If you’ve read this site over the months (hell, years now), you know that I don’t think much of Jonathan McIntosh. In fact, I’ve showed you how his sympathies lie with Osama bin Laden and lawless rioters. We talked about his past work that attacks the US military. Time and time again, he’s proven himself to be one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever written about.

So, I guess it’s no surprise that he’s now literally parroting Jack Thompson’s old talking points from 1999.


How was Mr. Thompson treated by the gaming press way back when? Oh yea, he was excoriated and turned into a character of revulsion. Now, people like McIntosh and his erstwhile partner Sarkeesian are held up moral sages all “good” gamers should listen to. We wouldn’t want to oppose the progressive agenda, now would we? That’s the sad thing about it. The recent hate against our hobby is nothing but recycled shit from the 1990’s with a left-wing stamp on it.

The fact that many of the same editors and writers who destroyed Thompson now shine Sarkeesian’s shoes tells you everything you need to know about their intellectual honesty.

  1. But I thought Anita dumped him faster then yesterday’s trash? So without his “Mouthpiece”, how is he getting attention?

  2. McIntosh is using Thompson’s long abandoned views on video games back in the 90’s Wow. lol. How pathetic.

  3. Kinda amusing how Right wing pundits/cucks tries to culturally appropriate leftist ideas ( see 20 dollar bill) while shitlibs tries to imcorporate right wing decency mores while deviants themselves.

    And that’s why both will fail.

  4. Good old Jack Thompson.

    Number 1 enemy of videogames and gamers back in the day.

    Online it was normal to see 99% of opinions about Thompson somewhere between “wow he is an idiot” “screw this guy” to “FIND HIM, HIS FAMILY AND DESTROY THEIR LIVES”.


    And not one person would cry about it.

    The general consensus was “this dude is wrong, a fool, biased, ignorant and has to be shamed, squashed and disregarded”.

    He got plenty death threats, and back then they weren’t as common as today, unanimous opposition by the media, against all his points, got harassed.
    I’ve heard people say he even got stalked in real life and vandalized.
    I heard a story his car had its tires pinched or glasses broken, probably just urban legends tho.

    I’d regret nothing.
    But it’s worth noting how things have changed.

  5. What’s next? Is FullMac gonna claim that tabletop roleplaying games are an entryway to devil worship, a la Patricia Pulling?

  6. I was in the military, we never used video games to “train” for real life combat. The closest thing we were ever trained with that could even remotely be considered a “video game” was having a laser pointer attached to our M16A2’s to help adjust sight and shot clustering before we did live fire training on the range.

    But hey, at least this mother fucker can have the luxury of spouting off his bullshit because of the countless REAL soldiers who gave their lives so he’d still have the gift – and let’s not kid ourselves here, they’re not rights, they’re gifts handed down and paid for in blood – of free fucking speech.

    So you’re welcome McIntosh. You white trash piece of shit.

    1. I’m not sure which is more annoying: idiots like McIntosh and Thompson or people who claim that soldiers protect our freedom by serving corrupt politicians who violate our rights.

      1. It’s not a right. It’s a gift. One that can be taken away at any time. Some of us have fought to protect that gift.

        Have you?

  7. There’s a huge difference between the largely ‘for the duration’ conscript armies of the WW2 and the modern regular volunteer force.

    Regulars, back then, and now, that made the army their career will have come to terms with the fact that they may have to kill someone. There was no hesitation on the part of regulars in either WW1 or 2 to shoot someone, you only have to look at the fact that at the start of WW1 the fire from British regulars was so accurate and so fast that the Germans thought they had far more machine guns than they actually did.

    The difference between the 95% and 15% is a matter of scale. Say the regular army was 100,000 and the conscript army was 1,500,000. Then the 95,000 regulars that had no problem killing would account for only 6% of the 15% figure.

  8. Maybe he should be using a “having a set of balls to avoid being a worthless cuck” simulator.

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