I just got finished with a little impromptu live stream over on my Hitbox channel. Things went great with the stream once I got it rolling, but for some reason, it didn’t record. I hope to have that fixed for the next Hitbox outing, so we’ll see. Anyway, the stream itself wasn’t too long. We just saw the end of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the beginning of Nightline. Oh, and we watched some hilarious videos at the end of the stream. Fucking shit, I wished it would have recorded.

But, it didn’t. So, you’re stuck with my thoughts on the segment, and a written transcript. When a video of the segment is inevitably posted, I’ll update this post with that embed. Until then, you’ll have to settle for quotes like this one:

“[G]aming these days isn’t just about boys playing in their parents’ basements. It’s about grown-up entertainment too and now more than ever, gaming is most popular among adult women aged 18-36.”

Wow, it took them about 30 seconds to trot out the basement kids line. I think that might be a new record. Well, it would be if notorious wine-o Leigh Alexander wasn’t on the scene. I think I’ve seen her use it even quicker. Regardless, here’s more of this vomit-inducing garbage fire:

“The sense of using violence against women being used as almost background decoration, as texture to make the gaming universe more gritty, more real,” said Sarkeesian.

With the game Watch Dogs, Sarkeesian pointed out how women are killed to give the hero a reason to chase down a bad guy.

“It reinforces the idea of women as sexual objects, it reinforces the idea of women as playthings for their amusement,” she said. “That’s when the cyber mob and the hate mob descended.”

They never talk about all the violence against men that you can commit in these games as well. I wonder why they don’t? Probably because it fucks their narrative all to shit, huh? The report was serving up softball after softball. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, a surprise run-in happened.

I should have known.

“[S]he wasn’t alone. Brianna Wu, an independent game developer, said she also received threats.

“They told me they were going to kill me,” Wu said. “They told me specifically that they were going to castrate my husband.”

The threats became so bad that Wu said she was forced to move out of her home – all because she simply tweeted her opinion…

“I’m hesitant to use the phrase ‘terror’ because I think it’s such a politically loaded word, but this is,” Wu said. “It’s terrorism on the women in the industry. It’s scaring every one of us.”

Of course Nightline never mentioned that Brianna Wu has been shown to have serious problems with her timeline this past fall. To me, it looks like she was likely lying about having to be on the run from her home. Like Zoe Quinn, she’s able to use complacent and/or corrupt media outlets, to spread her lies…no questions asked. We are the only ones challenging these fictions. The media refuses to act, so we do their job for them. Instead, they help headcases like Brianna Wu, and fraudulent scam merchants like Anita Sarkeesian, hijack the gaming industry.

Speaking of phonies, noted crook Tim Schafer stopped by to add in some asinine shit about having female characters to choose when selecting user characters. I’m hesitant to even post it, because it’s so fucking stupid. DEAR TIM: I don’t fucking care about that at all. The thing I care about in that regard, is people making a big issue about it for every single game, regardless of the story the creators are trying to tell. These things change naturally, not through mandate. Anyway, here is the washed up phony himself:

“Developer Tim Schafer said the lack of playable characters for his daughter inspired him to look at this own games. “Almost every game I’ve worked on, we’ve given at least the option to play a female character,” he said. “Once you’re conscious of it, it’s really hard to un-ring that bell.”

Like I said, the man added nothing of note. But, the segment did have one bright spot. A based guy named Chris Scott simply did not give a fuck. Maybe he seemed even more amazing in light of all the douchebaggery we had to sit through, but damn. He was a breath of fresh air.

“Sarkeesian is trying to capitalize on controversy,” Scott said. “When people complain about Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty whatever, it’s similar to complaints about hip-hop and rap music today saying it’s violent… that’s not really what hip hop is about.”

“You can’t judge gaming by what’s selling,” he continued. “You have to really get into the medium to understand it before you start saying ok – this is what gaming is about.”

At the end of the day, Scott added, they’re just games, saying, “I know that in the real world there are strong women that don’t need to be saved.”

Someone get this guy on a stream! Hell, come on my stream haha! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Without him, the entire segment would have been garbage. It was still an almost totally one-sided affair, but his strong finish at least gave us some good representation. Of course, they moved right back to Anita for the real conclusion. We wouldn’t want gamers to have the last word in an already unfair segment, now, would we? 

“To people who tell critics like Sarkeesian to lighten up, and that these games are just fantasy, not reality, Sarkeesian cautions that these gamers can be very powerful.

“Games have a huge impact on our society because the media plays a role in helping to shape our attitudes,” she said “So it’s not just fantasy. It actually works to potentially reinforce some pretty harmful messages about women.”

So, there you have it. We had a biased segment run by a biased network, where they let the SJWs say almost anything they wanted, with no kind of restraint or challenge. The only thing that kept it from being 100% anti-GamerGate, was the emergence of Mr. Scott. I hope to see a lot more of him, and a lot less of the Three Stooges I mentioned in the headline. I’m sure that won’t happen, but maybe we can at least see more of this guy regardless. We need as many strong advocates as we can get.


UPDATE: Literally as soon as I published this, I saw the video on Twitter. Here it is. Also, there’s a couple tweets with your’s truly as well. I’ve made my national television debut! HAHA:


  1. Hope you do get Chris Scott on a stream. Little by little their narrative shows holes, if for no other reason than the fact that they can’t keep selling the same story over and over again.

  2. Why am I not surprised. Any show that stars Anita Scameesian, John Flynt, Tim Chaffer, etc. Is ALWAYS bound to be horse shit.

    1. A poster by the name of Gruffertus on mmo-champion.com’s thread about gamergate went on an epic 10 page semantics crusade and lied his fucking brains out about that.

      It was lie after denial after twisting words again and again. Because that retard doesn’t care about facts, just the narrative that he’s internalized. I came this close to approaching Baphoment to go after them, and another poster named Dhrizzle (and MLP:FIM fan – the sort that takes that shit way to far and is probably a clop fan) that just does nothing but spread propaganda and try to derail shit) too.

      In the end I just put them both on ignore because I didn’t want to go to that dark place. Seeing ideologues get horsewhipped by anons for being intentionally full of shit because “muh beliefs” is always tempting though…

  3. Such a shitty smear again against gamers. Not surprised that they sided with fatass and hoops. Shit is just pissing me off lately that not one fucking person does any sort of research.

    It’s fucking 1 vs over 150,000 people. It’s only helping us and making us larger because it marginalizes all gamers.

  4. Look on the bright side! You’re on national television! For a couple of split seconds, but still.

    Also, on one of the tweets zooming by, you can see a tweet quoting a tweet mentioning /baphomet/, kek.

  5. “Games have a huge impact on our society because the media plays a role in helping to shape our attitudes. So it’s not just fantasy. It actually works to potentially reinforce some pretty harmful messages about women.”

    Anita, sweetheart, you repeating the same baseless claims on a near constant basis won’t suddenly result in them being true.

    1. I also find it ironic how they at least claim to firmly believe that media is a strong influence in shaping opinions and beliefs and the like. I imagine, in their minds, being true isn’t important, only that you are told it is true. And it comes back around when they then use mass media to espouse narratives not based in fact and parrot them constantly, in the hope that the power of media is real and the public will end up believing.

      Problem is, it is true, but not in the way they want it to be. If nothing else, I think it only serves to make skeptical people more and more skeptical of various media and the messages they send. Media shapes attitudes by reinforcing skepticism and the pursuit of facts, at least in the GG case.

  6. Sarkeesian is a broken record. Reinforce, harmful, toxic, massive misogyny, attitudes.(1

    1) Source == ;

  7. These networks are 100% complicit. There’s nothing we can do except keep going on, keep putting our side out there.I’m hoping that eventually we’ll get some major dev studios to support us and flat out deny the false narrative that’s been pushed by the media. Our best bet is Rockstar, but not too many people seem interested in trying to reach out to them.

    1. I did earlier tonight. No reply last I checked.

      If Gamergate is to win this war, my opinion is we need to break out of the Internet. Go on marches, picket biased news sources, distribute flyers, etc. The scumbags have a nearly unchallenged control of the offline “information” stream; we must fight there, too to get the masses on our side.

      1. sadly that is a little to excessive for something that is ultimately bound to the internet, that is corrupt jurnos on Vidya.

        Femanazi butting in is making it harder for us, but we should remember what is our objective, not get detoured onto fight some mental ill woman and their followers.

        that can come later

        1. I slightly disagree – one of the major issues with the journos is them accepting and popularizing these crazy women as “good” while decrying gamers as “bad” – Sure bias in the reviews is a problem, but a lot of that is being addressed in the commercial AAA sector already – even with replacements for metacritic. The main issue with journalistic integrity left is the libel of people who disagree with the SJW crowd, and that is still a major problem.

      2. A technology based solution is also available – Based gamer, the Ralph Retort, Gamesnosh, etc. are all alternatives to the corrupt game journos – long term we should be building these up and reporting the truth.

        Also, I definitely think the Sarkeesian Effect will have a great impact – youtube > than traditional media and it will definitely go viral. (Even if a lot of the views are SJWs wanting to mock)

        Anyone that relies on print media will only have a passing familiarity with gamergate, if they know about it at all – they also probably don’t care one way or another.

  8. Wu was proven to have lied about being ran out of her house, Anita under investigation for mail fraud and got her start in triangle schemes. Of course they are backed by ultra left web sites that don’t publish any real news. Melissa Harris Perry, please.

  9. Saw your avatar a few times, Ralph, but they zipped by it so fast nothing could really be read. They even threw Milo under the bus however briefly.

  10. …”Violent depictions of women being beaten, raped and run over by cars,,, it’s not the movies, it’s video games!”,,,,aaand after that line nothing further said should be taken seriously by anyone with even only a grain of logic in their skull,,,,these things are ok for movies because, well, art,,,,but another medium? BREAK OUT TH’ FAINTING COUCHES! OH LORDY I DO BUH-LEEEVE I HAVE TH’ VAPORS!….my dainty fragile self will just crumble if someone is entertained by these games,,,oh wait, i have to go take some snarky selfies with a Hollywood director who makes movies and tv shows where women are beaten, raped, threatened with rape, put in display windows to sold as whores, shoved in boxes, shot in the face, slapped, punched, enslaved and,,,,ooopsie! ,,,in closing, games, bad,,,movies gooooodd….
    ….yeah,,,,they can all go eat a bowl of fuck….congrats on gettin’ that Ralph logo on TV homie,,,,

  11. “Games have a huge impact on our society because the media plays a role in helping to shape our attitudes”

    Can anyone explain what sentence this actually means? It seems like some mystical quasi-sentence that seems like it’s got some informational content to decipher, but when you try to understand what she is saying, it doesn’t actually have any factual meaning to impart.

    1. It’s vague in its design but the suggestion is gaming/fictional media consumption influences people’s values and worldview, the implication being negative. Thus fiction cannot be left alone, it has to be loaded with ‘responsible’ messages and used as a political club to educate us bigoted plebs. Its an attack on the basis of art and free expression for noble intentions(I think McIntosh is sincere in his McIntoshery) but its pretty much anti-human.

      Its similar to Jack Thompson’s assertions on the links between gaming and anti-social behavior, of course that didn’t withstand the scrutiny of court. So instead of bringing an honest challenge before the state, Anita’s ilk are actually worse; they encourage self-censorship and ideological conformity in creative communities through shame and lies. There is no evidence for this supposed impact games cause on society, a way to measure it or even a hint what this impact is, its just some nebulous evil these pro-slacitvists can fight, own and disown at will depending on who’s asking. This is why they do not engage criticism, its an astonishing house of cards resting on news media manufactured legitimacy.

      1. If that is their message truly, I seems like a complete misunderstanding of how drama has operated from when humans started creating art. Having an evil, bigoted or misogynistic character featured in a work of art doesn’t automatically convey approval of their actions. You could ‘learn’ a positive message from an ‘evil’ persons story arc if it’s redemptive or punishing. Although, in reality, people do not have such malleable principles.

  12. Seconded with regards to the “only violence against women is deplorable”. I have had this discussion many many times now. Women are hurt, killed, abused in GTA, etc. Counter, well that may be so but in-between that thousands of men are killed, without mercy, without second thought, in brutal horrific ways and all without question and yet the women are the focus?. It shows that their agenda only revolves around women.

    Modern feminism is a selfish women only club, if there is collateral damage that affects men it is irrelevant.

  13. every time the narrative seem to start to fade off, BAM, here come the mainstream media article of something that “happened” 6 months ago,

    They are desperate, they try to till the average joe against us, but they cant, cause no one outside of their ilk believe that they try to spread.

    Media does it cause controversy bring views, views = ratting = money.

  14. well, most people ARE dumb enough to buy into it

    that’s the real danger here, when the SJWs get enough support from these sheep so that they can control the laws

    1. Most people might be foolish enough to think most people are dumb enough to buy it, but that’s it. Why do you think they disable and delete comments so much? When they don’t it shows that a lot of people call out this blatant bullshit.

      1. You’re assuming that everyone is a gamer, they’re not. If you’re the type that already thought of adult gamers as losers this is playing right into the stereotypes you already held and its pretty likely that you’ll buy into them.

        1. So then you’re also assuming that most people dislike gamers, that they would buy anything about it despite there being quite a few notable nongamers involved? Also that they can not update their views even if they did in the first place, despite people like Milo?
          Most people are not crazed and hateful fanatics.

          I like to try to have some faith in humanity, especially when there is evidence that it’s worth it in the end.

          1. People are capable of updating their views if they have sufficient motivation. There isn’t sufficient motivation here as this doesn’t effect them. I mentioned the easiest example, the most common will be the type that has no strong opinion one way or another on gamers and they’ll believe this simply because it seems to be coming from a reputable source at first glance. Most people do not check the validity of articles on major news sites.

            That said they also don’t matter in this argument unless antis try to go the legal route, which would be a hard path to take as the Supreme Court has ruled that games are covered under the 1st amendment.

  15. fuck I’m getting tired of these one sided arguments. No matter what they do #Gamergate is still here and its fucking alive.

    Sometimes Listen & Believe doesn’t work since it is the same ‘narrative’ that they’re using.

  16. Looks like comments are bing deleted from the discussion on the Nightline article, I was having discussion with some dude about meritocracy in gaming and all my comments were deleted. Nothing even about GamerGate was mentioned on my part.

  17. Look, you want to win, it’s as simple as this: QUIT BUYING ANYTHING FROM PEOPLE WHO BOW TO THE AGENDA.

    One of 2 things will happen:

    They will see that kowtowing to these assholes is costing them money and drop them,
    OR, someone new will come along to take your money.

    Look how quick A&E changed their stance on that “homophobic” Duck Dynasty guy once it was going to cost them money.

    1. heh, almost forgot about the Duck Dynasty bit – another great example of SJW rhetoric in the media:

      The guy stated he thought homosexuality was wrong, but that God commands Christians to love everyone, even if they are doing things that ‘God has said’ are wrong.

      Media takes part that says “homosexuality is wrong” and ignores the rest, screaming homophobia, despite the fact the guy really doesn’t hate gay people.

  18. Given how many millions of grown adults (in this country alone) are into games now, just by virtue of having grown up with them, bullshit stories like this are going to have less and less impact. The only people who will buy the shit they’re shoveling are elderly folks and the puritans who want nothing to do with games, hip-hop, heavy metal, comics, etc.

    1. This is also going to influence impressionable (read as: hypersensitive retards) children to resume negative stereotypes of gamers, particularly old school gamers. That’s the first step of any neo-fascist movement, cut out the old guard so you can bring in your ideology. It’s ironic how willing people are to discriminate against someone when they’ve been labeled by society as something awful. It’s like sanctioning to be the terrible little fucks that I think most people want to be.

    2. Heavy metal? The poor metalhead bastards are having issues with sjw too, guess you haven’t heard of metalgate? The sjw have no intention to only destroy one medium.

      1. Oh, I know it’s going on. I was referring to the 80’s, when Congress was all in a tizzy over the metal scene (subliminal messages causing suicide, satan worship, etc.)

  19. True, but be fair – it’s not just a “right-wing republican” thing. Joe Liebermann was front and center in the video game “debate” years back, and Hillary Clinton had her share to say as well.

    Remember: It’s an authoritarian vs. libertarian thing, not a right vs. left thing.

  20. Oh joy, the train of degenerates never ends. Despite the fact that they’re clearly full of it. ::sigh:: That Scott guy pointed out their crap quite clearly; bordering on accusing them of not understanding the genre. It’s almost like he’s looked at her work and knows she doesn’t understand what she’s talking about and just repeats sociology-esque talking points… oh wait. +10 Patriarchy points for that guy. Someone get him a copy of GTA V and a cigar.

    1. lol, the best thing to take from all this is that on January 1, 2015 journos were saying “2015 the year everyone forgot about gamergate” or some other BS, yet they are all still talking about it. (Much like the “gamergate is dead” repeats we get)

      So really, we are winning, because they want people to forget about us, but yet we are still here. After awhile, people will start to ask WHY, and that will be fun.

      1. It’s totally dead guys! … then why the fuck are you still talking about it? Like, they have the dominant media position, so why don’t they just declare it dead and then stop talking about it? Oh, right, they have to keep enforcing propaganda or people might get suspicious.

        My favorite to date has to have been their attempts to make it appear as though “Anonymous” is on their side (first of all, that’s not how “Anonymous” works, second of all you are attacking free speech and the chan’s… so, you’re beyond “kill” at this point with the anon’s). Posting shitty image macro’s of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks does not make “Anonymous” belong to you. In fact, again, it’s a pretty fantastic fucking way to piss off the anon’s (see baphomet and how anally rekt srhbutts is getting. Which reminds me, it was probably “her” and freebsdgirl that were playing that game – likely they were told by the SocJusLeague of Muh Feelz that Anonymous is considered “feelz terrorists” because of their affinity for “lulz” and should not be invoked.).

        1. As much as I find Anonymous an interesting organization, and a great social experiment, it has run into a couple of problems:

          There are tons of videos talking about what “Anonymous said” when we don’t really know if Anonymous is involved.

          There is virtually no way to overcome problem one and stay true to the original intent.

          So everything that is from “anonymous” I generally disregard unless I get third-party verification.

          1. Anonymous isn’t an organization. It’s a stand alone complex, much like GamerGate. You want to be a part of Anonymous? Congrats, you just joined. Merely by wanting to be a part of a leaderless, faceless organization, you gain membership. It’s a bit like that “online” gang in that anime about the Dulahan (dura-dura? I can’t remember what it’s called). Anyone who claims to be “representing” Anonymous is a shill or a cop or some self-important retard. Anonymous Ops are simply stated goals that people contribute to, anonymously (otherwise party van), and with any luck the goal is met.

          2. It’s a bit like that “online” gang in that anime about the Dulahan (dura-dura? I can’t remember what it’s called).


          3. That there. Also the anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex… I just didn’t want to go for the low hanging fruit. 😛

        2. Also: SJWs are blaming the actions of /baphomet/ on gamergate as per usual. To do this they have to assert that gamergate is about hatred of women (no proof), assert that those doing these attacks are from gamergate(no proof) and assert that the reason these people are targeted is because of gamergate (no proof)

          Somehow this seems more logical to them than a 12 year old or teenager looking for controversy and trolling it to create more controversy. LMFAO.

          1. Well of course, they’re all fucking racists because they’ve redefined that word to be inapplicable to groups they view negatively (because they are the “oppressed” and you can’t be racist against a group with power/privilege… get me a dictionary so I can beat them with it). I bring up racism because that relies on a very specific type of fallacious reasoning to justify such a stupid position – Guilt By Association.

            If something bad happens to them, the associate it with everyone they have a problem with, therefore it’s all connected, therefore they’re all bad and the circle jerk of tears intensifies. SJW culture and 3rd Wave Feminism is, by the definition of their actions and attitudes, a fanatical hate group (basically neo-fascists) that rejects anything they perceive as conservative or “non-progressive” and attempts to institute group think, thought control, censorship and authoritarianism in order to gain control.

            They do not want to great an equal world – they want to shift power from those they perceive as having it, to themselves. They will be just as corrupt and vile, but their self-righteousness blinds them to that.

  21. Here you go folks, learn something:


    Nice little arm chair summary of the in’s and out’s of the sort of people Quinn, Sarkeesian, Wu, McIntosh, etc are. It’s considerably easier for women to get away with this because of their PRIVILEGE of the assumption that they are, by default, more empathetic and emotive.

    Although all you have to do is watch that David Pakman interview… or any interview really, of BatWu to see what kind of self-important, gross narcissist she is (seriously, WASH AND BRUSH YOUR FUCKING HAIR, gross). You can’t possible think it’s ok to walk around looking like that, and then go on national television while STILL looking like that if you didn’t love the absolute fuck out of yourself.

    Her shitty game is also a pretty epic example of ego projection, if you hadn’t noticed. Quinn’s “game” is literally “pity part; feel bad for zoe, the game”. I’d love to see the documentation of her issues with Depression as her claim was that flow chart was based off her own subjective experience. As someone with a diagnosed emotion disorder, I can tell you – she was and still is full of shit.

  22. Tim Shafer is a flat out liar:

    Developer Tim Schafer said the lack of playable characters for his daughter inspired him to look at this own games. “Almost every game I’ve worked on, we’ve given at least the option to play a female character,” he said. “Once you’re conscious of it, it’s really hard to un-ring that bell.”

    Total BS. His only game that ever made any money was Psychonauts, and that had only a male protagonist. Blatant lies and hypocrisy. Pisses me off, because before I knew he was such a hypocrite, I was actually a fan. Now he’s a hypocrite telling lies that even his FANS would know are untrue.

    Edit: Some other Schafer games that I didn’t know about also only have male protagonists:

    Brutal Legend


    Iron Brigade

    Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

    Grim Fandango

    All of the Monkey Island titles

    Full Throttle

    It would seem that only TWO of his games actually had a female protagonist – I haven’t checked the entire list, but I have gone over all of the games that Schafer himself was in charge of.

    1. Technically Brütal Legend lets you play as female characters in multiplayer. The singleplayer campaign was only meant to be some glorified tutorial to multi, which was considered to be the main game.

      It was also blatantly ignored because netcode on console versions was shit. RIP

      And technically, five games. (aside BL)
      The Cave, Broken Age, Costume Quest, its sequel and the upcoming Massive Chalice. In this generation of gaming, he is not necessarily wrong about giving players the ability to play as female characters.

      I can’t really give Schafer any faults in this since it’s more than likely he was picked up by ABC themselves to have someone talk about the whole thing like any generic interview ever asking a dev “So what’s this game/job about and why is it cool?”
      This is just painting him in a worse light for personal disdain rather than anything else. For whatever dumb shit he did prior to this article, what he said on Nightline was not worth getting heated up on.

      1. “This is just painting him in a worse light for personal disdain for anything else. For whatever dumb shit he did prior to this article, what he said on Nightline was not worth getting heated up on.”

        If he tells a flat-out-lie that he always gives players the option, when only 5 out of all the games he’s made (and he’s been in charge of quite a few) give the choice, it’s a lie. Plain and simple – more of a problem that the journalists in question are not willing to note that the statement is false than anything else.

        1. Again, this generation.
          Do you know how old his daughter is? She’s about four. Considering the amount of games he made since her birth and her interest in games/her pappy’s job, he’s right about his claim.

          The only exceptions to that list are Sesame Street (where you’re the player character), Grim Fandango’s remake and, what, Stacking which is playing with matryoshka dolls.

          Specifically those five games I listed earlier, Broken Age, Stacking and Sesame Street were the only games he worked on since his daughter happened, alongside Spacebase DF-9 which just stopped being a thing.

          Stop trying so hard. I know hateboners are a thing but calling someone a liar over your lack of research is not something you’d want to be known for.

          1. My bad, I didn’t realize his daughter was only 4, however it’s not like it is that bad of a mistake – he’s been developing games since the early 90s and most people that did that are in their 40s and 50s.

    2. Tim schafer doesnt have any money, he didnt even finish the last 2 games he made and he fired people and threw a party hiring phil fish as dj.

      He gets money from FF.

      1. A sad end for an otherwise legendary developer (Referring to Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Monkey Island and Psychonauts)

  23. Looking at evidence and using logic and reason is hard though. A) they’re lazy. B) Confirmation Bias – you have religion to thank for that. C) GOMP – “Good Open-Minded Person” – people are going to go along with the “main stream” perspective of the oppressed woman because to call bullshit invokes a loaded question scenario where they accuse you of, dundundun! mysoggyknees.

    1. Well, to be an optimist, at least they’re squandering the terms misogynist/racist/homophobe/etc. to the point that people soon or even now are no longer afraid of these labels as simply breathing oxygen is misogynistic/racist/homophobic at this point. They’re simply meaningless.

      1. Neutral people are going to get tired of them. It’s hard to get people involved who aren’t either absolutely appalled at SocJus/3rdWaveFeminism to begin with or are already “true believers”. I guess it’s a good thing… but kind of sad, corruption is probably one of our world’s worst problems.

  24. “Instead, they help headcases like Brianna Wu, and fraudulent scam merchants like Anita Sarkeesian, hijack the gaming industry.”

    This is where I think you are wrong. What effect is Wu and Quinn actually having on the gaming industry? Companies are still going to make the games that consumers want to buy. The LWs might get some positive press coverage but I don’t think they have “hijacked” the industry, just mainstream media. When it comes down to it, the big companies want to make money so they will continue to create and sell games that people want to play. Sure, there might be an impact on indie games but that is a small, small part of the market.

    Personally, I think if gamers just ignored these people, they would stop getting the attention they crave. I know that’s a tough sell, to not respond to outrageous comments that you think smear the gaming community. But as long as these people are being attacked, that justifies the media producing stories asking for their opinions. Let them be forgotten.

    1. Yeah, I’d say the success of GTA V (a game I don’t even have interest in) is making the SJW crusade a futile effort. Money talks.

  25. Just start fucking mailing to the FBI already. Gather all the evidence and then remind them that they are ignoring their findings.

    1. Assuming you have enough evidence, the FBI has been horribly politicized like most of the federal organs nowadays. I wouldn’t give you odds on them doing anything to interfere with the ‘narrative’.

  26. I wonder what Ubisoft has to say over this blatant accusations towards their shit game Watch Dogs? They are not going to stand there and get a shit reputation (more than usual) specially if they can fix it right away by pointing out how many men you kill in proportion to the women.

  27. I can’t help but wonder why gaming industry isn’t defending itself. Why is it that just gamers are fighting this fight. How come TakeTwo, Rockstar, EA, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, or any others are not fighting this fight and defending their products.
    I got a theory and it has a lot to do with the fact that the industry has been suffering for a long time.

    1. Suffering what? This is a clear case of bulldog mouth and hummingbird ass for the SJWs. As I noted above, money talks. If Sarkeesian and her ilk push the larger companies too hard, they’re liable to get pushed back.

      This isn’t Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson we’re talking about here. I hate Sharpton with a fiery rage, but he can bring a LOT more pressure to bear than Sarkeesian or Wu ever could dream of.

      1. The game industry has been suffering for years now. For gamers, it seems great but for investors its a hell of their own making. There are way more failures than successes in the industry. We have studios constantly closing, cost of game development skyrocketing, the quality of products are arguably getting worse, and even the console makers are not guaranteed to make money and have taken some real big hits in the recent past. We have games that have to sell over 3 million copies just to make profit. The price of new video games dropping within 30 days of its release, good for gamers not for the industry. Only a few at the top of the industry are really making money. Which might explain why they are not defending their customer base. Why are they sitting back and watching their customers come under such public attacks in the media?

    1. ABC published something else about games in which it said that we shouldnt take games just as games and they are more important so we should pay attention on what they do and how th market has to be diverse.

      Basicl sjw stuff.

  28. Hey Ralph, even though I started an account a couple days ago I was wondering if an idea like this would work:


    I’ve been reading your site for quite some time and frankly I think an idea like this could help neutral people bypass the lies made up by the mainstream media. Because people like Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Alex Lifschitz (AKA lift shits), Leigh Alexander, Brianna Wu (AKA John Flynt), Aurthur Chu, Nathan Grayson, Wil Wheaton, Chris Kluwe, Adam Sessler, Ian Miles Cheong, Tim Schafer, Peter Coffin, Geordie Tait, Dan Olson, Sarah Nyberg (AKA srhbutts), Randi Harper, Angry Joe, Chris Plante, Ben Kuchera, Matt Binder, Jonathan Mann, Sam Biddle, Bobby Oliveira, a_man_black, Bobby Oliveira , Bob Chipman, Jonathan McIntosh, and many more, need to be FULLY EXPOSED to the WHOLE WORLD for the indoctrinated, hypocritical, radical, fanatics for what they really are.

    I’ve been neutral ever since this whole thing started back in August, but I’ve been keeping up with it ever since because I just can’t seem to tear my eyes away from GamerGate. And it’s getting harder and harder for me to stay neutral as I just can’t sit on the fence any longer, because the bullshit that these Social In-Justice Warriors and radical 3rd wave feminism have been spewing out of they mouths the past 4-5 months is completely unfathomable. This entire conflict is completely one-sided and TV news outlets from MSNBC to the Colbert Report have been nothing but slander and libel. From hit pieces on MSM, to doxxing, swatting, blacklisting, etc, boggles my mind on how some of the worse and disgusting people on the Anti-GamerGate side (Who are FAR worser than the people I’ve seen in GG) continue to roam free without a care in world and without fear of dire consequences.

    Although some people have been caught red-handed by GG, but I have yet to see viable results. Yes, I’ve seen people in GG as well who have also done questionable things, but if you were to say that your an SJW, 3rd wave feminist, trust fund baby with a useless college education, pro-rape enabler, supporter of doxxing, endorser of death threats, and swatting people because they disagree with you get a free pass!? Sorry Anti-GG, but I don’t find your actions justifiable or accountable.

    Same goes for some of the people GG, both sides are fault because it takes two to tango. But you’ll never hear the Anti-GG admit the error of their ways. When GG admits they did something for jumping the gun, then Anti-GG say something like,”Ha! Gotcha!,” or something like,”OMG Godwin’s Law! I win!” Yeah, real mature Anti-GG. Yes, Anita does get deaths on a daily basis, but who doesn’t when you speak out against someones beliefs or hobbies on the internet? Especially after 5-6 years of doing what you do? Anita, you do more harm than good by claiming to speak for every women on this miserable little planet with your fallacies.

    Also Anita, it must be nice not having to face criticism and having a debate about how wrong you go on about how videos games make TRUE GAMERS like myself misogynistic, violent, and aggressive towards women. As for the controversy with GTA V that’s been out for a year, as well as the entire gta series that’s been around since 1997, I didn’t pay 60 bucks plus tax on a high quality game just to leer, laugh at and murder pixelated women. No, I bought it to experience an open virtual world free real life limitations, travel though a detailed virtual setting of Southern California (and Rockstar seems to have every detail down which is AMAZING), play with together with my online friends and most importantly have FUN! Yes, that’s right FUN.

    Which is the entire sole purpose of videos games, always has been and always will be. Because 1st world problems, politics, work, school, family feuds, etc. All became depressing at some point in people lives. Every person has there own personal preferences to relieve stress, get there mind off things, or just have fun. Be it sports, reading, music, movies, fishing, cooking, video games, etc. People want to see more women in video games, I’d like to see more women in video games. However, choosing to insult us, slander us, and harassing us, is NOT gonna make me drink your Kool-aid.

    Anyway, sorry for the long rant I just had to get it off my chest. If there’s one website willing to cover what’s going on behind the scenes then it’s The Ralph Retort and many more. Also, to also you GG’s out there you need to stop the infighting and e-celeb drama and focus on what’s really important. You give Gawker a bloody nose by costing them 7 figureheads resulting in losing millions of dollars. Got IGN to change their ethics policy, pulled advertising sponsors from the people your fighting against, etc. I know that SJW’s are under the radar using the GG hastag trying their best to smear you, but you guys need to step it up a notch and show people that GG is just as serious as it now then it was before!

    1. Paragraphs! Otherwise wall of text makes breaks between ideas indistinguishable. Put the coffee and jelly beans down and hit “edit”. 😉

  29. “Games have a huge impact on our society because the media plays a role in helping to shape our attitudes,” she said “So it’s not just fantasy. It actually works to potentially reinforce some pretty harmful messages about women.”

    Commonly stated LIE (or rather a baseless assertion not grounded in reality) frequently spouted off by sociology students and professors, which fortunately the more evidence-based disciplines are beginning to stamp down on (or so I hear). Media does NOT influence out behavior unless it is blatant PROPAGANDA. Media is SHAPED by culture, not the other way around. Advertisers etc create content based on the perceived desires of their audience; not in an attempt to get them to buy something they don’t think they want. Otherwise what the fuck would the point of big data and all the money these people spend to “get to know” their target audience?

    Fucking pseudo-intellectuals are a DISEASE. Also, what the fuck about all the violence and stereotypes against MEN? Fucking misandrist hypocrites are beyond frustrating. We don’t complain because we know it’s not real and because we know it’s just storytelling elements.

    Really, all someone has do is point out that a) female characters in peril in STORYTELLING is a sign of equality (otherwise they’d be be precious and untouchable) and b) this is a broad argument for censorship in ALL mediums. This “criticism” of hers leveled at gaming is the lowest common denominator for these people – they intend to attack all media eventually. I mean, fuck, she even calls it media in general!

    Someone NEEDS to challenge this harpy directly on one of these shows and they need to bring up her and McIntosh’s overt racism and hand waving in lieu of the “feels” of terrorists. I’m sure that will go over well.

    1. Karen Straughan made a similar point. Using violence against women as a quick and dirty signal that a character is a villain and is to attacked by the protagonist is wrong in a video game because it robs women of agency; but in real life anyone who disagrees with this idea supports violence against women and is to be quickly and dirtily cast as a villain for everyone to attack, and this doesn’t rob women of agency.

      1. The entire NOTION of “agency” in games, or media in general, is fallacious. The entire point of a game is to control a character and act out a story. The characters have no agency because they are not real; they no history or free will or future. Characters are means to end to tell a story, nothing more. Only impressionable, emo children get all bent out of shape over “I need a role model!” in their fantasy. Here’s an idea – go get a fucking REAL role model!

        There are so FEW female villains in games, and why? Precisely the issue that Sarkeesian and her ilk constantly bitch about; depicting violence against women. It’s just a headache. But violence happens in real life, so if you’re trying to create a realistic game, and have a realistic plot, characters have to be able to be in peril. They’re not being targeted BECAUSE they’re women, as Sarkeesian implies, they’re being targeted because EVERYONE is a target!

        Everything about her message is pure censorship. “We can’t have these images and messages because they enforce negative attitudes about women” – everything she says is vague and full of weasel words. What attitudes? What images? What messages? Why are games different than any other form of media? Players, regardless of whether it’s a sandbox or a hallway, are playing out a story – playing a game’s campaign is no different than reading a book, or watching a television series or a movie.

        And the online interactions of people? “Not rated by the ESRB” – because people are fucking stupid, especially in a consequence free environment, ESPECIALLY when they know it will tilt you in a competitive environment. That bullshit argument “the average age of gamers is 34” – is completely without context, especially when you combine it with their argument that a huge % of gamers are female. The average age of gamers says nothing about the outliers or the BEHAVIOR of those outliers. The people acting like fucking animals on the net are almost ALWAYS children. Period. Adults haven’t got time for that shit. And I’m sorry, if you’re too much of a fucking moron to put them on “mute/ignore” then that is 100% YOUR problem. And no, that’s not victim blaming. The Devs gave you an out – you can even report them! Choosing not to is YOUR decision.

        Seriously, all this fucking sociopath needs to have happen is to run up against someone who will throw debate points at her. She will fall apart. McIntosh will probably start screaming from backstage for them to cut to a commercial.

  30. “To people who tell critics like Sarkeesian to lighten up, and that these games are just fantasy, not reality, Sarkeesian cautions that these gamers can be very powerful.”

    I just played Super Mario. Now I have Super Powers.

    1. I love how they touted that quote, but both Sark and ABC offered up fuck-all in the way of supporting studies. If ABC is wondering what our problem with Sark and the media is, they can just watch their ridiculous hit-piece, because it embodies the worst of it.

  31. Re: the video. Why were the police escorting her to a low-level private (? tickets only) speaking engagement? Shouldn’t that be the job of private security? The police are supposed to be there for *the public’s* safety not the individuals. Someone has some accounting/justification for spending public funds.

    Also worthy of note: of all the jackets she could have chosen, she selected a blood-red item for that “first speaking engagement”, to symbolise her sacrificial status no doubt.

  32. Why the hell the media keeps show people the same BS with the same jerks is beyond me sometimes. Then I remember that they don’t give a fuck about being honest. They want viewers and nothing like a good drama heats up the numbers.

    What bothers me the most in the video from ABC, is that we have 1 person who makes sense. Scott has a point about Anita not understanding the gaming world AT ALL. Anita doesn’t care what other people have to say unless they 100% agree with her.

    I for once hate when I have save a person (man or women) that is totally helpless in a game. Kick, punch, spit DO SOMETHING ANYTHING! That is what I keep saying to myself every time when I see a scene in a movie or a game where the person for some reason is totally helpless.

    On topic:
    ABC shows only that it will listen to 1 side of a debate.

  33. You throw those buzzwords out there along with some charged hot button
    rhetoric about “being forced from my home” and you’ve hooked 85% of
    people, people who wont look any deeper ever!

    But those people will think “that’s terrible!” and move on barely remembering it a week later.

    The 15% that actually start looking?

    This is just my impression, no hard data, but I’d guess that 80% of those looking end up in GamerGate, 15% give up and get out, and only 5% go to AntiGamer and stay.

    And if this keeps going, then it’s not hard to see who wins.

    1. It goes back to what I was saying about right wing talking points being beaten into peoples heads, when they see the same message spread across mass media outlets they begin to think its the truth regardless of any grounding in being true or not.

      And what happened to those Right-Wingers?
      They invaded Iraq and let Wall Street run rampant.

      And what’s happening to these Left-Wingers?
      They’re #StandingWithJackie and condemning Charlie Hebdo.

      That’s what’s happening, SOCJUS is alienating people quickly.
      They’ve become too arrogantly brutal, too blatantly corrupt and too out-of-touch in their hug-boxes.

      And those are the conditions that have boosted every revolution and uprising in history.

  34. I’m starting to think Schafer has fucked himself even harder financially the last several years than was previously suspected, his jump onto this bandwagon was sudden and unprecedented. When the hell was he ever political before? When the hell does a man that old suddenly become that radically ideological overnight? The fact that he was suddenly associating with Fish last year at the same time he was laying people off just makes it look even shadier given Fish’s personal history.

    There’s no fucking way Tim isn’t on the take from someone in the SocJus hierarchy. I don’t who is paying him but someone has got to be paying him and it was probably really easy too because Double Fine is notorious for being perpetually broke and behind schedule no matter how much income, funding or sales they get.

  35. A lot of the tactics they use will fail, largely because the old media they rely upon is dead and/or dying (Seriously, how has ABC stayed relevant at all in the face of giants such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and the new media juggernauts killing their viewerbase)?

  36. What is this feeling that I’m feeling? Am I…triggered by this? Have I’ve become contaminated by a sjw concept? Because I get so extremely angry when I see anything Anita and the rest of the lunatics lying without consequence that I can’t even force myself to watch the video.

  37. This is wonderfully helpful. It shows millions of people (who aren’t old enough to remember the PMRC and the anti-D&D campaigns) that the media is NOT your friend. It is NOT unbiased. It has an agenda, and frequently that agenda is to push more and more restrictions on entertainment and liberty “FOR THE CHILDREN” (or in this case “FOR THE WOMEN”).

    Glean the facts from the news. Ignore their agenda. If they can’t get useful idiots to spread the disease, they will die on the vine. Just like Dateline NBC’s fraud regarding Chevy truck gas tank explosions, or the fakery about the Suzuki Samurai’s rollover tests, this is just another example of bullshit from the MSM.

    They hate you. They loathe freedom. They live under it, but they don’t want YOU to have it. Tell ’em where they can shove it.

  38. I want to bring up further evidence of how based Chris Scott is after finding a Reddit thread he made. http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2sv5ka/ama_chris_scott_aka_the_guy_on_the_nightline/

    Reading through the comments, you see that ABC cut out a LOT of content from his filming, including an interview with one of the women there. It also sounds as though the only reason he said he doesn’t associate with GamerGate is because he was under the assumption that it mostly focused on the LiterallyWho harassment. He’s only now finding out about #NotYourShield in the thread, showing this to be another unfortunate case of somebody being uneducated on the controversy.

  39. Brianna wasn’t “likely” lying about being on the run. She was definitely lying, unless you believe she moved all her furniture to her hotel room and hired an artist to painstakingly reproduce the exact same smudge on the wall that she has at home.

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