When I first got on Twitter today and saw many people people tweeting about the latest leaked emails supposedly outing Hillary and the other Democrats as Satanists, I was sure this was just a hysterical overreaction to the use of a random term that sounds innocent to most people, but has sinister implications to certain branches of conspiracy theorists. Kinda like how leftists freaked out when Trump tweeted out a star. The term people were reacting to this time was “Spirit Cooking”, which apparently had Occult/Satanic implications. I for one thought there had to be a more innocent explanation (the Clinton people are crooks I figured, not devil-worshipers) – maybe it was a joke, or just another term for soul food (yeah, I actually did suggest that as an explanation…).

However, several people whose judgements I trust told me in no uncertain term that I was being clueless and needed to look into this properly. Still skeptical (I’m well aware of the old Moral Panics about Satanic rituals back in the 80s), I nonetheless checked the story out – and boy, it was not pretty! While it doesn’t seem to implicate Hillary Clinton herself directly, it certainly does make it clear that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is one freaky dude.

What’s the story? Well, in one of the many leaked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta that WikiLeaks has gained access to and published, he’s receiving a message from his brother, forwarding an invitation to “Spirit Cooking” sent by Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović. Why is this a big deal? Well, I’ll allow WikiLeaks to explain:

…yeah. And this isn’t just a joke, or a case of these people simply not knowing the other meaning of a term (like a guy not getting why his friends started laughing when he told them he got his wife a pearl necklace) – this is the sort of stuff Marina Abramović is already well known for. Oh, and it is very much tied to the occult, though Abramović claims that if occult magic is done in the context of art or in a gallery, then it’s merely art.

So why is John Podesta getting a dinner invitation from an admittedly creepy artist that’s into the Occult such a big deal? Well, for starters this certainly doesn’t seem like a one-time thing – his brother refers to the “artist” as Marina when telling John Podesta about the invitation, suggesting that both the brothers are on first name basis with her. Furthermore, Abramović sees no need to explain to Tony Podesta (who’s confirmed to already be attending the event) what specifically Spirit Cooking is – and he in turn clearly doesn’t think he needs to explain it to his brother, or even explain the dos and don’ts at such a strange event. It’s pretty clear that both of them are not only well acquainted with Spirit Cooking, but have participated in it more than once.

At best, this means that Hillary’s campaign chairman is into some genuinely degenerate sh*t, stuff so bad that even the people who run Encyclopedia Dramatica‘s Twitter account are disgusted by it.

This by itself is pretty huge, considering how such a big part of the Democrat campaign against Donald Trump relies on pearl-clutching and faux outrage: “I can’t believe he could say such a thing, I’m so Offended by this!”.

That strategy becomes a whole lot less viable when people who pretend to be offended by slightly crude language used about women are involved in genuinely depraved acts.

Of course, that merely implies that Abramović’s Spirit Cooking “dinner” that Podesta was invited to participate in (as well as the other Spirit Cookings that he has probably partaken in) was part of some art exhibit. However, the language of email describes it as a dinner at her place, making it sound like it was done in a private, personal context. How did Abramović describe occult rituals conducted in private again? Oh yeah, they’re straight up occult rituals, period, nothing artsy fartsy about them.

Again, it’s worth noting is that Tony Podesta talks about Spirit Cooking with his brother as if it’s normal and unremarkable – it’s certainly not this big, dark secret that the brothers share. Given the kind of elite Establishment circles that John Podesta in particular travels in, it really makes you think about what kind of pastimes other Establishment figures enjoy. While I’m not saying the Establishment is made up of a bunch of devil-worshipers, I very much do suspect that these people, who seem so disconnected from ordinary citizens, engage in a number of immoral, unnatural activities that would horrify the citizenry if it ever found out about them. Hell, we already have at least some idea about how awful the movie industry Establishment is – no reason the political Establishment should be any more moral.

On final note, while Hillary Clinton herself hasn’t been implicated in the Spirit Cooking controversy, she is hardly a stranger to the occult – Bob Woodward reported 20 years ago that Hillary was talking to the dead, or at least thought she was talking to the dead. Whether you’re an atheist like me, or a Christian like most American voters are, you have to ask yourself whether Hillary and her crew belong in the White House and with control over America’s nuclear arsenal. We already know that these people are unhinged warmongers – who knows, maybe their fondness for the occult make them less concerned about the prospect of World War 3?