The hypocrisies shown in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s historic victory are almost too numerous to catalog. I know there’s too many for this one man to handle, anyway. From the #NeverTrump’ers like Erick Erickson now scrambling to kiss the Trump ring to the SJWs freaking out about democracy, the salt is varied and plentiful. The “anti-bullying” cow who was arrested in New York City for allegedly assaulting an old man is just one more example. Expect to see about 5 million more over the next few years.

From the Daily Mail

A female anti-bullying ambassador was arrested on Thursday night for pushing an elderly man to the ground in a fight outside Trump Tower in Manhattan. 

Shacara McLaurin, 23, from Brooklyn, New York,  joined angry protesters outside the President-elect’s New York City home in the second night of uproar since his election win. 

The Black Lives Matter protester was arrested at 10.45pm for shoving the man, 74, to the ground, causing him to hit the back of his head on the sidewalk. 

McLaurin, who previously made headlines for being the victim of a brutal beating, was arrested for felony assault. 

The scuffle began when he apparently yelled ‘all lives matter’. 

All lives matter. What a controversial message! I guess that justifies assaulting an elderly man. How dare he speak his mind! He’s not even a genderfluid pansexual helicopterkin! All jokes aside, it’s likely only a matter of time before these thugs start killing people. I hope like hell that I’m wrong, but somehow I don’t think that I am. Look at the rhetoric coming from the left-wing right now. We even have journalists calling for Trump’s death. They’re doing it in the open, on social media. The hatred isn’t even being hidden. Watch out for yourself and buy a gun if you can. Things are about to get very nasty.

Thanks, Obama.