Anita Sarkeesian

I have a movie date with contributor Kat Yarborough in a couple hours. But there’s a few things I want to write today, so I’m going to try to get two of them out before I go. I know I’m at least going to get this one done. Speaking of this one, it’s about Anita Sarkeesian and her entitled mentality. In case you missed it, she’s spent the last couple days whining on Twitter about everything from TIME online voting to the Google algorithm. She’s straight up admitting to seeking preferential treatment. I’ve yet to see ANY of our other opponents act this way, at least publicly. It’s like she thinks she’s better than everyone else.

I know that if I had some search results that I didn’t like (and I have), I would just grin and bear it. What kind of person thinks they can complain to Google and get the shit changed simply because the result offends them? A holier-than-thou SJW, that’s who. But Anita seems to have transcended the mere mortals on her side…in her mind, at least.

First, here’s her complaining about the TIME 100 poll that’s open to the public:

I encourage all of you to go vote against her, like I did last night. Is there something wrong with that? I don’t think so, and neither do they, when they’re busy promoting their own voting initiatives. As we saw with the Hugos last night, these people are hypocritical to the extreme. Intellectual consistency is not something they’re concerned with.

Here’s Ms. Sarkeesian complaining about the Google algorithm days later. Keep in mind that this is simply because a video that was critical of her fraudulent behavior came up in the news results. Can you imagine how big of an ego it takes to complain about this? Does she actually think she has this much stroke or importance?

Apparently, she does. Or maybe #FullMcIntosh sent that out for her.

Here’s the video, by the way:

Just change the fucking algorithm, Google! LOL! My pictures and stories usually show up rather highly in the search results. That musy be rectified, Larry Page (Google CEO)! Lord knows we can’t let people be exposed to the truth about these SJW charlatans. They might not send them money after that. The whole thing is just a fucking laugh. I had to write a few words on it before the movie. The ego on Anita has truly reached new heights.

I’m gonna have an update on Randi Harper’s situation in just a minute. So stay tuned for that.