Anita Sarkeesian

I The breaking news I just saw this Friday evening should bring a smile to even the most hardened reader’s face. It seems Anita Sarkeesian’s YouTube channel has been suspended for “repeated or severe violations of our Terms of Service.” Obviously, this could be temporary, in which case I’ll have to settle for a short-lived laugh. But rumors are circulating that the takedown is the result of repeated copyright infringements, specifically the theft of footage from various Let’s Plays. Only time will tell, of course. I’ll keep this post updated all throughout the night.


As of yet, there’s been no reaction from the official Feminist Frequency Twitter. Someone also speculated privately to me that perhaps this could be retaliation from Jonathan McIntosh after he was recently dropped like a hot rock by Anita and her pals. Of course, that is pure conjecture at this point. As I learn more, you will learn more.

As for now, have a beer and chuckle in honor of Anita getting rekt (even if it doesn’t last…but I’m optimistic that it might).


UPDATE: Anita is begging for help…



UPDATE II: The channel has been restored. No explanation as of yet.

It’s funny how Anita can get her shit back up in a matter of minutes, but others have to wait days if not weeks for a proper review. And for all we know, she was actually in violation. Sarkeesian has been accused of multiple content thefts in the past, as I noted above. I guess when you have the right kind of politics you can get away with almost anything.