The other day, hack actor and noted asshole Wil Wheaton, put out an op-ed in the Washington Post. In it, he laid out an argument in favor of killing anonymity in the online gaming community. He specifically targets gamers, but anyone with half a brain knows that killing any part of the anon culture, weakens it all. Radical feminist ideologues like Wheaton simply don’t care. They would just as soon see anonymity die altogether, despite their ceremonial bows towards certain aspects of it.

Just sit and think about the proposal, for a second. It’s laughable, even on the face of it. How would it be possible to get rid of anonymity in gaming? I guess the various multiplayer services could force you to sign up though Facebook, or something similar. But how would you prevent fake accounts? There’s no way to check. I guess the companies could set up something themselves, but I imagine it would cost an arm and a leg. The whole idea is pretty much unfeasible.

Even if it were practical in any way, shape, or form, I would still be against it. Why do these people feel the need to destroy Internet culture? I hinted at it in the intro, but the reason they are so keen to kill anon, is because that’s where most of the challenges to the SJW agenda originate from nowadays. Anonymity gives people a protection cloak they otherwise wouldn’t have. I don’t give a shit about my name being out there. I like being known for fighting this menace. But some people have different jobs and responsibilities. They can’t afford to be controversialized.

The other benefit of the anon culture in particular, is that ideas matter more than the people behind them. There isn’t another place in life like this that comes to mind, off the top of my head. No matter where you are or what you do, your name and reputation will proceed you. It’s inescapable, and can certainly be a downer. But with anonymity, you can submit your views for public consumption without tying yourself to it. This is helpful in many different ways, and allows us to discuss taboo subjects without fear of reprisal.

If people like Wil Wheaton really do believe that stifling anons in one area, doesn’t eventually hurt them everywhere, they’re idiots. The problem they’re trying to fix doesn’t even fucking exist. I’ve been playing online games for 15 years now, and I’ve never seen it as the wasteland they portray. My girlfriend plays online as well, and it’s foreign to her too:

Anonymous trolls have made the gaming community toxic — especially for women — and upended the industry at a time when the games we play are finally being recognized as the incredible works of art that they can be.

So, let’s kill gaming anonymity because some trolls said crazy shit to me one time? If I had to guess, Wheaton is a punk who’s easily offended. Perhaps he should spend his time crocheting instead of playing video games? Ballroom dancing, yoga, pilates..that seems more like Mr. Wheaton’s style. Leave the games to those who aren’t wankers.

Even if you do think there’s a problem, we have about 10 steps before getting rid of anon gamers. Wheaton skipped all of them, because it’s about killing our culture for these people. It’s not really about addressing concerns. It’s about power and control. Killing anon gives them more control. Then they leverage their control over the conversation and terms of debate, into power. That’s what they’ve been doing for 30 years, with impunity. GamerGate’s a threat that has the potential to turn the tide against SJWs…and they’ll do anything in their power to stop it.