I already know some people are going to get on me for posting this, but whatever. This is the tape that’s been making the rounds today. I can’t say if it’s legit or not, but if it is, then Hillary is done and Bill might be in jail before long. I actually hope it’s not legit, since that would mean some little girl was violated by Mr. Clinton and that’s not something I think anyone with a heart would root for.


UPDATE: Oh yea, I forgot to plug this in. I was going to write a full post about it, but let’s get the Bill assault allegations out of the way in one swing if we can.


  1. *grabs popcorn* My, my, this certainly has been an election for the records. Certainly more entertaining than the usual empty rhetoric and lip service we’d be being paid by the elites who care not for the plight of the common man.

  2. I remember hearing these allegations against him in the 90’s too. Amazingly when it was a democrat, these things weren’t as big a disqualifier.

  3. I love how Hillary and her buddies are “outraged” over some private guy talk Trump made over a decade ago, and acting like he actually grabbed a woman by her vagina, yet turn a blind eye to the women who accused Bill of grabbing more than just their vagina, or even going as far as calling them tramps or liars. I guess Listen and Believe doesn’t apply when you have your wife intimidating rape accusers into silence.

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