Guest Editorial by @VoiceOfFr33dom

Illinois Senator Napoleon Harris III (D) is an ex NFL player turned pizza salesman. He’s exactly what you expect from a brainwashed authoritarian leftist: heavily anti-gun, supports racial discrimination in hiring practices, feeds GibsMeDat mentality, and is a police witch hunt contributor. Which is why it is so hysterical that he was recently mugged by 4 people of the complexion which Hillary Clinton would call “Super Predators” while delivering a pizza to a vacant house in what police called a set-up.


A police spokesman is referring to this man as a hero as he allegedly “just looked at him like Hulk Hogan, and from that the guys knew that we better get out of here, because we can’t get this guy down.” though the assailants ran off with his wallet and the hopefully delicious pizza. They took off in a Chevy Tahoe and Senator Pizza Guy took chase, pepperoni just fluttering out of the windows. Eventually the police met him and caught the suspects only to find that the 4 savages had actually murdered a man found earlier and had stolen that truck from the deceased.

Now there is something that all the news sites left out. As I mentioned earlier this man is very anti-gun, going so far as to ban constitutional carry on  private premises unless the owner places a “gun zone” sign on the front of the building. What is interesting to me is that this guy almost lost his life as the vermin attempted to choke him to death and says he’s glad that it was not one of his employees that could not fight off the attackers, but he still has no problem keeping them that way.

He has no problem sending his employees out into the deadliest city in the United States stripped of any ability to fight back against the exact scenario which would have resulted in tragedy for almost anyone else. He has no problem telling the elderly that they have no constitutional right to carry a weapon with which to even the odds or telling a single mother working night shifts that she should just try not to be robbed or raped at knifepoint at the bus stop. He has no problems continuing to push his crusade to create a total safe space for the upstanding young citizens that totally dindu nuffin in robbing and attempting to murder him after culturally enriching a “toilet seat complexion cave beast”.

Remember people, Gun Free Zones WORK!!!