Been chilling all day and enjoying some relaxation on my birthday, but I figured this one was worth writing up. As you know, we’ve been talking about Sarah Nyberg’s degenerate ass all last week here on Her penchant for pedophilia is now the stuff of legend. We’ve been waiting for one anti-GamerGate person to come out and condemn this disgusting child-fancier, but we’ve yet to see it. Well, today we finally did. The person calling it out isn’t well known, but it’s still good to see. What isn’t good to see, are the threats that’s been coming her way for calling out this sicko’s behavior. I guess we should expect nothing less from the SJW holy warriors who oppose logic, reason, and decency. 

Here’s the scene from Twitter, where the story originally broke:

This person has been called a troll, as well as all sorts of other things. As you know, I can’t pin down their identity for sure, but I do know that this sounds like the sort of thing some of the more psycho SJWs would do:

The sad thing is, it’s going to be hard to get this person to come back, regardless. Why? Pedo sympathizer Izzy Galvez chased the woman off Twitter, that’s why:

Hopefully the woman in question will come back and testify about these abuses, and offer up some more condemnation of Sarah Nyberg. But even if they don’t, this action by Galvez shows you what the SJWs are truly all about. Shaming, ostracization, and exile are their watchwords. We’ll continue to monitor what happens on this front, and bring you all the latest. Let me know what you think, and I’ll be back later tonight with more hits. We also have another Jack Outis feature coming up as well. Thanks for holding down the fort this weekend, Jack. The readers enjoy your work, and so do I.

  1. Oh, that Izzy. He doesn’t get enough credit as being one of the biggest scumbag SJW’s involved in all this shit.

    1. The man is so in fucking denial and willful ignorance you would need to shit on his forehead to convince him it stinks.

  2. Oh god, there’s so much spin in there that Olympic ice skaters are getting jealous:

    I love this one from Ashley “I have no chin and several chins at the same time” Lynch:

    This is supposed to be “proof” that the account is fake? Because she wrote “women” as “womyn”? Yeah, because no woman or feminist has NEVER EVER spelled it that way. EVER. And now it’s suddenly “transphobic” because Lynch says so? If she grasped at straws any harder, she’d have to change her name to Rumplestilskin.

    1. I suspect the reason they got so aggressive with this dissenting fellow traveler is because such statements of dissent coupled with such claims of personal victimhood are their culture’s ultimate power play. Pressed hard and far enough she could steal all of Nyberg’s victim-points and considering Nyberg’s status and their relationship with Nyberg that would essentially turn into a bloody coup, a coup which would rend their block into pieces and turn it’s existing generals into un-people.

      It all makes total sense when you put it in that context.

  3. “As a feminist, I feel that it is our duty to combat people who prey on young girls, and not enable to them.”

    That statement alone convinces me that she is an SJW and not a sock puppet.

  4. Izzy is fucking dense…par for the course in anti-GamerGate.

    If anti-GamerGate wants to die on this hill, I say let them. Saves us the trouble of blowing them out and lets us get back to the Ops.

  5. Nowhere else in society would you find people that support this shit. Seriously, what would you say if you found out even a close relative had molested or had fantasies about your kid? Would you say “Oh that Dan! Still as big of a rascal as when we were kids.”? Fuck no! You’d do everything you could to keep them away. We may need more research on people like this so doctors and psychiatrists can treat it, but that doesnt mean you should be encouraging these people or looking the other way just because they agree with your cause.

    If I came out and said that i had raped someone and that I’m not sorry, i would guarantee everyone wouldn’t want me around and with good reason, i certainly wouldn’t be helping the cause. You wouldn’t pat me on the back and say “I’m sure she wanted it!” or “Mistakes happen” or even look the other way because it’s not right. So why do these people act like it’s ok just because of what HE’S done for “the cause”?

      1. Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding! …by darkness i’m referreing to Yahoo News.

  6. Is this what Anita and her ilk fight so much for? To protect pedophiles? I guess they’re only pro-women for adults, seems like they couldn’t care less about little girls.

    1. Anita is like Jack Chick: They both believe that if you suscribe to their set of beliefs, you’re morally superior, no matter what kind of horrible things you have done in the past.

  7. do you notice that, even in the best tweets izzy’s dumbass could find, there’s still 2 solid gold pieces of SJW?

    but i guess no woman could ever have been abused sexually, then angry that her friends are defending a pedophile…what a RiDiCuLouS idea…

    1. That doesn’t matter in the grand scheme even if we did hate women. The world will allow the hate of women before the abuse of children

  8. There are some decent people within the agg crowd that are just misinformed and well intentioned, but they usually won’t last long before getting eaten alive. Hopefully this one realises how toxic they are and steers clear.

  9. If it is troll it is a pretty good one. Only concerned for young girls. Not all children. Just the girls. Almost standard ops for feminists.

  10. Anyone keeping track of the number of women both sides are at? Because I think the anti-GG team is beating us by a lot it seems. We need to step up our game.

  11. Holy shit, I didn’t know it was your birthday yesterday, man. A belated “happy birthday” to you. I hope it was as awesome as you.

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