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I haven’t played Star Fox since the Nintendo 64. I think I may have played the remastered version of that game on the 3DS, come to think of it, but the point is, I’m not familiar with the latest iteration of the game, which was released on Wii U a year ago, or the Gamecube one that came before it. Still, maybe I should check those out now that Anita Sarkeesian (or whoever runs her shitty Twitter account) is trying to drag a Polygon employee over a dirty joke he made about Krystal from Star Fox Adventures.

Yes, I’m defending a Polygon employee. This is the same publication who tried to brand me as a notorious harasser just over a week ago. Perhaps hell has frozen over and it’s time for me to close-up shop around here.

Or, perhaps I just really dislike Anita Sarkeesian and think she’s completely full of shit.

Here’s the joke in question…


Right, not exactly the height of comedy, but whatever. I might have laughed more had I ever played the game. Still, no big deal…unless you’re Anita the Killjoy.

Lol, Jesus. And it gets worse…


No, actually she’s isnt, you dumbass. Why? BECAUSE SHE’S NOT REAL!!!

Yes, attitudes like these are extremely problematic. The guy was making a joke and you go nuclear. Good lord. Plus, I thought this wench was done with gaming? What is she doing, anyway? Those dumbass videos about women’s history must not be bringing home the bacon like she thought. Look for Anita to come across some disturbing “harassment” before long. It’s time to cash in once again.

God, what a contemptible woman.

  1. im guessing ‘saint’ sarkeesian figures it’s time for her to stir up some bs cause her collection plate is looking a little too sparse for her likeing

    1. Yeah, she is becoming old news now. I’ve even seen her tweets saying BotW was sexist and even I didn’t get pissed off. I’m glad she was debunked but the tweets reeked of desperation for attention. It’s only a matter of time before she fades away completely.

  2. While I like to hear differing opinions, the irrational shrieking is making me desire an internet wide mute function.

  3. Fappin’ to a furry? That’s a heresy. Impure thoughts lead to profane actions. Thank you thought police.

  4. Meh, let her rail on him. Anita and Polygon deserve each other. Polygon helped her raise her profile, so it’s only fair that they reap what they sowed.

    Saying that Anita is wrong is kind of redundant at this point.

    1. Saying that Anita is wrong is kind of redundant at this point.

      I don’t think it is redundant. Those who are knowledgeable about Anita Sarkeesian (like us) know the utter garbage she spews. But never forget about normies and new gamers who are just getting into the world of video games.

      If people stopped calling her out, it means that she gets away with her bulls**t. Because when brain-dead normies and new gamers see no dissent against her in the mainstream games media (and those are the sectors they will visit), they will see her opinions as valid, accepted and the norm. And that leads to blind compliance. I would even say that this has already happened with the normies now.

      I think SJWs should always be called out at every opportunity with no mercy.

      1. Hardly any “sjw’s” ever actually existed. It’s a catchphrase for labeling people you think are more liberal than you’re comfortable with, that’s all.

        Did you really use the phrase “normies” twice? No wonder half the world thinks all of us gamers are idiots.

      2. Listen man, normies dont like being talked down to by stuck up cunts like Anita. Trust me on that. The sjws are losing the war because they are finding its next to impossible to convert any newbies to their cause. The only people that listen to them are the rabid feminists already stuck in that mindset. The average guy on the street has no idea who anita sarkesian is. And as soon as you tell them, they instantly dislike her. It’s like the way sjws try to push transgender and minority propaganda upon the general public, it never works. Absolutely nobody but their own crowd likes being told what to do. Esp not y wealthy middle class twats who are the ones touting privilege whilst moaning at the lower classes about privilege they dont have.. Actually, sjw’s like Anita are the best thing to ever happen to the leftist movement. They are single handedly destroying the whole thing by constantly trying to push their guff on people, that instantly reject it. Propaganda works best when it’s subtle, the anitas of this world are not subtle. They are as obvious as you can get. Obvious propaganda never works. Which is why nobody but their own ilk is falling for it.

  5. Why defend them, you’re like getting in between two rabid dogs who keep shitting on your lawn because one finally went after the other. What’s wrong with you Ralph?

    1. Sarkeesian, Polygon and it’s employees are all a stinking pile of SJW dog shit, but don’t let your dislike of Polygon cloud your view.

      Instead, view this situation as a separate single case and you’ll see that Ralph is defending a man’s free speech against a bunch of authoritarian feminists.

      1. I normally would, but these people created the mob that are currently at their doors with pitchforks. Sorry, I don’t see it as a tragedy when they eat their own, maybe the SJW scumbag will learn a valuable life lesson.

      2. How is Polygon made up of SJW’s? They explain all of their opinions fairly. Maybe you’re too dense to understand them, which I guess is already answered by your use of “normies” twice up there. LMAO.

        Authoritarian feminists don’t even exist. What are they controlling? Who are they controlling?

        1. Are you shitting me? If you’re not a feminist you’re blacklisted from game “journalism.”

          1. lol what, that’s never been true. There’s a whole range of opinions in game journalism. You’re confusing “being disagreed with” with “being bullied” it seems

  6. None of the feeding-frenzy between Bioware and gamers-with-standards involved her, so it was necessary to sprint down the beach and start slinging chum off the edge of the dock.

    Evidently it’s not easy to run a lucrative charity when you can’t pretend you’re the victim of Cyber Violence.

  7. Both Polygon and Anita Sarkeesian are stinking sacks of s**t, but on this occasion people should try to not let their bias of Polygon as a whole cloud their judgement. View this situation as a single case.

    Because at the end of the day, this is a case of a man expressing himself by making a harmless joke about a female character and it appears that some of the SJWs/feminists are attacking and lynch-mobbing him for it, after Feminist Frequency made it known.

    This is the same kind of authoritarian feminist crap like the two guys who got fired for the Dongle joke; Matt Taylor getting hammered because of the shirt he wore; Tim Hunt making the crying joke about women; and recently that male celebrity who got lynch-mobbed for saying that the late Carrie Fisher was beautiful.

    Ralph is right to defend the Polygon employee. He’s not actually defending Polygon, he’s defending a man’s free speech.

  8. Anita Sarkesesian should change her name for “Anita Trigglypuff”. She get triggered for nothing.

  9. Everyone in her office is either a lesbian or scared to take part in leisure pursuits lest they be sacked for triggering the rest

  10. I gotta say, I was rather disappointed by the lack of response videos from angry historians when her history series came out!:)

    1. True, but on the other hand the series was clearly largely ignored by everyone but her die hard fans. The entire Ordinary Women series runs to 26 minutes, has less views than a single response video to her Tropes series, and somehow still cost $200,000 to make. It died on its feet because as Sarkeesian has now undoubtedly realised, people don’t care about what she has to say outside of gaming.

  11. Don’t defend any of these fuckers ever because this is an optimal event. As their social and political reach diminishes the only ones they’ll be able to inflict themselves on will increasingly be one another and we should encourage it if anything.

  12. Looks like the SJW-Golem those “Game journalist” cucks have created is now turning on them.

  13. I know I spouted forth on Twitter about clicking on your URLs over the Andromeda bullshit, but… Well, I still visit, because it’s a guilty pleasure. And you’ve always been right on the money about Sarkeesian. She IS full of shit, and her SJW pals are apparently beginning to notice. Hopefully the implosion will start soon, and I suspect I and many others will be making our own popcorn gifs when she is finally brought to account.

    And on the subject of Andromeda, I find it very strange that Sarky has said nothing about that whole episode and hasn’t even leapt to the defence of Ms Leost over the alleged “torrent” of abuse she received. I would have expected FemFreq to have at least brought attention to it to serve their own self-promoting agenda. Very strange indeed.

  14. This mentally ill woman needs a trip to the sanitarium and be sedated until her female hysteria is cured.

  15. I think it’s important to realize that there is a major management difference between Polygon journalism and Polygon video.

    All of Polygon’s unethical actions that I am aware of have taken place on the journalism side. Their video studio doesn’t seem to be concerned with making any statements or pushing any agendas.

    Watching them on YouTube, it seems that their only goal (at least in the past year or so) has been to make entertaining content, which they do very well. Nick Robinson is a part of the Polygon video studio and I would not conflate him with Polygon journalism. Ethically, the Polygon video studio seems to be separate from the Polygon publication.

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