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What did Anita know and when did she know it? OK, it’s not quite to that level. But Ms. Sarkeesian and others on her side of the cultural debate have repeated tried to tie GamerGate to mass shootings and the like. Some have explicitly (and fraudulently) made the connection between GamerGate and Elliot Rodger. Arthur Chu comes to mind, for one. But Anita referenced him as well. Here’s what she had to say:1

HE USED THE INTERNET? Are you for real? Well, we should obviously regulate the fuck out of it now and make it a safe space.

Real threats should be taken seriously, yes. I don’t know of anyone who’s saying they should be ignored. But we can’t turn the Internet into some pussified playroom for yuppies. The fundamental characteristics should not be changed, and if they are, the entire project will be worse off. I don’t want the government to fuck shit up more than they already have. I don’t want companies to be able to do that either, which is why I also support net neutrality.

But back to what Anita knew…It looks like there’s a decent chance that she actually knew Elliot Rodger. I will resist the urge to make an off-color joke about how she should have blown him…OK, no I won’t. But the point is, she was tight with his stepmom, took pictures for her wedding, and probably saw Elliot himself often. I can tell you that I never saw the motherfucker. So Anita has a lot more to do with him than I fucking do. I don’t think any other GamerGate people were friends of the family either, although I could be mistaken haha.



At the end of the day, it would be unfair to blame his actions on the FemFreak or anything like that. I mean, we’re not her, right? Still, I find this turn of events pretty damn hilarious. The very person who tries to tie gamers to mass murders was actually an associate of a real-life shooter. You never know what the fuck you’re gonna find out around here. Shit stays crazy.

  1. HAHAHAHAHA oh that’s beyond fucking rich. Also, some female get killed in a mass shooting and it’s misogyny… except it isn’t because it wasn’t exclusively targeting women. But when you’re these kinds of crazies EVERYTHING is misogyny. Hey, Anita said it herself.

      1. Well, according to modern 3rd wave feminism, all acts of violence are a result of “toxic masculinity” and therefore are a form of misogyny, because these retards don’t understand the definitions of words. I’m still waiting to be lectured by some white knight in my very own gay community about how homophobia is really a form of misogyny so I can demonstrate some “toxic masculinity” by knocking his cultist ass right the fuck out.

  2. This one can’t be real. It’s too close, too easy to criticize. Could be fake, could be a bait, could be a lookalike.

    Be careful with overly convenient info like that. That being said, she’s arrogant enough to never had noticed the kid. Either way, she’ll ignore any comment about it like she ignore criticism and inconvenient truths/facts/scientific data/reality

    1. Also, there’s a pretty good chance that Rodger hated his stepmom and wanted nothing to do with her, so Anita would never have seen him at all. I know there are plenty of my parents’ friends who I never ever saw, and I’m at least halfway close with them.

  3. Holy shit, i saw someone mentioning this on twitter much earlier but only now did I get to see the photo evidence. Thanks for the article Ralph

  4. Now….all you Twitter enabled chaps and chapesses know what to do….SPAM THE HELL OUT OF THIS STORY!

  5. I wonder what the responses will be like coming from her zealots when they see this (if any)? You should do a salt update soon Ralph, if don’t they hand wave it away that is.

  6. I’m 1000% conflicted on this.

    Anita has real world ties (albeit tenuously) to Elliot Rodgers.

    On one hand, a strong case could be made for “guilt by association” that would result in lulz of epic proportions.

    On the other hand, Gamergate (at least the part I identify with) is against the guilt by association tactic.


    1. Yes. Let the ambivalence flow through you.

      I don’t think this really has anything to do with anything on Sarkeesian’s part…except she knows Elliot Rodger’s step-mom.

      But it is hilarious that, ironically, Sarkeesian makes comments about Elliot Rodger and “misogynistic systems” and so many of her cronies try to compare Rodger’s shooting and similar incidents to GamerGate, yet she has closer ties to Rodger than any of us.

    2. Nobody cares about logical fallacies nowadays so don’t worry associating SJW’s with ISIS and mass murderers. It’s funny because this ends up being more logical than Gamergate being an terrorist organization.

  7. I can’t read that image. 🙁

    Anita has worked as a PA on at least one movie so that may be the connection since his family was also in the biz. I saw it on imdb a while back.

  8. i can see the denial already, THOSE AREN’T HER THEY HAVE BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED!!! AAAAUUGUH!!!!

    don’t be surprised if anyone pulls that card anytime soon.

  9. People often refuse to acknowledge Elliot’s multiple lashings out against mixed race couples. Actually, if anybody cared about people, he could’ve been stopped way before he shot people. Also, this cracker chink faggot was a racist. Progressives have a huge issue with that because he wasn’t white. Yet he *hated it* when white girls would date mexicans or blacks.

    1. Huh? I thought they ignored the fact he was half Chinese and complained how he was an entitled white guy, not unlike ignoring Zimmerman being half Hispanic.

      1. Ha … I remember when the Zimmerman story broke and I had no idea what he looked like. He was on TV and someone pointed him out and I said what behind that Hispanic guy? They said no that is George Zimmerman and I laughed. Oh I see so if Jorge had been running from the cops that same person would had said see how the cops oppress Hispanic people?

        1. Exactly. The problem is, he and Eliot had “white” names. If Zimmerman was something like Jorge Gonzalez, then the news story wouldn’t have left the local area. Since Eliot committed a mass shooting, it still would’ve been national news, but if his name were something more “Asian,” it would’ve actually been blamed on mental illness instead of soggy knees.

      1. Because he’s a fucking retard. He always thought he couldn’t get pasty white girls not because he was an unbearable faggot, but because they were all racist and hated his Asian half. When he saw a girl with a brown guy, he would have to face his own faggotry which was enraging to him and he lashed out instead.

      2. I guess it like a self hating Jew. He had (by some accounts) a pretty terrible up bringing and It was easier to blame all mixed race couples/the concept of it rather than just his own shitty parents. Its like a black women being mugged by a white man rather than blaming the individual she blames all white men (which of course is correct as we know that all white cis hetronormative males are evil and responsible for each and every problem on earth). After all if there were no mixed race couples he wouldn’t exist and if didn’t exist then he couldn’t feel pain.

      3. He was specifically against white women dating black men, who he considered genetically inferior thugish beasts who were unworthy of the delicate cultured embrace of a fair skinned western European damsel.

        It was less about the mixing of blood, and more about the ebulz black monkeys fucking white women, and the sheer level of race treachery those women in turn were responsible for. He on the other was half white and half asian, born a descendant of the proper bloodlines of modern imperial and industrial power that has moved and controlled the world for centuries.

        And yeah, this is actually how he thought.. a mimicing of his own rhetoric. His views on the whole thing were genuinely insane, and as old timey racist as racism gets.

        It should be noted that a great many Asians in various Asian countries do in fact have long standing modern racial tension and prejudice against blacks. It was hardly out of character for him to feel at least some basic sense of what he felt

  10. Guess there were so many triggering things at the wedding she had to drink her memory away and forget who she was photographing the poor thing. This is as has been pointed out neither a battle to fight or a hill to die on but it never hurts to know who and what you are fighting against. Great article as usual Ralph, cheers.

  11. If gay feminist ideology took over there’d be no more wars… cuz they’d just surrender. I mean, feminists don’t even make movies like Jackass let alone do an Iwo Jima.

  12. I say anyone who claims to get death threats but can’t produce plausible evidence is lying, or treating assholes like real threats. Tweeting me gun emojis is not a serious threat. Writing on YouTube ‘go fuck yourself to death’ are actual “threats” I have gotten, but they are not serious threats. Most of this is ridiculous hysterics over nothing. The kind of shit most grown-ups can deal with, sans cookies, puppy videos and coloring books.

    1. janet writes for avoiceformen, a website that specializes in being read by uneducated women. Go check alexa. You gotta wonder, a site called avoiceformen that men don’t bother going to. Is it like all those articles in women’s magazines where some lady tells other ladies what men want? 3,453 sex moves that’ll blow his mind?

        Women are over-represented compared to the Internet in general, which doesn’t mean that most visitors are women. And as for “education”, the two leading categories are “no college” and “some college”. Unless you have some sort of

        All that aside, I like how you’re attacking Janet via Guilt by Association instead of discussing what she’s actually saying.

        1. I’m not remotely interested in what she’s saying, didn’t read it. I’m simply pointing out that AVFM is read by women. The articles are by women, mods are women. They oughta just change the name to the voice of women. What a rare and precious thing that is.

        2. She just posted “10 things women do that really turn men off” at AVFM today. It’s almost cosmo. 2 more steps – 10 sex moves that turn men off and then 3,453 sex moves that’ll blow his mind. They might skip the intermediate step, we’ll see.

    2. Funny too, because ‘fuck yourself to death’ is along the line of ‘I hope you get cancer’ and ‘I hope you die a slow and painful death’. Neither one of those says ‘I will kill you slowly/rape you to death/anything else…’

      It’s just amazing how quick people are to call being threatened without actually receiving a threat.

    3. She is the cunt of lying cunts, although there is this girl on dA who claims she has rape threats all over her main page but well they aren’t there.

  13. What about Eileen Wuornos, the feminist serial killer? Worse than any man out there.Feminists are so ignorant and myopic.

  14. I live for these occasionally unbelievable revelations. Funniest part (because it’s true): “But the point is, she was tight with his stepmom, took pictures for her wedding, and probably saw Elliot himself often. I can tell you that I never saw the motherfucker. “

  15. Imagine if this was reversed and a well known GamerGater had ties to his family. Anti-GamerGate would lose it’s shit.

  16. “I don’t want the government to fuck shit up more than they already have.
    I don’t want companies to be able to do that either, which is why I
    also support net neutrality.”
    And you lose. Because NetNeutrality *is* more central control of internet.

  17. YouTube philosopher/cult leader/commentator/vlogger (delete as you see necessary) Stegan Molyneux did a very long piece on Elliot Roger in which he basically came to the conclusion that his actions were the result of sustained neglect/emotional abuse on the part of his father and step mother. If half the stuff he alleges is true then it would go a good way to explaining the actions of Elliot Roger. Anders Breivik was also the victim of a neglect and emotional abuse at the hands of his mother and I am sure he is not the only embodiment of toxic masculinity as Anita would put to have been abused at the hands of a female and acted out in such horrific fashion.

    It seems to me that if Anita really gave a flying fuck about any of this she would be stressing the importance of making sure children (including the male ones) are protected from abuse and actually listened to when they have something to say and not just shouted down because it does not fit in with the SJW agenda. But of course all this particular snake oil salesman is concerned with is lining her own pockets with nasty attention seeking tweets and videos.

      1. If she did know about the neglect, that’s kind of hilarious. It’d be stupid to say she could’ve stopped his killstreak, bit she probably had an opportunity to say “maybe you should treat your kid better.”

        1. Id say its a safe assumption she influenced the bad treatment of him. We’ve seen first hand how much she hates men. I could easily see it wore off on his mother.

          Or rather a much safer assumption than any connection to gamergate

    1. The Green River killer, likewise, seems to have developed as he did because of the extremely warped relationship he had with his manipulative mother.

  18. That’s fucking infuriating. We could reasonably argue she caused his anti-feminism attack by being a colossal ass to him in person, but she’s blaming us?

    1. His “anti-feminism attack” was a fabrication by SJWs.

      He was a Narcissist who wanted to kill everyone, it’s why the majority of his victims (plus all the ones he specifically targeted) were men.

      1. I read the guy’s manifesto. He was nothing short of a deeply disturbed megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur. There was MUCH more cause to call what he did a matter of racial hate than anything else, but the media never ran that narrative, for multiple reasons.

          1. Not to my recollection. He mostly blamed everyone around him for not being/doing exactly what he thought they should.

            Love him or hate him (There’s a lot of reason to do both), Stefen Molyneux actually did an excellent break down video of the manifesto. Even if you cannot normally stomach the guy, he actually did a pretty thorough examination of the manifesto and gave a pretty honest assessment of it, though in his usual manner. If you don’t know who he is or don’t care about his shortcomings, I would start there if you want a synopsis of the manifesto.

          2. Sounds like a classic case of narcissism… As in NPD. Better ubringing would’ve definitely helped, but he’d still probably have been a total asshole even if he hadn’t snapped. That crap can be pretty damn neurological.

  19. Would Anita Sarkeesian have got ANYWHERE without all her links with powerful people? I suggest theres a freaking goldmine of links to media movers and shakers to be uncovered.

  20. Anita and her hubby are disgusting con artists. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hanged out with murderers and rapists all day long. Honestly, there is nothing you can say to their sycophants that will make them change their opinion of her.

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