Another day, another bullshit story about anti-gamer hatred. Despite the fact that no GamerGate supporter has ever been arrested for anything related to GamerGate (can’t speak to DUI’s lol, or the like), the media continues to push this narrative about us being some violent pack of thugs. There’s only one problem with this: it’s not fucking true. Yes, I do like to use profane language at times, but that doesn’t make me a violent criminal. In fact, if I was better at it, I could win a Grammy off the shit. But the sad fact is, I’m not. So you’ll have to settle with my written words instead.

So when I heard earlier today that the Honey Badgers had been denied a booth at the Calgary Expo, I was a little bit incensed. I mean, I’m an asshole, so I would have expected them to deny me. But these are “minorities” in Randi Harper terms (all women are minorities according to her lulz). How can a conference that claims to be about inclusion do something like this? Oh, it was because of the incessant bitch brigade over on the SJW hate mob side:CC0Aj-QVEAEiaKR CC0BlpZWAAEEal-

Here’s The Mary Sue’s dishonest report. The Honey Badgers did get to participate in one panel before having their booth denied. Just one more example of SJWs silencing debate. Also, The Mary Sue seems to intimate that there was harassment going on, when I didn’t see anything of the sort. I’ll be back to update this as more rolls in. I’ve been dealing with some family stuff today or I would have already had it up.


  1. “Do you have first hand evidence of it not happening?” Bitch, that isn’t how it works. When you make a claim it’s your duty to provide the evidence.

    Imagine if everything else worked like that. “We don’t have evidence that he murdered her. But we don’t have evidence that he DIDN’T murder her, either! GUILTY!”

      1. Believe it or not, that’s actually more logical. Just because you haven’t found something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But with these idiots, you aren’t believed unless you DO prove nonexistence!

        1. Sadly, even when nonexistence IS proved, they still won’t believe you. Remember Jessica Valenti and Amanda Marcotte on the UVA hoax? Couldn’t have since it was recent.

          1. “Marcotte and Valenti are are so drunk on radfem Kool-Aid, if a woman accused an astronaut of rape, and he was proven to be on the moon at the time she claimed the rape happened, they’d still believe the woman and scream for the blood of the accused rapist.” – KLLRFRST 2015

    1. Yeah. How can you prove an absence of evidence of an event? Something either happened or it did not.

      Surely you can’t say with a straight face that “something didn’t NOT happen” :/

      1. Ironically this is something you’d assume SJWs would be against, in that it’s been a common complaint for many years that some black men are falsely arrested for crimes someone else committed or there was no actual crime.

        Now those tactics are used on people they simply disagree with.

      1. It would be interesting to see what percentage of SJWs are trolls, con artists in it for the money or actually serious.

    2. Well I guess you’ve got to do away with the burden of proof so that you don’t have to worry about the truth of any claims, only who shouts the loudest.

  2. “I Don’t Feel Safe!!” Motherfucker, you’re not. Not because of gamergate, because nobody really is; to borrow one of their beloved fucking phrases: “safety is a social construct.”

    It tickles me that all these people pop shit and act hard online, but the minute there’s the slightest whiff of possible dissent IRL (not violence, not harassment, just dissent) it’s all “MUH SAFETY! HALP!”

    The bright side is, as I’ve said before, they can only get so far. You really think the powers-that-be are going to allow a bunch of nutless pussies to run shit? HA.


      1. “Remember the plan! Meet in the safe space and join the chant! Mayonnaise IS a gender, mayonnaise IS a gender! You CAN’T be racist towards whitey!”

    2. Authoritarians always “fear for their safety” when there’s a serious challenge to their ideals. It’s a bullshit excuse that’s used over “I disagree” or “I hate them” because it makes their complaint sound legit.

  3. One of the people who reported this to the Calgary Expo seems to be an employee of Metro News…and guess who ran a story on this…

    1. Given how quickly this all appears to have happened it’s looking like either the Metro or Mary Sue orchestrated a call in to report the group and had the copy/pasted material ready to roll – certainly wouldn’t put anything past TMS. There’s nothing in the discussion indicating anyone was harassed or abused in any way.

  4. It will be fun when the Honey Badgers debunk the comments on that Mary Sue section.

    Also, i am sure the Badgers would have at least a video recording of their stay in there. They have to if their experience as MRA paid off. Its basically the ONLY way to defend yourself against baseless accusations. Or something like this:

    1. Aw, that’s cute. You think anyone is going to allow them an opportunity to debunk anything anywhere other than within our own little echo-chamber? The only people who are going to know the truth are those of us who already know the truth. Everyone else is going to continue to be fed only “GGers set up a booth at the expo and were threatening women with violence”.

      1. They debunk it while they wait for the court to see the evidence and sue that convention for the hacks they are, obviously.

        Nothing better than rubbing salt into the wound of your enemies.

  5. I love it when a bunch of schmucks angrily line up to have their money taken from them by a judge. Calgary Expo has done #GamerGate and the Honey Badgers a HUGE favor.

    Hell, just aside from sweet lawsuit cash (assuming the involved parties are interested… I merely hope so, because MAN is there blood in the water here), we’re also looking at an instant reversal of the media narrative.

    Three women were driven from a major industry event because — they presented critiques, for which they were harassed, demeaned, and libeled. Comparisons to the KKK were made. Pretty sure there were a couple of death threats.


    1. Unfortunately, this all cost a ton of money just to be denied once they got there. The badgers raised something like $10k so they could get everyone to the same city and same event and pay for the space and so on… this royally screwed them.

      1. In Canada that amount falls under a small claims case(provinces set the amount). It costs $20-50 in most provinces to file for it. I believe most provinces now allow you to use small claims “up to” $25k in terms of reimbursements. So they do have a legal recourse.

        1. The last time I filed a small claim, the defendent hired expensive lawyers and filed a frivolous $200,000 counterclaim so that it could no longer be a small claim. They had deeper pockets and were prepared to lie about anything. That’s the law for you.

          1. Good luck with that in Canada. That would fall under SLAAP’s here, and the original suit would still move forward regardless of any counterclaim.

          2. In my case the defendant’s lawyers just made up about 50 complicated things – seemingly stock standard bullshit out of a corrupt lawyers manual – that you couldn’t even work out what it was they were claiming. Not even the judge/magistrate could work out what they were saying. But it would have cost me about $30,000 in lawyers fees and a year of time to go through each one of those 50 and prove that they were all bullshit.

    1. Wait, what? Instead of getting a booth, they were given a room off in the middle of nowhere or something?

      Anyway, that’s not relevant. Your video “evidence” is hateful if it disputes my feelings.

      By the way, what is a “GG logo”? I mean, considering there’s no central organized “GG”…

    2. You know, that video is actually really unfortunate. There is plenty of vague discussion of “infiltrating” and generally intending for muck-raking at the event. Enough so that it could be presented as really guilt-inducing evidence to anyone slightly sympathetic with the “muh feelings” crowd.

      And it *REALLY* doesn’t help that Sage comes across as so loud and angry and impulsive and spastic. If this doesn’t die on the vine this weekend, I would not be surprised if (in lieu of evidence of nefarious behavior at the actual event since there probably was no such behavior) segments of this video are used to demonstrate to the world why they were booted. Evidence of their “militant” and “angry” agenda intended to “disrupt” and that female and other sensitive attendees were “rightfully and reasonably in fear for their safety and comfort given this video”.

      Kinda feel like either this entire event will be lost to the weekend (as most friday-released news is) or it will wind up being really fucking ugly.

      1. Drunk talk. They were all pretty hammered, which is freely admitted at various points in the video. Sage does also say he’s had (a?) year(s?) of dealing with the stuff they were discussing, so it could argued his reaction as being a victim of harassment himself, just like, oh… LW1 claims (although we know where that will go).

  6. I’m absolutely certain there was harassment going on. I’m just certain it was the Badgers who were being harassed by attendees.

    As to the “minority” thing. Not only are most of the badgers women, but they are of multiple ethnicities, religions (and non-religions), and sexual orientations.

    But they’re “dangerous harassers that scare everyone in attendance”, because… they support GG and the whole Hugo award thing and other free expressions and dissenting opinions.

    And this is why all of this is pointless. We are a tiny little squeaking mouse in a massive hurricane. Nothing we have to say or put forth can or ever will be heard by anyone and they will ensure that remains the case, while they continue to play victims to benefit themselves and their causes.

    We are a tool for them to use to justify their political agendas (oh noes, bullying on intarwebs! bye bye anonymity and hello internet licenses!). That’s all we are.

    Just enjoy what is left of gaming, science fiction literature, fantasy literature, table top gaming, conventions, comics, and other interests you have while they remain even remotely relevant to you or things you care about, because the things you care about are going to be slowly obsoleted and co-opted and you’re going to be scooted off the board and then off the table like a row of gaming pieces.

    1. Look. We all get that you’ve rolled over, surrendered, and have tilled your own grave, but could you kindly fuck off and let the rest of us who are still willing and able to fight do our own thing without your constant doomsaying bullshit? You’re not impressing anyone, and you’re beginning to become a real pest.

      Go cry somewhere else, eh?

      1. I’m pretty certain Gone is an enemy infiltrator. If you look at their posting history it is almost always pro our side but we are outnumbered so we should just give up. If i have learned anything it is that the exact opposite is true. We are dealing with a very vocal minority who have always been around but they never had a platform to easily spread their bullshit like they do now.

        1. He certainly surrendered to the SocJus and Radfem pest faster than the French did to the Axis. At least the French did put up a fight until Petain decided to pussy out.

  7. I wish these crybaby assholes would just go crawl back under the rock they came from. “I don’t feel safe!” Who the fuck cares???? Ugh, sometimes it feels like such a fruitless battle because these pricks always get their way.

  8. “They came here to harass our panel!!”

    Yes. They politely sat there for almost 19 minutes, heard the panel ask a question, then they politely volunteered to answer that question, then proceeded to answer rather intelligently, engaged the panel without shouting, yelling or even raising their voices in the entire process.


    If Honey Badger does take Calgary to court they’re gonna clean their fuckin’ clocks.

    1. It was “harassment” because the asked difficult questions instead of lobbing softballs and kissing ass like 99% of the crowd. The way the Mary Sue put it, they made it sound like Karen and the HB crew were screaming insults, pulling fire alarms, and acting like cunts… know, the way feminists like Chanty Binx behave. (It’s OK when they do it!)

    2. If you’re not an AVfM regular (most of the Honey Badgers have had work printed there) let me tell you those folks are working on a clever response.

      1. I’m especially lolling because I’ve been watching Star Trek on Netflix and saw that very episode a week or two ago

  9. Funny how “GO HOME GAMER GIRL!” finally happened, only it was anti-GG doing it.

    We need to get Ice-T on this, if we can get him to stop playing Civ 5 with the Brave New World expansion pack.

    1. I said the exact same thing when I saw the whole shitstorm go down.
      You can say whatever you’d like about otherkins, but projectorkin is a real thing.

  10. “Do you have first hand evidence are you not happening?” – let me translate that for all of you that don’t speak stupid cunt: “I know you are but what am I!”

    Someone needs to give that retarded wench a fucking lesson in how LOGIC works. First of all, a claim need be falsifiable in order to be proven true or false. If it isn’t falsifiable, then it CAN’T BE TESTED. Secondly, the burden of proof is on the FUCKING FILTHY BITCH MAKING THE CLAIM. Oh, I’m sorry, I got a little flustered there. It’s just that lying scumbags who think they can shift the burden of proof from their disgusting rumor spreading onto the person asking for fucking proof SICKENS ME TO MY VERY CORE.

  11. LMAO the comments from that archived snipped of the Mary Sue are fucking PRICELESS. Their carefully cultivated crop of cultists appears to be waning. Although I’m sure if I went there now it’s been thoroughly crop dusted and hedge clipped to appropriate SJW standards. -_-

  12. The Mary Sue needs to be sued by the Honey Badgers as well as the Calgary Expo.

    The Mary Sue spread a completely false narrative, which the Expo then used as justification to ban them. Parts of it amounted to pre-crime, where they were being judged on actions that they hadn’t yet done. Considering The Mary Sue is tied in some sort of financial arrangement to the expo (which THEY DISCLOSED in the article because GamerGate is winning), this could probably be argued as collusion between the two entities.

    There was malicious intent to defame, and outright lies in that article.

    The Honey Badgers broke no con rules FOR EXHIBITORS (the whole “you can’t show disagreement or criticism” is a thing for attendees, not exhibitors).
    The Honey Badgers ARE associated with the comic that they used on their application (this is the big lie, that they lied to get in).
    Claiming that you don’t feel safe from a poster is not only ridiculous, it at best merits a warning and a request to remove the offending merchandise, not expulsion.

    Honey Badgers should delete facebook, hit the gym, and lawyer up. The Sue, Sue, Sue, the Mary Sue.

    That said, the KiA post telling everyone to turn around the misogyny claim was a mistake. I get why they did it – that charge has been leveled against GG so often it probably felt like it was time for some linguistic payback – but it was an irrelevant thing to focus on when the facts of the situation were clearly in GG’s side. Now the whole “call them misogynists” thing is being used to show GG as a bunch of thuggish foot soldiers “just following orders”.

    It’s a hit to the PR of GG, which I know everyone thinks is already unwinnable because it’s been that way for some time, but ever so slowly, GG has been winning that war bit by bit. It doesn’t need setbacks.

    Remember GG’ers. Always argue facts, not sophistry. Thats what the Ayyyyy-Team does. Don’t be like them.

    1. This isnt a setback,this is a big win for us
      People are going to look for the Gamergate hate and find a other hate group

      1. No they aren’t.

        I’ve seen several friends retweet comic book artists and writers who are showing pics from KiA telling people to use the misogyny angle. The narrative they’re now spreading is that GG is “just following orders” and reinforcing their GG as hate group idea.

        Just arguing the facts of the case, now and in the future, gives them no ammo like this. Then, if narrative is ever spread, GG comes off as rational actors and calm.

        The goal when dealing with opponents is never to change their opinions. That’s rare and can’t be done with any certainty. The goal is to change the opinions of those watching them. The people in the middle. The observers who mostly remain silent.

        Arguing the facts of the case. Using logic. Doing your best to not insult and laugh at people when they insult you, shows those observers that you’re the better man/woman/robot. It destroys your opponent’s credibility grants it to you.


        Internet arguing isn’t boxing. You don’t win slugging it out ’til you’re both beaten and bloody.

        It’s judo. Turn your opponent around and use their own force against them. Let them come at you and position yourself so they fall on their face.

        If you have to go on the attack, assuming a position of moral authority IS good. In this way, pointing out their misogyny was good, but it would have been better to point out their cowardice at not revealing what rules have been broken and deleting their tweets. SJW’s operate on hive morality, and everything they do is to assure themselves of their superior moral status within their group.

        Demonstrating your moral superiority (and ideally having them demonstrate their own moral awfulness) is a way to win, but you have to know how they are inferior to point this out – they are cowards, they have no sense of humor, and they rely on betrayal for personal advancement within their own ranks. Generally there is evidence of them being awful from the past. If you know who someone is, point out their past transgressions (example – Ian Miles Cheong, respond to him with pics where he was declaring his love for Hitler and hating Jews, and check ED for detailed files on several of these asswipes, but usually they will provide the awfulness directly) in a group chat with others watching. This freaks them out as they fear the loss of social status being exposed in this manner. Shame them with their own asinine awfulness.

        But NEVER tell anyone else to follow suit with whatever specific tactic you take. Allies either will follow your lead or they won’t, but since GG operates in the open, forming strategies like that through commands just becomes ammo to perpetuate the “organized hate group” narrative, by showing the “organizing” part. Never call for help or try to paint a target for others to attack with you in a dogpile. Give them nothing they can use against you other than pointing out their own awfulness.

        Again, this won’t change their minds, but it CAN change the minds of their followers. Strip them of their social status – this is what they fear most.

  13. You know if I was there i would have gone in with a Gamergate shirt…

    Would I have been removed I wonder?

    1. LOL, you don’t even have money to come to the Comic con. Just continue being the the tuff guy on the internet. It suits you better.

      1. Looool I have actually been to multiple comic con’s in London and the US though your right at the moment I dont have the money for it.

        But I wonder why saying I would go with a Gamergate shirt would make me a “tuff guy” in your opinion. Because I don’t see it and its not like that’s supposed to be some badass thing or anything.

  14. Needless to say I will no longer be a patron of any event run by Fan Expo Canada(pretty much any Canadian city fan expo) unless this is rectified. Im not holding my breath for that however. Now I think I only have animeathon to go to and I don’t even watch the animes.

  15. I’ve heard that due to Canadian laws they could actually sue. I hope this is true because this is bullshit.

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