Earlier today, annoying activist teen David Hogg got into a Twitter spat with Alex Jones, the proprietor of Info Wars. I could post his entire goofy rant here, but I think the key takeaway was his offer to come on and discuss things with Mr. Jones.

That was actually one of the better ideas I’ve ever heard come from this kid, or, more specifically, whatever Democrat operative(s) is running his Twitter account.


Jones pounced on the statement and quickly offered to have him as a guest on his radio show.


But, of course, Mr. Hogg ended up pulling back on his offer.

I don’t think anyone should be surprised that this clown backed out of the appearance. I’ve yet to see any of these activist kids go on to any platform where they might actually be challenged. It’s all been softball interviews with outlets like CNN and people like Ellen DeGeneres. Just once, I would like to see them be challenged face-to-face. I doubt that’s ever going to happen, as they’d much rather throw barbs unopposed.

After all, It’s much easier to say Dana Loesch doesn’t care about dead children when you have a smiling lefty who will toss you softballs, rather than someone who will call you to account for such filth.