I just got finished with a little impromptu live stream over on my Hitbox channel. Things went great with the stream once I got it rolling, but for some reason, it didn’t record. I hope to have that fixed for the next Hitbox outing, so we’ll see. Anyway, the stream itself wasn’t too long. We just saw the end of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the beginning of Nightline. Oh, and we watched some hilarious videos at the end of the stream. Fucking shit, I wished it would have recorded.

But, it didn’t. So, you’re stuck with my thoughts on the segment, and a written transcript. When a video of the segment is inevitably posted, I’ll update this post with that embed. Until then, you’ll have to settle for quotes like this one:

“[G]aming these days isn’t just about boys playing in their parents’ basements. It’s about grown-up entertainment too and now more than ever, gaming is most popular among adult women aged 18-36.”

Wow, it took them about 30 seconds to trot out the basement kids line. I think that might be a new record. Well, it would be if notorious wine-o Leigh Alexander wasn’t on the scene. I think I’ve seen her use it even quicker. Regardless, here’s more of this vomit-inducing garbage fire:

“The sense of using violence against women being used as almost background decoration, as texture to make the gaming universe more gritty, more real,” said Sarkeesian.

With the game Watch Dogs, Sarkeesian pointed out how women are killed to give the hero a reason to chase down a bad guy.

“It reinforces the idea of women as sexual objects, it reinforces the idea of women as playthings for their amusement,” she said. “That’s when the cyber mob and the hate mob descended.”

They never talk about all the violence against men that you can commit in these games as well. I wonder why they don’t? Probably because it fucks their narrative all to shit, huh? The report was serving up softball after softball. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, a surprise run-in happened.

I should have known.

“[S]he wasn’t alone. Brianna Wu, an independent game developer, said she also received threats.

“They told me they were going to kill me,” Wu said. “They told me specifically that they were going to castrate my husband.”

The threats became so bad that Wu said she was forced to move out of her home – all because she simply tweeted her opinion…

“I’m hesitant to use the phrase ‘terror’ because I think it’s such a politically loaded word, but this is,” Wu said. “It’s terrorism on the women in the industry. It’s scaring every one of us.”

Of course Nightline never mentioned that Brianna Wu has been shown to have serious problems with her timeline this past fall. To me, it looks like she was likely lying about having to be on the run from her home. Like Zoe Quinn, she’s able to use complacent and/or corrupt media outlets, to spread her lies…no questions asked. We are the only ones challenging these fictions. The media refuses to act, so we do their job for them. Instead, they help headcases like Brianna Wu, and fraudulent scam merchants like Anita Sarkeesian, hijack the gaming industry.

Speaking of phonies, noted crook Tim Schafer stopped by to add in some asinine shit about having female characters to choose when selecting user characters. I’m hesitant to even post it, because it’s so fucking stupid. DEAR TIM: I don’t fucking care about that at all. The thing I care about in that regard, is people making a big issue about it for every single game, regardless of the story the creators are trying to tell. These things change naturally, not through mandate. Anyway, here is the washed up phony himself:

“Developer Tim Schafer said the lack of playable characters for his daughter inspired him to look at this own games. “Almost every game I’ve worked on, we’ve given at least the option to play a female character,” he said. “Once you’re conscious of it, it’s really hard to un-ring that bell.”

Like I said, the man added nothing of note. But, the segment did have one bright spot. A based guy named Chris Scott simply did not give a fuck. Maybe he seemed even more amazing in light of all the douchebaggery we had to sit through, but damn. He was a breath of fresh air.

“Sarkeesian is trying to capitalize on controversy,” Scott said. “When people complain about Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty whatever, it’s similar to complaints about hip-hop and rap music today saying it’s violent… that’s not really what hip hop is about.”

“You can’t judge gaming by what’s selling,” he continued. “You have to really get into the medium to understand it before you start saying ok – this is what gaming is about.”

At the end of the day, Scott added, they’re just games, saying, “I know that in the real world there are strong women that don’t need to be saved.”

Someone get this guy on a stream! Hell, come on my stream haha! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Without him, the entire segment would have been garbage. It was still an almost totally one-sided affair, but his strong finish at least gave us some good representation. Of course, they moved right back to Anita for the real conclusion. We wouldn’t want gamers to have the last word in an already unfair segment, now, would we? 

“To people who tell critics like Sarkeesian to lighten up, and that these games are just fantasy, not reality, Sarkeesian cautions that these gamers can be very powerful.

“Games have a huge impact on our society because the media plays a role in helping to shape our attitudes,” she said “So it’s not just fantasy. It actually works to potentially reinforce some pretty harmful messages about women.”

So, there you have it. We had a biased segment run by a biased network, where they let the SJWs say almost anything they wanted, with no kind of restraint or challenge. The only thing that kept it from being 100% anti-GamerGate, was the emergence of Mr. Scott. I hope to see a lot more of him, and a lot less of the Three Stooges I mentioned in the headline. I’m sure that won’t happen, but maybe we can at least see more of this guy regardless. We need as many strong advocates as we can get.


UPDATE: Literally as soon as I published this, I saw the video on Twitter. Here it is. Also, there’s a couple tweets with your’s truly as well. I’ve made my national television debut! HAHA: