrong. But if she wants to be a real talking head, she has to move into politics. I believe that’s exactly what she’s gonna try to do. There’s a lot more competition on that front, though. I don’t believe it’s going to be as easy as she (and McIntosh) thinks. Only time will tell. Whatever the case may be, we’ll always be there to point out her lies.

  1. So it won’t be properly finished (let alone finished at all), huh? Not suprised. Sorry 125$ backers. No DVD to you.

    1. don’t forget that full academic course or whatever she was suppose to have produced also it was one of her many “promises” to elicit that funding. I don’t feel sorry for all of the suckers that chose to “listen and believe”

    2. She would have been finished by now, but people were leaving mean comments on her YouTube vi…What? She turns off comments on all her videos? OK, then. It’s people leaving terrible replies on her Twit…oh, she uses a blockbot? Hmm…

      Well, i’m sure all the evil thoughts that misogynists were having about her totally stopped her from sitting in front of a camera and reading off a teleprompter for a few minutes. I mean, look at YouTube celebrities like Total Biscuit. The dude has cancer, and is undergoing rigorous chemo, and he only produces several videos a week…oh wait…

  2. wow poor woman, she’s facing health issues due to the bomb threats and such she gets?
    she should contact the authorities if that’s the case, they tend to take those things seriously

    what a shame to see her stop, I enjoyed seeing trolls out there trying to discredit her “impeccable” research every time a new one came out

    but at least she managed to keep it up for as long as she could, what a strong woman, she sure sets an example

    1. Nah the health issues seem to be due to her weight gain. She made more money than she needed so she splurged on certain activities it would seem. Either that or she needed to fit in with the other feminists, they probably told her that her thinness triggered them.

  3. … I don’t know how I managed to survive from day to day…

    She would be more safe in a European refugee camp than she is reading comments from gamers. What has the world come to?

  4. Yeah. I think any of us who had a keen understanding of the woman’s nature saw this one coming over a year ago. Anita Sarkeesian is a con artist, plain and simple. She saw an issue she could attack for the sake of raking in a bunch of money from truly moronic people, and it netted her hundreds of thousands of dollars, corporate sponsorship, and exclusive inside looks at game development in the process. She has a massive following of mindless drones that she can throw out in front of her at the snap of a finger, and a sort of financial security that most of us could only dream of.

    At this point, I do not consider her our enemy. I consider her a predator who preyed upon our enemy in a truly cunning and brilliant fashion and made a bucket load of money in the process. Now that the anti-gamers are against the wall and Political Correctness is under attack from every side, she’s doing the smart thing and is bailing out of this con to move onto the next.

    Honestly? Good for her. I love watching experts in motion, and she has expertly fucked with useful idiots and taken their money while giving them essentially nothing in return. Her popularity with her current crowd has waned, the money has dried up, and the crowd itself is getting slapped silly. It’s a good time to dump McIntosh and move onto the next con.

    I wonder what man she’s going to cozy up to next.

    1. At this point, I do not consider her our enemy.

      Sorry, don’t agree.

      She’s the cunt that really kick-started all this “video games are misogynistic and sexist towards women” and “gamers hate women” bullshit. And indoctrinated her legions of brain-dead drones to spread and push the message. Her videos are even used in some schools to indoctrinate children.

      Even though she’s winding down, the damage she’s done is still rampant in mainstream games media. There is still censorship left, right and center, and developers are even self-censoring themselves to avoid back-lash from SJWs and feminists.

      Even trying to discuss SJW / feminist censorship is now being banned on many mainstream games forums.

      Dead or Alive Extreme 3, Blade and Soul, Street Fighter 5, Fire Emblem, Mortal Kombat X, Xenoblade Chronicles, Divinity: Original Sin, etc. the list just goes on.

      Any video game with sexy women that show a bit of cleavage or side-boob gets absolutely hammered for life along with the developer and company. It all stems from Anita Sarkeesian.

      The lasting effect she has made means that she is without doubt one of the biggest enemies of video games and will remain so even when she’s gone.

      Now that the anti-gamers are against the wall and Political Correctness
      is under attack from every side

      From what I can see, they are as strong as ever in the mainstream games media and news media, and they dominate and dictate in the big institutions.

      So I have no idea how you got the idea that they’re “against the wall”. If there’s anyone who is “against the wall” right now it’s GamerGate.

      1. Anita’s antics did not kick off the shit storm that see right now. The earliest elements of SJW infestation into the video game industry go back as far as 2007, with forums being co-opted by a variety of proglodytes with PC agendas to push. Sarkeesian, by contrast, didn’t start her bullshit until years later. She gave all of the thirst white knights someone to bow down to, for the purpose of running their finances ragged and taking from them what she could so easily see they were willing to give.

        The censorship you speak of any many forums predates her activity. We simply have become more aware of the activity in question, and because of our push back, the politics and heavy handed nature of our opposition has become far more obvious. We forced the devil to uncloak his naked fist.

        Political correctness in media is certainly still a problem, sure, but look at the larger picture.. the actual social and political picture. Progressivism is under siege in the arenas it has most desired control over. Look at the elections that have occurred in every western nation for last two years. Save for Canada, we’ve witnessed massive explosions in the popularity and power of right wing political groups, all of whom are seen as the groups willing to talk about the issues that the Left has told everyone to stop talking about. The Tories and the UKIP, the Swedish Democrats, France’s National Front, the USA’s Republicans, and Greece’s Golden Dawn all speak to this. Then we have the wall that recently came up in Hungaria, the EU’s fury at Switzerland for not playing ball on the Immigration policies of Herr Merkel, and the political viability of Trump.

        Where it truly counts right now, Political Correctness, Identity Politics, and the Progressive agenda of the US Democrats has been absolutely thrashed. Their political narrative is crumbling, especially on the issue of Immigration. That they are seeing a once completely unimaginable form of resistance within their current cultural strongholds in the form of the Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies, Gamergate, and the metal head push back against PC nannying is good, but ultimately relevant only to the entertainment industry.

        So that’s where I’m getting that it’s under attack from: It has been kicked to fucking pieces over the last two years in the political arena and is seeing a growing spoken outrage against it on the social arena.

        As for the state of Gamegate itself? Gamergate has been dead for some time. It’s usefulness has all but shriveled up over the last couple of months. The things that made it function as an activist group were the original Chanops, which have long since been abandoned for a watchdog identity. People talk about “SJW-lite infiltration” like the folks fighting with Ralph weren’t here among us from the inception of the movement. Honestly, there’s nothing Gamergate does not that other groups haven’t been doing better, for a longer time. It’s a spent cause that, like any other form of activism, is now in a fetid state since its original purpose was served.

        It has ultimately failed, for the same reason that Occupy Wall Street failed, and like OWS, in its death the Progressives who ever cling to identity politics have made it mockery of its corpse by shaping it in their own image.

          1. I’ll agree with you on that. Jack Thompson, oddly enough, is in the same boat. We gamers tend to forget that before Jack Thompson came around, and during the time he was in play, the media was already our enemy. Who here remembers how they treated the original Mortal Kombat, Doom, Duke Nukem, Primal Fury, Carmegeddon, Postal, and Night Trap games? Games like that were thrown in as possible reasons for why the Columbine shooters went ham on their classmates and why people would shoot up movie theaters in Brazil.

            We had folks like Eugene F. Provenzo and Senator Joe Lieberman, Senator Barry Silver, Governor Lawton Chiles, and Bill Clinton blaming video games for the “degradation of the moral fiber of our children” during the 90s. Jack Thompson didn’t enter the scene until nearly a decade after a primarily liberal cluster fuck of media and political personalities had all tried their damnedest to destroy the industry.

            The thing of it is, this behavior by the media and the political powers has never once ceased. The anti video game moral panic that started in 1988 has occurred almost every year since then. Even now, we have people blaming Mortal Kombat for the Sandy Hook and Charleston Church shootings.

            So… while I understand the practicality of looking at Anita as a major antagonist of current wide scale SJW insanity in video games journalism, I cannot fault her for doing anything more than preying on a flock of extraordinarily stupid people who would never bother to background check their new leader if she smiled and said the right words. Besides, the SJW brand of video game criticism has existed for as long as the typical brand of criticism. People like Guy Aoki, Marsha Kinder, Justine Cassell, Henry Jenkins, Ellen Goodman, and Maddy Myers all have been singing the “video games are racist, sexist, pit of boys only misogyny which scare women and minorities from technology” song for a long while now. Several of them predate Anita’s involvement in video game criticism by nearly two decades.

            Anita is the prodigy and ex-assistant of a man who used to sell pseudo neural psychology to PUAs. A man who taught other men that all women are biologically and neurologically programmed to be sluts who you can hypnotize into fucking you by tapping into their code. She did videos for this man, and the story of her past is hosted here on the Ralph Retort.

            Anita knows exactly how weak, how feckless, how stupid SJWs are. They’re just a cash cow cult to her. She established early credentials with them, got a whole bunch of white knights, man haters, and land whales to fall in love with her early rhetoric, and then she took them for everything that they had. She followed that up with a gigantic lurative partnership with Intel, who capitulated to the cult she had inserted herself into the top of, and made out like a bandit.

            I admit such cruel, razor sharp cunning. Most of our enemies are insane ideologues. Anita is a vampire who fed on a flock who willingly through themselves at her feet to be feasted on, and we were the unfortunate diet she fed to that flock in order to fatten them up.

  5. Boo fucking hoo. It must have been so hard to do in 4 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars what any given youtuber does in 1 year for free. Fuck off Anita.

    1. She should get a job in a freezer warehouse and do a mandatory 10 hours a day with a mandatory 4 hour 6th day while trying to have a relationship with a wife and kids. Stacking boxes of turkey on a pallet jack while zooming around crowded aisles at 10 below zero at Thanksgiving and X-mas at an also mandatory speed would break her.

      Fuck her feminist tough life. She doesn’t even know where her frozen food comes from let alone have the balls to deliver them to her table.

    1. Makes you wonder what her next venture will be, now that gamers & game-makers are all sticking thier middle-finger at her.

  6. Yeah, well, hating on half the people on planet Earth is going to give one some bad Karma. The truth is Sarkeesian makes inflammatory comments about all those people which are lies of omission and expressions of man-hared, not impeccable fact-checking. She’s been polluted by her own toxic poison and probably needs to chill out at a Shaolin Kung-Fu temple and maybe do that 36 Chambers thing. Then she can come back for her revenge.

  7. Kinda sad, really.

    When I first heard about Tropes vs Women, my reaction was ‘Cool, let’s discuss the prevailing tropes and cliches. See if we can shake the 8-Ball and come up with some new ideas.’ Nothing wrong with that.

    But it’s so BAD. So much hackneyed, sniveling garbage that boils down to ‘I don’t like how you do that, but I’m not going to offer anything constructive!’. We’re not even getting into the misconceptions and incorrect portrayals, the theft of footage from other channels, and the blatant pandering.

    No, I think some of y’all are right. I think Sarkeesian foresees the money starting to dry up and is looking to jump ship with what she’s got.

    1. When I first heard about Tropes vs Women, my reaction was ‘Cool, let’s discuss the prevailing tropes and cliches. See if we can shake the
      8-Ball and come up with some new ideas.’ Nothing wrong with that.

      “Nothing wrong with that.”

      Yes there is, because the “new ideas” you’ll get from the 8-Ball would’ve been ‘Ban Tits’, ‘Ban Boobs’, ‘Ban Booty’, ‘Ban Cleavage’, ‘Ban Sideboobs’, ‘Make Every Female Character A Mary-Sue’, etc.

      1. Honestly, I and several others thought that there could’ve been some genuine grievances which could’ve been brought to light in this project (though I fortunately never donated to it; I never even knew the fucking Kickstarter was going on before MovieBob brought it up). Ironically, ever since TvW started, and seeing the mountains of criticism in response, I’ve come to realize that a lot of said “grievances” are total bullshit and likely arose due to a gross lack of understanding. Yes, there tend to be more male protagonists than females, but why? Larger male demographics willing to spend money on media and/or just happening to be an artistic choice, it’s really not that hard to think it wasn’t done to be intentionally mean-spirited (besides which, plenty of female main protagonists exist, but when brought to light, feminists just flat-out ignore them or try to excuse them as also pandering to males). Yes, a lot of female characters look sexy, but only depending on who you ask (same with male characters), and blaming the “male gaze” or “male power fantasy” is utter nonsense. It did kinda bug me that a lot of Japanese action series (be it Super Sentai or your average shounen manga) tended to have a token female or two in a rather hefty group of main characters (token females who’d usually get the shaft, no less), but you know what? I’ve seen a lot of shoujo series do it way worse (hell, I’ve seen shows where male characters are close to non-existent…. it makes the fact that a lot of shounen series, of which the genre’s name alone suggests they’re deliberately targeted towards boys, manage to include “A” female in the main cast seem like a miraculous feat in comparison), so it’s really not worth dwelling on. There will be different portrayals of the sexes depending on who the target audience is, and Japan especially doesn’t give a fuck about making everything appeal to everyone.

        Of course, this is to say nothing of how awful TvW actually was: cherry-picking, pointing out examples and providing no solutions, no sources to speak of, and so many other problems. Though I think the worst of it was making up flat-out lies and accusations to attempt to prove her point (I didn’t think too harshly of the first episode at the time, but then the second episode trying to connect games to domestic violence really pissed me off and started making me see Anita for the filthy propagandist that she is).

        1. What you describe is correct.

          In my opinion, TvW at the root is a typical feminist movement which the main goal is to censor and take away any thing heterosexual males enjoy. All while hiding behind that false mask of “equality”. There is nothing more to it than that.

          When I first saw the word “feminist” in Feminist Frequency I dismissed them without a second thought, because I knew straight away that it would be a movement to try and stop the tits and booty and take away the sex appeal of women so that men can no longer enjoy it. And I was proven to be absolutely correct.

          Fuck feminism and fuck Anita Sarkeesian. Nothing more than a bunch of bigoted, intolerant, sexist and racist puritan killjoys.

  8. Politics? Nah. She’s not that good a liar (too transparent).
    She needs to aim MUCH lower.
    I’m thinking MSNBC talking head or HuffPo blogger.
    Or maybe Buzzfeed.

  9. She scammed quite a few bucks from the SJW crowd and gave a lot of Youtubers plenty of material to mock so I would’ve been fine with her retirement. Here comes the strategically covered “but” – her “research” is used in schools and her teachings are adopted by gaming companies. She did far more damage than Jack Thompson ever could.

      1. Exactly. The proof of the pudding is in the YouTube votes. If votes are disabled it usually means somebody shat in the pudding and gave it a good stir hoping that nobody would notice.

        Something like that anyway. I just watched the Great British Bake-off.

  10. Whats this whining about depression? Doesnt she know all people with depression needs to do is play her pals game Depression Quest?

  11. Lol she won’t last in politics as much as she did in music, or movies (I think she did movies or television at least). This is the best she’s going to do before the law will catch up with her and McIntosh.

  12. The way it’s shaping up Trump is gonna win the White House which will mean her and Joshy Tosh’s set will get completely locked out of national politics likely for almost a decade. My bet is she’ll just marry some rich SoCal douche and queef out a pair of rotten kids, bonus points if one has a mysterious resemblance to their gardener Jorge. Hopefully that will all mellow her out but I think it’s more likely she’ll just get more neurotic and sit around her mansion all day drinking way too much wine.

  13. You have to question what she was thinking picking this fight. It’s been tried multiple times before and from different angles but like the rest she came into it as a non-gamer. We come with a reputation, we’re a very passionate and vocal bunch. We were never going to take this lying down.

    We also buy a metric fucktonne of product. The market isn’t going to just bend to the whims of a bunch of ideologues who will never support the industry like we do. It is the behemoth that it is because we made it so.

    In the end she wanted to destroy something she never really cared about in the first place, it was doomed to fail.

    Anyways bye bye Anita, you will not be missed. Don’t let the door hit your ever expanding ass on the way out.

  14. This site is one of the main reasons #gg has died, you do not seem to be able to stop with your internalized drama, I doubt you’ve made enough sheckles to survive on , which in my opinion is what you deserve.You helped sell out a movement, congratulations !!!

  15. “She’s become wildly famous” isn’t even true though. Whenever I bring any of this up to normies she’s one of the people I always have to explain at first.

    She’s very internet famous. But the exchange rate is still 1,000 Internet Fame points to every .05 Regular fame points.

    Also, off topic but I’ve been thinking lately that Feminist Frequency and Kickstarter failures more generally are one of the better real world examples of arguments against the welfare state I think I’ve ever seen.

    What do we see whenever these Kickstarters (when they’re not just fronts to rally other investors anyway) go wildly successful like with Double Fine, Anita, and many others?

    There’s this huge burst of excitement as the Kickstarted group goes nuts with elation that they got funding for their project. A large emotional high as they obtain their “reward” FIRST. Then a slow long grind down as they work on the contracted project, often without the prospect of further “reward” as they go on (unless they’re part of some larger product line scheme anyway).

    It’s a complete flip from how monies are normally distributed. Normally you work TO get paid, you don’t get PAID to then work. It’s the wrong order from the system we’ve become normalized to since the industrial revolution.

    Now obviously, experienced product developers have been running off of payment schemes like this for years, and as we see time and again with Kickstarter, it’s only these experienced developers who have any reliability with production. But these are usually people with not only a vision, but discipline to it who understand that funds are a means to an end, not the end itself. With all these newbie kickstarters from amateurs, I’m wondering if it’s the break in the traditional payments scheme that screws them up because it destroys their motivation, since the end is always “make the thing to make the money.”

    Anita’s one of the best examples. Back when she was just trying to make it on Youtube like anyone else she produced content regularly. It was still just as stupid, but she was obviously motivated. Once she got over a hundred grand and a bunch of press, she first thought everything was amazing and blew a bunch on expensive shoes and whatnot, but then remembered that she had to fulfill her end of the bargain.

    Which means she had to go back to work, essentially for “free” in her mind, because she had already been “paid”. The order of operation was all wrong now, and moreover, she didn’t even have a psychological need to keep making them – both the money and the press coverage as well as the lecture invites gave her all the validation she probably originally desired. So it became a huge drag to actually have to go out and produce.

    Which all goes back to the classic argument against giving people money for not doing anything first – it makes people lazy as they will have no need to go out an work. Not in an objective sense (theoretically it shouldn’t matter when you get paid for a job on a purely economic view) but in a psychological one.

    1. “and as we see time and again with Kickstarter, it’s only these experienced developers who have any reliability with production. But these are usually people with not only a vision, but discipline to it who understand that funds are a means to an end, not the end itself. ”

      This. In the hands of actual, serious development teams, Kickstarters are more like extended pre-orders. Granted, pre-orders have their own problems, but a team that knows how to budget, manage resources, etc, is going to have an easier time.

    2. I recently stumbled onto something on youtube called “Strip FIFA.” It’s where nobody English 20-somethings have their girlfriends take off an article of clothing for every goal scored while they play a soccer video game. They have 8 and even 13 million views. Nothing Sarkeesian does touches that, so it’s all relative.

    3. Basically, her “fame” is with a small subset of people, 90% of whom hate her fucking guts, while the other 10% are true believers. The rest of the world gives no fucks about video games one way or the other, save that some of them play ’em and have fun without digging into the river of douche known as the internet.

  16. Anita is what got me started with GamerGate. I donated to her Kickstarter because I thought what she had to say about the portrayal of women in video games was important. When my husband told me she misrepresented the footage from Hitman, I was shocked. Why would she lie like that? What does she stand to gain by lying?

    I was blissfully ignorant, naive, and out $25. Part of the main push for me was to expose her as a liar and a fraud. I tweeted at her and McIntosh a few times asking them, as a supporter of their video series, when we would have new videos. Both of them blocked me, and I said nothing about GamerGate. This is how you treat your supporters? All righty then!

    I am disgusted by her actions, though not really surprised she gave up, but I am disappointed that her “convictions” weren’t enough to keep her going. Poor little snowflake. Keeping up all those lies must have taken their toll on her. Not the “harassment” but the misery of having to lie and pretend from the moment she wakes up until she goes to sleep at night.

    Fuck you, Anita.

    1. I noticed a trend with her fans. You don’t directly address her majesty.

      I have a friend who criticized her actions at E3 last year (about the badges) and I noticed he did not actually tweet at her. He knew that he’d be blocked for daring to say a discouraging word to the queen.

      1. You know that whole feminist lie about wanting dialogue?

        “Men need to talk about their feelings!”

        “I wish people would understand that men can become depressed and commit suicide.”


        It’s the same thing with Anita, but any slight hint of criticism means harassment. She’ll cry about it for months and everyone will feel sorry for her, white knight patrol on the loose. I can see why no one bothers to say anything now. You can’t win.

    2. Anita is what got me started with GamerGate. I donated to her
      Kickstarter because I thought what she had to say about the portrayal of
      women in video games was important

      Personally myself I actually don’t think it’s important how women or men are portrayed in video games, because they’re fictional and not real people. Video games are a fantasy and one of the best forms of escapism so women and men should be portrayed in whatever way the artist/creator wants.

      You might be calling out and exposing Anita Sarkeesian which is good, but because you donated to her KickStarter at first, you seem to have the same ‘ I WANT WOMEN TO BE REPRESENTED BETTER!’ mindset.

      Men are represented in video games as violent, villains, murderers, killers, etc. who are also killed, shot, murdered and decapitated. They are also physically represented as ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ in that they are completely ripped with abs and muscle and in most cases, handsome. You know, for the female gamers to have wet dreams over. But I guess you have no problems with that right?

      I apologize in advance if I came across as rude, but this kind of hypocrisy and double-standards by women really irritates me.

      1. Uh, yeah, rude as fuck. I guess by your reasoning people aren’t allowed to have a change of heart. I was a different person when I donated in 2012 than I am now. Take your assumptions elsewhere.

  17. Have you seen her 2015 financial report for FemFeq? It costs $19,000 to produce one video! Considering that it’s just her in front of a green screen and reading off a teleprompter while stolen Let’s Play footage pops in and out, how in the holy hell could that require $19,000?

    And she only got $39 in donations in one quarter? Bull. Shit.

    Hey Anita – they’re called Patreon DONATIONS. Say it with me, Anita: DO…NA…TIONS.

    1. “how in the holy hell could that require $19,000”

      It’s simple feminist math silly, it costs 19,000 when the “producer” charges $18,900.00 to produce it or whatever lol I’m surprised she hasn’t been fucking audited yet by the IRS for possible tax evasion or even audited for possibly abusing the tax free charity exemption laws/status. I’d love to see what a official IRS audit would uncover lol.

  18. Wow. Even with the hegemonic support of the mainstream media, Google, the United Nations, Stephen Colbert, and total financial security, she can’t muster the gumption to fulfill her promises.

    If only we lived in a fair world where one can pontificate as a public figure without bearing the indignity of public scrutiny.

  19. Do not mess with gamers. Period. You will lose. You will not change the culture promoting political bullshit that has nothing to do with gaming such as feminism. Let Anita’s fall be a warning to other SJW’s

  20. I noticed that spotlight Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, Janeane Garofalo all have serious issues with depression. It’s a similar theme I see with a lot of feminists.

    1. Yes, when you spend all your time looking for things to be offended about, it’s no surprise a lot of people fall into depressive states instead of enjoying the positive things about life.

  21. lol @ her claiming her research is impeccable! Someone should really let that cunt know that having and opinion is not the same thing as demonstrating facts.

  22. Don’t worry, she’ll just have her pimp Josh milk that Patreon Account like a dime corner ho for as long as she can. Daddy Josh’ll look after her.

    She’ll be finppssshh hahahahahahaha

    I can’t I just can’t finish that with a straight face. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

  23. Some people say “Better late than never”, but I say better to bury the horse than beat it more, and this one has been 4 years rotted away. It’s time to shelf it, Anita. You’re already 3-4 years late, and you’ve milked those donations dry.

    Also, she claims the reason why it’s so late is because of “harassment”. If it was actual harassment, look at TotalBiscuit: he has cancer, fighting an uphill battle (at least I think it’s uphill, please correct me if I’m wrong), and people harass him on social media DAILY, tons saying they hope he dies of that cancer. And the funny thing is, the same people who send TB death wish mail are the same who claim Anita’s the victim and white knight her. And what’s even funnier, is that he STILL posts videos on a daily fucking basis (Hell, I’m not even sure if it’s actually by the hour)! So what’s the real hold-up Anita?

    P.S. I’m not one to usually use someone’s ill fortune to push my own agenda, but really, c’mon, the proof is in the pudding for this one.

    1. TotalBiscuit quit social media completely on the 25th. The constant sniping became too much for him to deal with.

  24. Do we really want to let this woman become any larger? Her ego must be bigger then those hula hoop earrings she wears. if this woman moves onto more things, the more she will screw up…Oh wait, that’s a good idea. Let her move onto other areas where other people will take the mick out of her and she will crash and burn even more violently.

  25. The project expanded? Perhaps she should have just focused on what she promised her backers instead of trying to use their money to build the sarkeesian brand.

  26. The sooner she goes away the better. She’ll fade away like Jack Thompson and eventually disappear when she realizes Politics don’t put up with her whining as much as Gamers do.

  27. Any chance that Ameoba Scameesian and Josh-a-than McInjosh would shut down their Feminist Freak-quency YouToob Channel? Or would dat B askin’ 2 much?

    1. Seriously. I went to an Online College, and Anita’s work with research and referencing is so sloppy, she would’ve flunked out.

      Yes, an online college has higher standards than whatever college Anita went to had.

  28. “Looking back from a place of greater clarity and balance, I don’t know how I managed to survive from day to day, let alone how I continued to step into the public eye online, in newspapers and magazines, and even on national television.”

    I wonder if those fat paychecks she was collecting had anything to with it.

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