A couple of nights ago, I went out to see the latest installment of the Hunger Games with my girlfriend. I had a great time at a place called CineBistro. It’s a restaurant and a movie theater all in one. It was very nice, and I enjoyed the film, as well. When I got back, I made the rounds on Twitter, posted about my new kitten, and got ready to go to sleep. As I was wrapping things up, I refreshed a page on my site that I had open earlier, in order to check the comments. What I saw instead, was death. The site was down, and it wasn’t a CloudFlare issue (despite the problems I had with them recently). After an hour or so of research, we concluded that the site had been censored. Then I received the email that confirmed it.

I want to explain a couple things really quick. My host was a company known as SpeedySparrow. While they’ve had some issues over the years, they’ve always been fair. They aren’t the ones who removed the Wu article. The offenders are OVH, the ones who rented out the server to them. They listened and believed, despite not one shred of evidence. Liars like Twitter user “srhbutts” sent them bullshit, and they bought it. They ignored the fact that Brianna Wu and the media put out the same information as FartToContinue did. They just took my entire site offline, and said we’ll ask questions later. Instead of censoring one page, they killed everything. Needless to say, do business with OVH at your own peril. They don’t respect freedom of speech, and they disrespect their customers.

A SpeedySparrow rep shared this with me in an email. I don’t want people being hard on them, since their only issue was not getting back to me so I could download the WordPress files. They’ve been good hosts over the, years, though. So, I don’t want to drag them through the mud:

“I know you’ve been an excellent customer through the years, and I hate to see you go. It’s not something I like. But remember, there are a lot of companies who won’t like the aspects of your website. For us, it’s your own business, and as a company we only act in the best interest of our customers. Though sometimes, there is little we can do when the higher powers have the upper hand over everything.”


After OVH took it off line, the SJWs on Twitter had a field day. They even tried to claim my Twitter account was dead too, so they could juice up the story. It’s still up, and was never down, of course. But that didn’t stop them. The empty-headed rainbow warriors actually seemed to think that they had scored some sort of major victory. I’ll admit, they did win a small battle. It was a one day win, though. What did they really accomplish? GamerGate keeps on going regardless. Plus, here I am. They didn’t censor shit. In fact, they only helped the story spread further.

TheRalphRetort.com will never relent in the face of aggression against the freedom of speech. Our enemies want to silence us. I’ve told you that since Day 1. If you didn’t already believe me before, now hopefully you do. They’re used to people rolling over for their agenda. Media thugs smear their assigned targets, and try to torpedo their careers. But the good thing about my venture here is, they can’t do shit. I will always find a place to host the site (faster server coming soon, by the way, bear with us). I own the rights to everything here. There are no higher ups to complain to. Rich and influential families like The Flynts cannot stop my work.  Their attempts at killing free speech are an annoyance, not a true threat.

I guess to make a long story short, I’ll just say it’s been an interesting few days. They did cost me one day of writing, and one night of sleep. But other than that, they accomplished nothing. SJWs celebrated this minor victory, and I hope it was sweet. Because this attack on the site will not slow me down one single fucking bit. It’s only confirmed to me that I need to go in even harder. Fuck the bullshit. To hell with the haters. Censors can kiss my big white ass. We’re not going anywhere. In fact, were just getting started.

  1. I salute you, Sir TheRalph! If only we had a few actual journalists with your tenacity, all this would never have happened in the first place.

  2. I didn’t like the article, more so cause I thought it didn’t get the point across as well as existing things. But now I know it pisses them off so much I think the article is great!
    Shove it in their face and tell them to suck it.

  3. More and more these SJW’s proof to me they are nothing more then a cult of hate-filled bigots. Make no mistake, they hate anything and everyone that does not fit their views. If you are black and disagree with them, they will hate you, if you are gay and disagree with them, they will hate you, if you are a woman and disagree with them, they will hate you. These people are the true hate movement.

  4. Ralph, your forum (the one you self-host, not Disqus) is down. I know it hardly gets used, but I do have some posts up there that I like having there for posterity.

  5. JFC, does srhbutthurt have an actual life, or does she just spend 24/7 combing over the Twitter history of every single #GamerGate in hopes of finding a “gotcha” that will single-handedly take down #GamerGate?

    I’m not sure what’s worse about her: that she’s wasting her life playing attack dog for these Trust Fund Babies that don’t truly give a shit about her, or that she almost always attributes what one #GamerGate supporter says to ALL of #GamerGate, as if some dude that has posted 10 Tweets and has 2 followers speaks for or represents ALL of #GamerGate.

  6. >girlfriend

    I don’t think you have a girlfriend, Ralph. #TrustButVerify

    In all seriousness, though, I’m glad you are back. Why don’t you use the same host of Encyclopedia Dramatica? The fact that they don’t get taken down for the content they host shows they have a pretty solid hosting company behind them.

      1. Good thing about this, then, is that you not only fixed the situation with a better provider but also got a plan B to go with it. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

  7. It’s so hard to express my feelings about the the internet’s culture way of shoving their cat-culture down everyone’s throaght. Can’t you see that all this references about cats has reached to propaganda level? Your answer: of course not! I swear all of you are brainwashed, it isn’t funny. How would like if the same population of cat lovers switched on to mylittleponies cult?!

  8. Your determination is something to be admired. May we one day, taste the fruit of the final victory… Long live #GamerGate! Long live #GamerGate! Long live #GamerGate!

  9. I think we have a similar theater here in Ybor City, though it might have closes, it’s been a while since I made it up there.

  10. Hi, do you have proof that this was done by Sarah Nyberg? None of your visual proof shows she did it. I’m not trying to defend her, I just can’t fine the proof that you claim she had done. Sorry for the necro though.

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