Anita Sarkeesian

I haven’t played Star Fox since the Nintendo 64. I think I may have played the remastered version of that game on the 3DS, come to think of it, but the point is, I’m not familiar with the latest iteration of the game, which was released on Wii U a year ago, or the Gamecube one that came before it. Still, maybe I should check those out now that Anita Sarkeesian (or whoever runs her shitty Twitter account) is trying to drag a Polygon employee over a dirty joke he made about Krystal from Star Fox Adventures.

Yes, I’m defending a Polygon employee. This is the same publication who tried to brand me as a notorious harasser just over a week ago. Perhaps hell has frozen over and it’s time for me to close-up shop around here.

Or, perhaps I just really dislike Anita Sarkeesian and think she’s completely full of shit.

Here’s the joke in question…


Right, not exactly the height of comedy, but whatever. I might have laughed more had I ever played the game. Still, no big deal…unless you’re Anita the Killjoy.

Lol, Jesus. And it gets worse…


No, actually she’s isnt, you dumbass. Why? BECAUSE SHE’S NOT REAL!!!

Yes, attitudes like these are extremely problematic. The guy was making a joke and you go nuclear. Good lord. Plus, I thought this wench was done with gaming? What is she doing, anyway? Those dumbass videos about women’s history must not be bringing home the bacon like she thought. Look for Anita to come across some disturbing “harassment” before long. It’s time to cash in once again.

God, what a contemptible woman.